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Grace_Park_1007_WallpaperI keep getting the song for Hawaii Five-O stuck in my head as I write this post.  That’s right my Warlock hit the big 5-Oh.  Some funny things happened to me as I worked my way to 50.

So I’m riding my dreadsteed through Eastern Plaguelands, I have to get to Burning Steppes, and hence must get to Fuselight, cause I don’t have any dum dum routes there.  As I was riding a Dorf Paladin who is a little lower in me in the levels decided to take a swipe at me, I thought I’m in a hurry I’ll just run away, well that didn’t work out. He ended up killing me.  Now I’m pissed. So I whip out my succubus, and go on the warpath, and hunt the Dwarf bastard down. A poor Dwarf Warrior got killed in my rage as well. He dared to cross my path. I found my target. I crushed him, but meanwhile a Forsaken rogue whispers me and goes, “Please don’t kill him, he’s my guildie”  Well I killed him, and replied, “Welp, this friend of yours, killed me. Paybacks are a bitch”  Then I continued on my way to Light’s Hope, the rogue whispers me again, “He wants another fight, a straight up one vs one.”  I go , “Sure, I’m in front of Corins Crossing”   Well guess who never showed up…Meh

Other than that I had a rough run through Strathholme last night, and the only reason  I stuck it out was I needed to turn 50. I mean the tank died more times then Kim Kardashian slept with men, but with the help of my Voidwalker we muttled through. Dungeon Finder is a blessing, and a curse at the same time. You sure meet some strange people with dungeon finder. Then again I wonder if they think I’m chinese cause I don’t say shit over chat in dungeons, well except last night, when I said, “Hey we have to kill all the bosses to get to slaughterhouse, spider boss needs to be killed” Yeah it was that type of night.


Hardcore No More

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Sexy_Adult_Womens_Halloween_Costumes_Black_Wet_Look_Madame_Mistress_Dominatrix_Costume_Theme_Party_Outfit_1_LargeMy guild is hardcore PvP. All my guildies are obsessed with RBG’s, and pushing their rating.  Which is awesome, and I got their back whatever they need. Here’s the thing RBG’s to me are like the hardcore raiding of PvP. You need to be available certain time, commit to something, and be there for a big chuck of time. Right now in my life I can’t do that. I don’t have that type of time.

It’s hard for me cause a part of me feels like I’m letting my guild down. I want to do RBG’s, but I am too inconsistent in my schedule, and when they ask me it’s usually when I don’t have much time left to play. I can join random people’s RBG but I feel I really do suck so I don’t want to join a team of people I don’t know, cause they will not me as forgiving as guildies towards my suckitude.

The guild’s grown a lot too, and sometimes when I log in, I don’t see anyone I really know. Lately I just log in, do my Farmville, and maybe work on my Mage’s rep a bit so I can make some new recipes, and then call it a day.Perhaps maybe I’m a little burnt out too on WoW in general, the sucky thing is I don’t have time to play anything else either.

I know I’m an adult now, and I have a lot more things going on in my life, but a part of me misses the days when I was hardcore playing everyday for 4-6 hours a day, just a small part…but a part nonetheless.

War of the Premade

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girlboxerIt seems things are starting to become more and more heated as 5.3 patch in World of Warcraft draws ever nearer. Like this debate…it seems people have chosen sides.  Here’s my problem with the current state of things.

These changes are forcing my friends to be able to play together they need to form RBG teams of various ranks. Which means if I want to play with my friends I have to join the Rat Race that is RBG. Now not that I don’t like RBG’s they are fun and exciting, though to be good at them you need to practice, and have the time to compete with your friends. I just want to see some people online casually group up, and play some random BG’s.

I have a feeling Blizz doesn’t like the add on OQ, and is using a shotgun to squash a mosquito. The sad thing is the people that actually like, and support PvP are the ones hurt, and the ones that maybe queue up every once in a blue moon are the ones that benefit in this situation.

Either way both sides are passionate, and sometimes things get ugly. Here’s the great thing about PvP’ers though, we don’t shy away from fights.

Now I’m going to wreck some things

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on April 23, 2013 by theerivs

563871_329971053750303_570115100_nMy mage hit 90, and I’m fitting to blow some stuff up….in big time fashion. It’s AV CTA too. Oh shit….it’s on like a pile of neckbones.  I love the mage class, I worked on my Pally more because of utility, Tank, and healers are always needed. My mage is a work of love though. Love because I love blowing things up.

Speaking of Alterac Valley, let me tell you the best things I do in AV. I wait until the Alliance turns the tower, say like Tower Point. I sneak in the tower invisible, and stand in the back of the room. Most of the time, the alliance is standing there watching the door. I pop up in the back of the room, and turn the tower back. When it works….it’s pure awesomeness. I literally almost get a mage boner. I can’t wait to try that a few times tonight.

I converted my justice points, to honor. I had enough honor to get the Mal robe. The rest of my armor is crafted. I am in DIRE need of weapons, and trinkets/rings so I’m going to get those first.

