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My Hate Makes Me Powerful

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on July 13, 2011 by theerivs

So I decided to shelf the tank a bit, I got him geared up enough for heroics, and noticed just not alot of mages in my guild….and we’ll everyone loves a mage.

So I really want to do a lot of PvP with my Mage, it’s a little hard though cause I once was of the Horde, now I am on the Alliance side. They do things a little, well different there. Basically it seems to me that Alliance doesn’t care most of the time, and give up, or other times they do things with such precise precision it boggles my mind. It’s either or, never in the middle. The Horde it’s either we win by a small margin, or we keep banging our collective heads against a wall.

Very different mind set, but now I am Alliance, and dedicated to the cause, an evil wizard hell bent on destroying these monsters. I love letting my hate flow from me in angry frostbolts, while my enemies are frozen to the ground…MUHAHAHA…excuse me….I digress.

Anywho I’m back to being a mage, probably where I belong, and questing is always easy…Kill six mobs…round up mobs….Frostnova….Blizzard…Everything Dies.

Only thing I got to fix when I switched back to Alliance with this mage, I made him a Worgen…I don’t like it one bit. The arms flailing, and such, nope going back to being a good ole human where I belong.

Drunk on Power

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on June 14, 2011 by theerivs

Last night on RIFT, I was on my mage. My Necromancer/Warlock build in full effect. I had my Zealot out, he doe’s look badass with his duel wielding weapons. I was doing Rifts, and such. As I was roaming around, there was alot of Defiant scum milling about the Scarlet Road. All around my level. So I decided to show them whose boss. Let my Zealot go, and slapped on a little Lifes Leech, Void Bolted a few times, and Soul Purged them dead.

I crushed all who opposed me. In fact it seemed no one wanted to engage me. Defiants really let me down. They just seemed content to do their little things. Sorry It’s a PvP server Red means Dead.

It feels good as a mage to be a little OP one on one. When a group attacks me, yeah I’m deader then a doorknob. I don’t even know how a doorknob is that dead, and how one can be deader than one. Either way I get killed quick if faced with oppositions of enough numbers.

Damn Jumping Monkeys

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on March 24, 2011 by theerivs

Your days are numbered. RIFT 1.1 Patch Notes are out…here’s some Mage Goodness.

This right here is awesome….

* PvP combat: Abilities now only check for caster facing their target at the start of a cast – they will still land if a target moves behind you while the casting is in progress.

Surviving longer never hurts…

* Increased the amount of Armor on Cloth items

Another Nice Boon…

* Mages: Reduced pushback on all non-healing Mage spells

Soul Changes…

* Neddra’s Might: No longer requires a target to cast.
* Neddra’s Torture: Reduced cooldown to 20 seconds.

* Static Discharge: No longer on global cooldown.
* Static Flux: Will no longer be overwritten by weaker buffs.
* Cloudburst: Increased damage.
* Icy Vortex – New Ability: Reduces damage done to the Mage by 25% for 10 seconds and applies Hypothermia to attacking enemies, reducing their movement speed by 50% for 10 seconds. Obtained at 6 points.

* Due to the below changes, characters with points spent in Pyromancer have received a free soul point respec.
* Heat Wave: Reduced cooldown to 2 minutes.
* Inferno: Removed from global cooldown.
* Improved Grounding: Now a tier 2 branch ability.
* Improved Smoldering Power: Now a tier 3 branch ability.
* Ground of Power: Now obtained at 6 points.
* Smoldering Power: Now obtained at 8 points.
* Burning Shield – New Ability: Consumes the mage’s Ground spell to shield them in flames, absorbing damage. Lasts up to 30 seconds. While Burning Shield is active, the next Ground spell is instant-cast. Obtained at 6 points.

* Empty the Crypts: Charge can now be gained while this is active. The pets summoned by Empty the Crypts can be active for a maximum of 20 seconds.
* Lich Form: Will no longer consume buffs that reduce the casting time of your next spell.

* Intensify Elements: No longer on the global cooldown.

* Withering Vines: Increased the amount healed.
* Livegiving Veil: Now affects up to 5 targets.
* Radiant Spores: Now has a base chance to proc of 10%.
* Phytogenesis: Now increases the chance for Radiant Spores to proc by 2-6%.

