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One Last Time Unto The Breach

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on November 5, 2013 by theerivs

guop1The guys and gals over at Mythic are giving us a Parting Gift. So I think I will fire up the old Chosen and Walk the Path one more time until they close the servers down, and try to take some screenshots.

WAR will always have a special place in my heart. When it’s gone, I will miss it.

Tobold’s post resonates with me a little. I think we are chasing the dream that was MMO’s. I myself feel a little jaded, and long in the tooth. Sometimes I feel like butter scraped across bread a little too much.

Well I’ll say goodbye to WAR in my own way, maybe I’ll even try an Order toon….who am I kidding. I still hate Order.

The Changer of Ways Has Deemed It So

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on September 19, 2013 by theerivs

dark__elf__witch_by_i_tavaron_i-d41aeezWarhammer Online is closing it’s doors, and even though I haven’t played it in awhile I’m still very sad, why? Cause me and WAR have a ton of history. I could say alot of bad things about WAR, how it had potential, and it failed to do this, or failed to do that. The bottom line was this game gave me alot, it started my blogging adventure, it opened the door for me to meet a bunch of people, it entertained me tons….so how is that bad?  As others post their goodbyes, I think it’s time I give this game a fitting tribute here.

Let’s set the wayback machine. When I first got the blogging bug in late 2007, start of 2008 I started just writing a personal blog, and once in a while I would write about my video game stuff.  I started reading about this new game coming out called Warhammer Online. Now let me tell you I’m a Warhammer Nut, yes I used to paint my little army men, and go to war with them. Then I fell on hard times, and couldn’t afford to do it, or had the time to do it, but with games like Dawn of War it fed my Warhammer fix. But here was an MMO coming out about the IP that I loved…ALOT…how much so, I have a Warhammer tattoo a symbol of chaos, it’s from 40k…but I still loved all of Warhammer.

Now I started to digest everything I could about this game, and started reading some awesome video game blogs that were dedicated to this game. One of them was the best, it was Syp’s blog WAAAGH! that inspired me to create my own blog. I called it WAY OF THE CHOSEN, because I loved Chaos, and knew I would only specialize in being a Chosen.

Some fond memories of that time…

My First Post – I wanted to start off with a story, I was actually borderline very RP’ey back then.

This Video – It still sends chills of excitement through my veins.

Mythic Loved Me – It was an honor to be a part of their Land of the Dead promotion, and I felt like my hard work was noticed.

Getting my Drunkard Title – One of my all time favorite titles…anywhere.

There are many…many more memories about this game, the people I met, the people I played with, dealing with Mythic. I wanted to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart, to Mythic, and the people and bloggers who worked, and wrote on Warhammer Online, and made it special.

May the Raven God Bless You. 

Fare thee well, where ever thou fares

Posted in Other Nerdy Pursuits, Writing with tags , , on November 30, 2012 by theerivs

star-trek-tpol-lt_-saavik-cosplay-wars-vulcan-nerd-sexyThe great thing about playing and blogging about MMO’s was that I get to meet, and talk to some exceptional people. From the great people in my guild, to my fellow bloggers who love to write about these little pixels. One of these great people is Scarybooster, he wrote his farewell post today, and even though I’m a cynical douchebag, I found myself deeply saddened. Oh he’s not dead, and I sincerely hope he keeps in touch, and if he ever touches Illinois soil, I want to get him so drunk, he curses my name until God hears him.

It’s just some of my greatest moments in blogging were due to Scary, and no matter what enemy was crashing down my door he had my back. I always wished that are Podcast would of took off, The Donkey Show would of been awesome I’m sure. From starting a guild with him, to debating crap with him, and just sharing our lives with each other, I enjoyed getting know him. He’s a funny bastard Scary is, and like me either you get him…or you don’t, and those that get him treasure him.

I wish him all the success in the world, he deserves it. In Honor of Scary there will be no Weekly Lagout this week, and I will forever leave his blogs on my blogrolls.

To quote Spock - “I have been and always shall be your friend”

Rough Decision

Posted in MMORPG with tags on January 22, 2010 by theerivs

Well I just posted on my guild’s website. I am quitting Brotherhood of Oblivion. Ever since real life whacked me and I can no longer raid, I am just meandering around the server, listless.  I feel lost.

I came to Azgalor because someone talked me into it, and I thought it was a novel idea a guild filled with bloggers. I wanted to be a part of that. I felt like I added something to the mix. Now I don’t feel like I’m adding to it. I hope none of them think less of me for doing this, or I make any enemies. There are some real quality players in BoO.  I want to take some time to thank

 Amber, your doing a great job as GM, never second guess yourself.

  Kyr, you always made me laugh, and made sure I felt a part of BoO thank you.

 Cel, you crack me up. One of the best healers in the game. Take care. 

Eviscerate - Your one of the better rogues I knew, sorry best was Zhu on Thunderlord, he was a monster. :P But your up there. I really hope your balls get better. 

Mach - A great GM, and an even greater player, you had me rolling with your sense of humor. I’ll miss you.

Phaseroll – My brother mage in arms, you kept me challenged to try to catch up to you. Your a class act, and a great mage.

Atropus, Huntres, Zoja, Miss BB, Wolv, and any others I fail to mention I’ll miss you to, except Adres…you I won’t miss so much. You gotta work on your mage skills…alot.

Last but never least, I can never forget Kotex the absorbant druid, I’ll miss your freshness it’s almost like a Summers Eve.

I’ll make sure to keep in touch through the blogosphere.

Why am I leaving them if I like them so much. Maybe my real life problems are affecting me more then I know, maybe I just miss some of my old friends on Garona. Maybe I miss the Horde mentality, maybe I miss Hot Blood Elf chicks.

Whatever the case is I decided at the end of the month I am switching my mage back to Horde on Garona.  Am I gone from Azgalor for good, No,  I still want a Worgen, and I am leaving a toon well equipped to help my little werewolf out when it comes time for that.

Why the end of the month, cause it’s payday, and it’s fricking expensive to do it.

Farewell to the Horde.

Posted in MMORPG with tags on September 4, 2009 by theerivs

I wanted to post this because I made a decision. I am committed to having a Worgen in Cataclysm the new expansion. So it’s time to make a change. Find a new home, and prepare myself.  

I have been on Garona since day one. I actually started with a Pallie, now those were rough days. Then when BG’s came out, we switched to Horde. I was a Warrior. My Guild took a break. I then with some friends went to Thunderlord, and started my mage, after a while i missed my friends on Garona. I went back. I have been a part of some awesome guilds on Garona, Phoenix Acsension, Oppress, and latest Blight.

When I think of Blight there’s some names I’m gonna miss. I’m not gonna name them, because it would take a day and a half, and I know I would leave someone out. Stoopid Whiskey dead brain cells.  They were all douchebags, but you know what they were my douchebags.

So why am I leaving if I care about them so…well I have issues. LOL! I like to wander around, they haven’t stopped being my friends, but I have other friends I have to go see now. Will my new Alliance mage go to Thunderlord to visit old friends, or accept the invite to Azgalor and meet some new ones. I don’t know yet. In real life thats what I do, I don’t stay in one place all night, I bar hop. Why should in the virtual world I be any different. It’s not that I don’t like the friends I left, or like them any less. It’s I like my other friends just as much, and want to spend some time with them as well.

Also I want to be on a PvP server again, I want to blast some fools.

Am I done with Garona, and the Horde. No let’s just say I have a toon there that has enough gold to last him a bit. It has always been my home server, and always will.  ;)  Plus I love the Forsaken.

Horde on Garona have been very good to me, and I just wanted to say bye, and thank you.


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