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Back in Black

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on November 27, 2012 by theerivs

Well took a little break, well ok not from gaming in general. Been playing a shit ton of War 40k, Kill Team on my PS3 with my girlfriend….trying to get her addicted to video games. I am almost there I think, she was yelling and screaming at the screen…always a good sign.  Can we have a Chaos version THQ…Puhleeze. If I can play as an Iron Warrior, and hear my guy shout “Iron Without, Iron Within”…I can die with a smile on my face.

I signed up for Marvel Heroes to be a Beta Tester. Though I’m not a HUGE Super Hero genre MMO player. I love the Marvel Universe, and is the only universe I would take a chance on. I tried DCUO, but well…yeah…that was full of meh.

WoW has gotten a little stale, think it’s that damn rep grind, and farmville crap has really got me down. I’m going to climb back on that horse, and see if we can ride that bad boy until it drops dead.

One thing I am excited about is The Hobbit movie, I think I’m more excited about this movie then the Lord of the Rings ones. The Hobbit started all this off for me, and when I see those trolls I’ll have a nerdgasm. It will be interesting to see how the hell Peter Jackson stretches this out for 3 movies…but I have faith in him….for now.

They Pulled Me Back In

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on May 30, 2012 by theerivs

I’m heading back to Azeroth. Like the Godfather, when I thought I was out. They pulled me back in. Some Old Guildies decided to head back to WoW for a bit. I decided to give it a go. So a friend sent me a scroll of rez, ya know free transfer, 7 days of play, and free toon to instant 80. Wow what a great deal. Unfortunately I didn’t take advantage of the instant 80, cause I decided to move the Paladin.  It’s more bang for my buck, he’s geared out to tank, for the betterment of the guild, and plus he can heal if needed.

Though I have much mage love, I’m going to try to do something outside the box. I’m going to level a warlock. That’s right. Mr. Mage love himself is going to level a ‘lock. I make fun of them all the time, and I decided it’s time to walk a level or 85 in there shoes.

I’m kind of geeked up about my return to the World of Warcraft, it’s been awhile so it’s going to be little fresh for a bit, and somethings will be nice and familar, welp got to go and start reading what’s new in the world of Pally Tanking, and Healing. We’re on Thrall server, Horde side if anyone wants to come by and say hi. The Pally’s name is Rivz. Got any Pally Tips Feel Free to Post’Em Here.

Back in Black

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on November 14, 2011 by theerivs

I apologize to the HLL readers, I know I’ve been slacking around here. I was kind of on a hiatus, but I just wanted to make a quick post and say…..

I’m Back.

 Let’s just say I got into the Beta of a really cool MMO…I think that’s all I can say…

Also this week I’ll be picking up Skyrim. I been hearing it’s the bomb. I just hope the controls are alot better then Oblivion.

I picked up Red Dead Redemption on the cheap. I really like it. I’ve even went bezerk and had an old western shoot out in the General Store, and played poker for like 30 minutes, even though I busted out it was pretty cool.

As I get back in the swing of MMO’s, I’ll be posting more regularly…scout’s honor.

Baby got Back!

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on September 30, 2009 by theerivs

sir-mix-a-lot-baby-got-backNo I don’t have Back, ok a little. I am back though. I had wonderful fun in Disney. The thing that impresses me is their attention to detail. I think thats why I enjoy World of Warcraft, it’s the little things that impress me. Like the Haunted Mansion, one of my favorite rides leading up to the ride theres hoof prints on the road, and gravestones and other little things they don’t need, but put in there to make the ride more realistic, and enjoyable. The little things. Like the way Blizz puts certain painting in Scarlet Monastary, or the dialogue of certain bosses. Little details like this make a more enjoyable game.

I think thats why WAR isn’t making it, it’s the little things they are getting wrong, but the overall concept I enjoyed alot. 

I am pleased to hear TOR is accepting names for the Beta, I really hope to get in. Maybe someone that works for Bioware reads my blog..*wink**wink*.

Well now it’s back to the grind. WoW I need badges to get a set of rogue gear. I’m thinking Worgen Rogue would be awesome. I was going to go with a Worgen Warrior, but I feel if I create one Tank, why create another? Now my Dranei Pally, Even Gnome boy’s gotta shout…Baby Got Back!


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