* Priest’s Lament: The primary debuff on this ability is no longer affected by diminishing returns. The silence proc debuff is still affected.
* Haunting Pain: Will only trigger on the first tick of damage from a damage shield.

Overall some nice goodies for us mages to look forward too. I can wait to Cinder Blast those damn jumping monkeys..

Not done with WoW quite yet.

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on March 4, 2011 by theerivs

Yeah people are probably saying, Rivs is playing RIFT now…he’s finished with WoW….

Well I got one thing to say to them…hell’s no. I logged in last night for a bit, worked on the Mage, and making gold. In Deepholm now, with my 82 Mage, and I really like the fact that I’m putzing around in the place where Deathwing escaped from, seeing things from a CGI movie for some reason gets a little rise out of me.

There’s alot of people around the blogosphere that loathing WoW right now, but for me. I stil enjoy it. Sure it’s almost like a single player game for me nowadays, but sometimes it’s nice just to be away, and do some zen like grinding. 

WoW may not be the new, exciting girlfriend, but WoW is more like the booty call I dial at 2am when I’m drunk, when I need some bad…and I drink alot.

RIFT: Life of a Mage 1-10

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on February 25, 2011 by theerivs

First you have to get past the mean ole Queue monster. This guardian of the gate took me 6 hours to get past, and I heard it was the same story for alot of people.  So I messed around on a newly opened server while I waited (You can have two possibly more instances of RIFT open to do this)  I messed around with a Warrior Riftblade/Champion.  Loved it.

Back to the Mage, so when I got on. I made my Mage…A serious looking Human male. Yeah I went Guardian. Insta-queue for Warfronts for the win. So I started with the Warlock, and I put my points in the improved Void Bolt right away. Quick Void Bolts for the Win.  Then I got my second soul. I went with Elementalist, for the Tank.  Then in Warlock I got the spells Life Leach, and Dark Touch.

Mobs were going down easy peasy. I have been able to take on at least 2 or 3 mobs around my level. Any more than that we start to get into a little trouble.  I’ve been putting a few points in my elemental soul, I figure that a tougher tanking pet is required.

I garnered the the cholromancer soul as well, haven’t really dumped points into it yet. 

This is my current build.  Like I said I can take on 2 to 3 mobs at a time with this…anything else is getting overloaded, or I’m running short on mana or life.

PvP is fun, I’m not a killer, though I haven’t been going down the easiest thanks to my self-heals. Heck I stood toe to toe with a Warrior for a bit of the same level as me.

Overall I’m really liking my build so far, if I can just get past these damn Queues!

RIFT: Dirty Filthy Whorelock

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on February 24, 2011 by theerivs

Ok…Ok…In WoW I hated Warlocks, to me they were failed mages, imagine my chagrin when I realized I actually liked being a Warlock in RIFT.

So after Beta, playing around I decided I’m going to try this build right here.

Warlock – (44) – I really liked the DOT’s, the Fears, and the speed at which I cast those Void Bolts. Being in a PvP centric guild those fears will be hot in deed.

Chloromancer (20) – Being an off-healer will be an awesome Ace up the sleeve when my group gets into trouble. I’m not looking for top healer honors, just a nice heal when shit hits the fan.

Elemental Summoner (0) – Just for the solo tanking pet, this probably be dropped at higher levels for the PvP soul. Though something to be said by being harrassed by a little rock dude in PvP.

So that’s the plan, as I grind up the levels things may change, and in a drastic way possibly, but for right now this is the direction I’m going.

As for being a Whorelock….hell I’m already a Whore, why not just play one.  Good Luck to everyone in the headstart for RIFT!

Life as a Mage – Portals

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on December 22, 2010 by theerivs

Ya know I played a mage since Vanilla, I was one of those 3 minute mages you heard about, but ya know what nothing was more fantastic then jumping of the cliff towards the Mines, while dumping a Pyroblast on someone.

Well one part of the job all we mages are grown to cope with is our Portals. In Vanilla we had to put up with tells out of the blue…”Hai, Port to TB Puhleez”. No problem, it will cost you 5g. “5g, no wais!” - Fine, enjoy the walk.

