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Cool Little Tips

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on October 25, 2012 by theerivs

I love when I learn a cool little tip here or there. Last doing Heroic Stormstout Brewery…for the hundredth time (ok fifth) trying to get my tanking weapon to no avail.

The last boss is preceded by a couple mob phases, one of the mob phases has a bunch of mobs which are spread out and don’t really move. Well the group I’m with is all from the same guild, and the monk goes, “Tank when they come up, we’re all going to stand behind the pillar on far side of the room, and line of sight them.”

So when they popped up the whole group went behind the pillar, they followed us, and we AOE’d the crap out of the little bastards. I didn’t even know you could do that, and it made the run a little easier. 

That really made my day learning cool little things to speed things up, anyone has any cool tips feel free to share them if you so wish,

Back From the Dead

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on October 24, 2012 by theerivs

Well I was a bit under the weather, I think it was bubonic plague or the gypsy curse finally caught up to me. Either way with being, and trying not to die, I haven’t written a whole helluva alot. Even my twitter peeps are probably missing me…ok probably not. Though I was to sick to pound words out on my keyboard, I wasn’t too sick to play video games. They’ll have to pry me away my keyboard when I finally kick the bucket.

So I decided to make my Pally into a tank, a couple reasons…I like tanking, and easier queues for the Headless Horseman. I had some pieces already, like boots from the Sha of Anger, and Spiritguard armor fills in the holes nicely until I get better, one thing I need is a weapon. Oh I could buy one on the AH for 20k…..Uhm…Yea No.

So I been queuing for Brewery everyday, and that damn Ook’s sword has not dropped at all. Not to mention I’ve been doing Horseman at 4-5 times a day…No Mount, No Plate Helm….Not even a damn ring I could use.

So between being sick, the RNG gods hating me I’m starting to think one of the RP’ers put a hex on me or something…I don’t know, but River is getting angry…and no one wants to see me angry.

Pick a Role, Any Role

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on July 26, 2011 by theerivs

So both my Mage, and Paladin are 85 now, and I’m working on gearing them. The problem is I don’t know which one to concentrate on. I’m trying to see what my guild needs, and they haven’t been to helpful either.  (I just sent a private message to the Main Raid Leader)

I like Tanking, I really do but my main concern is these raiders are way more progressed then I am, and they have been working together for some time. If I fill in, Tanking is a serious role you can’t mess up with.

With the Mage, there seems to be a little more room to screw up with, I mean if I screw up my rotation I can recover a bit in the burn phase.

Play what you want to play!

I would like to play and gear up both, but I lack that sort of time. Like I said I like both toons, each one has pluses and minuses.

Paladin -

Pluses – Insta- Queue, Tanking Gear handed on a plate, if my guild doesn’t need me someone might need me, everybody loves tanking right?

Minuses – More responsibility,will have to be on top of my game more, because in Cataclysm isn’t like Wrath, where we just overwhelm the dungeon.

Mage -

Pluses – Easier to solo, Perks such as Teleports, Laser Beams

Minuses Everybody has a DPS toon, and 30 minute Queues for Dungeons…bleh!


Then again if I’m leaving for Star Wars soon, should I really be putting that much effort into raiding.

World of Tanks in Warcraft.

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on May 25, 2011 by theerivs

So as crappy as Alterac Valley can get, last night was the polar opposite. I ran a few Alterac Valleys in which everything went right. The first one Alliance did everything right, we took towers, and bum rushed Drek. I just play in Prot spec, cause I’m lazy, and I’m going to be truthful I suck ass in Ret spec. So we get to Drek, I start wailing on him, and I noticed I have threat, and am tanking him. So I go full blown tank mode, and tank him, all the time getting decent heals. We killed him toot sweet.  Boy that got my tank juices flowing.

So in the next Alterac Valley same thing Alliance doing everything by the book, and we get to Drek. Someone goes we need a tank. I proudly go, “I’m your man.”  Then the call for healers go out. We got three. Last tower fell, I hear the charge, “GO!”   I was keeping aggro at times seeing it above 100, mad me laugh maniacally, I was tanking, dodging, and enjoying the thud of Drek’s weapon being blocked by my shield. Man I loved every second of that.

I’ve been real nervous to head back into tanking for Cataclysm, the dungeons are harder, and have different mechanics. With AV though it really got my tanking juices flowing, and now I’m chomping at the bit to head into some instances and face these bitches down.  It’s been so long I actually tanked, I just hope I’m not full of fail.

Tanks, but No Tanks

Posted in MMORPG with tags on April 12, 2011 by theerivs

Well it seems like the Great Tank Debate continues on. Tanks get a little something extra, but will this resolve the issue? I don’t think so. Why? Tanking is tough.

Lets go back through the annals of time. I started off as a healer in my MMO career. I was a cleric in Dark Ages. So I decided to become a Tank in World of Warcraft cause I was burnt out on healing. So I started a Warrior. I loved being a Tank, but after a while I got burnt out. Thus came the mage.

Let’s look at some things.

