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Weekly Lagout

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High Latency Living -

Not much gaming this week due to Valentines Day stuff, I did eek out another level in SWTOR. I’m thinking I should of went Marauder instead of Juggernaut. To Late to Reroll Methinks. Just might go up the damage talent charts on the Juggernaut. We’ll see.

High Latency Love –

Been a long time since I shown Werit some love here. I remember him stepping on the scene in the Warhammer Online early days, and he is still faithful to his roots, never giving up on WAR, and thats to be commended. Great blogger, and he’ll always get much love from HLL.

High Latency Laugh-

I love these guys…

Gentleman’s Rant: Valentine’s Day.

With that…




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Morrigu tagged me in this little Meme….called SixthOther’s are doing it too.


1. Goto you images folder

2. Open up your sixth sub-folder, and your sixth picture, and publish it.

3. Tag 6 others.

Now here lies my problem, I don’t blog on my gaming machine…so the photos here aren’t of WoW, or anyother game. They are photos for my blog…which some of them might be…well let’s say Not Safe For Work…This is kind of borderline so I thought I would put the tag up there…just in case. Now here is my problem, do I stick to the rules, or the spirit of the meme. Cause the pic is supposed to be gaming in nature, but being the Lawful Evil Bastard I am, we are sticking to the rules…Well here you go, you asked for it.


That guy really does love that show…Oh well. Now I got to pick six other people. I’m going to break the cycle thats for sure with these saps, cause like me I never or rarely seen them do a Meme, and you know me I like stirring the pot.

Now like Voltron lets assemble.

Scary at Scary Worlds

Bossy at Bossy Pally

Amber at I Like Bubbles

MMO Gamer Chick at MMO Gamer Chick

Keredria at Tree of Life

Koala at Dots, and Hots


Now that I see this motley group, I’m sure this Meme stops here…but never let it say Riv is a spoil sport.


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