In Burning Crusade, the Tells were lessened with Shattrah, but we still would get the tells now and then, “Hai, Port to UC, Puhleeze” Sure just 10g. “10g No Wais!” - Fine, Enjoy the walk..

In Wrath of the Lich King, with Dalaran, and 30 minute Hearthstones, I would rarely get a tell, but once in a blue moon….”Hai, Port to Dal, Puhleeze” Sure 15g. “15g Fuck off” – Fine, Enjoy the walk….

In Cataclysm with all the Portals gone from Shat, and Dal. The Tells are back. “Hai, Port to Org”  Sure 20g. “20g, here ya go no problem” - Fine, Enjoy your trip….

So the life of the mage has almost come full circle, You can either be a jerk like me and charge outrageous sums, or be a nice mage and port them for free. Either way we’re back being fully specced for Portals.

The best thing I still enjoy, is Ye Olde Portal Roulette….Oh you came up with Stonard…Tell them I said Hi!

Mage Hit Starvation

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on November 16, 2010 by theerivs

First let’s just say FINALLY a mage tier I love the look of. Looks like the mean motherfucker I always wanted to be.

As I look at the Mage Tier 11 (Which Gaz does an awesome job summing up take a look) One thing I worry about is this astronomical number we need to get Hit Capped, 1742.

Sure we can Gem for it, Enchant for it, and even find trinkets, and such for it, but that doesn’t allow for a whole lot of room to play with the other stats. Blizz states it wants us to step away from cookie cutters, yet if we’re all Hit, how is that not a form of cookie cutterism?

I’m a Mage, I like to blow crap up. That’s why I liked gemming for haste/spellpower, both added to what I loved to do. First they take away my +Hit talents, and then they don’t compensate with some gear that will get us close to our Hit cap.

I’m sorry I have to call Bullshit!

It’s a Mage Life for Me.

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on October 15, 2010 by theerivs

Well I’ll be concentrating on my main the Mage for a bit. I ran a few heroics to get a feel of things.

Things I noticed….

1.All my Spellpower Gems are now Intellect. All my Gear has way more Intellect on it. I still have some Spellpower stuff.

2.We No Longer Get Hit Bonus from Talents – So we need to up our Hit as Arcane Mages now.

3.The Numbers I was tossing out as Arcane, and also Frost seem real comparable to what I was tossing out before. Though Recount was turned off. I will have to turn that on tonight.

4.As Arcane Mage we no longer have Icy Veins. Potion of Speed is now my new mini Icy Veins.

5.No longer need Power Auras, the Game does that for you now.

6.Arcane Explosion is once again very spammable, and with talent to reduce threat not a bad way to AOE.

7. I wasn’t running into too much mana problems as long as I was running Mage Armor.

8. My Arcane Build is pretty much all Arcane with 5 points in Fire, 3 in Burning Soul for pushback avoidance, and 2 in the talent in fire that gives mana back.  

Overall I think the Mage is going to be ok, with a few tweaks here, and there he will be back to a top notch killer status toot sweet.

As for the Pally…well that toon is going to have to wait a bit.

Back in the Saddle Again!

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on September 24, 2010 by theerivs

Last night putzing around, then a guildie of mine asked me if I wanted to go on a raid with him. I thought it was a Guildie raid it wasn’t. It was a different guild alltogether. Which I thought it was odd. So I hopped into vent, and holy cow this guild had a female guild leader, and a bunch of other girls in it. On the horde side….wow. Impressed.

It was great to dust off the mage, and do what I do best….and BLOW shit up.  These people are all more geared up then me, so their mages were doing more dps then me, but I wasn’t no slouch either.  I even learned something last night.

When Putricide  tosses Tear Gas mages, and rogues can hit Invis, and Vanish respectively, and continue to dps. I did not know that. Timing has to be sharp though I did it once, or twice. It is true you do learn something new every day.

I had some fun with these peeps, though I didn’t get any loot. I did finally hit exalted with the Ashen Verdict, and got me the uber ring.  We got to Putricide last night and downed him, finished him. They are going back in tonight, I’m going to try to make it.

At the end of the raid I opened a portal…..Then the cry went up…”Don’t take the’s to Stonard. Smart ass mages!”

Then my guildie sent me a whisper, “asshole…lol”

It’s good to be back….


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