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Naga Love

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on June 27, 2013 by theerivs

nagaThere is one race I wish they would revisit, and maybe make into a playable race. I have been in love with the Naga ever since Illidan summoned them up from the sea. I think theirs is an interesting story, once elves transformed into ‘monsters’. They have a society, and are not beasts.

Things I Find Interesting about Naga -

1. Matriarchal Society – Females rule their society, and it would be interesting indeed to play in some other society then where men rule the day. The Forsaken being close second on that front.

2. Evil – They are mostly an evil race, so playing something where morally they are not totally the heroes would be pretty cool, and I would think lead to some great quests.

3. Models – I would love a toon model, that doesn’t have two legs, and running around everywhere. I think playing as a Naga would be visually different.

4. Horde – Definitely I feel that this race would be Horde centric.

5. Lore – There’s room for a splinter group to join the Horde, so it is feasible.

There is hope…

“Metzen has stated as far back as the Burning Crusade expansion[25] that he would like naga to be playable one day along with ogres and goblins (the latter of which have become playable in Cataclysm, after the interview took place). Due to their general role as villains, it is likely the playable naga would be like the Draenei are to the demonic Eredar” – Wow Insider

We’ll see if the Naga ever make it to being playable, but I will always have much love for my Nagas

By Fire Be Purged

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on June 27, 2013 by theerivs

Warlock6So I chose to go Destruction on my Warlock. As I level there is a couple things I noticed, and I’m a little peeved about. I never run out of mana…never…I kill and kill, and kill some more. I swear to the dark gods, when I was leveling my mage I had to drink after a few pulls, and after every hard pull. Warlocks are spoiled.  Also what’s up with the Voidwalker, did they shrink him. He looks smaller then last time I played Warlock.

Other thing now I kill fast….real fast. I think faster then my mage at the level, but then again I’m decked out with BOA’s when I leveled my mage I didn’t have that luxury, and those BOA’s are real nice for leveling too. I made it to level 16 last night,  and chose my first talent. I took the mass healing one, I have no clue what I’m doing. I guess I should start reading the Warlock Forums….dear lord I’m going to sink to all time lows now.

Being the glutton of punishment I am, I did some PvP as well. I melted some faces, but there were a few peeps I had a problem with, like this shaman, but I think he was twink geared out, or he knew what he was doing. I was totally ripping mages apart, I felt sorry for them. I know how that goes at lower levels. I can’t even look myself in the mirror lately. I am becoming the very thing I hate……and part of me is enjoying it.



Back to WoW!

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on June 26, 2013 by theerivs

d504c0f4dfe448aa990c0“Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in” – Michael Corealone, Godfather III

Neverwinter isn’t a bad game, it’s just not very fun for me at this point. The classes just really don’t have that much flavor for me. For a Free to Play game though it’s pretty good, but it just isn’t holding my interest.

I decided to come back to WoW, mainly because I been reading the damn Tides of War book, and I want to check out some of the lore more closely. Also I want to level a Warlock to max, to see if I can do it.  I never could level a warlock, I fizzle out around 10-15.  The thing I like about WoW is there  ALOT to do, where as Neverwinter, I feel like there isn’t that much to do. I’ll still be dabbling in Star Trek Online, I really do like that game too, but it’s just so casual.

There are also some issues with Neverwinter, and STO, and this is my fault is. I don’t feel very social in these games. In WoW I already got some awesome friends. Sure some guildies and friends play Neverwinter, and STO, but they are all higher level then me.

So for now I’m back to WoW, but I’m looking forward to Camelot Unchained, and the War 40k MMO. We’re a long way off, but we’ll get there soon enough.

I Feel Like Butter, Scraped Over Toast.

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on June 5, 2013 by theerivs

d504c0f4dfe448aa990c0When I log into World of Warcraft these days, I just do my Farmville stuff. I just don’t feel motivated anymore in this game. It has always been a huge hamster wheel, but it’s not that. It’s just I don’t feel like running on the wheel anymore.  I think the changes that are going on in game are getting to me, it’s not the game I fell in love with anymore, and maybe I was sticking around because of the great people I played with. Now that’s changing as well, as they are not playing as much.

The problem is I can’t really put my finger on one reason I feel like this, is it cause of patch 5.3. I don’t think so fully. I just feel like I’m old in this game, like I’m butter, scraped over toast too much. I’ve been playing this game since Beta, almost 10 years, there is nothing in my life  that lasted that long. So sometimes it does get a little stale.

Am I done with WoW, no I don’t think I am. Just taking a little break, I’ll return when I miss the Ole’ Gal. For now I have to hang up my mage boots, and try some other stuff.

Looking to Mount Something

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on August 6, 2012 by theerivs

I’ve had a little obsession ever since my guildie told me, that you get an albino drake at 50 mounts. I thought it was some goofy dragonhawk. I loathe dragonhawks.

