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General MMO:Traits of a Good MMO player

Posted in MMORPG with tags on July 6, 2009 by theerivs

Alot of things going on in the blogosphere as to what makes a good player, whether people want to read win or failstories. I think it’s alot of drama to say the least. But drama sells books, and drives readership to blogs. So it’s a good thing.

These people are all fine bloggers, and they each bring something to the table. Though I think there is a blogosphere ware ready to erupt. I want to toss my two cents in.

I don’t think it’s skill really that makes a good raider, but not only that a good MMO player in general. I think it takes traits.   MMO’s are a genre, if I was good at pushing a trigger this blog would probably be about Call of Duty or something.  Though you may have one or more of these traits I think you can agree that all the good MMO players have this.  So you might have more of one trait then the other, thus making you better then the other.  Lets get to the list.  Oh and by all means this is not comprehensive, I might miss some traits feel free to add your own.

1. Patience -Whether its grinding the AH, or grinding mats for your potions. I think you need to have patience to play an MMO.

2. Tenacity -It’s take tenacity to be an MMO player, by the 50th time trying to down a boss, or it’s your 300th time running Bilerot Burrows, or Heroic Violent Hold for that elusive piece of equipment.

3. A sense of humor -Whether its dry, witty, or your a smartass you need some sort of sense of humor about this whole thing.

4. A keen sense to follow direction -Alot of boss fights take some sort of strategy, and you need to know when to get out of the fire.  I don’t think you have to be sociable, but you need to know where to stand.

5. Ability to take ownership -What I mean by this is that your looking at your toon, and always trying to make it better, whether is grinding rep, or putting that enchant on. You own your toon, and your keep trying to improve that toon.

6. Look to those who came before you - I always see the good players always looking at people doing the best, and try to follow in their footsteps. Someone on top tier of  the arena the good players are analyzing everything that player is doing, to try to emulate them.

7.  Never be afraid to step out of the box-Sure cookie cutter specs, and gear choice aside you sometimes have to take a chance to try new things. I am always changing my spec, trying new variants of those cookie cutters spec. If I notice it isn’t working or doing the best DPS, I change back to a spec I know does.

8. Adaptability -When a strat goes horrible wrong, or something goes as planned you got to learn to overcome that obstacle.

9. Know your role -You dps, do dps. If your a healer, spec healing. Know what your job is, and do it.

10. You must like Pie- Ok I added this in there, cause dang it I do really like Pie.


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