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I Roleplay a Underpaid Migrant Farmer

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on February 21, 2013 by theerivs

churningSo let’s take a break from the PvP talk, and discuss how the hell instead of a great healer, or a mage I’m doing farm chores everyday.

Let me start off to the fact I hate Motes of Harmony. The whole concept was stupid to the tenth power. I think I got a total of 9 of them when I was leveling to 90.  So they says get Revered with the Tiller Faction, and then you can literally farm Motes. Well I’ve been doing just that. I have to say it wasn’t hard, but it took daily dedication to my little farm. Now it’s paying off big time.

I’m still not 100% happy though, cause I HATE doing it….no hate isn’t a strong enough word. I want to say loathe, perhaps despise.

When I signed up to play a MMORPG, I wanted to be a warrior, or epic hero of some kind. I don’t want to play a migrant farm worker who works hard picking weeds, and gets paid nothing.

I did get a goat mount though, I named him Otega cause he’s a guildie that loves goats.

Farmer in the Dell

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on January 28, 2013 by theerivs

farmer1So one aspect of Mists of Panderia I thought was the stupidest idea ever was the Farmville thing. Really we’re gonna play Farmville in World of Warcraft. Really?

Well here we are a while later, and guess who’s farming Motes of Harmony…..yeah this guy.

I guess it all started out of boredom. I did a little here and there….next thing I knew I had a couple more plots. So I did a little more, and more. Until all of a sudden I was revered, and can farm those damn motes. Ok I’m hooked now.

It’s funny how you can go from hating an idea, but over time, and out of boredom you get use to something, and tolerate. Oh by no means do I enjoy this farming crap. I do it out of pure need, I want Spirits of Harmony. I want ALOT of them.

So now I’m farming my ass off, hoping one day I can make an asston of gold off this endeavor.


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