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The Ecstasy of Gold

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on July 24, 2013 by theerivs

girl_with_money_fullSo I need some gold,  cause I spend gold like sailor on viagra in a whorehouse. I go on these spurts where I make alot of gold, then I grow tired of it. Then spend all my gold and got to make it again. I was down to about 300 gold spread out among 3 toons a few weeks ago. Now I’m looking at over 10k, and growing.

Some things I’m doing is turning around some stuff, I bought a bunch of living steel on the cheap, and resold it for profit. I’m making my farms work for me, and making things that I could sell like Trillium, and making Motes of Harmony to craft weapons. Other thing is  my mage got the recipe for the Spelltwisters Grand Robe - which all you need to make Imperial Silk. I’ve been sitting on a bunch of Imperial Silk for a while, cause I had nothing to use it on, but I kept making it. So I made a few of those, and they sold like hotcakes, I made a Robe of Creation, no one wanted that piece of garbage I guess.

My goal is to try to have 100k gold by patch 5.4, It will be rough, but i think it’s very doable…that is if I don’t spend my gold like water.

For The Love of Money

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on May 15, 2013 by theerivs

sexy1They say the love of money is the root of all evil. I find it to be true even in WoW.  Why do I say this, cause I’m doing all that stupid Farmville WoW stuff, cause its getting me gold, a pretty good amount of it, 2 weeks ago I was down to 500 gold. Now I’m looking at 10k.  Sure I’m not the fastest gold maker by far, and I probably won’t be hitting the gold cap anytime soon, but I’m still proud of myself….and a little ashamed of myself at the same time.

My Secret…

1. Plant Stuff

2. Make Stuff.


4. Profit

That’s all there is to it. What? Think I was going to tell you how to make gold…piss off wanker. LOL!

Anywho said to say making gold is really the only pleasure I’m getting from WoW these days. With Patch 5.3 coming down the pike my motivation is at an all time low, which is sad to say affecting my blogging.  I need something to get the juices flowing again, and Camelot Unchained is a long long time away.


Cash Rules Everything Around Me

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on May 29, 2012 by theerivs

So this weekend I made my first foray into the Diablo 3 AH, I don’t know how much success I was. I didn’t really do any research I just started putting stuff up at crazy prices to see if I could get a sucker to buy it.

Sucker bought the stuff…now I’m wondering if I could of got more if I would of done the foot work.   But I’m wondering how do I turn my gold profits..into real cash?

Something to figure out.

In other game related news I’ve been reading the plight of 38 studios, and it’s really messed up, and I feel bad for the Rank and File employees, I read they didn’t get paid on May 1st the day they were supposed to be paid. I don’t know know about you, I don’t get paid May 1st, I’m taking some computers, and heading to unemployment May 2nd. Just saying.

Since I love money…alot I started my own Kickstarter feel free to donate. It’s called the “I want to be a millionaire project”  Feel free to make my dreams come true.

Shaking my Money Maker!

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on January 26, 2011 by theerivs

Thanks to Oakstout for his suggestion to me regarding the quality of Carolina Cheerleaders.

Anywho well I do like to make a copper or two, and World of Warcraft has the best meta game in any MMO, and that’s making gold, lots of it. So my little foray into the Cobalt Ore/Bar business pretty much a flop. I’m going to hold onto my left over stock until it dies down.

The thing I’m making a killing in now…BAGS!…damn right. Netherweave bags on my server are going for 20-25g a bag, Frostweave for 200-250 a bag. I’m cashing in on this cashcow cause I don’t know how long it will last. It really is Ridonkulous. So check out bags on your server, see where they are at.

Plus being a mage, farming for cloth is easy….peasy.

One other thing I noticed people selling their Haunted Mementos for 5-6k. Yea that waste of bank space is up for sale, hope some sucker buys it. I hated that douchebag ghost following me around.

Cobalt Blues

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on January 19, 2011 by theerivs

Which is ironic cause Cobalt is Blue. I was putzing about the AH last week, and I noticed Cobalt was 100 gold for stack of Ore, and 200+ for stack of Bars.  Hey I got a few stacks of Cobalt in my bank, I sold it at a good price indeed. Few days later the market was filled with Cobalt Ore f0r 40g a stack, and bars were still at 150g-200g So I was like what the hell, I bought up a lot of Cobalt Ore, made some into Bars, and resold the Ore at a higher process.

Well that gravy train came to a halting stop. The Market is now flooded with Cobalts, and I’m stuck with a bunch of Cobalt.

You win some, you lose some. At least I made a few coins before the going got rough.

Popping my Tanking Cherry in 4.01

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on November 1, 2010 by theerivs

I was hesitant to try tanking in Patch 4.01. I heard so many horror stories about threat, or lack there of. It had to be done though. I had to break the Pally in. So Queue’d up for Random, and let’s see where, we end up.

I was just so not hoping for Forge of Souls, let’s just say not my luckiest dungeon to date.  Ahh I got the Utgarde Keep…..Easy…Breazy.

