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Xbox One vs. PS4

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Really this sums it all up for me…..


I Feel Old

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kellylebrockweirdscience_0Sorry folks for being a few days late, and several dollars short, but last year, Syp a mentor and old school blogger started up his Newbie Blogger Initiative …I would say it was a success if even one new blog came out of it, and kept on writing.

So I seen a couple posts, it’s been a year since the NBI came about and other bloggers did a way better job covering it then I did…Hear is a few.

Casual Aggro – A great round up, and he himself is going strong

World’s End Tavern – Another great round up.

Avatars of Steel - Has a great post.

Ravalation –  Another blogger wrapping things up and going strong.

Healing the Masses – Did some wonderful work, also posting up blog posts that help bloggers.

Ancient Gaming Noob – Compiled a bunch of Data. My eyes they bleed.

MMO Melting Pot -  They even showed some love.


Check these blogs, and many more….A big Congo Rats are in order. Keep on chugging folks…but you do make me feel old. Cause we did something like this many…many moons ago…in a far away place.  Syp led us before in a movement to get new bloggers, and I was a part of it on my old blog, Way of the Chosen, back in 2009. A lot of great blogs came out of that, and are still going strong even today, that makes me proud that I had a small hand in that too.


Gamers and Poker

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poker-girlsGamers, and by gamers I mean good gamers who can cut through a game like Megan Fox can cut through a crowd, have really only had a single reward for all their hard work – that of completing a game and seeing how it ends. Yes, in MMOs you can enjoy building a character or an empire, and you can take pleasure from destroying the plans of others too.

That’s all great, but unfortunately that’s all there is to it. There isn’t really any way to turn all that hard work and game knowledge into something that could be beneficial in the real world.

Until online poker came along.

This combines all the fun of playing an online game, with the potential reward of cold hard cash if you play well. There is also a certain MMO element here. As a poker player, you are building a “character”. Some poker sites take this even further, allowing you to earn bonus points as you play and use those points to kit out your avatar in custom items.

Poker is also a game that rewards practice. Ask any Call of Duty fanatic, or World of Warcraft player, and they’ll tell you to put in the hours and practice to get good at the game. Poker is no different, only instead of kill ratios and gold, you’ll be earning real money that can buy you that nice 50-inch flat screen TV you’ve had your eye on.

Of course, there is an element of risk. Unlike regular gaming, when you lose in online poker you also lose real money. However, you can get in some free play practice before you start, so you have your winning strategies honed to a fine edge before you put down any money.

Doing your homework before you start playing is also important. Just like choosing a good server for an MMO is important, so picking the right poker site to play at is vital as they are not all made the same. Some offer easy games (as they have a lot of very inexperienced players – who are known in the poker world as “fish”), while others offer huge promotions, others still have a massive variety of poker variants (yes poker comes in many flavors), and there are those that have a lot of professionals (known as “sharks” who feed on the “fish”).

So do look around before you decide where to play and check out some reviews. Your credit card will thank you for it.

Gamers also have a sound tactical mind. In fact, their gaming experience actually makes them really good managers. Why? Because gamers understand resource maximization, supply, rarity, and how to do the best you can with the tools you have. Unfortunately, the corporate world hasn’t caught on yet.

Those skills, along with patience and the ability to figure out your opponents, will set you in very good stead with online poker. Certainly, it will put you ahead of those with money to burn and no brain to tell them how to play.

So if you are looking to put your gamer acquired skills to work for you (and there are a large number of poker pros that make their living from the game) then give online poker a shot. Just make sure you grab your fishing gear and avoid the sharks.

I am a Gamer, and I am Proud.

