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Tanks, but No Tanks

Posted in MMORPG with tags on April 12, 2011 by theerivs

Well it seems like the Great Tank Debate continues on. Tanks get a little something extra, but will this resolve the issue? I don’t think so. Why? Tanking is tough.

Lets go back through the annals of time. I started off as a healer in my MMO career. I was a cleric in Dark Ages. So I decided to become a Tank in World of Warcraft cause I was burnt out on healing. So I started a Warrior. I loved being a Tank, but after a while I got burnt out. Thus came the mage.

Let’s look at some things.

1. Tanks are always the work horses of the guild- Usually there isn’t much time to PUG, cause they have to run with the guild.  Heck I remember when I tanked the first time I had to really pug was at the end of BC, and that’s cause I wanted something badly.  Guilds take care of their tanks, so they are rarely needing anything.

2. Tanks need to be the leader. Knowing the dungeon, and what everyone is supposed to be doing gets tiring.  Back in Wrath, it was easy to tank, just plow through the dungeon. