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Let the Healing Begin

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on August 31, 2011 by theerivs

So I decided lets do this Holy Pally thing. I healed in Dark Ages of Camelot for years, so how bad can I be, my only limitation is gear, mine really sucks. So I fixed my mess up, got right spec, action bars, glyphs, I also got Vuhdu mod.

I decided to hit the Battlegrounds first, figure get a little better gear via honor points. I really had fun healing in the battlegrounds, standing back,  healing my team mates, and have them protect me like the princess..err. I mean helluva guy that I am.

I have my Vuhdu set to divine light on left click, and cleanse right. I followed the ABC rule, Always Be Casting. If I didn’t have anyone to heal, I would holy shock an enemy.  I didn’t too bad, I was always top 5, usually 3rd or 4th best healer.  I know I have ALOT to learn, and I need to step in do some PvE as well.  Overall I think it will be fun.

Problems I have right now in the Battlegrounds …

1. Situational Awareness – I have to keep my head on a swivel. 

2. Cooldowns – When to use what, and where.

3. Healing Priorities – Who should get the heals first.

4. The Oh Shit Buttons – When crap hits the fans what to do.

5. Gear – I always hunger for more.

My Own Mists of Panderia Prediction

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on August 30, 2011 by theerivs

Gordon over at We Fly Spitfires made a prediction, it seems Blizzard Trademarked Mists of Panderia. People are guessing it to be the new Expansion. I really think it’s just gonna be a bunch of fluff content Blizz is adding to make it more, and more like a Facebook game.

I thought it would be fun in a meme type way to have some predictions myself.

New Alliance Race : Pandarian…duh.

New Horde Race: Naga – The blood elves finally convince these fishy bastards to join.

New Class: I believe Gordon to be right with the Monk, but also I feel they will also introduce the Pirate to balance the Monks abilities.

Level Cap: Raised to 92

Spells : More we don’t need like Flame Orb.

Better Graphics: The Graphics engine will be upgraded to match curent technology from 5 years ago.

More Moral Decisions: To compete with Bioware, you will now be able to decide if you want to kill your Raid Mates in a fit of rage.

New Bosses: Such as  BOB, The Gelantionous Cube.

Well in all seriousness, I think WoW even though it’s still fun to play, is in it’s death throes but we shall see…The Proof is in the Pudding so they say.

A Moment of Stupidity

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on August 29, 2011 by theerivs

So I’m going Holy Pally. I get some descent starter gear, I’m psyched I switched my off spec to Holy. I have to go somewhere so I log.

I come back a little later, I buy, and plan my glyphs, I switch them out. I then started setting up my action bars…heals…set…wait…where the heck is my beacon of light…I looked everywhere in my spell book, maybe I didn’t train something, talked to the trainer, nope all trained up.

Huh? So I think about it…..OH HELL NO. I logged out in Prot Spec, and when I logged in I didn’t go back to Holy.  Ugh I got to fix my Prot Spec now too.

I just logged back out feeling like such a noob, I logged in my Shaman and Killed things fast with my heirloom Arcanite Reaper Hotness…


Weekly Lagout

Posted in MMORPG with tags on August 26, 2011 by theerivs

WoW – Just changing some things up, trying new things.  Gonna try Holy Pally for a bit, and see how that goes.

Space Marine – Played the Demo, awesome game just waiting for release in a couple weeks.

SWTOR – I heard may have a huge announcement at PAX, we’ll see.

High Latency Love -

Kiss my Alas - My newest guild leader, yeah ass kissing never hurts, but her blog is pretty awesome. She took a break, and now’s she’s back and refreshed like a moistened wipe. Where’s my Arcane mage post damn it?!?!

Bossy Pally has a nice little post for Holy Paly gear, that looks real good and will help me… alot

So show some love to these peeps please.

Something Funny…

Yeah the being online thing that Blizzard wants you to do…I’ve been online since about 2001.

With that…





Eff That!

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on August 26, 2011 by theerivs

So I took my Pally over to Azuremyst-US, PvE server *shutters*, and I joined the guild Eff the Ineffable.  I also decided to take my Pally in a direction I seldom go. I made him a Holy Paladin. Now I have to get some gear, and learn to Heal.

I’m no stranger to healing, I played a healer for two years in Dark Ages of Camelot until I got burnt out on healing. I never seriously healed in any other game because of that burn out. Now I have healed on my pally before in 5 man regular dungeons in Wrath to level up, but that’s about it.

So I’m excited over this new direction, I need tips and where to find good gear so if you are a Holy Pally feel free to lend me som 4-1-1.

Also excited about my new Dwarf Shaman, I never leveled a Shaman it will be interesting.

Now I am not leaving Stands in Bad, my guild on Azgalor, I’ll still be rocking the Fail Mage there, where I’ll try to be getting some gear to help out with Raids. Still don’t know if I’ll head back to serious raiding or not, but it will be nice to be there to help if need be.

Despite all the doom sayers, and people leaving WoW, I’m still having fun, and looking forward to doing a few things.



Posted in Other Nerdy Pursuits with tags on August 25, 2011 by theerivs

Conan to me is an Icon of Geekdom. Arnold screaming Crom, or what is best in life. So when they decided to remake Conan, I was leary at best, disgusted at worst.

I had to give it the benefit of the doubt, and see it for myself. I did, though on it’s own it would make a descent sword and sorcery movie, in the vein of Kull, but this is Conan. I expected more.

I think part of the problem is the villians in the movie, the great thing about the original Conan was it had the Iconic James Earl Jones as the villian, oh man his lines were great…”Contemplate that on the tree of woe” Still rings in my head to this day. I think a movie like this is only as good as it’s villians, and in this movie it’s a menagerie of mediocrity.

