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Lessons I Need to Learn as a Holy PvPing Pally

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on October 30, 2013 by theerivs

noobI love playing a Holy Pally in PvP. I just do BG’s though I hear Arena is a real challenge for us Holy PvP Pallies these days. Just from the BG’s I have some lessons that I need to keep reminding myself on a regular basis.

5 Things I Need To Work On

5. Slow Down- Pallies have a speed buff, I have to remember to hold off a bit and let the people who actually do damage get there first. Once in a while I find myself standing alone for a few seconds before the cavalry comes.

4. Cooldowns – I need better management of my cooldowns. To always keep them up, I think part of the problem is my next problem

3. Macros – I just don’t use them, I’m old school keyboard masher, and I think that I need to up my level. The problem is I don’t think the macros that are good for raiding, are really good for pvp’ing but I good be wrong.

2. Better Gear – I just need to start playing more, I’ve been in the throes of Hearthstone. This being AV bonus week, it will go along way to getting some better gear.

1. Invincibility – Even though I’m wearing armor, I have to remind myself I can die pretty easily when surrounded by 20 enemies.


So there you have it, my weaknesses as a Holy Pally in PvP, though I do have some strengths and I do a fair job I think. I need alot of work, and the first step is admitting you have a problem


Holy Crusade

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on September 12, 2013 by theerivs

815249-bigthumbnailSo one of my favorite bloggers Bossy Pally updated her blog post.  At first I couldn’t find my blog in her blog roll. I was a little bummed. Then I saw my blog under Holy Paladins. It is true I do play Holy Paladin, but unlike my brethren I just PvP. I noticed not many bloggers of the Holy Paladin kind take part in PvP, or if they do I don’t see too much writing done about it.  As I consider it a HUGE honor to be on her blog roll. I felt remiss in my duties as a Holy Crusader of the Healing Arts, as I haven’t posted in a while on it. I’m going to rectify that, cause I am now on a holy crusade to get better PvP gear, and to help my new Alliance brethren.

Let’s start there. My old guild leader resurrected my very first guild on Alliance side of Garona. My very first toon was a Paladin, when WoW first started. I know glutton for punishment. When Battlegrounds came out, we left that guild behind, and started fresh horde side.  Well we’re back on the Alliance side.  I went with human male, I think humans just look the part of a Paladin.

I was a little upset at myself I wanted to stockpile more honor points. A couple things I noticed the Justice Points to Honor Points, and vice versa price has gone up . I remember it was 325 JP for 250 Honor. Now I think it’s 500. That’s just horse poop.  Anywho i had enough honor to buy two pieces, I got the Tyrannical Shield, and Chest piece.  I got some major trinket problems that is my next goal get better trinkets. I’m still rocking Dreadful…YUCK!

Gemming Priorities I think should be…

Int – For Mana Pool/Power

PvP Power – For well power

Spirit – for Mana Regen

Haste – For Speed.

Well I’m looking forward to rocking the heals, and sharing my crusade with you.

The Pally Pal

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on October 30, 2012 by theerivs

Many moons ago in Dark Ages of Camelot there was a couple of Paladins who dyed their armor pink, and called themselves the Pally Pals. I sometimes just think of those guys, at least I assume they were guys, but I just laugh. When you’re a Prot Pally, you’re everyones Pally Pal

Last night I log on, and one of our guildie tanks got DC’d due to that bitch Sandy. I was ninja’d invited to finish the heroic. Though I never been to this heroic, my guild were really awesome in explaining the fight….”Stand here, and stop shit from touching us”, or “Stuff on the ground, don’t stand in it, that’s about it. Ready?”  Which gets me laughing because that’s about it too.

Now when I’m tanking, I turn into serious Riv. I don’t joke that much, or even talk. It’s all business, especially new heroics I haven’t been to yet. I’m sure once I get geared out with Purple Awesome Epics, I’ll be able to breathe a little more…not yet though. I picked up some nice shoulders last night, which now allows me to join LFR.  Which will be awesome to learn tanking in there, and hopefully get some awesome tanking gear.

In other news, that Horseman is a son of a biotch. No mount yet, and I’ve run it tons of times. I’m crying horseshit!


I Was Slimed

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on June 14, 2012 by theerivs

So I’m back at WoW, and one of my favorite things to do is solo stuff on my Prot Paladin, plus rep and gold are pretty decent. I would like to hit exalted  with the undercity, I want an undead mount.

