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I Hate Women

Posted in Gaming with tags , , on February 5, 2014 by theerivs

BearBrownI am the villain in this story. I am the one who eats babies, and kicks puppies. I destroy everything in my path. I am the Lich King, Garrosh, and Hogger all rolled into one. In all good stories the bad guy is just as important as the hero of the story. I remember in my youth, when all my friends wanted to be cops, I wanted to be the robber. They were cowboys, I was an Indian. They were He-Man, I was Skeletor. I was the Decepticon to their Autobots.

Today got into a little twitter debate, a self claimed feminist claimed disgust with an achievement of looking up a girls skirt in a game. I think it was Lollipop something or rather. You play  a scantily clad girl, chainsawing things, it’s uber violent. I said that to me getting upset at this game for having that achievement, is like getting upset over porn because it had no plot. She called that disgusting, and made me a misogynist.   So now I hate women, because I feel if you are going to hate the ills of the world, you shouldn’t pick and choose. It’s wrong to look up a girls skirt without her consent…no shit…but isn’t it wrong to chop people up into little bits too? No that’s ok in their mind, and they actually defend the violence.  One feminist even went as far as to justify this train of thought…and I quote.

“The difference between replicating sexual assault/violations in video games vs. mass murder is that a) sexual assault happens every day b) mass murder victims don’t typically have to survive with what happened to them”

Murder doesn’t happen every day? Yeah murder victims don’t survive…that’s why they are uhm..dead..hence murdered. Understand what logic we’re dealing with…what we’re up against. Then when you refute their way of thinking they dismiss you as a bad guy, a hater of women, a misogynist. In their eyes I am the scum of the scum, the source of all evil, and unlike most people I revel in that.

Here’s the thing sexual assault, and rape are in and themselves violent acts, if you don’t condone these acts, then you must stand against all violence. You can’t just pick and choose, that’s like saying being shot by a gun is wrong, but knife stabbings are ok.  If your delicate sensibilities are offended by a certain aspect of something hate the whole thing. Don’t be a hypocrite, and then when someone points out your hypocrisy you dismiss them in a fit of anger.  If your passionate about something, you must be able to face your opponents and make them believe you, not dismiss them, cause honey I am not going away anytime soon.

So if you’re a women, why are you reading this, aren’t you in the kitchen suppose to be making a sammich…I got to go…I have skirts to look up.


Gamers and Poker

Posted in Gaming with tags , , on May 16, 2013 by theerivs

poker-girlsGamers, and by gamers I mean good gamers who can cut through a game like Megan Fox can cut through a crowd, have really only had a single reward for all their hard work – that of completing a game and seeing how it ends. Yes, in MMOs you can enjoy building a character or an empire, and you can take pleasure from destroying the plans of others too.

That’s all great, but unfortunately that’s all there is to it. There isn’t really any way to turn all that hard work and game knowledge into something that could be beneficial in the real world.

Until online poker came along.

This combines all the fun of playing an online game, with the potential reward of cold hard cash if you play well. There is also a certain MMO element here. As a poker player, you are building a “character”. Some poker sites take this even further, allowing you to earn bonus points as you play and use those points to kit out your avatar in custom items.

Poker is also a game that rewards practice. Ask any Call of Duty fanatic, or World of Warcraft player, and they’ll tell you to put in the hours and practice to get good at the game. Poker is no different, only instead of kill ratios and gold, you’ll be earning real money that can buy you that nice 50-inch flat screen TV you’ve had your eye on.

Of course, there is an element of risk. Unlike regular gaming, when you lose in online poker you also lose real money. However, you can get in some free play practice before you start, so you have your winning strategies honed to a fine edge before you put down any money.

Doing your homework before you start playing is also important. Just like choosing a good server for an MMO is important, so picking the right poker site to play at is vital as they are not all made the same. Some offer easy games (as they have a lot of very inexperienced players – who are known in the poker world as “fish”), while others offer huge promotions, others still have a massive variety of poker variants (yes poker comes in many flavors), and there are those that have a lot of professionals (known as “sharks” who feed on the “fish”).

So do look around before you decide where to play and check out some reviews. Your credit card will thank you for it.

Gamers also have a sound tactical mind. In fact, their gaming experience actually makes them really good managers. Why? Because gamers understand resource maximization, supply, rarity, and how to do the best you can with the tools you have. Unfortunately, the corporate world hasn’t caught on yet.

Those skills, along with patience and the ability to figure out your opponents, will set you in very good stead with online poker. Certainly, it will put you ahead of those with money to burn and no brain to tell them how to play.

