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I want a 40 man raid

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , , on September 14, 2011 by theerivs

I think that when 40 man raids were around this was thee golden era of WoW.  Why?

1. Bigger Guilds – To field such raids you needed alot of raiders.

2. Better Raid Leaders – The Raid Leaders back in these days were of epic proportion. They kept 40 personalities in check.

3. Better Stories - Just seemed like I had better stories from way back when. Like once in BWL we had a drunk healing pally pull some Drakonoids screaming…”Go Team Go!”..Leeroy Jenkins style, or when a mage got my loot by mistake, and waited to D/E it live in person a year later…that doesn’t seem to happen these days.  

4. Better Class Competition, and Cohesion - When you have 4-5 mages going at it, and competing with each other it was more fun. We had our own channel we would make fun of the Warlocks. These days I’m probably the only mage in a raid.

5. Better Skilled Players – Everything was harder to come by, thus harder to earn. This led to better players.

6. Better Community – Smaller guilds when you needed people you would have to work together with another guild, or guildless people that needed gear.

So these are just some of the reason I thought when there were 40-mans it was a better time in MMO’s, perhaps I’m just getting old.

Back in the Saddle Again!

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on September 24, 2010 by theerivs

Last night putzing around, then a guildie of mine asked me if I wanted to go on a raid with him. I thought it was a Guildie raid it wasn’t. It was a different guild alltogether. Which I thought it was odd. So I hopped into vent, and holy cow this guild had a female guild leader, and a bunch of other girls in it. On the horde side….wow. Impressed.

It was great to dust off the mage, and do what I do best….and BLOW shit up.  These people are all more geared up then me, so their mages were doing more dps then me, but I wasn’t no slouch either.  I even learned something last night.

When Putricide  tosses Tear Gas mages, and rogues can hit Invis, and Vanish respectively, and continue to dps. I did not know that. Timing has to be sharp though I did it once, or twice. It is true you do learn something new every day.

I had some fun with these peeps, though I didn’t get any loot. I did finally hit exalted with the Ashen Verdict, and got me the uber ring.  We got to Putricide last night and downed him, finished him. They are going back in tonight, I’m going to try to make it.

At the end of the raid I opened a portal…..Then the cry went up…”Don’t take the’s to Stonard. Smart ass mages!”

Then my guildie sent me a whisper, “asshole…lol”

It’s good to be back….

I iz in ur Raidz.

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on February 26, 2010 by theerivs

So I am now able to Raid on Thursdays. Alot of new faces about, so we didn’t do ICC :( We did go to TOC though since we’re such high caliber peeps I thought I would stay with my beloved Frost spec. Meh yeah I still pulling 4k+ DPS but I was like only number 9 on dps in a 25 man….That is not acceptable to me.

I do like going frost for the Champions because I feel control is more important in that fight, than straight dps.

After Champions it was back to the Arcane. I gotta say I blasted crab out of the water, and that flying chick fight in TOC. RAWR. INCANTERS ABSORBTION!!! Number 2 for the raid, a fricking hunter beat me barely. How I don’t know, but that is an awesome mage fight.

I had a great time, and it’s good to be back raiding again.

Last night something else happened that angered me slightly. I held myself in check, cause when I get angry I turn into a bigger asshole then I usually am. So we do a 5 man, the Pit of Saron. The Tank a DK was really good. I have to give him props. 2 druids, and a fellow mage. The fellow mages gear was crap, but I noticed that when they popped mirror image they had 4 images. Please tell me the mage wasn’t using glyph of mirror images, which I believe is a major glyph…../facepalm. Bad gear is ok, I love getting people new gear. No excuse for not reading the internet, and seeing how to properly glyph.

That wasn’t the problem,  I was going to give this mage a few pointers. So we were on the mobs that give you an outrageous debuff, and could kill you if your too close. One of our druids who is superabsorbant went about rezzing the other druid, and mage. Well he had a DOT on him, and died while rezzing our fallen comrade. I laughed. Druid Fail.

So I said in guild, “Tip for druids, low on health, may want to heal yourself”

Well the other druid, pipes in and says something why he didn’t heal himself.

I told the other druid I wasn’t talking about them, but since they volunteered they were full of fail as well.

Then some new guy in the guild starts jumping down my throat, like it wasn’t constructive criticism and stuff. I don’t remember quite what I said, cause I was ready to give him a Bitch Slap. But I realized maybe I was tired, to let it go, and to cause no drama.