I didn’t even see any homage to the original movies which is most heinous, and Conan not screaming Crom is most heinous. You can reboot something, but please remember where you came from, fricking Star Trek is one of the few movies that did it right, and The Hulk with Ed Norton.

Like I said, take out Conan, and insert another name I probably wouldn’t of hold to the high standards I do. If your not a Conan fan, but like sword and sorcery movies best to wait for this one on video, if you are a Conan fan, avoid it…You’ll go into fits of Nerd Rage. It’s so bad it makes the Conan the Destroyer seem pretty good.

I also saw it in 3D, meh…I’m not crazy about 3D bullshit, and hate this fad.

But I have to leave you with a Classic line from the original movie. “Conan what is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women”

So True, it’s the simple things.

2 Games, 1 Cup

Posted in Gaming, MMORPG with tags , , on August 24, 2011 by theerivs

So last night I downloaded the Space Marine Demo. It has two missions on there.  Holy Shit was it awesome, hacking and slashing with my chainsword, shooting Orks in the face, and using the Jump Pack to rain death upon my foes. The graphics, the feel, the music everything was pure awesome. Ok yes I’m a huge fanboy, but I urge you go to Space Marine website, sign up and try the demo yourself.  Let me know what you think. If I had one complaint, and I just have one at this time…The camera angle sometimes gets a little janky, but that’s usually around tight corners.

After I played it, I went to the World of Warcraft. PvP’d a bit, and it was one of those days, Alliance couldn’t do shit right.  Ohh guildies doing instances. Hey who is this mage, stealing my thunder…Oh it’s Alas from Kiss My Alas. and Ataraxaven from Eff the Ineffable.  It was real nice grouping up with people and actually talking to some peeps on WoW. Usually since my return to Stands in Bad, I just keep to myself, and PvP. I pipe in occassionally to aggravate our guild leader, or crack a joke.  So when I get a chance to play with some guildies it’s a treat for me….I don’t know if it’s such a treat for them.  Toss in the fact I got faction rep, guild rep, and some justice points…holla.

I might make an alt on Effs to join them…I’m thinking Warlock LOL!

Only Thing I Raid Is the Fridge

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on August 23, 2011 by theerivs

Fuzz asked me if I ever was going to raid. He knew I was working on it at one time, and he was curious about my status. Let me give you a bit of history about me and raiding.

I started raiding Molten Core, we would put in 4-5 days a week in, then we moved onto Blackwing Lair, then to AQ 40 when Burning Crusade hit, we did everything except Black Temple. Wrath came about it found me with new friends, and new guilds I ended up raiding with the Brotherhood of Oblivion. That was the end of my raiding days.

Every day I waffle back and forth if I want to get serious about raiding, but there’s several reasons why I don’t

1. Man of My Word – I loathe when I sign up for a Raid, and something comes down the pike and I can’t make it. I would rather not sign up.

2. Time -  It seems like I don’t have enough these days.  Everything has been sucking out my gaming time from work, to girls, and I don’t know about you but Vagina > Raids any day of the week.

3.  Gear Grind – I get going, then for some reason I get frustrated, and putter out. Must be the ADD kicking in.

4. PvP type person – I enjoy PvEing with guildies alot, but it’s just I enjoy ripping faces off, and making people QQ more. 

5. Raid equals More Drama - No one bothers me when I’m just PvPing casually. Seems like when I use to Raid there was a drama of the week, over some shitty reason.

6. If the Guild needs me – If they need me, I’ll rise to the occasion…if not I won’t be putting in my usual stellar effort. Just keep on…keeping on.

7. SWTOR – How committed do I want to get, when a game I know I’ll be leaving for is on the horizon.

8. Lazy – I just am, can’t help it I got teleports

Space Marine

Posted in Gaming, Other Nerdy Pursuits with tags , on August 22, 2011 by theerivs

Ok there’s one game besides SWTOR I’m really looking forward to, and thats Space Marine.  I haven’t been looking forward to an action title since I played Aliens vs Predators 2.

I saw the game in action at Gamesday, and let me tell you it looks sweet. There’s a demo out now if your one of the Honour Guard so sign up.  I think they really captured alot of what the Warhammer Universe is about, and I am really chomping at the bit to dig into this game.

Heck the multi-player customizer looks fricking so sweet, can you say I’ll be fragging mother fuckers as a Death Guard…I knew you could.

If it sucks then I’ll cry alot, but I have faith in THQ, they really love the Warhammer 40k Universe and done a stand up job with the Dawn of War Franchise, which I LOVE playing.  Which reminds me, another expansion is coming out for that which looks awesome, called Retribution.

Man, my trigger finger is already twitching, and I’m ready to get my geek on with this game. Good thing it’s not an MMO, no day off needed.

Weekly Lagout

Posted in MMORPG with tags on August 19, 2011 by theerivs

It was all about grinding this week.

WoW – Working on the PvP stuff.  Been rocking the Bloodthirsty stuff, and I’ve been spending all my honor on PvE gear, but I decided to change gears and just become a PvP god! Oh the Transmorgifier…big deal WAR had that all ready a while back. LOL!

WAR – Still grinding the RP’s, still same ole, same ole. We’ll see how things come along with it, and maybe I’ll get into beta for Wrath of Heroes.

SWTOR – Just drooling over this game, waiting for it to kick into high gear.

High Latency Love - is a group of wonderful people led by Slurms. They always showed me love, and alot of other people love. They are launching a SWTOR guild, and probably the only people close to swaying me to the light side, go there and give them High Latency Love. Check out their podcast as well, see if you can find yours truly.

Something Funny…

Biz Markie always just cracks me up…I love the costume.

With that…




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