Oh dear the DPS I had too was phenom, a Geared Out Rogue who could probably tank the place himself, a DK, and a Lock. The Healer a Shaman had his game so tight, I don’t think he even flinched once when I loss threat.

There are real threat issues though, I wasn’t keeping it like I once was, and I see that in a lesser group this would be a real issue, and needs to be addressed with Blizz.  Other then that it wasn’t that bad, and I didn’t do all that bad. I was using taunt to no end though.

The New Rotation needed to get used too as well and was a bit chaotic. I was kind of all over the board with that.

Now that I broke my cherry…. I’m ready to go get some more….and become the tanking slut I was mean to be.

GOLD MAKING TIP:  I just wanted to toss this in here cause I know Markco’s Blogging Carnival is tomorrow. BTW I love the new layout of his.

Well Mongoose Enchant is quite the big seller, one of the ingredients is Large Prismatic Shards. I get them lowest for around 12g each. Well there’s an enchant that you can take 3 Small Prismatic Shards, and turn them into a Large Prismaitc Shard.  I can get Small Prismatic Shards for 2g a piece, so that makes them 6g for 1 Large Prismatic Shard.  So be on the lookout for cheep small shards, and if you don’t have that enchant….GET IT!

Mistakes, I’ve made a few.

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on October 27, 2010 by theerivs

Markco over at Just My Two Copper has a monthly Blogging Carnival, where bunch of bloggers chime in on the monthly topic. I missed last months Blogging Carnival due to the fact I was in the hospital.

Though I am nowhere near gold cap, I am definitely not starving for gold…actually I’m riding around on my chopper, tossing gold out like it’s going away in Cataclysm, but more keeps coming in every day. When I got in the Gold game, and started using the Auction House, a big influence was Markco, and a lot of people like them who gave tips on how to make gold, and if it wasn’t for him, I’d probably still be scrounging around for copper in front of Orgrimmar bank. I hope someone learns from my mistakes so I can give back a little to the community that has given me so much….

What Mistakes Have You Learned From While Playing the AH!

1.  Trying to buy a market - Say I was selling Gold Ore, and there were a few others selling Gold Ore for lower price, I would try to buy the market by buying up everyone else’s Gold Ore, then selling mine for more. – That Never….Ever Worked for Me and it took me a couple of times to learn that harsh lesson, not to mention a couple of hundreds of gold.

2. Not knowing the market - I wouldn’t analyze the market and see where the demand was. One time I made a whole bunch of enchants thinking, hey everyone needs this enchant. Well turns out people were using another enchant more, and the enchant I had tons of kind of just sat there.

3. Trying to go for the big score, instead of a bunch of little scores -  Once in a while I would see Epic Crafted Items go for high amounts, and think that would be a nice haul, so I would spend 1 to 1.5k gold to try to make 2k gold, and when I did make it it would take forever. When I could have made 500x that much if I spent it on the materials for the enchants that were/are making me a killing and with less the hassle of posting it and reposting the item.

4. Trying to sell Epic Crafted Items let’s say like Bracers close to an Expansion - It’s very hard to sell something for a lot of gold when people know it’s going to be worthless in a month or so. I know people are gearing their alts, it’s just seems a lot harder to sell those items. This could be server dependent though.

5. Not using Auctioneer to its full potential - I really didn’t put all the time in I should have to making the addon auctioneer really work for me. There is so much it could do I barely scratched the surface.  Such as resale, appraiser..etc..

6. Not looking forward to the future - I looked many times on the Auction house after a major patch and expansion and kick myself for not holding on and stashing some resource or another that I was practically giving away before, or even deleted in the past. I remember in Vanilla deleting Enchant materials by the tons before getting into the gold game.

Don’t make the mistakes I did, and happy Gold Making.

How I made 1,000 Gold to 2,000 Gold in WoW

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , , on August 30, 2010 by theerivs

Ok so Markco of at Just My Two Copper offered a Challenge. How to make 1,000 Gold, into 2,000 Gold. I put in total maybe an hour into this tops total over a course of a week.

Tuesday – I gave my alt 1000 gold to start…

Then I set out to work…..

Things I knew sell from my Mage….

Scrolls of Enchant- Crusader

Imperial Manta Steak


Lower Level Mats

Plan -

Look for these items on the Auction House of people undercutting, and sell for profit in other words Flipping.

It started when I was just putzing about, someone was selling Imperial Manta Steaks for 20g a stack of 20. Hello, I hopped on that right away. I picked up 5 stacks for 20g, and sold them for roughly a little over 100g a piece.

Then I noticed someone selling Scrolls of Enchant -Crusader for a real low price, I picked them up for a steal at 140g, and flipped them for 180g-250g depending on the market, either way still pure profit.

I also picked up a ton of Frostweave Bags for 50-60g range and flipped those for 70g-80g range.