For the record, I am about the tough love. You fuck up, I’m going to give you shit, but I’ll be the first person to get your back if you need it. I firmly believe in my motto “Guild, Realm, Self”  Meaning what is good for the guild is good for me, many times I passed up a purple to make sure a guildie who has worst gear then me gets it. Heck I did it last night.  Countless nights I stepped aside so someone who needs something can go on a 10 man.  Bye all means I can take it too, hell my guild calls me Failmage, and laugh at me all the time. I live in the Searing Totem rank which is a punitive rank…supposedly. Hell at one time the healers had a Frostscourgemustdie channel.  For the love of all that is holy don’t get all serious, and righteous trying to defend people who got me killed and making me pay a repair bill, and I just want to poke some fun at.  Cause ya know what, I’ll let it slip for a bit, then I’ll make you cry like a little gnome girl, who’s candy I took.

Oh yea my Eye of Kilrog, now knows that Orithea goes commando during raids.

My 5 All-Time Favorite Raiding Encounters of WoW

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on December 17, 2009 by theerivs

Now I have not faced them all, nor am I an hardcore raider by any means, these are just some of my favorites as a mage. As a warrior which I use to play as well the list is slightly different. Arioch inspired me a little about how awesome Patchwerk is. We mages get to open up and let loose. Though I like him alot, I don’t really like Raiding Test Dummy’s too much. Well without further ado.


5. Skeram in AQ 40 – This is the first boss to really have lots of movement, I really liked the dynamic of it splitting into the mirror images. Plus while heading into the encounter, dealing with trash you hear him in the background saying stuff.

4. Nefarion in BWL - A gathering of mages, arcane exploding the skeletons. That’s a whole lot of Mage love there.

3.Moroes in Karazhan – I loved his voice acting sounds like Boris Karloff, one of my favorite old time horror actors. Plus just the mechanics of it. Had to do set it up, do this to that mob, this to that mob. Get the set up wrong…you died

2. High King Maulgar – Mage Tank…nuff said.

1. Ragnaros – From his first epic pop out of that lava, yelling at Exectus, to the last time I saw him. I was just in awe. Just a boss of awesomeness, when you fought your way through Molten Core, you know your hard work paid off when he popped out, screaming “By fire be purged!”

Maybe I’m too Old School, Perhaps a Little Jaded. It just seemed in WotLK Raiding took a back seat, the Epicness of bosses diminished. Here’s to hoping King Arthas knocks Ragnaros down a spot.

It’s not the size of the wand.

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on November 19, 2009 by theerivs

I’ve been sporting this blue wand for longer I can remember. The Wand of San’layn.  Why? Well I have been wholly unlucky in wand drops, even the spider heroic place.  I think the handful of times a decent wand dropped from somewhere I would get beat out. To tell you the truth it wasn’t a bad wand. It had haste and it served me well.

Last night The Rod of Imprisoned Souls dropped from Icehowl in ToC 10.  Which tell you the truth is the only thing I really truly wanted, besides the Merlins Robe pattern, and a decent pair of pants.  Well I rolled my roll. Shitty roll of course. Lysandre aka Amber beat me on the roll fair and square. But I was sour, as many times I did ToC and this is the first time I even seen it drop. I don’t remember but someone linked their wand in raid chat I think to say what a poor wand. I was like oh yea, check my whopping blue wand. Though if anyone knows me, especially from my Warhammer days, they know my awesome luck where it comes to gear, 100+ runs of the Bilerot dungeon, and I still never got my shoulders from that place.

So I was prepared to just swallow my anger, and move on. It’s just purple pixels, and I’m use to it. But the odd thing happened, Amber said she would give me the wand. I was like…What? Really?  I was touched….and this time not in a dirty way. It’s acts like that earn my loyalty, and respect.  I want to personally thank Amber, it was a nice thing to do, and it will not go underappreciated.

As for the rest of the Raids last night as a whole still had a problem with Anub. Those little adds adding too much poison to us, and killing us.  Personally I think I did rather well. I was right under DPS wise with the other Mage in our guild, but he has some better gear then me.  The only thing I did screw up, are a couple orbs landed on me wrong. I missjudged the direction they were floating because they were behind me, and they intersected right on me almost. Other then that everything went good, and we killed the Ony 10 loot pinata last night too.

Oh yea Strat run 1123 Still no Barons Mount…….I hate that guy…I really do.