So if you are looking to put your gamer acquired skills to work for you (and there are a large number of poker pros that make their living from the game) then give online poker a shot. Just make sure you grab your fishing gear and avoid the sharks.

I am a Gamer, and I am Proud.

Posted in Gaming, MMORPG with tags on October 10, 2012 by theerivs

Rowan over at I Have Touched the Sky, started me thinking. How has gaming affected my life. It has touched on every aspect of it, some bad, some good. Let’s go on a little journey

Let me say this I am not just a video game lover, I love games in general. I love board games, card games, even rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock. I thrive on competition.  I remember when I was in 4th/5th grade playing Atari 2600 Combat. A game about tanks, and me and my older brother just going at it.  The times I did beat my brother it was like I was king of the world, but more importantly it was serious quality time me and my brother spent together trying to figure out how the heck you solved a puzzle in Indiana Jones, or trying to find some lost city in Pitfall that never existed, but we heard rumors of.

As I growed older those times didn’t stop, I got a Commodore 64 in middle school, and during that and high school every free moment I could spare I was delving in dungeons in Bards Tale, or trying to save the princess Rosalind in Defenders of the Crown. My friends had C64′s too, and we would play games together. I also got involved in BBS’s, and MUDs…until I went nuts one month and the phone bill was 300 dollars…that was put to a halt. Was I’m sheltered dork hiding in my room, no I was a 3-letter jock. I played Football, Wrestling, Track in high school. I had a very social life, parties, and going to teenage dance clubs.

As I entered adult life, gaming was always there whether it was playing Street Fighter 2 at the arcade, or playing Madden against my brother at home. I moved onward and upward to MMO’s in 2002, and never looked back.

Looking back on my life -

The Good -

-I made alot of friends with this hobby, some have been my friends for decades, not years.

- I think I’ve learned alot of skills, critical thinking, the power of hard work, and multitasking, and dungeon mapping…Hey you never know…but nonetheless skills that I would never learn watching TV.

- It sparked my love for computers, and that’s how I make my living now.

The Bad

-There are some sad moments when a friend disappears or no longer is around. There is a loss there.

- The fact saying you’re a gamer still  has a stigma to it. I still get snickers when I say I play World of Warcraft.

- The Hot Geek Girls all have boyfriends already.

The Ugly -

- When I was laid off for a time, I fell into depression and I used gaming as a crutch, and did it way to much to make me feel better. I guess it could of been worse, I could of drank…oh wait I did that too…i could of used drugs…no during that time I did that too…well at least I didn’t gamble…oh fuck I did.  Ok what I’m saying there was a time in my life I wasn’t using gaming as a hobby, and in moderation. I used it to cover up the pain of my life in that time…that isn’t good no matter what your poison is.

Final Point -

Whether you collect stamps, love fashion, or play video games what you do as a hobby or for fun doesn’t define you as a whole, it’s just a part of you, something that spices you up so to speak. You may be a video gamer, but I hope you are so much more, a mother, father, brother, sister, sports fan, movie nerd, teacher, firefighter, etc. The minute you let your passion, become an obsession then you’re going to have problems.

20 Excuses to Ditch Your Family for SWTOR

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , , , , , on September 27, 2011 by scarybooster

Because River is most likely throwing up more than Regan MacNeil on a picnic with Billy Graham or leaving shit streaks in his underwear longer than a DeLorean DMC-12, going 88 miles an hour, I’ll be posting for him today. For better or worse, you’ll have to deal with it. If you have no idea who I am, I’ll give you a quick synopsis about myself.

I am Scarybooster from Scary Worlds. I too, shot out of my mother’s vagina tearing a place between the land of holy and a shit hole. Fortunately for you, it was not at the same time or date. Otherwise, scientists might of discovered how to smash neutrinos faster than the speed of light earlier, just so they could get rid of us before the world could end in 2012. I decided to wait a few years so the world could recover from the birth of River.

Anyways, I’ve noticed River has been into lists lately. So, I decided to make a list too. If you can’t read the title, my list is about 20 different ways to get out of spending the holidays with your family so you can play SWTOR. If you don’t plan on playing SWTOR this holiday season, you might as well finish the post because I’ve wasted this much of your time already. Buck-up and read on.

1. You tell your family you need to delouse Your couch during the holidays, because your crabs got loose.

2. You are recovering from Circumcision surgery and you are a bit pissed your penis looks smaller now. You’ll have to beat off regularly to pray it grows more.

3. You murdered a guy and you are not sure you can stop there.

4. You got fired from your job and you’ve been drinking heavily with River. You’re not sure when the diarrhea will subside. River is using the sink and you have your ass out the window.