Posted in Gaming, MMORPG with tags on October 10, 2012 by theerivs

Rowan over at I Have Touched the Sky, started me thinking. How has gaming affected my life. It has touched on every aspect of it, some bad, some good. Let’s go on a little journey

Let me say this I am not just a video game lover, I love games in general. I love board games, card games, even rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock. I thrive on competition.  I remember when I was in 4th/5th grade playing Atari 2600 Combat. A game about tanks, and me and my older brother just going at it.  The times I did beat my brother it was like I was king of the world, but more importantly it was serious quality time me and my brother spent together trying to figure out how the heck you solved a puzzle in Indiana Jones, or trying to find some lost city in Pitfall that never existed, but we heard rumors of.

As I growed older those times didn’t stop, I got a Commodore 64 in middle school, and during that and high school every free moment I could spare I was delving in dungeons in Bards Tale, or trying to save the princess Rosalind in Defenders of the Crown. My friends had C64′s too, and we would play games together. I also got involved in BBS’s, and MUDs…until I went nuts one month and the phone bill was 300 dollars…that was put to a halt. Was I’m sheltered dork hiding in my room, no I was a 3-letter jock. I played Football, Wrestling, Track in high school. I had a very social life, parties, and going to teenage dance clubs.

As I entered adult life, gaming was always there whether it was playing Street Fighter 2 at the arcade, or playing Madden against my brother at home. I moved onward and upward to MMO’s in 2002, and never looked back.

Looking back on my life -

The Good -

-I made alot of friends with this hobby, some have been my friends for decades, not years.

- I think I’ve learned alot of skills, critical thinking, the power of hard work, and multitasking, and dungeon mapping…Hey you never know…but nonetheless skills that I would never learn watching TV.

- It sparked my love for computers, and that’s how I make my living now.

The Bad

-There are some sad moments when a friend disappears or no longer is around. There is a loss there.

- The fact saying you’re a gamer still  has a stigma to it. I still get snickers when I say I play World of Warcraft.

- The Hot Geek Girls all have boyfriends already.

The Ugly -

- When I was laid off for a time, I fell into depression and I used gaming as a crutch, and did it way to much to make me feel better. I guess it could of been worse, I could of drank…oh wait I did that too…i could of used drugs…no during that time I did that too…well at least I didn’t gamble…oh fuck I did.  Ok what I’m saying there was a time in my life I wasn’t using gaming as a hobby, and in moderation. I used it to cover up the pain of my life in that time…that isn’t good no matter what your poison is.

Final Point -

Whether you collect stamps, love fashion, or play video games what you do as a hobby or for fun doesn’t define you as a whole, it’s just a part of you, something that spices you up so to speak. You may be a video gamer, but I hope you are so much more, a mother, father, brother, sister, sports fan, movie nerd, teacher, firefighter, etc. The minute you let your passion, become an obsession then you’re going to have problems.

I’m Starting To Feel Dirty Already

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So I’m working on a baby Warlock. I went Demonology. So I got my buddy the Felguard out. He is pretty awesome by the way. At level 16 I decided to start the PvP. I went to Warsong Gulch.

Mistake #1 – Out Gunned – The bracket I was in was dominated by 19′s and 20′s. Hell I got one-shotted a few times.

Mistake #2- Spells/Abilities – My abilities are not getting used to their greatest efficiancy. I didn’t have Fear on my hot bars when I went in. Total newb mistake.  I have to learn what spell is good in what situation, and the cast times of them. I always thought Fear was instant. Which leads me to my next mistake.

Mistake #3- Keybinds – I need to start using them, and a simple method to figure out what abilities need to be keybound, and rotations of a certain specc’d lock. I usually play an arcane mage, the only keybind I need is 1, and 2.

Basically I have alot to learn about this class, In PvE though it’s quite the leveling monster. In PvP you have alot of things going on, but I think I can handle it.  I’m going to level to 19, and head back into WSG and see how I do.

In other news – being a mount whore that I am. I heard the [Reins of the Crimson DeathCharger] has a bug which allows people to copy it, and sell it. I heard this mount will be going away, and you might lose your gold if you bought one. Also heard the banhammer wil be dropping on those using the exploit .

I also have another little project, a Shaman always wanted one.

