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If You Can’t Take the Heat, Get Out of the Kitchen

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on November 1, 2012 by theerivs

A couple posts flew across my path about Sexism lately, and I’ve been mulling over some things, and now that it’s gestated a bit, I’m going to spew forth like an angry volcano. The posts in question are Apple Cider’s post, and a post on Herding Cats.

Let’s start with the people who have certain problems with the game, I’m not going to pick on just one group. To if you have a problem with the game, then why do you play it?  To me it’s like going to a KKK rally cause you like the food. You tell me this game has issues with something, yet you still fork over your money. How is that going to institute change? How is that going to send a message? So don’t tell me that this game offends you, then your still playing away like nothing is wrong. Now I’m not speaking if you don’t like a mechanic, or a certain dungeon. I’m talking if you have a morale difference with the game, such as you think it’s part of a rape culture, or too violent.  I’m kind of morally corrupt, so I really couldn’t give you an example for myself.

Now alot of women I hear get offended by men when they go online. Hey guess what lady, we all take that abuse. Heck a RP’er called me a loser when he found out I lived with my Mom, he didn’t know I moved in because My Mom’s husband had a stroke and she needed help. We as men, we degrade one another. I call my guildies douchebags, of course I mean it in the best possible way. I call my friend Scary a Panda Cock. That’s what men do, though it’s how we are. It’s in our nature, but when you women come into our house, you want to be treated like you’re a lady. That shit ain’t going to happen. You want to be equal, fine we’re going to degrade you, and put you through hell to prove yourself. With men, respect is usually earned, not given. Sometimes I feel you don’t want to earn it. The women, and men who I treat with respect, and honor….they’ve earned it ten times over.

What ever happen to having a thick skin, I use to bounce at a bar, and you think internet losers calling you an asshole is bad…you should try having a girl bash a beer bottle over your head, while calling you a no penis having loser, as you haul her boyfriend away, compared to some of the shit I dealt with, it’s refreshing dealing with internet retards. I put my thoughts, and opinions on this worldwide forum called the internet, and once in awhile there are going to be people that disagree with me, or even hate me for no reason. I don’t care, and I hope they say something stupid, because it proves me all the more right.

I think bottomline, if you believe in something, stand up for what you believe in. If you can’t take the heat of putting yourself out there, then maybe you should get out of the kitchen.

NBI- You need a Thick Skin

Posted in Other Nerdy Pursuits, Writing with tags , on May 22, 2012 by theerivs

There are many advice posts being posted about how to do this, how to do that, all of them great posts.

One thing though I did not see is that beign a blogger, you sometimes have to have a thick skin. You are putting a piece of you, for the whole world to view. Some people may not like what your opinion is, and they might attack you, and sometimes get personal about it.

I don’t censure my blog, I have people call me every name in the book, and I leave the statements up, why?  Because I don’t care, their comments are a reflection of them, and their stupidity. Censor that, no I want to show the world that this person is upset of a blog, that just posts crap. As a bouncer at a bar for most of my life I learned a thing or two about having a thick skin.

A Couple Tips For A Thicker Skin.

1. It’s never personal – The people that insult you over the internet don’t really know you, so calling a jerk because of your thoughts on a warrior talent is a moot point.  When people use to scream in my face how their going to get their gun, and blow my head off never worried me, cause the blowhards are just that, big bags of air…it was always the quiet ones I worried about, who without saying a word would grab a bottle, come in back of you, and smash it on your head.

2. Never Argue With Stupidity – See I kind of enjoy feeding the trolls sometimes cause I know no one has any real power on the internet…well maybe Bill Gates does, but that’s besides the point. To avoid frustration I suggest to just walk away.  When people use to argue with me when I worked at the bars, I use to say I wasn’t on the debate team, so they can save their breath.

3. Have a Set of Rules -  If you are going to censor, or not have a set of codes to work by on your blog. Is there a line that a commenter can cross that will upset you. You have some guidelines, and post those to commenters so they know,  so when someone breaks the rules, no debates, it’s just done. Me I have no limits, I don’t censor myself, nor others…but I can understand why someone would  put limitations up. One time someone went to my personal blog found out I was living with my mother, called me a loser for doing so. What they DIDN’T know was that I moved in with Mom who lost a leg due to cancer, to help out with my Stepdad who had a major stroke.  I didn’t remove that comment until the user asked, because it showed what an idiot that person was.

4. If you truly write for yourself, who cares what others think - Alot of people are saying you should write for yourself, not care about numbers…if you are truly doing that then you should have no problems if someone doesn’t like what you do.

5. Never Get in A Fight With Role Players – They be crazy.




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