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In The Future There is Only War!

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on January 28, 2014 by theerivs

061213-ccc-warhammerSome pretty exciting stuff coming out of Behaviour. They seem really passionate about this game Eternal Crusade, and as their passion grows so does mine. Here’s the latest article from MMORPG…GO READ IT NOW…I’ll wait.

Ok done? Good.

Things that brighten me up, and keep me on the hype train…

1. Their willingness to show things – They really are proud of what they are doing. This is a good thing.

2. Their Passion – They love the IP. They show it respect, and I will love them and their game.

3. The Combat –  I think it will visceral, and awesome.

I can’t wait to unleash Chaos, for my Impurity will be my Armor, Hatred will be my Weapon, and Immortality will be my Reward!

In the Future, There is only War

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on October 2, 2013 by theerivs

061213-ccc-warhammerI don’t lie about my utter love for Warhammer, and Warhammer 40k.  So when I heard about Eternal Crusade I was happier then a pig in mud. So every little bit of information I love sharing. 

Here is a great article/interview Miguel Caron

He says some interesting stuff in there, I haven’t dissected it all, but in the coming months I will be keeping my eye on this title.  I am not going to lie to you though, I am aboard the hype train early on this one. 

I just hope I don’t get run over by it. 

The Blessings of Nurgle, God of Decay

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on January 23, 2013 by theerivs

chosen1Sorry I haven’t been writing much, I haven’t been playing much I have been truly blessed by the god of sickness and decay, Grandfather Nurgle.  As I am feeling much better now, and escaping the God of Decay’s plots, others have plans of me. Perhaps Lord Tzentech has some use of me next. For the Ravens are going to the Super Bowl. The Changer of Ways has deemed it so.  For now let us march on to the laughing, and thirsting of Dark Gods.

On that note Mark Jacobs did a great interview of Massively talking about Warhammer Online.  I’m a huge fan of Mark Jacobs, and all he does…am I fan boy…perhaps, but unlike people who demand respect. Mark is one of the few people who earned my respect, he is honorable in victory, and defeat. He refuses to push people under the bus, and I think like a phoenix he will rise from the ashes once again. Reminds me of myself and few other friends who had a guild in Mark’s game called Dark Ages of Camelot. We walked away from one of the major guilds on the server, and started one called Phoenix Ascension and rose from the ashes to become the number one guild on our server.  As we move from the past of DAOC, and Warhammer, City State Entertainment releases another trailer, and if you look closely around the internet Mark is leaving breadcrumbs as to his design notes…

“Foundation Principle #5– Choice and your choices matters!

This game will offer the player a wide range of choices of race, skills, armor, weapons, etc. and every major choice you make will have an effect on your character. You want to play a 4’2, 70 pound girl who runs around in lingerie and still wants to play a fighter? Sure, go right ahead but we hope you have major medical insurance. OTOH, if you want to play a character that looks like a fighter but also has lots of non-fighter like abilities/skills/etc., this game will allow you to do it. There will also be real and meaningful differences between races, genders, etc. Choice like size, really does matter, no matter what some people say.” ~ Mark Jacobs.

It’s starting to get me hyped, and  leaving one question. Who’s ass do I have to start kissing to get into closed beta?

As I crawl out of my mire, and back into the world of the living I got some stuff I want to talk about, So stick around because I may get sick, and down, but I am never out. I am Iron Within, and Iron Without!!

To the Darkness, I bring Fire. To the Ignorant, I Bring Faith!

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on October 13, 2011 by theerivs

Ahhh more news on the Warhammer 40k MMO.  Syp speculates that it is strange how they are going about giving out info. Not me I think it’s a little refreshing. I like the fact they gave an exact date…something to look forward to, even though as a gamer we ALL know that it will be pushed back.

Some things I like -

-The progression sounds cool, and hero classes too.

-Chaos…Yes Please!

-Raid size of 50…whoa, performance better be spot on though.

-Real Duel Wielding.

Some things I don’t like too much.

- Twitch based game…meh.

- 2 Faction system…yet again. Give me 3 factions for Khorne’s sake.

- What no Inquisitors, or Sisters of Battle?

Space Marine

Posted in Gaming, Other Nerdy Pursuits with tags , on August 22, 2011 by theerivs

Ok there’s one game besides SWTOR I’m really looking forward to, and thats Space Marine.  I haven’t been looking forward to an action title since I played Aliens vs Predators 2.

I saw the game in action at Gamesday, and let me tell you it looks sweet. There’s a demo out now if your one of the Honour Guard so sign up.  I think they really captured alot of what the Warhammer Universe is about, and I am really chomping at the bit to dig into this game.

Heck the multi-player customizer looks fricking so sweet, can you say I’ll be fragging mother fuckers as a Death Guard…I knew you could.

If it sucks then I’ll cry alot, but I have faith in THQ, they really love the Warhammer 40k Universe and done a stand up job with the Dawn of War Franchise, which I LOVE playing.  Which reminds me, another expansion is coming out for that which looks awesome, called Retribution.

Man, my trigger finger is already twitching, and I’m ready to get my geek on with this game. Good thing it’s not an MMO, no day off needed.

