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I Stand Alone

Posted in MMORPG, Writing with tags , on January 22, 2014 by theerivs

88Belghast, and Rowan had a couple great posts that had me thinking about this thing I do called blogging. I had a couple thoughts of my own….

The Golden Age of Blogging -

To me when I was blogging on my Warhammer blog The Way of the Chosen. It felt like there was more of a community. We we’re taking on the juggernaut of WoW, having a common enemy, brought us together. Mythic the company who made the game, supported and acknowledged us, which made me want to work harder for them.  Google Reader made it easier for people to access us, though I do this hobby for myself it’s nice seeing people reading what you write. It was easier to comment on blogs, nowadays it seems you have to jump through hoops of fire to comment on a blog.

As any follower of Tzentech knows all things change.

Struggle To Find Myself –

As I floundered with starting High Latency Life, and my new voice in the blogosphere. I had to realize what I want to do, and how i present myself to the internet. I decided that I would not write anything too heavy, that I shall be the bad boy of the blogosphere, and play devil’s advocate, stir the pot, and market my blog not as a fine book. My blog is the magazine you read while your on the shitter.

Keep Your Enemies Close -

I don’t have a sense of community anymore, I don’t belong anywhere. I’m not a great writer. I play alot of different games, though my focus is on WoW right now, that is sure to change. (Come on Mark hurry up with CU!!). I have my friends, those few in the blogosphere I keep checking, and commenting when I can.  Sometimes if I lose contact with someone it’s not because I don’t like them, it’s more like a time thing. I try to hit the people I love first, then everyone else when I have time.  Yes I still check in on my enemies, and I take great satisfaction when they are not active anymore. Peace is a lie, there is only passion.

To the Fallen -

I have been MMO gaming for over 10 years. I lost alot of people due to just us going our separate ways, and a few to death. This has jaded me, and sometimes it’s hard to make those deep connections like I use to. Alas this way of thinking carries over to my blogging mentality. Yes I followed, and knew some great bloggers, but for whatever reason they are gone. I honor them with the graveyard, but it’s hard to develop a new connection because well how long will this person be in my life?

I Don’t Really Stand Alone - 

I have alot (that’s for you K.)  of people that help me, and feed ideas to me. With twitter it gives me ideas on what to write, and what people want to talk about. I have some good friends that support me, and this blog. The many people who come to read the poop I write. I can’t thank all of you enough.  Sometimes though I feel like butter scraped over toast a little too much. I feel tired, and old in this craft of blogging. Alot of people I started blogging with, and inspired me are gone in the end sometimes I feel like I’m standing alone.

Am I your Type?

Posted in MMORPG, Writing with tags , , on January 9, 2014 by theerivs

photoMy buddy Scarybooster posted a great post about blogging, and it made me think about my own styles, and the styles of the other bloggers around me. Blogging is quickly becoming a fading art I think in it’s place it’s becoming a 140 character or less blurb kind of world which couldn’t me more evident than with the death of Google Reader. Though generally I feel blogs fall for the most part into several categories.

Types of Blogs

1. Instructional – These blogs tell you valued information about a game, or games in terms of how to do something within said game.

2. Critical – These blogs off opinions as to certain things about games, or issues concerning games.

3. Storytelling – These blogs tell tales of their adventures, or use the game world to build their own tales.

4. Mixed Bag of Nuts – Sort of a hodge podge of the previous three.

5. Me – Yes I kind of set myself apart. I’ll tell you why.

What type of blogger am I? When I first started blogging I viewed myself as more of the previous types of bloggers at one time or another. Then as I progressed in this hobby, I broke my own mold. I started writing shorter posts, and added pictures to these posts way before Google+ or Twitter became popular. I felt I was more of an Entertainer, and perhaps I saw the writing on the wall. That people who check me out come for a quick laugh, or maybe a peek at what girl I posted that day. In this disjointed 140 character world, I think I feel right at home. My writing will probably never win any awards, but if I can spark someones emotion whether its laughing, crying, or even anger. Then I feel I’ve done my job. For that’s what I believe there in lies the power of the word, it leads you places….and I want to lead you to dirty…dirty places.

So am I your type?

There is method to my madness

Posted in Writing with tags , , on October 24, 2013 by theerivs

Kimber-James-3hz2Well Doone from T.R Red Skies put me to the task, and asked why I do what I do. Why do I have provocative pictures of women splayed across my blog. He’s not the only one over the years I’ve been writing this blog  who asked me this question. I always gave a flippant answer. It actually goes deeper then that, and there are several reasons I do it. So this is to answer Doone’s and the other’s questions as to why the hot babes.

1. I like pictures – I actually like pictures to be included in my posts.  This started at my previous blogs, I use to blog personally, but when I started to blog for video games I thought my posts needed a little more pop.

2. I don’t consider myself a good writer – Though I try to do my best, I know I don’t always do my best. I write alot here, a few thousand posts across my blogs so I feel the pictures help carry things a little further.

