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Say Hello to the Bad Guy!

Posted in Writing with tags , on September 3, 2010 by theerivs

Another Blogger emailed me, and since she is classy and this was done between closed doors. I won’t put her on blast, and toss her under the bus. She removed me from her blogroll, which I don’t care, but she was and is one of the people I admire in the blogging community so when she takes time to talk to me, I listen.  I may or may not take her advice…but I will listen.

The major problem is with the pictures of the girls I post. She brought up the recent game Tera, and put me on the same level as them. Which irked me, at the same time I see her point.  I am really getting tired of all the “sexism in gaming” posts, and I think Gevlon hit the nail on the head.

First my thoughts on Tera…

Yes I post pictures of scantily clad girls on my blog, but they are there to accent, or add to the blog. Like Frosting on the cake. Some people don’t like frosting, that’s ok. Tera is blatantly selling their sexism. The girl runs her skirt comes up. I don’t like gimmicks, and it smells like gimmicks. Remember a game called Age of Conan, it sold itself as a mature game, but I didn’t feel the sexism as overtly as Tera.  Tera, like Evony tries to sell sex to lure the immature, and kiddies into playing it. Sometimes it works, like AoC. the numbers were huge when it opened, but despite the big breasts there wasn’t much there to keep a player playing.  Tera, and the way it represents itself speaks volumes on how the game it is.

Product of my Enviroment….

I come from a place that was a little bit more real then some of the usual gamers are used to. While you were home watching home movies in seventh grade, I was wondering the streets kicked out of my house…When you were planning keggers, i was planning robberies…When you were laying in your bed playing Playstation, I was laying on a cot in jail….  I associated myself with drug dealers, gangsters, gamblers, thieves, and other ne’er do wells. These sub-cultures do not look highly on women.  I lived this life for alot of years, until I decided to change, to evolve, to crawl out of the gutter and want more for, and from myself.  It’s not an excuse, but I want you the reader to know where I am coming from.  In lollipop land, where gum drops rain upon you yeah things should be fair, but where I come from where I had to beat a man to make sure I don’t look like a victim…things aren’t always fair, and right in life, I reflect that life, so neither am I.

The lesser of two evils, but still part of the problem….

I can sit here, and tell you that every picture has something to do with the story I am trying to tell you. I was thinking about it, even though it does. In my first video gaming blog I rarely had pictures, so why now do I. When I first started HLL, I had a picture of a hot girl, I noticed it got attention from alot of my readers who were male. Perhaps the wrong type of attention, but attention none the less. I always say I’m not in it for the numbers, but lets face facts I still like when people pay attention to me. I am a self-proclaimed attention whore. Let’s not mince words. Yes I’m part of the problem. Yes I am sexist, which the definition is I view the genders in typical gender roles. A Woman should be a woman, and man should be a man, now what that actually entails as to what a man is, and what women are a topic for another time.  Being a sexist, isn’t the same as being a misogynist, that means you hate women. I definitely do not hate women…well specific ones maybe a tad.


Sorry  I was possessed by Sam Kinison for a second.

I am not a good writer….

I never claimed to be. I never claimed to be some awesome writer, if you want Yeats, please go look elsewhere. My goal of this blog is to entertain, whether be from the writing, or a picture. I want to take 5 minutes of your time and hope you enjoy your stay here. Sure I have an occasional post that makes you think, or get angry, or sad, or angry….yeah I know I said angry twice, and sometimes I’m sure you’re like River just posted crap today. In my mind’s eye most of it is crap, but a my daddy said, “Toss enough crap against the wall, something is bound to stick”    Someone suggested to write less, take my time to come up with more poignant stuff. I believe the brain is a muscle, it needs to be worked out. Sometimes I have a good work out, I sweat, I’m in pain the next day, I feel good. Sometimes I have a bad workout, I didn’t sweat or push myself hard enough.  It is said by a famous writer, “A Writer Writes, and that’s what I try to do.” I write for myself, your just along for the ride.

“I am what you say I am” – Eminem.

I one time called myself,  “I am a mixture of Kenny Powers, Eminem, Ron Jeremy with the body of John Candy”. I also jokingly called this site a porn site, that writes about games.  I have no illusions of grandeur, I am here standing for everyone to judge. For those that love me, I love you right back, and I’m willing to go to war for you. Those that hate me, bring it, cause your hate makes me powerful.  I play evil, or supposedly evil races in most games. Horde, Chaos, soon to be Sith, etc. etc…. Cause every story needs a villain. Every story needs an antagonist. Way too many good guys in the blogosphere. I am not one of them. There’s a difference between being a douchebag though, and being a bad guy.

“Better to rule in hell, then to serve in heaven”  – Milton.

Here in hell I shall rule, be the bad guy, have some good old fashioned fun.  Let the good people think they are goody too-shoes, and live in their glass houses while they toss stones.

For those who read me, and continue to read me on a daily basis, thank you. Everybody else, fuck you.