So since then I’ve been working on my city reps, to get the mounts. I was grinding out heroic outland dungeons. Couple things emerged from this little side project.

Transmogrification – or xmoging. I started to kind of get into it, ever since that feltooth evisicerator dropped. I’m hooked. I can’t wait to dress my pretty blood elf girl….ok this is kind of threatening my heteroness, but then I take one look at the picture in this post, and it snaps me right back to the disgusting hetero male pig I am. Oink…Oink.

Achievement Whore - I hate achievements for the most part, I don’t see the point of doing them unless there’s something in it for me….oh…say a mount. I noticed though I was halfway through Outland Dungeon Master, thought I might as well finish it up. So I’m almost done with that.It’s pretty cool to visit old content, and  remember how I hated stuff, oh like the Shadow Labrynth. I breezed through…but I still hate it. Only redeeming quality is could spellsteal the buff that turns you into a 2 headed dog. That’s fun.

So I got my Albino Drake last night, and flew it around Orgrimmar in triumph. Now it’s time to get back hunting Time Lost  Proto Drake. He will be mine…Oh yes he will be mine.


Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on July 11, 2012 by theerivs

Ok I might be a little bored in WoW, besides hunting my Time Lost Proto Drake,  So I’ve been looking at Achievements. I only need the Old Kingdom for my Northrend Dungeonmaster achievement, I’ll just do it on Heroic so I can get the heroic version done at some point as well.

I went in there expecting the usual Northrend Heroic Cake walk. All of a sudden I look up, my health is almost gone. I DIED, ME A PALLY, WHAT THE FILTH FLARN FILTH….So I was like what was killing me, and hitting me like crazy….look at the combat log…blah blah blah…SMACK… These stupid spider casters are hitting me for 75k per shadow bolt. What the hell 75k really, these spiders on some sort of steroids.

Well needless to say, I went back in and changed my tactics. Damn Spider Casters, Die first, and they die fast, and no more taking on an army of them. After I got past those little bug bastards it was easy-going. I never done the “extra” boss at the other end of the dungeon, everyone else just hopped off the side, and killed the last boss. So it was nice to see the encounter.

So I got it done, and now I’m looking to do my other Dungeonmaster Achievements, why? I dunno something to do I guess. What I really wish to do is the ICC 10 man. to get a skeleton dragon, a dream mount of mine. If you could purchase it I would in a second!

Time Waits For No Man

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on June 25, 2012 by theerivs

So this past week, I had a little side project.  I wanted to get a Time Lost Proto Drake for my Paladin. No easy task I know. I know some people get fancy with an NPC scan mod, me I go it old school a target Macro.

Most of the week I didn’t see it at all, I haven’t seen the other dragon the Time Lost Proto Drake or TLPD for short, shared a timer with for that matter. So Saturday night I was doing my usual patrol. A guildie asked if I was going to PvP, when I went to answer it suddenly appeared, and as I was hitting W to go nearer it was appearing in chat, so I had ‘w’s. As I came to grips of what was happening, someone got to it already.  My chance was lost.  Rest of the weekend I went back on patrol with no luck what so ever.


I also tried looking for the Deepholm Dragon with no luck as well.

I read somewhere the reason they call it the Time Lost Proto Drakes is all the time you lose hunting for it. I would have to agree.


All the ways WoW has changed me

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on June 18, 2012 by theerivs

Syl, and Klep posted an interested post “All the ways WoW has changed Me” or them in this case. I sat there and thought about it. Has WoW changed me. Well let’s go back a step.

I came from Dark Ages of Camelot, so my MMO playstyle was somewhat different. So did WoW change me. yes it did.

1. Role – I dabbled in Healer in WoW, but I was sick of healing. So I took on the Tank Role as Warrior at first, then Paladin now. Where I was content in others taking the forefront. I took the forfront leading more 5 mans then anything. Then after years in WoW that changed as well as I took on the DPS role of a mage, arrogant and little selfish just worried about my numbers. Then it changed me again, and here I am a PvP Holy Paladin.  So over the years WoW keeps changing me, and what roles I enjoy filling.

2. Quests - I hated quests, I loathe them. In DAOC I could grind until my hearts content, in WoW it’s more beneficial to do quests. So by attrition I had to them. Now some of them I really enjoy, and some I simply love. (I think whacking lazy peons should be a daily quest)  Though Blizzard to their credit has some interesting quests, though some are the kill ten rats variety.  It got me to do quests in other games as well.

3. Blogging – This game has giving me tons of material to work with, attracting some readers that enjoy WoW alot. Some of those readers actually became my friends, and one of those friends became a co-writer here. Her name was Bee, and she helped me through a pretty bad time of my life when I was in the hospital, and Scary too. If I never played WoW would I have met these people I don’t know. Also I met tons of blogger who not only helped me increase my knowledge of the game, but increased my game of writing as well.