“A wizard is never late”-Gandalf

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on November 17, 2009 by theerivs

First off, being a raid leader is a hard job, I do not envy them their job, I do not want to do their job. I was a tank for years, so I had to call the shots for 5 mans ALOT, and that was enough to drive me bat shit, especially in pugs.  The raid leaders are doing a fabulous job, and I’m not knocking anyone. Perhaps I got a little tired last night, but I did get a little miffed. Quite possible just my time of the month, but I have to get it off my chest. 

So last nights raid went off an hour late. I understand 10 or even 15 minutes, hell I’ll go even 30 minutes, but an hour is a tosh excessive, but thats just me. If we got off on closer to time, maybe we could of squeezed in another attempt on Anub. I don’t think going in with 24 people will kill us.  That’s an hour of porn watching I missed!

That’s not what pissed me off the most, the biggest thing about last nights raid that pissed me off, is on Anub. I asked for someone to mark the add which they want to kill. They did not, so I picked one. I picked the wrong one, after two Arcane Blasts which I cast at 1.44 seconds, (Thanks 704 Haste)  the add came right for me, I ice blocked like a pro. he then later burrowed. Then in Vent they were yelling at DPS for pulling Aggro.  Yes I use Omen, but after 2 arcane blasts, and there is no threat on an add, guess what. Yeah Omen pretty much tells me I’m screwed, oh wait don’t tanks have something called TAUNT!.  Maybe next time I’ll wait for 3 sunders to show up on the mob like old school.  If your not going to do what I ask you to do, so I can do my job effectively, don’t yell at me, or I will lay the smack down.  

Otherwise the raid went pretty well, we executed with maybe one or two wipes. Although I joke, and say I’m gonna hug some Orbs, juggle them with my hands, and have them smack me against my chin….wait? wha?  I actually tried to avoid them as best I could.  In general I think I performed rather well. I died at the end of Icehowl, after an ice blast, I died when he goes into the middle, I must of stood too close or something.  I died on the first wipe of the Champions, but the next try I went Arcane Shatter spec, yes DPS went down a bit, but Slow I think helps alot. They don’t get immune to that, and slow casting makes for slower casting of heals, and damage spells means good stuff for everyone.

I did win a Blade of Tarasque last night ( I can’t link right now) but it has haste, and hit on it. Lets just say there was two wands in my dress last night.  I won the roll, thank god no clothies brought dice yesterday. I also got some badges, think I might break my Tier 7/8 bonus, and get the Tier 9 shoulders, they are hot in terms of stats.

**Edit – I want to say that this is no way a comment of the people that led the raid or the officers, just some things happened on the raid last night I didn’t approve of, that’s all and that’s it.  I don’t want people thinking I’m sitting seething over stuff, or I’m mad at someone when I’m not.  I simply don’t work that way. I may rant and rave a bit, but I don’t hold anger in.  Also at lunch I picked up the Bejeweled Wizard’s Bracer pattern…looks like it’s time to farm some Spellweave.

Is that my ass your handing to me? Thank you

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on November 3, 2009 by theerivs

photo_1237425844Well I was actually at this raid.  First of my Dad is a salesman been one for a long time, he told me, “Somedays you bite the bear, other days the bear bites you”  I think he might finally be going senile but I get it.  Things are not going to go your way all the time.

I could tell tension was high last night, people were getting upset with others. At these times I just sit back, and do my job best we can. I only got upset when people were yelling at the mages to CS Jaerxxus fireball, when we have to kill every add in the book, and then go back to dispel. Perhaps it wasn’t directed at me personally cause I spell stole like a mug, and at times the only dps on mobs, so much so Infernos loved me.

I really don’t know what happened on Valk’yrs.  I switched colors, I switched targets, sometimes I died, I tried to watch out for balls. Unfortunately I can only control one person, thats me. Alas it just didn’t happen  last night

I did get a little upset last night, because we quit early. I think we should have went to the last-minute, but alot of tempers ran hot last night.

Here’s the thing We failed last night, just not one of us. Everyone in the guild failed. We’re a team, and one of us sucks, we all do. That’s ok though, we all fail once in a while. We need to pick ourselves off, lick our wounds, and head back in there next time with a better attitude. 

Listen you haven’t been on a bad raid until you had a drunk Pally run into a group of Drakonoids in BWL, screaming so loud your eardrums burst in Vent, “GO TEAM GO!…GO TEAM GO!!”  Funny as hell, but we all died horribly.

Lets look on the bright side, I got a chance at some gear, even though my rolls were shittier then raw pilsbury rolls with shit jam on them, and I got 9 Triumph badges that go for some token gear…so not a total loss. But as for last night, the bear definitely got a chunk of my ass, and is chewing on it.


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