3. Compliments – For as many people I get that hate or don’t like the pictures, I have double that amount saying they love them.

4. Challenge – It’s like a little challenge for me to find a pic, that represents that post when I do it’s awesome. When it doesn’t I’m kind of let down.

5. Why So Serious? – I don’t want this blog, or myself be taken to seriously. Thus the pictures are a part of that.

6. Are you not entertained? – I blog to entertain, not to enlighten, and lets admit a pretty girl is more entertaining then not.

7. Bad Boy of the Blogosphere – I feel there are to many “carebears” or politically correct people surfing the blogosphere, and I think a niche needs to be filled. I am that which is bad perhaps, maybe evil. I am not politically correct. I am blunt and crass.

8. Transexuals – I actually toss in a pretty MTF Transexual in the mix to confuse the guys, and my attempt at humor. To make them think about things, and all that glitters is not gold.  It’s my joke on top of a joke. 

9. I’m a Pig – Yes, I find the female form pleasing to my eye. I blog for myself, so these pictures are to make me happy as well as my readers.

10. Spite – I’m a petty person, and I’m at war with the feminists of the world. I post these pictures sometimes as a big fuck you to them, not all the time….but sometimes.

11. It not always the girl – If you look back at my images I would say 8 out of 10 are scantily clad babes so sometimes I do mix it up, and I am not a one trick pony.

I hope this answers your questions, cause I’m not going to repeat myself and answer it again, I’ll just refer you to this post.

Out of Commission

Posted in General, MMORPG, Writing with tags on August 1, 2013 by theerivs

bulldog-with-headache-cleaned-upSorry haven’t been doing much except alot of explosive diarrhea, throwing up, and other profound nastiness. Seems like I got a bag of tainted lettuce, which lucky me I get to be sick. So I apologize I’ll be out of commission probably until the end of this week. No worries if I die, I’ll ghost write this blog.

Over 5,000 Approved Comments

Posted in MMORPG, Writing with tags , , on July 29, 2013 by theerivs

Mila-Kunis-9I think there’s nothing a blogger enjoy’s more then comments, and feedback on his/her blog. I really do like them, even though I write for myself, and numbers don’t mean a whole lot. Comments is the real feedback I enjoy, alas these days of RSS feeders, and WordPress making people go through hurdles to comment, comments are fewer and farther between.  Reaching the 5k point in comments might not be much to some people, but it means alot to me because you the reader took the time, and jumped through those hurdles for me. For that I thank you, I hope you stick around, and please always share your thoughts with me.

Or I will just come to your house, eat your brain, and absorb your thoughts….your choice.

Is the Blogosphere Dead?

Posted in MMORPG, Writing with tags , on July 17, 2013 by theerivs

914p_0c_1bI’ve been blogging for many…many years, and it seems like when I started there were tons and tons of bloggers. Now it seems to be a dyeing art.  Many of the people i use to blog with are either gone, or blogging so sparsely it’s like the blog on it’s last leg.

Is this just my perception, or is there an ugly truth to this?  Maybe there are new blogs opening every day, and I’m just not aware of them. Perhaps I’m just said of people I’ve grown to love, and read their adventures are suddenly silent, and I miss them. This isn’t a new thing in the blogosphere, but one I can never get use to. I still miss the Jong’s of the world. The world moves on though and ever revolves.

If the blogosphere is being killed, what is doing the killing. Was the death of Google RSS reader, the thing that stuck a knife in it? Personally I never used an RSS reader, i use my blogroll. If i liked you, that’s where you ended up and I tried to read you. Then again maybe I’m becoming a blogging relic, where as if I can’t do something the easy way, I’m not going to do it.

I love this hobby, and it saddens me that perhaps the golden age of blogging is gone, then who knows maybe I’m just way wrong. I hope I am. I hope someone calls me out and says I’m insane, and that the  blogosphere is alive and well.

I don’t know what the future will bring to this hobby called blogging, but as long as I enjoy doing it, I’m going to try my hardest to keep on doing it.

A Open Letter to Feminists

Posted in Other Nerdy Pursuits, Writing with tags on May 30, 2013 by theerivs

christina_aguilera_giving_the_finger1As I read Spinks post, I also watched the videos from that youtube channel, and make no mistake about it gentlemen to these feminists you are the enemy. I was watching a video about saving women from the clutches of evil is wrong. I’m tired of these women telling me I can’t be a man. I drink, I cuss, I fight, I protect those who can’t defend themselves, I belch, I fart, I scratch my nuts.

My comment to that post was this….

