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Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween

Posted in MMORPG with tags on October 31, 2012 by theerivs

Happy Halloween Kiddies. It’s my favorite time of year. Women dressing slutty, and free candy.

In Honor of Halloween, Here’s the top few games I played that creeped me out.

5. Nightmare Creatures (Playstation) – A real old game, but I remember there was some definate creepy moments.

4. Dead Space – (All Systems) Yeah there was times I was like WTF?

3. Bioshock (All Systems) - Not scary per se…but definately creepy all to the sound of dripping water.

2. Haunted Mansion (Atari 2600) – Ok not scary at all, or creepy. I did enjoy the main character was just this set of eyes walking around in the dark.

1. Resident Evil (Playstation) – I literally jumped when the dogs came crashing threw the window the first time

Honorable Mentions - Silent Hill, and Fatal Frame some real creepers.


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