Tailor Swift

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taylor-swift-6So I’ve been working on my Tailoring cause I want to make the 553 pants, and belt. I have pretty much all honor gear at 522 minus the pants, and one trinket. A couple things about leveling a profession it is expensive as hell. I think I burned through almost 10k of gold doing it, and I’m pretty broke now. That’s ok I got a lot of time to build back my gold reserves before WoD.

Interesting thing last night I usually do an Onyxia run for the mount, and I got a book that trained me for Northrend Cloth Scavaging. Which I think garners me more cloth drops in Northrend. This might lead me to making some good ole Frostweave bags to up my money. Of course no mount.

I have to farm some Pandarian mobs to get me the celestial cloth recipe tonight, I might down a potion of luck, hopefully that helps.

The future plan with the warlock is just work on accumulating gold, working on some fun transmogs, and getting my Brawlers Guild rank up, plenty to do until Warlords.

Surviving the Virtual Gaming Arena through Poker

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diablo-poker-set18Most of you know I am a poker fiend. So here are some words of wisdom from poker on how to become the ultimate RPG warrior

Learning the art of virtual gaming is a serious business, and many have dealt with the topic to help online gamers to always be at the top of their game. In a similar vein, poker instills a certain degree of discipline in making the right and winning moves. When taken together, poker and virtual gaming are like distant cousins – both are player-centered and strategy-driven games that, when played brilliantly, could give its gamers generous rewards. So if a player feels trapped in the virtual gaming arena, here are some of poker’s golden rules that might come in handy to become a true RPG warrior.

Always keep an eagle eye 
Poker and online gaming are essentially about analyzing the game and the opponent. And sharpening one’s analytical skills begins with taking a keen observation on the strategies that are potentially at play, and the possible pattern of an opponent’s behavior. Unlike poker, MMORPGs are especially difficult since a player has to play a role and make their opponents believe something that he’s actually not. Carefully reading opponents will help anyone ace their games level after level.

Remain focused 
Poker is perceived to be a relatively silent game where players dodge distractions and concentrate on the cards, bluffs and bucks at play on the felt. MMORPGs, just like the World Poker Tour, provide an entirely different environment, which has increasingly become more social through the years, making possible seamless interaction among the players while playing. It is, thus, crucial not to lose one’s focus during the game in order to keep a keen eye on the game and the opponent. And finally, Kara Scott revealed on Partypoker’s blog, focus on making good decisions and avoid being results-oriented. Good decision-making will, overtime, bring anyone to a higher level and a better standing.

Gain more experience 
The saying “Experience is the best teacher” may be a cliché for some, but it does make wonders to a lot of online players out there. In poker, an aspiring card shark may commit some errors that will cost him some money, but will eventually learn to overcome prospects of the same when played on a regular basis. On a similar account, an online gamer may bump into mishaps in the early levels or stages, but the lessons, skills, and techniques accumulated overtime is a player’s single best asset in climbing the highest possible ladder in the virtual gaming world.

One final tip: Playing live poker may actually be a very good exercise for people who want to master their skills at virtual gaming. Prominent gamers who successfully made a crossover to the international poker scene include former world StarCraft champion Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier and World of Warcraft superstar Bachir Boumaaza. If a would-be player doesn’t have spare time for the live version, poker add-on games for MMORPGs are easily available on the Internet.

Throwback Thursday

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erin_gray_buck_rogers_purple_outfitWell across the Internet people are doing something called Throwback Thursday. I thought it would be cool to post some old posts and see how things are changed.


This POST was done June 1, 2009 and it projected my hate of achievements, and explains that the internet is full of bullshit.


This POST from June 15, 2009 show’s my anger at a ninja, and me getting the coolest thing evah.


This POST from June 10th of 2009, has a pretty cool website on it, that I looked at it today…it’s still cool!


So some blasts from the past I hope you like.






Most Influential 15 Games

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pic_poo1 A bunch of bloggers are doing their most influential games on their life, and I for one really like this topic. The list is in chronological order, so without further delay. Here it goes…

My 15 Most Influential Games

1. Pong (1972) – When I was really young someone had a console version of this game and it blew my mind.

2. Adventure (1979) (Atari 2600)- This was my first video game for my Atari 2600…I played it for hours on end. I even found the easter egg.

3. Pitfall (1982) (Atari 2600)- I literally played this game looking for this elusive gold city that’s supposedly in it. Well it turns out there is none.

4. Pole Position (1982) (Arcade/C64)  When I drive on the expressway I still hear “Prepare to Qualify” When I got a Commodore 64, it was the first game I programmed, and saved on my old cassette recorder.