5. You woke up in a zoo naked with blood all over yourself. You believe you are a werewolf, because your girlfriend made you watch all the Twilight movies at once. That or you got sick of the bitch and had her for dinner with the lions.

6. Your girlfriend is pregnant with twins. You didn’t have insurance to get an ultrasound, so you got your head stuck in her vagina trying to look for a heartbeat.

7. Your cat died. Unfortunately, you had a string attached to the blinds and the cat leaped for it. The window was open and you live 4 floors up in an apartment. Good news is, it landed on its feet… you think.

8. You won a vacation to go hiking in the mountains between Iran and Iraq. You might be late for Hanukkah.

9. “People are starving in China and all you can think of is feeding your fat ass more! I’m so disgusted right now!” Worked in the 80′s.

10. Your drug business is finally paying off this year and you need to ship 300 marijuana Christmas trees before December 25th. To top it off, your crack whores are picketing outside your house asking for equal Pimp Hands for everyone. You just can’t deal with taking off this year to see family.

So there you go… wait I said 20 right? My bad, you’ll just have to visit Scary Worlds for the other 10.

SWTOR CE Rumors Debunked!

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on July 20, 2011 by scarybooster

I had a totally different post ready for today, but there is a bunch of crazy news about SWTOR CE preorders going around. Because River is still on vacation, I have to fill his smart ass shoes today.

How many of you are interested in buying the SWTOR collector’s edition, raise your hand. Man, I know I just got some nerd to raise his hand in the office. Yeah dude, that is a perfect place for a Stick Up. There are a whole bunch of people waiting for this title to pass or fail in today’s MMO market.

I wanted to take the time to talk about some of the rumors floating around the Internet right now. I might debunk the rumor or rage on it. I just want all of HLL lovers to know the truth as I see it. We all know my truth is right and everybody else is wrong.

Take a peek at the future of MMO idiocy:

1. The CE is rumored to cost €150 or $220 converted. The truth is, the Europeans have always been screwed when it comes to pricing. Did you know they pay $10 a gallon for gas? Talk about bending over and shoving the pump deep in your ass. I’m sure the CE will cost about €150 for them. On the other hand, I don’t see EA charging Americans $220 for it. We would whine, poop our diapers, and demand it to be less till be got our pacifiers. They will do pure moron math and charge us $150 + or – $1,000.

2. The leaked photo-

All I have to say is, photos don’t lie. That is what you are getting and no Photoshop expert can deny it. I’m just saying, if that is fake where the hell did they get the fake Darth Dude? Yeah, it’s real. The only debate is the downloadable content. I’m sure the training Droid will just stare at you and toss a dog bone up in the air from time to time. This rumor is debunked as being true. Where is my damn Mythbusters stamp?

3. One lucky preorder customer is rumored to have a golden ticket in their box. That ticket can be redeemed to have sex with Carrie Fisher… I hope you win. I’d rather bend C3PO over.

4. It is rumored, all preorders will be exclusive to EA’s Origins crap website. Also, there are only 500,000 guaranteed preorders. Somebody needs to punch EA CEO in the man-nuggets. Seriously, they are pigeon-holing (or is it pigeon holding?) themselves. Some greedy idiot thinks they should funnel all the preorders through an unstable, glitchy, POS, website just out of beta? Remember when SWTOR announced they were open for beta sign ups? Yeah, that crashed their servers for more than 24 hours. These overzealous morons think everything is rainbows and ponies! I can’t wait to see this cluster tomorrow.

5. And my final rumor is the official announcement of this CE and the start of preordering tomorrow. Yeah, this is true. When the San Diego (means whale’s vagina in German) Comic Con, SWTOR panel opens up tomorrow, they will start the preorders. See #4 for for the humor in this. I bet all of BioWare has Tee-shirts with arrows pointing toward the CEO saying, “I am not with this idiot!”

That sums up my list. I’m very gullible so I’m sure all these rumors are true. Let’s just hope Carrie lubed up for some action, because EA is going to take a pounding with this idiocy over the next few days.

This message has been brought to you by me, Scarybooster (psst… That is a link to my new blog post. It is an interview with Sanya Weathers of Pitchblack Games. She talks about their upcoming 3 faction, Sci-Fi, PvP, MMO game Prime Battle for Dominus).

Evolution of Roleplaying

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , , , on July 18, 2011 by scarybooster

This is a topic River would steer clear of, unless he wanted to piss someone off. The good thing is, I’m not River. He is on vacation and asked me to fill in for him today and on Wednesday. Who am I you might be wondering? I’m Scarybooster! And that means shit to most of you. I’m just another blogger that is helping a bro out while he is away. I’ve been doing this for 4 years now. I do it with a bit of a twist though. I blog exclusively from my iPhone. I’m nutty in that way. Enough about me, let’s figure out why River hates roleplaying so much.

