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Excuse me, was that my ass you just handed to me?

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on January 10, 2013 by theerivs

cowgirlSo me and my nephew stepped into our first Arenas in the might World of Warcraft. WOW we have a lot of work to do in WoW.  See what I did thar?

Our gear was horrible, we had no clue what we’re doing, and I knew we were going to get our balls bashed in. I still enjoyed my time doing them. It was a great learning experience, and kind of a test of where we stand, and what we will be facing.First match we faced a disc priest, and a DK, the other two matches we’re against a frost mage, and a DK. I was locked out through CC alot of times. Maybe two DPS is the way to go in 2v2. I’m really starting to hate DK’s…ok..ok…hate them more.In the past you got points for just playing in the Arenas, those days are over. You have to actually win these days. So I won’t return until I get some better gear going on. I’ll also have to read up on tactics, strats, and tips.

Like I said even though I got my assed handed to me, it was exciting and fun to mix it up.


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