5. Bards Tale (1985) (C64) – My first real RPG, I loved this game and series so much. I bought graph paper, and mapped every square inch of the dungeons in the game.

6. Pool of Radiance (1988)(C64) – This brought to life several things for me. The Forgotten Realms a setting I adored within Dungeons and Dragons world, and better graphics and combat system that I was really yearning for.

7.  Street Fighter 2 (1991)(Arcade) – The battles I had in my local bowling alley arcade were epic, the only player who had the same level of expertise as me became a good friend, he moved away and I still miss him.

8. Mortal Kombat (1992) (Arcade) – The fighter war continued here, everyone picked the ninja’s Scorpion and Sub Zero…but I was a Raiden master. Finish Him!

9. NHL 94(1993) (Sega) –  This game me and my brother really bonded over, and this is the reason I’m not a Blackhawks fan, my brother was always the Blackhawks, and I picked the next best. The Penquins…you know how hard it is growing up in Chicago, as a Pens fan.

10 – Samurai Shodown (1993) (Arcade) – The last of the fighting games I excelled at in the arcade. I loved this game cause it fueled my love for Japanese culture, and had weapons in it.

11. Baldurs Gate (1998)(PC) – This series picked up where the Gold Box series left off. Great Story Telling, and gameplay kept me coming back time and again. The sequel Baldurs Gate 2 just built up that.

12. Aliens Versus Predator 2 (2001)(PC) – This was really the last FPS I mastered. I was even in a Clan, that competed a lot called Hell’s Legion. I was a master at the Predator. Nothing like ripping a marines head off.

13. Dark Ages of Camelot (2001)(PC) – This was my first MMO, and when I was laid off in 2002 it really cushioned the blow. The friendships I made back then are still with me today, and I still game with a lot of my guildmates from back then.

14. World of Warcraft (2004) (PC)- What can I say, 10 years later I’m still playing this game, a fourth of my life. It has been through the thick and thins of the past 10 years. I’ve made some wonderful friends, and played with some old ones in this game. A lot of memories in-game. You can’t get more influential then that.

15. Warhammer Online (2008)(PC) – This game got me more friends, but it also is where I started my video game blogging adventure. A hobby that would have the most effect of my life to date.

So that’s it…What are your most influential games?

Brawling My Balls Off

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boxing1This weekend even though I’ve been killing rare pvps for easy honor, and some warscouts, which I’m a little pissed off about I haven’t gotten the mount yet, stingy Zandalari bastards.  I’ve been working on my Brawling Guild Rep, and taking down opponents.

These fights are some pretty tough ones, which I’m surprised that they are, my Warlock and Blueberry Lord are doing their best, yes I had a hiccup here and there, if you’re a pure dps class like Rogue, or a tank like a Pally tank that doesn’t do much damage I don’t know how you would survive. I think Hunters, Locks, and DK’s are the only ones good at Brawling.

Anywho I’m at Level 5 now, I got the pet reward. It’s starting to get hard now, and I may need to start looking up strats. I really want the mount, will it kill me if I don’t get it? No…but I want it.


Weakly Lagout

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High Latency Living - 

I’m going to try to play some more Heroes of the Storm, I also want to do more Brawlers Guild. I actually find it fun, and not bad gold. Can I reach rank 10 for that damn mount, I will see.

High Latency Love - 

Lets give Emma some love at Altamanic. She truly is one too.  I recently found her blog, and found it delightful to read,  plus she’s a fellow Chicagoite. Go show her some HLL love.

High Latency Laugh - 

I try to steer clear of politics on this site, but my hate for Fred Phelp’s is legendary even in hell.



With that…



I Will Show You The Justice of the Grave

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the-lich-king-8460….and the true meaning of fear.

I played a little more Heroes of the Storm last night. I actually spent a few bucks and bought The Lich King. Well worth it. I played Co-Op play and I got off to a rocky start but once I learned his talents a little more, and gained a few levels and more powers I was damn near unstoppable.

It took a while, and I have to say the AI was pretty good, and were tougher then I thought they would be, or maybe my team wasn’t that cohesive but in the the end we won. I played only 3 different maps so far, but I really wish there was a different setting, though I don’t know if there is yet or not. I mean the fantasy maps are cool, but would be cooler to see a Starcraft type map, perhaps in the future there will be, or there is and I haven’t played it yet.

One thing I do mention is the Music of HotS. I am really digging, most of the time I just don’t pay close attention to it, but it happens to be Rocking, there’s like a heavy metal flair to it, and I love it. I wonder if I could get some of the songs.

So far I’m really enjoying the game, and no bugs or complaints yet. It’s kind of sick how polished this game is even in Alpha.


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