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Making My Presence Felt

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on January 21, 2014 by theerivs

061213-ccc-warhammerI decided to try something new, and see if I can get some new people to not only read me, but also meet some new people. That’s really why I love MMO’s and Blogging the people I get to meet.


So here’s to hoping. Like me here…

High Latency Life Facebook Page 

Farmtown Evil Faction

Posted in Gaming with tags , , , on October 5, 2009 by theerivs

As you know or may not know, I am a casual Facebook Raider. I play Vampire Wars, Mafia Wars, and a few other games casually. I may log in once a week if that to play around with that stuff.

My hatred for all thing Farmtown is legendary among my local peers. For those that don’t know Farmtown is a little game on Facebook, you build a farm, grow crops, harvest crops, and also get your friends to help…etc..etc…ad nauseam.

What an elaberate technique at brainwashing. You HAVE to log in, at certain intervals to harvest your crops. If you don’t they die. So you better get to your crops, if you don’t you lose money.

What if other games/MMO’s were like this. What if you loss gold if you didn’t log in every day. What if your mounts died if you didn’t log in every week. The concept that you HAVE to log in at certain times angers me. To me that’s not fun, that’s not even cool in my book.

So when I go into a room I see someone playing Farmtown, A fit of cuss words, and epitaphs are hurled, sure the 9 yr old girl started crying, but hey I think letting the kid play Farmtown was irresponsible parenting.

As security was escorting me away I thought. How cool to have an evil Farmtown faction who came in the middle of the night, and burned crops and pillage towns. Call it Vikingtown, which isn’t the original working title of it. I wanted to call it, Piss on your fricking plants, burn your farm to ashes, rape your sheep town.

Cooler heads prevailed.

MMO’s NON RPG’s: Texas Hold’Em, and Facebook

Posted in Gaming with tags , , , , on September 11, 2009 by theerivs

I think the thing that started me off on playing games in general was Poker. I love poker.  I love the thrill of it. The sitting at the table. Playing against other people. I actually love the feel of the cards. Though Online is pale substitute to the real thing in my book. It’s good in a pinch.

Someone brought to my attention a website dedicated to Texas Hold’em. After checking them out I got to say I was impressed.  It’s like got everything on one website.  If you like Texas Hold’em check it out.

Another Website to check out if you like poker or just starting out, is the amateur poker league. It’s pretty cool, and they offer free tournaments that can get you a seat at the big dance too, The World Series of Poker.

Other MMO’s is Facebook, all those apps. Mafia Wars, yea I’m addicted. Though I dabble in Vampire Wars.  But you play with other people in you clan, or mafia. You do hits, and kill others. So yeah it’s a type of MMO.

Any other MMO’s you can think off, not really RPG’s?


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