4. The People of Azeroth – Just going out in the fields and meeting some of the coolest people I ever met,  and even some asshats each one has touched my life in some way or form.

5. How I look at video games in general – Though wasn’t my first ride at the rodeo, it has been my longest relationship with one. Like a girlfriend how can you be in a relationship so long, and it not change you. Though I am not looking for the next WoW sometimes I am looking for a game, that is polished, and that keeps me entertained. Am I ruined for all others, no I don’t think so, but after you been out with a good wholesome girl, I’m not going to go out with a 2 dollar crack whore, and that’s what some of these MMO’s seem like today. Hastily made, or not enough thought put into things.

6. A thousand other minor things – from my vocabulary, to the things i read. Yes I read the Warcraft books. There are probably alot of minor things WoW has changed about me, but WoW has changed with me. The WoW I started in 2004, is not the same WoW I play today…so as much as it has changed me, it too has changed, and maybe that’s why I’m still playing.


My Love/Hate for Alterac Valley

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on June 5, 2012 by theerivs

First off I did so many Alterac Valleys (or AV for short)  this past weekend, I’ve had enough for a bit. It was AV weekend, and last night I hit it for 6 hours straight. Let me share with you my pain.

Reasons I love AV.

1. When things go right.-  It’s alot of honor, especially during the weekend it’s a Call to Arms in a relative short period of time. It’s just an awesome feeling when an AV goes good.

2. Alot more people in it.- I like the huge battle aspect of it. It’s an awesome sight seeing a bunch of my fellow hordling on the move in the beginning.  

3.   The Chat Channel – Sometimes it just cracks me up when someone says something stupid, like screams…”Icelord!’

4. The mini battles – Sometimes the little fights at the bunkers are pretty epic.

5. Healing - A little PvE mixed into the PvP makes a healing a much needed part of this BG, and it’s nice to be needed.

What I hate about AV

1. When things go wrong – The infighting is bad, things break down fast, and it makes the whole BG seem longer, sometimes it is longer when the Alliance sucks too.

2. Open Field Battles – Though fun once in awhile, they are counter productive in the most part, and I die alot which makes me mad.

3. Asshats- The spammers who in all caps yell tactics, and such. I hate the ones that yell the wrong tactics, like lets help Galv. I just want to scream over chat…”Shut The F$%k UP!”

4. The Geography – It seems with the tactics involved into todays AV it is Alliance biased. In terms of Towers, and Spacing.


I can’t complain all in all I got 7 pieces of epic gear in one weekends time, and though when we use to have 3 hour queues for AV, and they lasted 12+hours sometimes. Today’s AV with all it’s problems still is a fricking  joy.

The Healing Bitch

Posted in MMORPG, Uncategorized with tags , , on June 4, 2012 by theerivs

I’m not one of those people who say they hate World of Warcraft so much they will never be back. Do I like the path Blizzard took, No not really. Do I hate the game? No, there are some aspects I still really enjoy. SWTOR is kind of losing it’s luster to me, and Diablo is fun, but I can’t play for huge amount of time. So when my guildies of old (I’ve been playing with these peeps for over 10 years) planned to head back to WoW, I was down…like a clown. Back in the old days I use to play a healer first in Dark Ages of Camelot, then a brief tour of duty as a priest in World of Warcraft. Until I got burnt the hell out, that was like 7-8 years ago, I havent really seriously healed since then, sure I dabbled hear or there, but nothing serious until now.My guildies of old needed a healer, so I decided to go back to my role of healing bitch.

I’m glad we went Horde, I love the Horde, I played Horde for most of my WoW career. There is a certain mentality that is there that just isn’t there with the alliance. It’s not there as much as it use to be, back in the Vanilla days it really meant something that you played Horde, there was a brotherhood there of sorts. That attitude still lingers about sometimes, and it’s refreshing…..but with the Horde when things go wrong, they go horribly wrong. We start to turn on each other, and bicker it’s really horrible, but sometimes it’s like a train wreck I can’t turn away. ,

So my pally is a tanking Pally, and to make him into a healing pally, i bought some gear what I could, but i might as well be wearing wet towels. Lo and behold it’s Alterac Valley weekend, which meant I wouldn’t be poorly geared that much longer. I got 4/5 of my pvp healing set. Tonight I’m hoping to really rock it, and get my helm, weapon, and shield. even try for some feet. That way all i have to worry about is some trinkets, and a relic.

As for healing I’m no slouch, some of the old healer is left in me, just have to be more aware situational, and one thing I forgot. Don’t lead the charge, you suck at doing damage. I was laughing as I was charging for Van, all of a sudden I found myself in the Alliance base with nobody around….DOH!  Bottomline I’m having a bit of fun again in World of Warcraft, and looking forward to working on a warlock, and making some gold again, which I already started that ball rolling.  Oh and any Healing Pallies want to toss me a few tips feel free to leave them here.


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