“I think when you claim yourself with any “ism” you set yourself apart, and undermine your idea of equality. You close yourself off, and become trapped within the doctrines and you start to think only your way is the right way.  I think Feminism’s rhetoric is one of superiority, and not one of equality, also I think it has a little bit of envy, and hate mixed into it to.  I think the modern male is lost in these day and ages because he doesn’t know where he fits into society anymore. He is filled with images of what the media says he is, a crazed rapist spewing forth obscenities. With the breakdown of the traditional family, and no classic male role models, we as males are adrift. This feeling of not being anchored to ideals of what a man should be, and Feminist rhetoric of what males are. How can I not blame them to turn into that which the feminist themselves hate. Hate begets hate, and In essence we are creating our own monsters.”


Next reply Liore says this….

“How can you blame men for hating women? They’re just so darn uppity.”

PS: I don’t think all men are anything, much less crazed rapitsts, just like all women aren’t all anything. I just think you in particular sound like someone who has put no critical thought into this subject at all.

First of all she quoted me, I never said that…second of all if you are going to insult my intelligence….spell rapist correctly.


Like some of my brethren, I will not bow to them, or ride the fence and him haw around the subject. The gloves are off. I’ll have more on this later after I do some thinking and research.  I just want everyone to know. I don’t like Feminism, I don’t like ANY ism. You are not better then me, we all have our faults everyone of us. Yes there are many stereotypes, and injustices in the world, and we will work on them as much as we can, but there is no reason to see monsters, or conspiracies behind every plumber who tries to rescue a princess. Wait the plumber is a stereotypical looking Italian, should I be pissed because I’m Italian American.  If you’re offended by a song don’t listen to it, if you’re offended by a movie, don’t watch it, and if you have a problem with a guy rescuing a girl from some evil monster than don’t play the game.

My opinion is feminism is doing more harm then good, and it’s spreading hate. If they comment like Liore they will get personal, they will use insults like insulting my intelligence, and they will not come at me with intelligence, but with hate. Hate begets hate.    There is no one who can hate better than I can.

I Feel Old

Posted in Gaming, MMORPG, Writing with tags , , on May 17, 2013 by theerivs

kellylebrockweirdscience_0Sorry folks for being a few days late, and several dollars short, but last year, Syp a mentor and old school blogger started up his Newbie Blogger Initiative …I would say it was a success if even one new blog came out of it, and kept on writing.

So I seen a couple posts, it’s been a year since the NBI came about and other bloggers did a way better job covering it then I did…Hear is a few.

Casual Aggro – A great round up, and he himself is going strong

World’s End Tavern – Another great round up.

Avatars of Steel - Has a great post.

Ravalation –  Another blogger wrapping things up and going strong.

Healing the Masses – Did some wonderful work, also posting up blog posts that help bloggers.

Ancient Gaming Noob – Compiled a bunch of Data. My eyes they bleed.

MMO Melting Pot -  They even showed some love.


Check these blogs, and many more….A big Congo Rats are in order. Keep on chugging folks…but you do make me feel old. Cause we did something like this many…many moons ago…in a far away place.  Syp led us before in a movement to get new bloggers, and I was a part of it on my old blog, Way of the Chosen, back in 2009. A lot of great blogs came out of that, and are still going strong even today, that makes me proud that I had a small hand in that too.


Looking for a New Writer

Posted in MMORPG, Writing with tags , , on January 15, 2013 by theerivs

Let me start off by saying Bee was a great writer, and I loved her attitude, I really can’t fill her shoes….but I can find a new voice, and encourage someone new to blog. it’s time HLL looked for another ying to my yang. To bring a new voice to this blog, freshen things up, and to make the place smell nicer.

I’m looking for preferably a female, someone who loves to write about MMO’s, I prefer someone who plays mainly WoW. I’m looking for someone new to blogging who wants to have a built in audience for their writing.

Now don’t let what I’m looking for dissuade you, even if you don’t fit the bill I’m looking for contact me and we’ll talk. Contact me at cc0926(at)

Fare thee well, where ever thou fares

Posted in Other Nerdy Pursuits, Writing with tags , , on November 30, 2012 by theerivs

star-trek-tpol-lt_-saavik-cosplay-wars-vulcan-nerd-sexyThe great thing about playing and blogging about MMO’s was that I get to meet, and talk to some exceptional people. From the great people in my guild, to my fellow bloggers who love to write about these little pixels. One of these great people is Scarybooster, he wrote his farewell post today, and even though I’m a cynical douchebag, I found myself deeply saddened. Oh he’s not dead, and I sincerely hope he keeps in touch, and if he ever touches Illinois soil, I want to get him so drunk, he curses my name until God hears him.

It’s just some of my greatest moments in blogging were due to Scary, and no matter what enemy was crashing down my door he had my back. I always wished that are Podcast would of took off, The Donkey Show would of been awesome I’m sure. From starting a guild with him, to debating crap with him, and just sharing our lives with each other, I enjoyed getting know him. He’s a funny bastard Scary is, and like me either you get him…or you don’t, and those that get him treasure him.

I wish him all the success in the world, he deserves it. In Honor of Scary there will be no Weekly Lagout this week, and I will forever leave his blogs on my blogrolls.

To quote Spock - “I have been and always shall be your friend”


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