I teased River several times about writing a post about roleplaying and I really think he thought I was joking, I’m not. I want to explain what I think River try’s to explain, but without the half naked lady and jests toward Pornshire lovers. I want to talk about his disappointment in roleplaying in MMOs.

You see, River doesn’t hate roleplaying or storytelling, he hates how they have evolved. He does not like how roleplaying has derailed over the years. I can feel it in the words he writes. The hate towards what the community has done to his beloved days of table-top gaming. I just think he is in total denial for his love of roleplaying. Let me explain where I am going with this.

Back before fancy computers with fancy graphics, River used to sit around tables with fellow nerds battling over painted dolls. I was never a Warhammer or Dungeons & Dragons freak like River, so I have no idea what it takes to geek out with other dudes. River felt that bond with his fellow man. He spent hours thinking of lavish stories to strategically make his army of dolls dance with another man’s dolls.

After several years of doing the most epic dork battles anybody has ever seen, River’s balls dropped. He then moved on to computer gaming. Computer gaming was a total shock to his system though. He could not smell his opponent’s nervous sweat or see that ripe pimple about burst on his mate’s cheek. River’s sense of companionship diminished. He felt like a caged beast yearning for a fellow nerd to free him.

River spent years looking for the roleplaying experience he had when he was younger. He failed to find it. Instead of embracing the change of the future, a demon grew inside him. He sought to destroy all who destroyed what he built his love for gaming on. This was/is a story of revenge. To this day, River seeks to destroy all that is roleplaying. Why though? How can we understand him and release this demon haunting him?

We have to understand the evolution of roleplaying. We have to figure out how it changed and how we can live with those changes to make a brighter future. So, how has roleplaying evolved over the years? Not just the addition of computers and virtual worlds that span the whole world, but how has it changed at the core? How has games like WoW, EQ, DAoC, RIFT, and all future MMO, changed through the years?

Do you think it is the gamers or the games that have changed roleplaying? Is it the new generations’ lack of table-top gaming experience that inevitably creates Pornshires? Maybe, it is the natural social evolution that all societies go through as they grow together?

Just like the difference between medieval times and now are different. We don’t speak, interact or socialize with each other the way we used to, why should it stay the same in games? Are we suppose to be locked in the timelines where people speak like uptight nobles or can we move past that and start the way we evolved? We can free ourselves from the stereotypical roleplaying nerd and move on to a different type of roleplaying. A type we have to discover ourselves and embrace it until it is time to evolve again.

This is how we save River from the demons.

Rape isn’t a good thing.

Posted in MMORPG, Writing with tags , , , on September 7, 2010 by theerivs

I think we can all agree I am no Feminist, heck I am probably one chromosome away from being a Neanderthal. There are words though in the english language that in it’s meaning and intent are spoken to drive a dagger home so to speak.

There was an article that was in EGM this month that got me thinking about it, and I came across these posts, that really led me to move on this topic.  This is not a man, or a woman issue. 1 in 33 men are raped, or sexually molested. So I know alot of guys scream it’s the feminists whining about our male dominated game culture. It isn’t.

This is an issue with our society, and it’s a bigger issue with the gaming community in general.  I hear my little teenage nephew scream through his Xbox live, “I just raped you!”, or “BAM, you just got raped son”. To him it’s just a word. It means he just totally destroyed someone.  To me it’s more than that. Having been through the prison system where the danger of being raped is constant, or when I walked the halls of a battered womans shelter where alot of women were not just beaten, but raped.

Gaming in itself is filled with violence, so I understand there will be violent words attached to it. Words, like murder, own, kill, destroy, etc…etc.  Which is odd I don’t take issues with that. Rape on the other hand is not only a violent word, it’s an act used since the dawn of time, not only as a violent act, but to denigrate that person.

Personally I don’t use the word in my normal rhetoric, like I don’t use alot of other words, not because I’m some uptight person, it’s because even though it’s just a word, there are bad and terrible acts associated to that word. It brings up horrible images in my head, ones that not only I seen but lived through.

Forgive them…for they know not what they do.

I think it’s just alot of Gamers aren’t bad , evil or maleific. I think it’s just what is normal, or expected of them. Sometimes the “normal” thing isn’t the right thing. I think Germany learned that lesson the hard way.

Young gamers  don’t understand the real history, concepts, or the damage of rape.  I think it’s up to us the older gamers to step forward and not put up with ignorance, and that is all this is, it’s pure ignorance.  

