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Words have Consequences.

Posted in MMORPG, Writing with tags , on February 9, 2012 by theerivs

An ex-Guild Master of mine once said, “Words have Consequences” to me, saying something, or in some cases not saying something is an action, and I am a firm believe that all actions whether good or bad lead to results, those results lead to other choices, that require action…well to quote Mr. Roosevelt, “Life is just one damn thing after another”  Bossy Pally had a lovely post on Words, and their effect and I thought I would do a little post myself.

Words I Wish They Would Stop Using!

5. Nigga – I hate the fact 13 year old white boys are saying this too each other, without knowing what it means, or what it stands for. They hear the black people calling each other that, and they think it’s cool. It isn’t cool, you walk into an all white upscale store as a black man and see how cool it is to be black. Sure things are getting better, but they are far from perfect.  The term Nigga is a friendly version of the racist word Nigger which means ignorant person. Call each other ignorant all you want, because most likely you are.

4. Fag – Like Nigga, this is tossed around way too much. Being a Homosexual in todays society is rough, you get picked on, maybe your an outcast, so you seek solace in the World of Warcraft, and here you have a Paladin Tank calling you a Fag, cause you can’t heal fast enough.

3. Bitch, Cunt, Any other word denoting you are womanly -  This irks me a bit, because what’s worse then being a homosexual, it’s being a woman. Gamers being male feel that being a woman is weak.  Really my Mom spit me out at 11lbs of an orifice of her body, jesus if that’s weak, I’d hate to see these guys do that. I cringe after burrito night, and I gotta shoot something pretty large out of my ass.

2. Rape - I loathe this word being used in connection with games, and try very hard not to use it in my gaming vocabulary. Rape is a bad thing, I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. Hey being a guy don’t think you’ll get raped, you may not. I hope you keep your nose clean, because guess what nerdy little white kid, you end up in prison…yeah you’ll have a new meaning to the word rape. Let’s just say you may want to buy some soap on a rope.  

1. Pwned – I hate this fucking word. Let’s stop using it please.

The Art of War

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on February 1, 2011 by theerivs

Sun Tsu once said, “You wait by the river long enough the body of your enemy will float by”

Shove your “ism” where the sun don’t shine.

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , , on June 28, 2010 by theerivs

Recently I was called out,  it vexed me because to me they were saying this guy is an example of why we are pushing our agenda. I hate all “isms” whether it is Feminism, or Elitism. They all have the fundamental same crap going on. They think the world owes them something, when really it doesn’t. The world isn’t fair, I faced my challenges, you have yours. Does it make it right that people are looked down upon, or treated poorly because of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc, etc… No it doesn’t make it right.

This is the main reason I hate “ism’s” they are quick to point out the wrong or ills of society, but when you come to them with positive stuff, and solutions they try to excuse you summarily, or try to say your derailing the conversation. Society has many ill’s most based out of Fear, Fear of Change, Fear of the Unknown, Fear of being that which you hate.  I read a quote, I don’t know the author but it said, “We hate that which we see a little part of ourselves”  Like the Homophobe who hates homosexuals because they fear, and hide the fact that they indeed might be a homosexual.

“Isms” don’t belong in games,  I think some people need to pick their forums better, most game players usually don’t give a rats ass whether how they treat the opposite sex, heck go to the Barren’s Chat, and you will really know.  It’s like every time you go past GO in monopoly you get to hear the vagina monologues. How fun is that? Not very unless you do have a vagina.

I just want to touch on privilege, I would be naive if I said it doesn’t exist at all, but I think there is two sides to every coin. For example, it says in 38, about women doing the most repetitive, unrewarding  jobs of the house…Oh really cutting the grass, is fun…really? I love lifting heavy shit because the couch doesn’t look right there….and really do you need to scream bloody murder for me across the house when you see a spider, and have me kill it.  Personally as for privilege, I’m just another ugly fat white guy, and I never got things my way…ever. I’m sure if I was Brad Pitt the story might be different, but it’s not. 

I’m not saying your problems or arguments are moot, they are quite valid. The problem is it’s a society issues, and the only way to change that is the majority of the society has to change their way of thinking. This doesn’t happen overnight, many things are getting better for those who are not White Anglo Saxon Male, and the media confirms this.

The only person I can control is me. So I live by a couple of rules when dealing with people, I don’t care if your male, female, transgender, homosexual, bisexual, white, black, yellow, red, or purple.

1. Civility - If I come up to a stranger, I will say please and thank you. Treat them with a cordial attitude. If they are rude, and mean to me. I will cut them down to size with every weapon at my disposal, if that just so happens that you’re a woman, yea I might say something mean in that regard.

2. Respect is earned, not given - I don’t bow to anyone, and it’s usually my way or the highway, but if you earned my respect through your actions, then I will stand up with you at the Gates of Hell themselves. I don’t even have to like you to respect you, it helps though.