Can’t wait to make some corpse piles…cause Mages didn’t invent corpse piles…we made them better.

Get Your PvE out of my PvP!

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pwnnoobfunnydogginWith the discussion on Twitter, and Rowan posting about it. I was thinking why don’t I like PvE’ing anymore. I mean I use to be a hardcore raider. I use to attack Molten Core, and Blackwing Lair, and if I ever find the mother fooker who didn’t Loot the Dogs…their dead. It’s not just Raiding I can’t stand, it’s alot to do with PvE these days that really sends a shiver down my back.

Why I Don’t Like PvE -

1. Quests – I LOATHE QUESTS!. I always have, I never did them. I would rather grind out 100 mobs then do one quest. I really don’t know why. I like the Zen of grinding, or perhaps I have issues with someone giving me orders even in a virtual world, perhaps I just love killing things. I don’t know why I just hate doing them. Though I’m better now, and do some to gain reputation, I still don’t like them.

2. Burn Out - I’ve been either a tank, or a healer in most of the MMO’s I’ve played. In most of my career in WoW, I was a tank. Thus basically the leader role for either that dungeon, or working closely with the leader to make sure things went smooth. PvE is a cruel mistress, and if you don’t execute something right, you wipe. As a tank, I took that personally and after awhile it wore me down. I do love to tank though, and will still do it if needed, but as a full time basis. No way. To me PvE is REALLY…REALLY repetitive.  

3. The In Crowd - I play MMO’s for the people. Alot of my guild are PvPer’s (read ALL if not most) so if their not raiding, or PvEing. I’m not going to either. When I use to raid, it was with a GREAT bunch of people, had so much fun, and joked. I mean one time a guy got drunk, and just screaming “GO TEAM!”  over vent as he aggroed the trash and boss by himself.  The whole guild was laughing non stop…those days are gone pretty much. There’s a elitist attitude that PvE’ers have that kind of sickens me.

4.Repetition – One of the main reasons I hate PvE is doing the same thing, over, and over again. Sure in PvP you do get some repetition, but at least it’s not facing the same thing, time and again. I get alot more excitement playing real people. No two BG’s are ever alike, there’s always something new in PvP.

5. Carebears – It seems like the people who play PvP, and the people who play PvE are slightly different. The PvP people seem a little more easy going, a little more go with the flow type people, but they are vicious to the bone if you cross them, they are competitors in every sense of the word. PvE’ers are like living in a hippy commune, everyone has to get along, and god forbid if you don’t, and they seem a little more anal about things.

So for many reasons I dig PvP alot more, and kind of dig that we’re seperated by WoW, cause I don’t want your PvE cooties on me.

Know Your Role

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Sexy_Adult_Womens_Halloween_Costumes_Black_Wet_Look_Madame_Mistress_Dominatrix_Costume_Theme_Party_Outfit_1_LargeWell 5.3 patch for World of Warcraft is becoming quite the PvP 10 care pile up. First we had the resilience change….now we have to pick our roles.  Which by the way it’s isn’t working quite so well as of yet.

Here’s my worries, and they are only worries as of yet, not de facto arguments, so don’t get all riled up.

1, Queue times - I have a feeling this is going to increase the times to the point of absurdity. I wait 20-30 minutes for dungeons as DPS, now I have to wait that long for BG’s

2. Hybrids get screwed – So your a DPS/Healer, oh wait we don’t have enough healers, or we don’t have enough DPS. Can we change? If not Hybrids get the short end of the stick.

3. Playing with Friends – BG’s we’re about just going with a couple friends having fun, now we have to worry about composition, and roles?

4. RBG’s – What’s the effect on RBG’s. Will this effect RBG teams in the long run.

5. The Point – What is the point of these changes? Is there an overall vision of PvP I’m not seeing.

5.3 is starting to look like it’s going to suck the life out of PvP, I hope I’m wrong. I hope things work out. All I know there is alot of games out there I could be playing, but I choose WoW because I enjoy PvP. If that is taken away, I’ll just log out and spend my money elsewhere. To voice my concerns I popped over to the WoW Forums, and I even twitter the PvP Guru over at Blizz, Holinka. Feel free to let me know what you think, or even better let Mr. Holinka know.


I’m Very Resilient

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nurse1So I just got my Holy Pally to 10k+ reslience, I’m very proud of myself. Oh wait in 5.3 everyone’s getting free 65% base resilience, on one hand I’m pretty pissed, but on the other I can see why…well sorta…kinda.

Here’s the thing I’m worried about. PvE’ers coming in with their awesome shiny gear they got from raiding, and tearing up us peeps who PvP’d for out gear. They assure us PvP Power will make PvP gear still viable, and all the shiny gear will be reduced to ilevel 496. Still a couple things bother me. World PvP, will that suffer, and I’m a healer. I need to be resilient more then power. Will I be able to gem more for power, giving me better heals. The resilience gems are staying in game, so next patch with all my gems will I have like 90% resilience, or is there going to be a diminishing return.

