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Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on July 18, 2013 by theerivs

Grace_Park_1007_WallpaperI keep getting the song for Hawaii Five-O stuck in my head as I write this post.  That’s right my Warlock hit the big 5-Oh.  Some funny things happened to me as I worked my way to 50.

So I’m riding my dreadsteed through Eastern Plaguelands, I have to get to Burning Steppes, and hence must get to Fuselight, cause I don’t have any dum dum routes there.  As I was riding a Dorf Paladin who is a little lower in me in the levels decided to take a swipe at me, I thought I’m in a hurry I’ll just run away, well that didn’t work out. He ended up killing me.  Now I’m pissed. So I whip out my succubus, and go on the warpath, and hunt the Dwarf bastard down. A poor Dwarf Warrior got killed in my rage as well. He dared to cross my path. I found my target. I crushed him, but meanwhile a Forsaken rogue whispers me and goes, “Please don’t kill him, he’s my guildie”  Well I killed him, and replied, “Welp, this friend of yours, killed me. Paybacks are a bitch”  Then I continued on my way to Light’s Hope, the rogue whispers me again, “He wants another fight, a straight up one vs one.”  I go , “Sure, I’m in front of Corins Crossing”   Well guess who never showed up…Meh

Other than that I had a rough run through Strathholme last night, and the only reason  I stuck it out was I needed to turn 50. I mean the tank died more times then Kim Kardashian slept with men, but with the help of my Voidwalker we muttled through. Dungeon Finder is a blessing, and a curse at the same time. You sure meet some strange people with dungeon finder. Then again I wonder if they think I’m chinese cause I don’t say shit over chat in dungeons, well except last night, when I said, “Hey we have to kill all the bosses to get to slaughterhouse, spider boss needs to be killed” Yeah it was that type of night.


Surprised These WIndow Lickers Can Count to 50.

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on November 13, 2012 by theerivs

So Complex put out a list of the BEST 50 PC Games of ALL Time out.  I’ll just give you some highlights of this wonderful list.

49. Plants vs. Zombies – Great game…but the BEST…really?

48. Bioshock, and 47, Knights of the Old Republic were beat out by 46. Mafia – What? Mafia was a good game, but better then Bioshock.

I’m not going to lie, ALOT of these games are great. but their order, and some of them being the best is questionable at best, ludicrous on some levels. Now as I go into final seizures, what about the games this list is missing. No Everquest, no DAOC, No Counterstrike, the list of great games this list off is assanine, but Plants vs. Zombies made the cut thank God.

Here’s the huge kick in the jibblies…EVE is number 1, all time BEST game ever. Now don’t get me wrong. EVE is a great game, but a niche game, with a niche player base it he BEST game for a PC of all time. Horseshit. Actually the minute they gave a kudo to SWTOR’s PvP system I thought this list was crap. I could probably take a crack hooker, have her pick 50 games at random, and come up with a better list.


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