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The Importance of Being Evil

Posted in Gaming, MMORPG with tags , on April 3, 2012 by theerivs

As I read the post by Tobold, and the comments afterwords there of it got me thinking of evil, and my predisposition of it.

Growing up I was always the bad guy, Skeletor to He-man, Cobra to GIJOE, and Decepticons to the Autobots. I loved being bad.

As I grew up, my evil ways continued, and I turned into quite the bad seed.  I was a thief in my younger life, not steal a candy bar type thief, like breaking into a businesses stealing thousands of dollars. I was an arch-fiend, but like all theives I got greedy, and I got caught. I went to jail. For those of you who live in lofty towers, Jail breeds the scum of the earth. No good lives in jail. I remember being in the same room as murderers, and rapists. There was another convict trying to test me, screaming at me for looking in his direction j Laying on a prison mattress I vowed I would climb out of the gutter, and try to live a decent life.

Why am I telling you all this? The point I am trying to make is I’ve  seen evil, and cyber- bullying, and forcing someone to rage quit isn’t evil. It’s stupid for sure, on both parties parts. In this case you’re only a victim if you allow it to take effect, if you give the bully’s the power, then they won. The great thing about the virtual world is you can turn it off at any time.  I couldn’t turn things off laying in a cell, on a prison bed that’s for sure.

I don’t want to get metaphysical but Evil serves a purpose, and in a video gaming world that purpose is to give the good guys hell.  For me that’s right where I belong.




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