Well here’s a good article, I am looking forward to see how this all pans out. People are saying their gearing up for an April’s Fools Joke. I don’t think so. I think this is the real deal. 

What are your thoughts on 5.3?

Sometimes Even I Am Wrong

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bailey-jay-t2I know hard to believe, but once in awhile I’m wrong. Usually I hate PUGs in Battlegrounds most of the time it’s a waste of time as a healer, and I just want to go hide somewhere. Then there is once in a blue moon I am shocked, and awed.

Last night I was in a Twin Peaks BG, and it’s the call of arms. At first everyone was running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Then someone spoke in chat, “They have 4 healers, everyone turtle in the flag room with their flag until they get 5 ticks of debuff.” then what shocked me next was people listened. When 5 ticks went up, and after we killed a big wave of them, someone spoke up, “Let’s go get that Flag Carrier”  and to my additional shock they did. The succeded in getting our flag, and me and a DK flag carrier fought off a couple DPS, and then capped.

Second flag an undead monk was carrying it, out of the blue he drops the flag….I was like HOLY SHIT. I picked it up, he did say in chat pick it up, and I just missed it. He wanted it back…no problem buddy. We capped again shortly after we destroyed a big wave of them.

On the third flag it was purely a cake walk, they didn’t even bother to take our flag.

Just goes to show you that once in a while, even though after losing 10 PUGS in a row, and wanting to smash someones face, that you get a PUG that restores your faith in human kind…

Oh Alterac Valley, How I Love Thee

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dieter5It was Alterac Valley Call to Arms Weekend, and I’m excited like a little school girl. It’s the one weekend out of the month I go apeshit. I love AV. I simply do, and when it’s a Call to Arms weekend. Oh shit snap. It’s on.

Why I love AV CTA Weekend -

1. Losing – Yea I lose alot in this BG when I roll solo, but even when I do it’s more honor than anywhere else. So I’ll take the frustration, the asshats, and even the bots. Just give me my honor biotches, and I’ll go

2. Winning -  Ah but when we win…it’s an awesome thing. I feel like I accomplished something, and pissed off a whole bunch of people in the process. When I’m on OQ and were working as a team, that really is fun, roughly 30-40 people working together as a team, it’s great. In PvP it’s the closest thing we have to a raid.

3. Gear – Oh man I got 3 pieces this weekend…including my weapon. Every weekend I get alot of gear and it’s great. Oh guess what I could’ve got more, but I had some shite to do.

4. Fun – Like i said I love AV, it feels like a real battle. Big, Awesome…and where else can you see the ICE LORD in all his awesomeness.

5. Quick – If done right, it’s quick and painless. That what I hate about AB, or EoTS…got to wait for those resources…which usually sucks when your losing.

So yeah now the weekends over….it’s back to normal grinding, but new season starts so it should be a good one now that I actually have some gear.

Is Multiboxing Wrong?

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TripletsAs I am reading this thread some things I have to ponder

Lets get some things up on the desk. I use an addon called Oqueue which connects be to others who PvP. I love it, it kind of revitalized the game for me. This addon was created by a multiboxer. Blizzard disabled the /follow command in battlegrounds, which really hindered multiboxers. In reaction the person who created this addon, and supports may no longer do that.

The real question at hand is Multiboxing wrong?

Couple points I want to make….

1. Is it wrong? – No. Why didn’t Blizzard make against the ToS. Clearly botting is wrong, so if they don’t like multiboxing just say so from the start. Clearly Blizzard doesn’t take too much umbrage from Multiboxers or they would of stopped it from the start.  If they also thought it was so wrong, why only stop follow in BG’s or Instances, and not everywhere.

2. Is it unfair? No…I’m a healer who gets focused fires and dies..alot. So what is the difference between ganked by 5 toon run by 5 people, or 5 toons run by one….Nothing in my book.

3. Is it the easy way? - No. I think leveling up 5 toons, gettine them all geared then learning how to do it all….is not the easy way out for sure.

4. Is this a victory over Bots?  -  No, I would rather have one person running 5 toons, then 1 person and 4 bots. I think that’s why this is not a victory removing follow over the bots, it helps them to create more space in Random BG’s. Also I know Bots, and Bots work…don’t ask me how, that’s a tale for another time. I will say this Bots that use follow are very rare, and if they use follow they will be caught very quickly. Most good botting programs use things like pathing, or collision detection.  

5. Can Role Players still follow each other in taverns?  - Yes…and that’s why I’m pissed about this whole subject. 

Seriously though I never had that much issue with multiboxers, I would just take my lickings and move on which for me is few and far between. Let them spend their 75 bucks a month, and enjoy the game how they want, and I’ll enjoy my game how I want. Though I don’t multibox….now that I see so many people hate it I might start multiboxing, and make some people cry.


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