The Donkey’s come out an play

Posted in MMORPG, Writing with tags , , on August 9, 2010 by theerivs

Multiplaying asked me an Scary do a podcast with them. It was a fun time, and great experience. I haven’t listened to the final product yet, but when I was doing it, I was a little nervouse. I had performance issues, even though I was drinking whiskey while I was doing it, I don’t think it was anything wrong with my hardware. Just like a first date, you wonder what kind of panties the girl has on, are they sexy, or slutty, color? black, o red…but I digress I can literally talk about panties for days.

Well when we were all done it felt like I needed a cigarette, I enjoyed myself so much.  It really got the juices flowing at to going to the next step and getting some recording software…oh yeah and some time…my shortest resource these days.

Here it is….

Check it out


Why I Blog, and Why is this Blog Here.

Posted in Writing with tags , on July 28, 2010 by theerivs

After reading Syp’s Post, and Ysharro’s post it got the juices flowing as to I want to explain what my purpose here, essentially why am I blogging, and the purpose of this blog, (I have other blogs, which fulfill a different purpose)

Lets start off with the basics,

Why I Blog….

1. I like to write – Well Damn I got 3 Blogs, which I post nearly everyday, except when I take breaks. Am I a good writer, no I don’t think so. I just write, and that’s what a writer does. Though I have improved alot over my lifetime, and I think blogging has helped in that regard.

2. I am an attention whore - I’ll be honest. It doesn’t matter if you like me, or hate me as long as your paying me attention.  I think it’s like Johnny Depp said as Capt Jack Sparrow, when the officer said, “You are the worst pirate I ever heard of”  and Jack’s reply was, “Ah, but you have heard of me.”

3. I like sharing ideas with others – Through blogging I met some wonderful people, and it spurs me on to keep doing it. It recently also allowed me to help someone else spread their wings.

4.The Chicks – Still waiting for this to kick in…any day now….any day now.. Ok maybe not so much

Why this blog is here…

1. Entertainment – My main focus is entertainment. I am not here to reinvent the wheel, I write this blog so I hope that you get a chuckle from my stupid antics, or for you guys a little eye candy never hurts…but I’m going to let you on a little secret, every picture has something to do with the post…albiet the thread might be small, but I pride myself on not just posting pictures of hot babes (sometimes transsexuals lol)  for no reason.  Do I try to be informative,when I can sure, but that’s the end all, be all of my existence. Are you not entertained?

2.My Opinion – I’ve been playing games most of my life from Pong, to World of Warcraft and beyond, and I got alot to say, I needed a place to say it.

3.My Dream - I had a dream to be a video game programmer, and do to real life that dream was never fulfilled. This blog allows me to be a voice within the industry that I love, sure my voice is like that of a church mouse at a million man march, but ya know what Mythic sent me a bone with a code on it, that I was allowed to share with my readers…So that’s a bigger part of this industry I played then if I didn’t have a blog.   

So just a little more inside look at what I do, and why I do it.  Tomorrow Bee is on deck, I hope she has a bunch of stories of drunken debauchery, and nude beaches.

I am a cheap whore!

Posted in MMORPG, Writing with tags , , , on May 13, 2010 by theerivs

This is like an open letter, or a disclaimer if you will. Tobold, and Larisa wrote about making money with blogging, and such. Also with Tankspot being sold. It gots me to thinking.

Lets start at the beginning, I started blogging because I like to write, maybe even love to write. I’m going to go even a little deeper, I started writing because I am an attention whore. I don’t know maybe I wasn’t breast-fed, or maybe I hoped one day a chick will tell me she loves my writing so much, she’ll give me a blowjob (Actually that did happen,but I digress). So even though I would continue writing, because I do like writing, a part of me enjoys the views, and comments on my blog.

Now as in terms of making money, I never in my wildest dreams thought I could make a dime off any of my blogging efforts, it’s a hobby like comic book collecting. You know what though sometimes comic book collectors make money off their hobby..*GASP* As it is with me, a poker site contacted me in the past said they would pay me if I put a link to their website for a couple bucks, I said no unless I was able to look at the website, and if I LIKED it I would. Let me explain something. I LOVE poker, so much so I went to GA for a bit to cure me of my love. So I looked at the site, briefly lest I get suckered in, and liked what I saw. So I agreed to it. Does that make me bias, or ruin my integrity. No this site is about video games, and MMO’s so I don’t feel it has any bearing on my opinions on such. It’s like me doing an ad for diet Pepsi. I love diet Pepsi, and even if I shouted “I love diet Pepsi!” on a mountain, it doesn’t affect my thoughts on whether Cryptic can suck a dick, or Funcom is really screwing the pooch…again.

Now I don’t want to make it sound like my email inbox is filled with offers, it’s not, but once in a while offers are tossed my way, and I do refuse. Usually because the product is crap, and I don’t want to be a part of it, like certain WebGames that rhyme with Crapony, or I’m going to be really honest the money just isn’t right. I’m not going to get behind something I loathe, and if I do it isn’t going to be for 20 bucks.

I’m not going to lie to you though, if enough money is put on that table,  I’ll sell my blog, my blood, my integrity, and my soul. All offers will be entertained. I think Wu-tang put it best. “Cash Rules Everything Around Me, Dolla Dolla Bill Y’all”, and Papa got Bills to pay, Dog!


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