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WoW Battleground Tips and Tricks

Posted in Gaming, MMORPG with tags , , , on June 24, 2010 by Bee

I've been known to bark orders in a bg or two. :)

I’m using my weekly post this week to share some of the tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way.  BG’s are where I spend the majority of my WoW time.  I love them so.  Keep in mind that I assume most of the readers of this are well-versed in the basic mechanic of WoW Battlegrounds.  These aren’t elaborate strategies to win.  They are just helpful suggestions to improve your play.       

I also ask that the readers please share any tips they may have in the comments section.  I love to learn new things!        

Without further ado —      

Specific BG tips/tricks:

Warsong Gulch:
  • Don’t be afraid to defend your faction’s flag from the roof (depending on your class of course). – if you like to play D, it is a great place to “hide” and attack.  Very rarely will the opposing team choose to enter the flag room from the roof.  It gives you a bird’s eye view of who is incoming, and an element of surprise when you attack.
  • On the ramp side for both factions there is a hole in the fence that allows you to stay line of site of the enemy, but still be heading in the right direction.  Use it when necessary.



Arathi Basin:
  • When you slow fall or levitate or parachute from the LM to the BS always go toward the right side.  The terrain on the left side of the BS hill will not allow for you to walk up.
  • Use abilities like mind vision and eagle eye to observe situations at other nodes.  Are teammates at the stables needing help? Is D at the mine weak? You can find out without having to leave your post defending the BS.
  • Use the terrain to your advantage.  Mind-controlling (or whatever spell your character may have) the enemy off the cliff at LM is so satisfying.
Alterac Valley:
  • Make sure to buff the NPC’s for your side.  The faction general (et crew) can receive Kings, MOTW and Shadow Protection. The defenders of the graveyards/tower archers can receive all buffs.
  • If you play defense, get the opposing faction’s members to come inside (death grip works wonders) and let your faction general’s help with the slaying.  If you are on offense and having issues with defenders inside – mind-control them (and let their general take care of business).
Eye of the Storm:
  • Fight inside of the Mage Tower. It is always epic in there, always.
  • This is another instance where you should be using the terrain to your advantage.  Blow guys off at the flag bridge as often as possible. *snickers*
  • You can walk up the side of the bridges to stay out of range of melee classes but still be able to cast heals/damaging spells on the enemy.

I assume this works on the other bridge as well.



Strand of the Ancients:
  • When you have breached the titan portal make sure to click on the big yellow orb.  I swear I didn’t know this for the longest time.  Everyone else may know this, and I may look like an idiot for even saying it, but I don’t care. If it helps one person – then my embarrassment is worth it.
  • When you are placing bombs to blow down the gates – be sneaky about it.  A wrecked demolisher makes for wonderful camouflage.
  • You have the ability to cast spells while in the passenger seat of a demolisher.  You can also dispel the demolishers. Do this often.
Isle of Conquest:
  • Like in AV, take the time to buff your faction’s boss. Same buffs apply.
  • If you use the glaives for attack make sure to keep them out of range of the enemy’s cannon’s.
  • If you use the gunship to attack, when jumping down you can make it on top of the enemy gate.  This is a great place for healers and ranged dps to place themselves out of melee dps range.
  • While in the enemy keep you can pick up bombs for the gate while still mounted.  The only time you would have to dismount is to place the bomb.  Faster the better, amirite?


  • You do not have to start the battle inside the keep if you are on defense.  Spread out, start at/near a workshop.
  • If you stand on or near a place where a spirit healer is, you receive a buff that makes you immune to all damage. (This is a wonderful way to fish unharmed in WG as well).
  • You can kill the opposing faction NPCs (located near bridges and workshops) to gain rank for siege vehicle purchase and weekly quest completion.

Battleground tips (in general):

  • Show enemy name plates/health bars.  Makes life SO much easier. You’ll be able to spot the enemy much faster and see who is closest to death.
  • In any BG where bombs are available always make sure you have one on you and that it is ready for use on an action bar – especially in Wintergrasp.  There is nothing more satisfying then taking down a siege engine single-handedly.  Trust me.
  • Use honor points to buy a Battleground Standard.  Use it frequently! When you use it, hide it in a bush or inside a building so as not to be spotted by the enemy.
  • Use polymorph to your advantage.  Let it do some regeneration to its target (especially if you are low on mana) before cleansing or dispelling.  Obviously, this is very situational, but good to keep in mind.
  • Use an add-on like Power Aura so you know if and when you are missing your buffs.  Derevka, at Tales of a Priest,  does a wonderful explanation of how to set up these features.
  • Be vocal.  Did you see which way the enemy flag carrier went?  Call it out. Are tanks heading toward the gate of the red sun. Call that out, and how many.
  • For the love of God… if you play Horde – NEVER EVER take Snowfall Graveyard.  EVER.

Alright… now enlighten me… Any tips or tricks you have please comment below.

(EDIT: I swear I had more pictures to help this stuff make sense, but as I began adding them to the post the fonts and structure of the post began messing up… I may try to work on this more later, but I wanted to get it out there for now.)

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