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One Lone Beastie I Be

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on February 1, 2013 by theerivs

Beastie Boys Studio PortraitSo one of my latest obsessions is soloing stuff. I always did enjoy going through old content and tearing it up for fun and profit. The other day I headed into Magtheridon. I crushed him literally. I got some good stuff, as well a 20 slot bag which was nice to use in my bank replacing one of the 16 slot bags I use in there. I might have to head back and get more bags.

Now I do a Heroic ¬†Halls of Lightening run every so often cause I heard Books of Glyph Mastery drop in there a lot. I also heard that those books fetch a decent price. (lowest price one is 199 gold on my server right now)¬† Well to no avail, no books, but I do get 100-150 gold a run which is nothing to sneeze at, and I actually get rep, and a few honor points, sure only like 15 but hey it’s pure bonus really for a run that takes literally 15 minutes if that.

Last night I got it in my head to try Gruul. Well I got to High King Maulger, and I was stopped. Between the Warlock douchebag (Olm the Summoner), another reason I hate Warlocks, fearing me, and some other douche polymorphing me every few seconds I couldn’t get the fat ogre bitches down. I wanted to kill the priest first cause if I didn’t he kept healing others. Maybe there’s a better strat to solo these a-holes, or I might have to bring a DPS friend.

For right now my dreams of seeing Gruul’s crotch again will have to wait.



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