3. We are all different – Celebrate that fact, because it adds to the fun of it all. If I played with 20 River’s I’d be bored to tears.

4. Do the right thing, simply because it is the right thing to do - Unless you’re a sociopath, you know the difference between right and wrong.

5. Words have consequences A fellow blogger, and friend said this to me, she is right. I may say something like, “bitch” doesn’t mean I hate women, and want to oppress them. I should remember though, that words to carry their own weight, and people judge me on what I say, as well as what I do.

5. Don’t be a sheep – even I am caught up sometimes when in a group of people, sometimes I let things go too far. One must have the strength to stand by their convictions.

A final word to all those “Ism’s” out there pointing out how bad I am, you just make me get defensive, and close my eyes, and ears to what you are saying.  I don’t think your agenda has a place in video games, but because we our a society albeit a virtual one it mirrors our real society to some extent. Bottomline to be a better society, we need to start being better people.

As for me, I hate everyone equally.

Hate the Playa!

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on May 25, 2010 by theerivs

Alot of hate going around about WoW lately, and it’s all over the blogosphere. I have played MMO’s since 2002, starting with Dark Ages of Camelot, then WoW. I’ve played Warhammer Online since day 1, and played Pirates of the Burning Sea, Age of Conan, Star Trek Online, Lord of the Rings Online, I went to Juliard, and I seen the Exorcist 163 FRICKING times, and it keeps getting funnier every time I seen it… I like to think I know a little bit about MMO’s. First of all I’m going to tell you the reasons I play the MMO’s I do, and why I give them my Money. Let’s start with the 800lb Gorilla.

World of Warcraft -

Community - I seen the WoW community evolve, and change. When you have a city of 11 million people, you’re going to have different groups of people. There are going to be people with the same morales, and mindsets as you, and your going to have people with radically different mindsets. Your going to have those punks that skateboard on the sidewalks, and your gonna have the crotchety old men who wish things were back when they were use to. Sure when WoW was young, and the community was smaller it was easier to find those people of like mind, now you might have to search harder, and put in some work. I remember my Mother being called a trannie whore in Barren Chat back in 2005, that any different then the Anal joke stupidity of today…No it isn’t

Has the Looking for Group Tool Destroyed WoW?  No I believe it has changed WoW, it allows people to be more solo, but how is this different then the queuing up for scenarios in WAR, or STO. It isn’t any different. I still group up with my guild, and maybe get a puggers, still have great fun. It makes life easier for the player, and he doesn’t have to do the leg work to find a group anymore, and how can that be a bad thing? How as a player who pays money, that wants to get into the action faster, instead of standing in Dalaran all day looking for a group, say that this tool is bad. Some of us have lives, and want to kill stuff while I have time.

Acheivements? I hate them with a passion, but it does add something more to the game. I hear people go let’s try for this achievement. After doing a dungeon a hundred times it is something different.

Gearscore? That’s not entirely Blizzards fault. An MMO is a dynamic creature because of the people involved. If you want to blame someone blame the people. Gearscore will not last though with the changes in Cataclysm I think it will break the hold of GS.

Arenas? Weak PvP?  Yea both something I’m not too happy about, but I still get a thrill killing a Warlock. So how bad can it be?  No one has to PvP, or do Arena.

Daily Quests? Well anyway to get more gold in game is good, or otherwise I would have to call a little chinese man to deliver gold to me.

Listen WoW is many things, I think Tobold had it right with his analogy to WoW being like McDonald’s. Sure it’s not the best, or the most different, but you know what sometimes I feel like a Big Mac.

Warhammer Online -

Community - This game is like my Greasy Spoon Restaurant, a local diner I like to sit in and order some soup, and chat with the boys, and girls at the counter. I don’t eat dinner at the same place every night, so neither could I draw from my gaming well at the same place.  I think this MMO is different but alot of things are the same. The community is more tight-knit in this MMO, but also it doesn’t leave much room for outsiders. We have all been through the fires, and it feels when a newcomer does come up through the ranks, they have to prove more to those that have stood the test of time.  On the other hand standing next to people you know have stood with you before, against a common just pure awesome.

Mythic - Some things not very innovative, at the same time alot of things they did bring to the table, like Scenarios the LFG tool of WAR, Titles/Tome are like Achievements. These are things WoW stole from WAR.  For all it’s faults Mythic is one of the better companies in regards of opening lines of communications up with the customers, and trying to give them what they need. Mythic is a company that has it’s customers best interest in heart, and is still trying.

PvP - WAR does it more right then anyone. I could feel the Hate seething from me when I play. 

WAR like the greasy spoon doesn’t do everything perfect, but what it does it does right, and that’s why I keep coming back for more.  