I supplemented that with Copper selling, Copper Bars were selling for 20g, ore was selling for 15g. I would buy the ore, and smith it and turn it around and sell it. Not to mention farming the ore myself, as well as Light Leather selling for 17g a stack. That alone would of netted me a few hundred gold. No reason to be broke as a lowbie these days.

The results….

Yes I broke 2,000 gold, and I still have auctions in the Auction House. For those that still are scrimping for gold there is no excuse, for a little more effort you too can double your gold in no time.

Greed is Good!

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on August 25, 2010 by theerivs

Before Vacation I was pretty much the only one selling Scrolls of Enchant Crusader. I come back from Vacation and there are tons of people now selling scrolls, and undercutting me too. I would traditionally sell a scroll from somewhere in the range of 200-250g. These rats are selling them for 130-150g.

Well they don’t know who their messing with. I got 8 scrolls in the bank, and I’ll flood the market and sell them for real cheap, and keep doing so until they get the hint it’s just not worth it.

On the other hand, Some sucker sold me a bunch of stacks of Imperial Manta Steaks for 20g per stack of 20, they sell on Auction House for 100g.

It seems like though to make gold lately on the Auction House on the Horde side, I really got to be hustling and grinding. Probably going to have to hit up my friends at the gold making sites to get some new fresh tips.

I really like making gold these days, for lack of a better word…greed is good.

Guest Post: Go from 3 silver to 300 gold in an hour.

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on August 16, 2010 by theerivs

I got an email the other day from Markco asking me if he could do a guest post on my blog, now I do check out his blog, and forums from the time to time, and there is some real great stuff on there. I like his work, and admire what he’s doing, so I agreed. So if your interested in making gold, I urge you to check his stuff out.  Now I know he sells things, guides and such. I never seen them, and in the interest of full disclosure I am not receiving anything for this, but I do want you, and others to know as my “About Me’ page states…I am a cheap whore, and have no integrity, or shame for that matter. You want that hit another blog. So I am ALWAYS willing to do something for a bit of extra cash….what am I willing do, well depends on the amount of cash. Every man has his price, it’s just no one has met mine yet.


Going from 3 silver to 300 gold in 1 hour played time

Hello there, River has been so kind as to allow me to share with you my ideas on making gold in world of warcraft. For those who don’t know me, I am Markco from Just my Two Copper, the JMTC forums, Cataclysm and Call to Auction podcasts and a host of other sites I won’t waste your time listing. Basically, I love making gold in World of Warcraft and more importantly: sharing what I’ve learned with others.

First off, let me ask you: Are you bored with wow? Would you like to put a little spark into your gameplay with a challenge from me, the gold making guru? If you choose to accept,  I’d like you to attempt to make gold on a new server starting with anything below 1 gold. You’re probably getting ready to close the browser… no wait this gets interesting trust me! What if I told you it’s easy to go from a few silver to a gold, a gold to a few gold, a few gold to lots and lots of gold?

Lesson 1: From Silver to a Gold
Run to the nearest major city with your level 1-8 character and … no don’t go to the auction house you silly auctioneer! Head over to the enchanting trainer and buy the strange dust and lesser magic essences that are almost always present even though they are of limited supply (that just means they have to be restocked over the course of half an hour or so when you buy them). If you are feeling frisky also buy a copper rod. No don’t take that the wrong way… I want you to sell it on the auction house… stay focused! If you have a lot of silver (ie. 50) go buy a pet from any pet vendor in the major cities.
Take your auctions and post them on the auction house for about 50-75% market value. You want these to sell and sell quickly so you can get back to making more gold. The copper rod will take money to post on the auction house so be sure to have at least some money left over to post it at 12 hours. Same goes for the pet if you bought it. When you go to post I bet you’ll be surprised at how much those copper rods, strange dust, lesser magic essences and vendor pets go for! Now log off and come back in 6-12 hours. You’ll have at least a gold from each item sold if not more.

Lesson 2: From a Gold to Lots of Gold (let’s skip a few gold because we can)
No you don’t have to run all the way back to the enchanting or pet vendor ever again. It’s time to play the auction house and look for great deals! Even if you don’t have helpful addons for sniping prices like auctioneer (see my 22 steps to using auctioneer,  for assistance with resale and vendor scans) you can still find the right items using a simple technique. Open the auction house tab and select trade goods on the left. Now sort the auctions so that the lowest bid is at the top of your list. Look at the low bids and choose any that fall under this description:
“A pre 70 trade good of the ore, herb, gem, bar or leather type.”
Place your bids and then log out. Come back in 24 hours (you should avoid bidding on auctions that are more than 24) to see if you won your bids. If it’s a Tuesday, be sure to place your bids before reset to take advantage of auctions still ‘rolling’ during downtime.
You’re done! Repeat the process to get tons of gold with very little game time. Can you hit 300 gold in under an hour?


First of all I would like to thank Markco for taking the time to do this, and help out my readers. He also shared with me the article that he is working on , Top 10 things you should be stocking up for in Cataclysm.  He said he will post it Wednesday so check it out, it’s pretty good info. 


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