Let’s Beat a Dead Horse called Feminism

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First I love beating a dead horse, not a real horse, I just like dissecting a topic, and analyzing it alot.

So the Bossy Pally made a post about Identity, and Self Identity. In it she made a reference to an older post from a different blogger the Noisy Rogue, she used it as  a reference of escapism. That this blogger was escaping the crucible of his life by using games. Though the post was more pointed at feminists, and used to slander them almost. It basically said you come to my house, you play by my rules. Plus NPR is doing a show on it as well.  It made me think, “Has things gotten better?”

A House Divided…

As of March, I see feminism again becomes a topic among some of my fellow bloggers. This time Effraeti stand’s up and says she is not a feminist. After reading her post, I found myself agreeing with ALOT of what she said. Unfortunately the Feminists did not, and they launched an offensive. These feminists crying they are oppressed by society, and that they want to be treated equally, even when they separate themselves by hate rhetoric, and toss someone who wants more equality under the bus. As a the former president Abe Lincoln once stated, “A house divided, can not stand” . As long as Feminists continue to keep everyone at arm’s length with hate, and not try to embrace their female sisters who don’t subscribe to their hateful rhetoric, they will not be taken for serious. 


There was a Flinstones episode where Betty, and Wilma want to see what the Boys do at their lodge, and to get in they have to say the password…”Ack, Ack, A Dack”  I noticed that over my lifetime, that women always want to break into male oriented things, then when their in, demand things become more girlie. When a girlfriend comes into my male dominated house first thing they do is buying throw pillows, and scented candles. Men don’t have this need to be a part of anything female oriented, well most straight men I know. We don’t go into an Oprahs Bookclub, and demand we read Vince Lombardi’s book. (I’ll wait why the women google that)  When we resist, we are being horribly male. Yes gaming is male dominated, what gives you the right to demand anything? Because you’re female, you have the right not to be looked down upon by us males until you prove yourself. In male culture, that’s what we do on a daily basis, we prove ourselves. Feminists love to mention privilege, I don’t think males have privilege, we have our own trials and tribulations, and your right we may have some privileges, but you as a female have a different set of privileges.

Where I let the little head, do the thinking for the big head…

I was reading over my thoughts  (sadly empowered fire is gone, another arch enemy gone  ) over this subject from a couple years ago, and I noticed it hasn’t changed alot. I feel we all have our problems, whether you’re a male, or female. We all have those expectations placed on us, it’s up to us to either live up to those, or break the mold so to speak. Now I am not the same man I was 2 years ago, I think I’ve become more open…well a little bit more. I do believe we live in a violent culture, and that we as humans are nothing more than animals with a thin veneer we call civility to mask our baser instincts. I have to illusions of what, or who I am. Let me put it this way, if we we’re alone on a desert island, and it was a choice between you, or me…who do you think is going to be dinner?

Is it getting better?

I posed that question to the Female Twitterati (What I call people who use Twitter), and some of them responded it really hasn’t, but the ability to discuss it has become more open. I think it’s a positive move. In spite of my caveman, phallic centric, sexist views, I really do believe in about 100 years from now things will be much different. If we get past 2012, those damn Mayan soothsayers,  with all the phyto estrogens in our soy products, we’re all going to hermaphrodites. For right now though, we still have to live with each other, let’s try to play nice in the sandbox.

Flashback Fridays – Pool of Radiance

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No other thing shaped my life more then the Commodore 64, it’s the sole reason I am in computers, and love video games so much. ALot of RPG’s came out on the C64, great titles like Bard’s Tale, Might and Magic, Wizardry, and Ultima to name a few. One of my all time favorites though was Pool of Radiance, which was released in 1988.

5 Things I loved about Pool of Radiance.

1. Combat – Combat  was different then most RPG’s I played, there was a strategic element there.  Insteasd of usual stagnant combat you got to move your party around.

2. AD&D -  it used the rules of AD&D, and I loved AD&D

3. Forgotten Realms  –  I use to love all those books based in the Forgotten Realms…In later games yes we would see Drizzt.