I did a quick Shattered Halls run, and I decided let’s really put things to a test.

Yesterday I tried my hand at Tempest Keep Raid. The packs took me a bit of time to get down due to fricking healers, other then that it wasn’t to difficult. It was  time consuming, and I wasn’t getting any rep, but one gold per mob was pretty decent. First boss I tried was Void Walker. Now I haven’t stepped foot into TK in years, so alot of mechanics I forgot. The mechanic I forgot was the orb, that silences. No casting, means no fricking healing. So even though I got him to a quarter health….he finally wore me down. Well I tried.

Next stop later that night to help a guildie was AQ 20. Everything was going great there, I was burning my way through. Again no rep, and not really a hell of a lot of gold. Then out of no where this Slime comes out, called a Flesh Hunter….Swallows me, and I’m stuck in him until I fricking die.  

If anyone else digs soloing old content for fun, and rewards I would love to hear of good places to go.

My Love/Hate for Alterac Valley

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on June 5, 2012 by theerivs

First off I did so many Alterac Valleys (or AV for short)  this past weekend, I’ve had enough for a bit. It was AV weekend, and last night I hit it for 6 hours straight. Let me share with you my pain.

Reasons I love AV.

1. When things go right.-  It’s alot of honor, especially during the weekend it’s a Call to Arms in a relative short period of time. It’s just an awesome feeling when an AV goes good.

2. Alot more people in it.- I like the huge battle aspect of it. It’s an awesome sight seeing a bunch of my fellow hordling on the move in the beginning.  

3.   The Chat Channel – Sometimes it just cracks me up when someone says something stupid, like screams…”Icelord!’

4. The mini battles – Sometimes the little fights at the bunkers are pretty epic.

5. Healing - A little PvE mixed into the PvP makes a healing a much needed part of this BG, and it’s nice to be needed.

What I hate about AV

1. When things go wrong – The infighting is bad, things break down fast, and it makes the whole BG seem longer, sometimes it is longer when the Alliance sucks too.

2. Open Field Battles – Though fun once in awhile, they are counter productive in the most part, and I die alot which makes me mad.

3. Asshats- The spammers who in all caps yell tactics, and such. I hate the ones that yell the wrong tactics, like lets help Galv. I just want to scream over chat…”Shut The F$%k UP!”

4. The Geography – It seems with the tactics involved into todays AV it is Alliance biased. In terms of Towers, and Spacing.


I can’t complain all in all I got 7 pieces of epic gear in one weekends time, and though when we use to have 3 hour queues for AV, and they lasted 12+hours sometimes. Today’s AV with all it’s problems still is a fricking  joy.

They Pulled Me Back In

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on May 30, 2012 by theerivs

I’m heading back to Azeroth. Like the Godfather, when I thought I was out. They pulled me back in. Some Old Guildies decided to head back to WoW for a bit. I decided to give it a go. So a friend sent me a scroll of rez, ya know free transfer, 7 days of play, and free toon to instant 80. Wow what a great deal. Unfortunately I didn’t take advantage of the instant 80, cause I decided to move the Paladin.  It’s more bang for my buck, he’s geared out to tank, for the betterment of the guild, and plus he can heal if needed.

Though I have much mage love, I’m going to try to do something outside the box. I’m going to level a warlock. That’s right. Mr. Mage love himself is going to level a ‘lock. I make fun of them all the time, and I decided it’s time to walk a level or 85 in there shoes.

I’m kind of geeked up about my return to the World of Warcraft, it’s been awhile so it’s going to be little fresh for a bit, and somethings will be nice and familar, welp got to go and start reading what’s new in the world of Pally Tanking, and Healing. We’re on Thrall server, Horde side if anyone wants to come by and say hi. The Pally’s name is Rivz. Got any Pally Tips Feel Free to Post’Em Here.

Let the Healing Begin

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on August 31, 2011 by theerivs

So I decided lets do this Holy Pally thing. I healed in Dark Ages of Camelot for years, so how bad can I be, my only limitation is gear, mine really sucks. So I fixed my mess up, got right spec, action bars, glyphs, I also got Vuhdu mod.

I decided to hit the Battlegrounds first, figure get a little better gear via honor points. I really had fun healing in the battlegrounds, standing back,  healing my team mates, and have them protect me like the princess..err. I mean helluva guy that I am.