There is a part of a quote that I love, that I read long..long ago, so long I forgot the author.

“There are those that know not, and do not know they know not…they are ignorant – teach them.  There are those that know not, and know they know not…they are fools – shun them”  ` Author Unknown

So next time you scream over vent that you raped that boss, think about what your actually saying, and promoting.

Don’t be Sexist, Bitches Hate That!

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on August 17, 2010 by theerivs

Ok the title is a joke, I seen on a t-shirt. I thought it was funny.

As everyone knows I’m pretty much one chromosome away from being a caveman. I seen alot of articles as of late that have to do with Feminism, and Gaming, and to be honest alot of them are crap.

I came across a really good blog post from Pewter at the Mental Shaman, and here’s a follow up.

The Bossy Pally has a thing or two to say on the subject as well.

I really like what the Lazy Sniper has to say as well….

Now I’m not going to beat a dead horse with my views, well cause you should all know them, but these articles were well written, that even I gave pause in my hopelessly male way of thinking.  I may not agree, or like what they say, but I can respect them for sticking to their guns, and being brave enough to stand up for what they believe in.

In Defense of MMO’s

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on July 27, 2010 by theerivs

Keredria of Tree of Life  coupled with a real life incident touched a nerve.

My Brother, and Mom were sitting at the Kitchen table we were talking and I said, “Well I have to go I have a Raid”. They both looked at me like I was from Mars, and busted out laughing, and making fun of me.

Why must I defend my hobby, time after time. If I said, “I have to go, I’m going to watch a movie”  They wouldn’t of flinched.  Time after time I see them in front of the TV just becoming more vegetable like.  I don’t even own a TV, if I want to watch something I might Hulu it, or wait for it on DVD.

I got into MMO’s in a point of my life where I was really down in the dumps, and had a lot of time on my hands. They say that idle hands are the devil’s workshop. I shudder to think where I would be if I didn’t have MMO’s in my life, what path I would take, but I digress

So if I was arguing the merits of MMO’s to a non MMO player this is what I would say…

1. Sociable - I have garnered friends from across the globe. I have met several of them in real life. It has brought me closer together to coworkers, and enriched my life immensely from sharing stories, or exchanging ideas with people whose walk of life is very different then my own.

2. It increases my team working skills – To get anything seriously done either in PvP, or PvE you need to be part of a team whether it’s 5 mans, or Battlegrounds. Whatever your role is in an MMO, whether it is Healer, Tank, DPS, or Hybrid. You have a job to execute to bring success to the team.

3. Active Entertainment versus Passive – I am taking an active part of the story, building my own future so to speak. Where as in watching TV, or a Movie we are just watchers, voyeurs if you will. This Active part I am playing also stimulates the mind, and a stimulated mind is a healthier one…among other organs that like to be stimulated.

4. Learning – You have to read, do math, realize there are consequences to your actions….Because of MMO’s and the people I play with, and associate with on a daily basis I can honestly say I am a better person for it.

5. Entertainment dollars go farther - Movies cost 10 dollars for bout 2 hours of entertainment, an MMO costs roughly 15 dollars, and the average player I would say play around 5-10 hours a week. That is  alot of bang for the buck. By the way TV isn’t free that much these days anymore, how much is your cable/satellite/etc bill?

Any other ideas you would toss at someone who laughed when you told them you were an MMO player?

Maybe I take my games too seriously?

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on January 19, 2010 by theerivs

Like the Joker said, “Why so serious?”

Sometimes I wonder if I take my games too serious. If they are “Just a Game” Last night I was pugging Pit of Saron, and I was with a fellow guildie (Megaburger), he is a real good player, and one of the few people I respect alot in the guild. This group was messing up big time. As you know, or may not. Real life has dealt me some issues, and it’s hard to carve out more then an hour or two of gaming time out in a night. I had to leave the PUG before we finished the final boss, though it was our third wipe. I felt real bad abadoning my guildie. How upset? So upset another person noticed I was upset, and they told me, “It is just a game.”….That’s when I almost went into seizures.

Maybe it is just a game, maybe I’m a tosh addicted, and maybe I do take it a little more serious then I should. At least I’m not snorting coke off a hooker’s ass….well at least not during the week.

In other news it would be nice to play a little more STO. I worked on my baby Lock. I should work on my Pally Tank, but Pally Tanking is so foreign to me, after being a warrior tank for so long, I might just level up a warrior again. I dunno. It be nice though to be either a Tank or the Healer.

I have never really healed in WoW, I might have to try it some time.


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