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My Hate For Achievements and Those Pills Don’t Make Anything Bigger.

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on June 1, 2009 by theerivs

From Army of Darkness, army-of-darkness-bruce

“Are all men from the future loud mouth braggarts???”

“Just me baby, just me!’


Ok in WAR they got the Tome Unlocks, in WoW they have Achievements. I really don’t care for either. I know what I did in my gaming career, you can tell who I downed by my gear. Does it really matter that I downed a certain boss in 10 minutes, or that I got 50 pets.

Now I do like titles, I think those are cool. I wear my “Trendy” title with pride in WAR, and I have yet to get a cool title in WoW…no I’m not getting the “Jenkins” title. Bleh!

Luckily WAR doesn’t broadcast your Tome Unlocks, think I would of stopped playing by now.  When people in my guild get an achievement, everyone congratulates them, not me. I say, “Meh”  It’s not a big deal.  Don’t worry I’m not a big fan of the XBOX achievements either.

Lies are aplenty in the world of the Internet, I found it mildly interesting that a somewhat famous blogger got caught in this huge lie.  He/She was posing as a girl employee of blizz, turns out she might be a he, and the girl in the pics is from another blog.  Here’s more info on it. From Warlock Therapy, and Tobold.

My stance is this the internet is full of lies, and nefarious things, hell I’m actually a golden retriever that learned how to type. If the info this fake person about WoW was true, and her strats worked, does it really matter WHO she is. Why were you reading that site, to learn strats or find out what size bra she had?

Matrix said that there is no spoon, and guess what there isn’t, and those little pills that you get spammed about making your male genitalia bigger. Don’t work.

In other news,

In WoW I decided my gear didn’t have the Crit needed to go to FFB spec, so I’m back to Arcane 57/3/11 spec, and I enjoy the hell out of it. Except the Kel’thuzad fight. Thats a long fight, and I’m having mana issues, and had to switch to my Frost spec. I’ll have to think of something about that.

In WAR, just did some scenarios no biggie, won some….lost some.


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