4. The Story – There is a dragon involved, and how can you not have a dragon in AD&D

5. Your Toons – You became invested in your toons, as they progressed, you became more powerful, the more powerful you became…the more awesome the game became.

Pool of Radiance, I believe was ahead of it’s time, and I enjoyed it immensely. I wish more games came out that were as enthralling as this game.

False Gods

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So there is some talk going on about Hi Rez’s game SMITE, adding Hindu Gods to the Lineup. First of all so what, all this hype is helping Hi Rez sell their games. What I love the best is Hi Rez pretty much gave a collective finger to the Hindu community, and I’m not talking the ring finger.  Which I applaud Todd Harris, if you don’t like the game don’t buy it.  If no one caused a ruckus this game might of not even got the light of day. Ironic isn’t it, the very people who are offended, are going to make Todd a rich guy.  Would I be offended if they included Jesus, or God in the video game, nope it’s just a game, one most likely I’ll never play.

I’m not going to talk religion here, it’s not the place, and my religious views are my own. I will share with you this. We all live in a forest, trying to find the way out, who says if your path is the right or wrong one, and who am I to say your going the wrong way, when I myself aren’t sure where I’m going.  In more basic terms, whenever I get upset at the world, I just pop in the Beetles, “Let it be”  Then it all becomes clear.

If SMITE is doing deities though I really think the Flying Spaghetti Monster should really have its day in the Sun with this MOBA.


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I love you, and want to have your babies. Too creepy? I don’t care. She got a purhty mouth.

My Apologies for Being A Man

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I’ve seen alot of posts flying around about sexism in the blogosphere lately. Ok lets start getting something straight. I’m a heterosexual male. I find beauty in the female form thus the pictures of half naked women all over my blog, (ok once in awhile a transexual…but that’s neither here nor there)

Sexism as defined by Merriam- Webster is a prejudice or discrimination based on sex.

In game or out of game have I ever not allowed a woman not to join an activity, or looked down upon a woman. Male or female if you can do your job, you can game with me.  It’s funny in real life, my girlfriend wants to cook, and clean for me, but I tell her no cause I can do that stuff myself. (probably a bunch of guys green with jealousy over that now)

Here’s the deal with games though a majority of games are filled with men who lets just say suffer in the social area. These men have fantasies of being a conquering hero, they like to see a pretty princess, and to take her back to the castle, and do unspeakable things to her . Alot of these men are immature, and don’t know how to be social, or suave, even how to communicate to the opposite sex.  They feel threatened by women in their domain. Their home away from home. So when they are being attacked, they go on the defensive. So what does someone who can’t express how they feel about you do, they do it the school house boy way, and pull your hair…or in this case, call you a stupid bitch over chat.

The other defination is behavior, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex.  What do women want? I see images of women posing half naked in front of their console on facebook. I see women like Paris Hilton, or Kardashians selling their image. I see it in magazines pictures of half naked women with articles like “How to give a better blowjob”, and stuff of that ilk.  We men are forcing nothing down your throat, no pun intended. You happily march to the tune of sex sells,  and line up for your boob jobs to please what society wants from you.

I say it’s not gaming societies fault, it’s society in general. I am a son, born of a mother. The first women I ever knew was my mother. She raised me to be a man. Yes some say I’m a caveman. Yes I am a little old fashioned in terms I think we all have our roles to play, and that women and men are different, we think differently, we act differently.

As most men, we are not the enemy. Most of use know when things go to far, that there is a difference of right and wrong, that we don’t look down on women, we support them, and love women for who, and what they are, even when the aggravate the shit out of us, and drive us to insanity.

By the way, no one complains that there are no flabby male warriors, or ugly blood elf males…, plus did you see previews for that Magic Mike movie..I guess when the shoe is on the other foot…it’s ok.

Bottom line is I’m a man, I get up every morning and thank God for my penis, and for that I am sorry.


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