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Weekly Lagout

Posted in MMORPG with tags on March 30, 2012 by theerivs

High Latency Living -

Ah the 20 days of blogging is over, it was like a writing marathon. Also the HLL Award has been awarded. I’ve been working like a dog lately so I hope to log some hours in some sort of virtual world this weekend. I don’t think I should be drinking the 5 hour energy shots by the 6 pack.

High Latency Love-

Let us pay homage to the 2011 High Latency Lifetime Award, as well as show some love to the new 2012 Winner.

High Latency Laugh-

When Lore goes too far…

With that….


High Latency Lifetime Award 2012

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The people have spoken, but I don’t really care I was going to give the award to Scarybooster of Scary Worlds this year. Rowanblaze was a solid second place though what pushed Scary over the edge is his devotion to gaming so much he would pay homage to the developers. Bloggers we’re like those little sucker fish that feed off developers, and Scary sees this, and said unto us his brethren let us pay homage to the Sharks.

Other factoids that has earned Scary this prestigious award.

- Scary actually disappears from time to time, to visit his other family where he’s the mother of 4 kids, they think their mother is a spy for CIA, that’s why she disappears for months on end.

- Scary is actually a good friend of Richard Simmons who got him into being fit, and healthy.

-Scary is actually 70 years old, but he’s got Benjamin Buttons disease…or the Clap either one.

- Scary actually played AION cause he liked bigger boobs, not wings.

- Scary was known in Warhammer as Dwarf Dick…but he actually played an elf toon.

For these and several other reasons Scary gets the High Latency Lifetime Award for 2012. Thank you to all the other runner ups, but you are the weakest link..goodbye.

Great Job Scary Keep Up the Mediocre Work.

Day 20 – If this was my last day of gaming what would I do?

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Day 20 of the 20 day blogging challenge. – Let’s FINISH THIS!!!


Last day of gaming what would I do?

5. Log in – Log into the games I played, or played in the past say good bye to all my friends i made in game.

4. Visit - I would visit my favorite locales of the game, and just take a moment to look around.

3. Give away – Most of my gold, and stuff I don’t need randomly. I remember in my early days there was a guy begging on the bridge for 1 copper (lowest denomination of coin), I gave it to him…for my generousity he gave me 100 gold. I like doing that from time to time myself.

2. Do something stupid – Just goofy, like strip on the mailbox and dance, turn into a Simian and run around screaming damn dirty apes.

1. Log off – and uninstall the game cause it saddens me there is another world I won’t be visiting.


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That is all

Day 19 – What’s in my bag/bank

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Well on my WoW account I’m afraid to know, I got hacked after I quit so my guess is nothing. In my SWTOR bags, I got healing potions, stims, and some stuff I gathered from scavenging, I try to keep things neat. In my bank goes all my scavenging stuff, and some collectors edition goodies.

High Latency Lifetime Award -

It’s that time of year folks where I choose someone that really exemplifies the High Latency Life. I make all decisions in this contest, but here  is where your voice is heard. Vote for a nominee, or tell me why I should give you the award, and how your living the high latency life, or simply nominate someone else maybe someone I don’t know…you say toomanyannas I’m going to punch you in the balls…if you do indeed have balls  

This years nominees are.

Scarybooster from Scary Worlds

Rowanblaze from I Have Touched the Sky.

Bootae from Bootae Bloody Blog

Bronte from Are We New At This?

Day 18 – My Favorite Outfits

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on March 27, 2012 by theerivs

Ok here’s my favorite outfits,I don’t know the names, but I’ll try to describe it.

Favorite Outfits in MMO’s

4- Chosen Armor – (WAR) – I really like alot of this stuff, but my favorite helm was the smooth one, no horns that hid the face, and had glowy red eyes, and the boots that looked like talons.

3 - Mage PvP Armor (WoW) - I think it was the Gladiator set that had the cowls, one set I think tier 9 it was that was black with gold trim for the mage.

2- Cleric Purple Chainmail - (DaoC) – My first guild’s colors Hell’s Elite was purple and black. I spent a small fortune keeping my stuff dyed.

1. Sith Armor (SWTOR) – I don’t have it yet, but I like the armor with the cloak, and cowl…and a rebreather like Darth Malgus…that looks hot.

