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I Can Only Handle One at a Time

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on December 10, 2012 by theerivs

80918063It seems like I can’t take on more then 1 mob at a time in GW2. When fighting one on one I’m fine as a warrior, but it seems when I’m facing more then one opponent. It a challenge to stay alive. Am I doing something wrong, do I need better armor. I have the top healing skill. I mean is my survivalbilty that bad when I have 3 mobs on my I’m just screwed. Though I’m happy with one mob at a time, sometimes mobs jump me, and I’m forced to take them on.

Beside survival issues with my warrior. I’m enjoying the game, everyday I’m learning something new, and duel axes is a beast. I can’t wait to head into PvP.  I want to get into the economy more, instead of just vendoring all the stuff I need. I’ve been selling it at auction.



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