I can go down the list of the other MMO’s why I think they failed, but wouldn’t that be subjective. Alot of people are having fun playing AoC,  and STO once more. I won’t begrudge them that. Alot of people are having fun playing Call of Duty too. Let’s put it this way, there may be movies or books you like, that I may not like. Does that make the book or movie suck, yes…for me it does. It sucks for me. Why bitch? why moan?  just don’t play and sure you can make your beef, but don’t hate. Cause as a pimp, you learn..”You can hate the playa, but don’t hate the game” 

Fo’ sheezy!

I love Gnomes!

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Keredria says I hate Gnomes. That couldn’t be farther then the truth, back in the day I sent a pic to Gnomey. It’s a pic of me showing a lovely Gnome some love with my mage.

I love Gnomes cause their the perfect height..for some…well you know…..that’s right…Checking out my new spellthread.

Other then that, I hate the little fookers!

PvP: Hate-filled

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on August 19, 2009 by theerivs

That was my signature when I played Aliens vs Predator 2. Its a sort of a play on the word River. I came from FPS’s so I thrive on competition. I enjoy PvE alot don’t get me wrong. I really like PvP. I am not hardcore PvP, I just enjoy it immensely. So much so I have to watch out and not overdue it.  If you saw me PvP, you would hear epitaphs of rage, and liturgies of hate that would make your ears burn , and the devil himself blush.

Why do I develop such hate, well it stems from aggravation, then it turns into rage, then blossoms into delicious blind hate. It also keeps me going, especially in grind type situations.

In DAOC I played a Cleric, a Healer, yeah not much of a killer. But I got off on keeping the killers alive enough to kill my foes. To watch them fall before my brethren. I hated those that dwelled in Hiberia, or the Hibbies. Alot of them had stuns, and could chain stun/mez.  This aggravated me so much, that it turned to seething hate.

From there World of Warcraft. I played as a Warrior, and a Mage.  Back in the day a Orc Protection Warrior was most susceptible to Mages, Sheeping me, kiting me, and POM/AP/Pyro me….. Most Mages were Gnomes on Alliance side, and there was one in particular. His name Global. I hated him so much he was kill on sight, or try to kill. Thus my hatred for all things Gnomish began, plus their so cutesy. I hate cute. .

Then I became a Forsaken Mage. Druids weren’t on good ground to begin with because it reminded me of those damn Hibbies. Wait I can’t polymorph a druid, and they can break out of being frozen. The rage could not be contained, and yet again bear form, kinda cutesy. Death to Druids!!! 

In Warhammer Online, I played a Chaos Chosen. I hated Dwarven Runepriests alot, but then they realeased the Knight class for Order.  My hate knew no bounds. These were a mirror class of the Chosen, but they were better, had some better skills. Yea I was peeved.

As we face the future. In Star Trek, I will be playing a Klingon, to blast apart Federation dishonorable curs, and in  Star Wars: The Old Republic. I really hope to release all my hate as a Sith, and have it make me powerful.

Yeah I most likely have issues, and my hate will one day consume me, but until that day. I’ll be gunning for you.

My Hate For Achievements and Those Pills Don’t Make Anything Bigger.

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From Army of Darkness, army-of-darkness-bruce

“Are all men from the future loud mouth braggarts???”

“Just me baby, just me!’


Ok in WAR they got the Tome Unlocks, in WoW they have Achievements. I really don’t care for either. I know what I did in my gaming career, you can tell who I downed by my gear. Does it really matter that I downed a certain boss in 10 minutes, or that I got 50 pets.

Now I do like titles, I think those are cool. I wear my “Trendy” title with pride in WAR, and I have yet to get a cool title in WoW…no I’m not getting the “Jenkins” title. Bleh!

Luckily WAR doesn’t broadcast your Tome Unlocks, think I would of stopped playing by now.  When people in my guild get an achievement, everyone congratulates them, not me. I say, “Meh”  It’s not a big deal.  Don’t worry I’m not a big fan of the XBOX achievements either.

Lies are aplenty in the world of the Internet, I found it mildly interesting that a somewhat famous blogger got caught in this huge lie.  He/She was posing as a girl employee of blizz, turns out she might be a he, and the girl in the pics is from another blog.  Here’s more info on it. From Warlock Therapy, and Tobold.

My stance is this the internet is full of lies, and nefarious things, hell I’m actually a golden retriever that learned how to type. If the info this fake person about WoW was true, and her strats worked, does it really matter WHO she is. Why were you reading that site, to learn strats or find out what size bra she had?

Matrix said that there is no spoon, and guess what there isn’t, and those little pills that you get spammed about making your male genitalia bigger. Don’t work.

In other news,

In WoW I decided my gear didn’t have the Crit needed to go to FFB spec, so I’m back to Arcane 57/3/11 spec, and I enjoy the hell out of it. Except the Kel’thuzad fight. Thats a long fight, and I’m having mana issues, and had to switch to my Frost spec. I’ll have to think of something about that.

In WAR, just did some scenarios no biggie, won some….lost some.


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