I have my Vuhdu set to divine light on left click, and cleanse right. I followed the ABC rule, Always Be Casting. If I didn’t have anyone to heal, I would holy shock an enemy.  I didn’t too bad, I was always top 5, usually 3rd or 4th best healer.  I know I have ALOT to learn, and I need to step in do some PvE as well.  Overall I think it will be fun.

Problems I have right now in the Battlegrounds …

1. Situational Awareness – I have to keep my head on a swivel. 

2. Cooldowns – When to use what, and where.

3. Healing Priorities – Who should get the heals first.

4. The Oh Shit Buttons – When crap hits the fans what to do.

5. Gear – I always hunger for more.

Strive for Goals

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on July 5, 2011 by theerivs

Back in the day when my niece was just a baby, my brother who lived with us at the time to find my father on the floor holding a bottle with the baby some distance away from him saying, “Strive for goal Kelsey, come on get the bottle strive”  My brother told him just to feed the baby, but since then it’s become kind of a joke within our family. We utter to each other, “Come on strive for goals.”

I set out to become 85 on my Paladin this weekend, and I did it while tanking the Vortex Pinnacle, which the nice thing was I am becoming better at tanking that dungeon, and really can’t wait to hit it on Heroic.  Speaking of which, I kind of looking forward to this gear grind, I’m sure I won’t be saying that a couple weeks from now, but I’m already bought a couple pieces cheap. I’m really nervous about diving into Heroics, but I’ll get it done.

Some things I’m doing to tweak my tanking is looking into Macros, I really need to use these more in all my games. Also keybindings to make things more simple, any tanking advice is always welcomed here.

Also I made it to 40 on my mage in RIFT too, looking forward to the final 10 level out of the way there.

Tanking Anxiety

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on June 28, 2011 by theerivs

So tonight I take my Protadin into some dungeons to get some major xp, and to get my pally to 85 finally. Darraxus wrote about being anxious about heading back to PvE.  As a mage I never really worried about it, hell I toss up a fire shield, and stand in the fire a bit just to be an asshole, alas as a Tank it’s different. You are the leader supposedly. Now I been in a one or two of the new dungeons and my performance was pretty good. No wipes, except I didn’t know you were suppose to hop into the whirlwinds in Vortex Pinnacle, and looked like a HUGE NEWB.

I haven’t Tanked since Burning Crusade, so stepping back into that role has me worried, especially since the Paladin has changed, and is constantly changing *cough* Holy Shield *cough*  I’ve been reading a gross amount of stuff on blogs, and forums to get me up to speed on gear, specs, and other fun stuff. It’s just the fact that no matter how much you read, you really have to get in there and just do it.

Sad thing is I’m kind of excited about the 85 gear grind on my pally when I finally do hit 85. So tonight is the night I put my big boy pants, and get my tanking on. I would love to hear any suggestions or idea you might have, like what rep would be the best to get first, stuff like that.

Popping my Tanking Cherry in 4.01

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on November 1, 2010 by theerivs

I was hesitant to try tanking in Patch 4.01. I heard so many horror stories about threat, or lack there of. It had to be done though. I had to break the Pally in. So Queue’d up for Random, and let’s see where, we end up.

I was just so not hoping for Forge of Souls, let’s just say not my luckiest dungeon to date.  Ahh I got the Utgarde Keep…..Easy…Breazy.

Oh dear the DPS I had too was phenom, a Geared Out Rogue who could probably tank the place himself, a DK, and a Lock. The Healer a Shaman had his game so tight, I don’t think he even flinched once when I loss threat.

There are real threat issues though, I wasn’t keeping it like I once was, and I see that in a lesser group this would be a real issue, and needs to be addressed with Blizz.  Other then that it wasn’t that bad, and I didn’t do all that bad. I was using taunt to no end though.

The New Rotation needed to get used too as well and was a bit chaotic. I was kind of all over the board with that.

Now that I broke my cherry…. I’m ready to go get some more….and become the tanking slut I was mean to be.

GOLD MAKING TIP:  I just wanted to toss this in here cause I know Markco’s Blogging Carnival is tomorrow. BTW I love the new layout of his.

Well Mongoose Enchant is quite the big seller, one of the ingredients is Large Prismatic Shards. I get them lowest for around 12g each. Well there’s an enchant that you can take 3 Small Prismatic Shards, and turn them into a Large Prismaitc Shard.  I can get Small Prismatic Shards for 2g a piece, so that makes them 6g for 1 Large Prismatic Shard.  So be on the lookout for cheep small shards, and if you don’t have that enchant….GET IT!


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