1. Tanks are always the work horses of the guild- Usually there isn’t much time to PUG, cause they have to run with the guild.  Heck I remember when I tanked the first time I had to really pug was at the end of BC, and that’s cause I wanted something badly.  Guilds take care of their tanks, so they are rarely needing anything.

2. Tanks need to be the leader. Knowing the dungeon, and what everyone is supposed to be doing gets tiring.  Back in Wrath, it was easy to tank, just plow through the dungeon. Cataclysm not as easy these days, so it’s rougher on the tank.

3. Being a Tank, no matter the game is a rough job. I think there will always be shortages.

I do love to Tank, I returned to my Tanking roots in Warhammer Online. as a Chosen. I ran so much Bilerot I was sick of it. I’m itching in Rift to abandon the Mage, and start a warrior, but my guild is a PvP focused guild, so mage is where I am staying I think.  Heck even now I’m thinking of Reupping WoW, and return to my Prot Pally.  It’s a very rewarding job, but with great rewards, come great responsibilities, and risks.

Here’s a few tips from the River.

1. Learn the dungeon as best you can - I use to run the dungeon on my mage first, get the feel, and watch the tank Then tank it. If you don’t have that luxury, read the strats, and videos as much as you can. Know Kill Orders, and have an idea what everyone else is supposed to be doing.

2. Gear up -  Make sure you’re gear is the best you can afford, make sure your gems and enchants are good too. Don’t be cheap. Check websites, and blogs to get the best you can in each slot.

3.  Know your Skills - Sometimes as a Tank you need to know your “Oh Shit” buttons.

4. Healers are your friends - Treat them right.

5. Patience – Sometimes people make mistakes, even you. If you wipe shrug it off.

6. Leadership - You set the pace, and tone of the dungeon. Lead, don’t be a bully.

7. Have fun - Being a Tank doesn’t mean you have to be a sour puss. Crack jokes, if you see someone doing something wrong don’t berate them, but poke fun at them. “Is that fire you’re standing in make your cock feel hot?”

Bottomline I don’t think there will ever be enough tanks or healers, but if we show some people on the fence how fun it can be, we can lighten the load so to speak.

Tank Burnout

Posted in MMORPG with tags on January 3, 2011 by theerivs

I’ve played a tank for a long time, nothing I like more then things beating on me. At the end of BC, turning into Wrath I decided to drop the Warrior, and stick to my Mage. I was burnt out. I was tired of being “the man”, having the responsibility of telling people where to go, what to do . Not as bad as healer burn out I had from Dark Ages of Camelot, and I never played a healer again, (except for a few normals on my pally to try it out)

I think this time will be a little better, Why?

1. More Options - Back when I played a tank in Vanilla. That’s all I could be, unless I wanted to respec liked mad, and waste my gold, and since you could farm worth crap as a Tank, I was always broke.  Now with Duel Spec, and built in wardrobe changer built right in the interface, your allowed to be tank one minute, then a dps madperson the next. This also makes questing, and farming alot easier, and more enjoyable.

2. My guild is more laid back - We aren’t raiding Molten Core, or BWL. 40 mans 5 days a week, that might have something to do with my burnout.

3. I still have my mage - If I get the blues, I’ll just tap into my mage. Relax and Blow shit up.

4. New content – Alot of decent new content out there, like the redesigned Plagueland.

Hopefully with this new stuff around I can staff off Tank Burnout for a while.

Tales of a Tanking Bitch

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on December 15, 2010 by theerivs

We’re back, this time as a Goblin Warrior.  I have to say I am mildly refreshed that they changed around some of the dungeons now. The Deadmines, Shadowfang Keep, and a few others aren’t what I expected, some new bosses, and some new surprises.

Wailing Caverns still long as hell though…..sigh.

So last night ran Shadowfang Keep, with a couple guildies. Besides, my awesome guildies if I do say so myself, there was a mage who I will call Whiny, and a Pally who I will call Needy. Whiny started in asking if he could have all the linen, and wool….HAHA…AH…No.  Well Needy was Needing everything. On the first boss he needed a cloth item, and Whiny immediately started to whine.  Whiny did have a point, but I was thinking this gear will outlive its usefulness in a few levels, why bitch about it. Also how many times have I seen SFK, that day alone…yeah lots.  Like I said though Whiny was right what’s right, is right. Though Whiny was pissing me off by pulling aggro every two seconds, I bit my tongue.  

So I tried to boot Needy. It says I couldn’t for 7 minutes, that’s weird. WTF really…why not?  Well Whiny was whining, and Needy just kept it up. At this point I just wanted to get done with the dungeon, but lo and behold Needy left on his own accord….Yes!

But Whiny still kept whining, and pulling aggro, *sigh* the things a Tank has to put up with.

Popping my Tanking Cherry in 4.01

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on November 1, 2010 by theerivs

I was hesitant to try tanking in Patch 4.01. I heard so many horror stories about threat, or lack there of. It had to be done though. I had to break the Pally in. So Queue’d up for Random, and let’s see where, we end up.

I was just so not hoping for Forge of Souls, let’s just say not my luckiest dungeon to date.  Ahh I got the Utgarde Keep…..Easy…Breazy.