Unleash Chaos

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on June 1, 2011 by theerivs

With Gamesday coming to Chicago, I got the bug to load up the Warhammer. I had some hurdles to climb to be sure, but the master of change rewards tenacity, lets begin my tale.

I tried through the website to reactivate my account, it kept saying there was an error. I created a support ticket, they told me to call. So I called, it took 45 minutes of waiting….you heard me I waited 45 minutes. What can I say, I have the patience of Job…ya know that dude from the bible with alot of patience.  So there was some problems with the account, had to reset password, after a bit of work I finally got in.

I log in…where is Iron Rock? It’s gone!!! I log out transfer my toons to Gorfang. Rivs is taken? What bastard has taken my name. Well I am now Riveriak the Chosen. I finally get in.

First thing I had to do was put my points back in, since I love to Tank I go Corruption/Discord. I love Quake, and put my renown points into mostly Toughness, and Wounds. I checked out my bags, wow I need some gold, and what is this…pets? I got some little jester dude following me around now. He’s a cute little bugger.

Now it’s time to go to work. I take part in some scenario I haven’t seen before Eternal Citadel I think it was.  I had no clue what I was doing, but Order was beating on me. It felt good to have 3 or 4 Order try to kill me, now if only I had DPS worth a damn, or a healer. After few of those I decided to do some Open RvR. Just in time I helped take a keep, then headed to Altdorf for some city scenarios. I got my ass handed to me there.

Was it worth all the trouble, and work? A resounding yes, you know for all it’s troubles I still love the Warhammer Lore, The dirty, and gritty feel of the game, and the PvP in the game is always fun. Tell you the truth, I can’t wait until I unleash more chaos, for the changer of ways has deemed it so.

The Return of the Chosen One

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on November 15, 2010 by theerivs

So I got a few free days courtesy of Mythic, so I decided to load up the Warhammer Online.  First off I think a could guildies pass out to see back online. My loyal Fellhound missed me, I could tell he started licking his balls toot sweet.

Ah it felt good to be back in the Inevitable City. The damned souls walking around, the cultists…if I could cry I might of.  I messed around with the appearance. I went old school with the hornless helm, and put an old school shield that I loved.

Man I popped into my first scenario, and guess who I run into. A little dwarf named Gaarawarr. Of course Order beat on me like an ocean beats on a rock, but I had some good healers keeping me up, the rest of the damage dealers did there job and killed everyone trying to beat on me.

I did another scenario, it was Serpent’s passage, and while everyone was mucking about I grabbed the parts several times, and there was a Shaman following me, he said, “You’re the only smart one here”  Damn straight sucka!

Over the weekend I did some more Scenarios, some with guild groups which was awesome fun, and awesome RP.  Solo I get bout 2-3k Renown, with my guild I was getting 6-7k….Man it’s good to work with some proper villains again. 

Did some RvR in Praag as well, and I forgot how fun the Chaos of Battle is in WAR. 

Well I’m going to try to stick around until the new RvR packs are released, be great to get a little boost in my fight to get Renown. Since I always did PvE back in the day I fell way behind the Renown curve.

New Patch Smell

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on May 20, 2010 by theerivs

I love new patches, new things to explore, to do, to fail.

So Warhammer came out with new Patch 1.3.5. Werit does an awesome job in detailing this patch, so check him out if you want the nitty gritty.  Here’s a list of 1.3.5 posts…

I really have to hand it to Mythic the Patching system is quite painless. Though it’s still a patch and takes some time to download. When I get in, all my points are refunded for what? Stupid Teir 3, Gromril plating clone thing.

So I go to the trainers to respec..wait? what? where the hell is the renown trainer? They moved them to inside the Monolith. Son of a…did they say they were going to do that. They most likely did but I must of skipped over it….ok unless it says Chosen on it, I don’t read it usually.

Well with all the goings on I had only time for a couple scenarios, and at least one thing doesn’t change.


I Hold my Sword with 2 Hands.

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on April 22, 2010 by theerivs

So last night, I switched to a 2 hander, I followed the great advice of my friend.   Being a little more squishie kinda irks me, I’m use to being able to survive the onslaught of order for a little longer.

The Problem is…

1. I Suck – Never played 2 hander for a long period of time. So I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.

2. My Gear Sucks- Hodge Podge, of Sentinal/Darkpromise. Though I’m sporting a Develath Sword, I have a feeling there are better Great Weapons out there I could should be shooting for.

3. My Talismans Suck – I’m broke.

4. Bright Wizards Suck – I hate those Dudes /Duddettes

I know, I know all this will improve in time, and stick with it. Right now I have to do some research, and  get use to a different playstyle. Any tips for a noob 2-hander chosen would be great. The really awesome thing though is with the renown bonus, I’ll be able to get to a higher bracket of gear faster.

Warhammer 6v6 Tournament

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on April 15, 2010 by theerivs

Friend of mine, and fellow blogger  is trying to get something cool off the ground a 6v6 tournament. I think it’s a great idea, and harkens to the old days of DAOC 8v8 contests, or a hyper duel of sorts.  Who knows you might even beat on my shield a bit, if you dare. Muhahaha

For more info take a look here.


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