Day 17 – Favorite Spots in Game

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I have alot of favorite spots within certain games, that I just enjoy

Top 5 Places Within Games.

5. Netherstorm – (WoW) – I just like flying on top of the tall towers and watch the storms. Very Peaceful

4. Inevitable City – (WAR) – A place of pure Chaos, from the denizens to the statuesm, to the sounds of it. I love being in it, and just roaming around.

3. Emain – (DAOC) - I just loved roaming around there with my group, and killing every mother fucking thing in sight.

2. Bird of Prey Bridge – (STO) – I just loved being in it, and imagining I was on my Bird of Prey, screaming  “Qap’la”

1. Orgrimmar – (WoW) – I was, and always shall be Horde at Heart, and I loved the old Org better from it’s Throne Room with Thrall, to the Cleft of Shadows…but the new one is alright too.   


Weekly Lagout

Posted in MMORPG with tags on March 23, 2012 by theerivs

High Latency Living -

Things are going good, jamming out the SWTOR one day I’ll hit 50. I’m in no rush, enjoying the ride. Getting kinda in a Warhammer mood might load up the Dawn of War, and purchase Retribution

High Latency Love-

Scarybooster is back with a vengenance after a little break, go check him out at Scary Worlds. Plus he has Developer Awareness Week, Next Week and I’m excited.

Been awhile since I showed the Monkey some love…go visit Screaming Monkeys, great blogger and great lover of the High Latency Life.

High Latency Laugh-

Is this where we are headed…

With that…


Day 16 – Things I Miss

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Since I am ancient there are alot of things I miss, but more so it’s due to the people I think people make the MMO, but there’s some moment from other games I miss.

Moments I miss from Games in the Past.

10. Scary Dogs - Resident Evil the first one on the Playstation had some epic scary moments, one of them was when a dog came crashing through a window. Even I jumped, I haven’t seen a horror game do that to me ever again.

9. Mapping Dungeons – In the Original Bard’s Tale, I actually had graph paper, and mapped out dungeons. It was part of the immersion, and I would always wonder whats beyond the next door.

8. Synched Queuing – I spell that right Queueing? Anyway as a guild back in the day all 40 of us would try to sync our queues to all get in the same AV. Sometimes it worked pretty well, and we wiped AV in 10-15 minutes, and in the days when AV’s could last 24-36 hours that was purely awesome.

7. True Realm PvP - Dark Ages of Camelot had it right, and no other MMO got it right since. 3 realms all fighting it out with siege. It was pure awesomeness running around in Emain waging all out war.

6. Mage Teleportation – I loved my Mage, and one of the things I loved the most about it, is his ports. Money-maker, and gag all in one. I do miss hearing the screams over Vent. “Son of a Bitch, I’m in Darnassus!!” , was music to my ears.

5. Arcade Fighting Games – At the Arcade it was Gladitorial combat. 2 men challenged each other in the flesh, mono et mono, while others watched you. Some of the battles in that dingy arcade will live in my mind for ever. Games like Street Fighter 2, and Mortal Kombat were not just video games, but battles of arcade supremacy.

4. Taking a Marine Head – I used to play religously Aliens versus Predator, I was even in a clan those days. There was nothing like sneaking up to a Marine, and chopping there head off, and hearing the Predator roar.

3. A Good Zerg - I loved the First Starcraft, I use to play in with all my buddies in college, of course I played the evil Zerg, and nothing better then hearing the screams of my enemy down the hall when my zergling rush hit their newly built, and poorly defended base.

2.  Early Morning Relic Raids – In Dark Ages of Camelot we would go steal the other realms relic at ungodly times like 4am on Sunday Morning, when there would be no defenders hardly. To see a realm mass for a cause was just an awesome sight to behold. It wanted me to play that game because I was proud to be a part of something bigger than me.

1. The People – In MMO’s alot of people come in and out of my life, sometimes people leave whether it’s for real life reasons, or they just don’t want to play any more. It sometimes leaves a little hole in my life, and I miss alot of those people dearly.

Day 15 – My Desktop Backgrounds, and Why I Chose It.

Posted in MMORPG, Writing with tags , on March 22, 2012 by theerivs

Always Black, that’s it…that’s all.


Why Black?  It’s devoid, empty, dark, sorta like my soul.

I think this is my shortest post…evah. LOL!


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