Oh dear the DPS I had too was phenom, a Geared Out Rogue who could probably tank the place himself, a DK, and a Lock. The Healer a Shaman had his game so tight, I don’t think he even flinched once when I loss threat.

There are real threat issues though, I wasn’t keeping it like I once was, and I see that in a lesser group this would be a real issue, and needs to be addressed with Blizz.  Other then that it wasn’t that bad, and I didn’t do all that bad. I was using taunt to no end though.

The New Rotation needed to get used too as well and was a bit chaotic. I was kind of all over the board with that.

Now that I broke my cherry…. I’m ready to go get some more….and become the tanking slut I was mean to be.

GOLD MAKING TIP:  I just wanted to toss this in here cause I know Markco’s Blogging Carnival is tomorrow. BTW I love the new layout of his.

Well Mongoose Enchant is quite the big seller, one of the ingredients is Large Prismatic Shards. I get them lowest for around 12g each. Well there’s an enchant that you can take 3 Small Prismatic Shards, and turn them into a Large Prismaitc Shard.  I can get Small Prismatic Shards for 2g a piece, so that makes them 6g for 1 Large Prismatic Shard.  So be on the lookout for cheep small shards, and if you don’t have that enchant….GET IT!

Old School Warrior

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on October 26, 2010 by theerivs

My first toon I got to 60 in Vanilla was my warrior. An Orc named Rivgorian. Yeah all my toons mostly have Riv in it somewhere…Piss off wanker. Anywho I was usually mostly the offtank, cause no one took me as serious to be raiding main tank. Plus raiding was serious business back in the 40 man days.

I do admit I fooled around too much, I remember I would PvP as Prot with LightForge Shoulders on, and tell people I’m a new Orc Pally. I remember my first Epic One hander, the Axe of Deep Woods. I remember almost busting a nut in my pants when I got the Skullflame Shield. Ya know the shield that had flames shooting out of it. The coolest shield in the game EVER! I use to scream, “Wait 3 Sunders!’, like I was screaming out a chicks name during sex.

I did manage to main tank alot of content, cause well main tanks got burnt out, so I moved up the ranks. When my guild broke up, I went to magery for a year. Then came back in BC as a tank once more.

As an Orc Warrior I tanked  from Aran to Void Reaver, and everything in between. Eventually I got burnt out as well. I shelfed the Warrior. I miss the guy. I tried Pally Tanking, and though awesome…it doesn’t have the same feel to it.

So in Cataclysm I decided to go back to my Warrior roots, start fresh, plus every guild needs a main tank, why not be the one for the guild I’m going to help create.

As a Warrior Tank one place helped immensely time after time. And that Tankingtips with Vere, as a mage I didn’t visit him as much in recent times, but when I heard he’s calling it quits it was sad news indeed. Thanks for everything and good luck with your future endeavors…any last bit warrior tips?

Going back to where I started…well sorta

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on September 13, 2010 by theerivs

Jong just asked me about being a Prot Pally. It’s true I reached 80 on my Prot Pally I started way back when, and I am gearing her up. (Yes she is a female toon, because if you remember I started her for my little gender experiment )

A little brief history of this game, I took up tanking in Vanilla cause my guild needed a tank. I played a Prot Warrior, though I always had a Mage toon, and played him as well. The Tank was always my main, until near the end of BC, when I got burned out on Tanking.  Tanking was sometimes stressful because everyone was looking to you for leadership. I grew weary of that. I just wanted to stand in the back, and make sure my aggro didn’t go through the roof.

Well I’ve been missing tanking, and looking at crotches. I started the Pally because of their versatility. I have to tell you the truth, I do love tanking on them. It’s alot easier than being a Vanilla Prot Warrior, and it’s not a pain to grind mobs solo. When I had to farm on the Prot Warrior, I just got sour.  

Some Random Thoughts…

1. Gearing up is costing me a asston of gold. Though it’s well worth it,  I’m sitting at 4.4k on fail gearscore, so I’m getting there.

2. It’s great I can actually do alot of the BC dungeons solo now, not like the mage where ramparts was pretty much the limit.

3. I wish there were more shields in the game, or at least cooler graphic ones…where’s my old Flaming Skullshield.

4. I bought some honor commendations with my stonekeeper shards, when I turn them in the my blood elf female does this little shimmy dance, I thought it was funny.

5.  The LFG tool is really cool as a tank, fast queues are awesome…as dps not as cool. 30 minute queues….not so good.

6. People love hot blood elf tanks more than ugly undead mages….so it seems.

7. No portal spam for the win. You just don’t know how sick I am to walk into Org, and get 3 whispers, “Can Iz gets a port to Dal?”

8. 5k for epic flying, don’t think I’ll be getting that just yet.

9. Pally Tanking even though there are some differences, it’s really cosmetic. Alot of the same principles with the rotations and such.

10. I enjoy the nervous feeling I get when I encounter a new boss again, since I know alot of what I’m doing as a mage, it’s kind of nice to get those butterflies again.

Overall I really am enjoying my pally alot, but the mage isn’t hung up for good. Brought him out for a little raiding Saturday. I blew some shit up….way up.


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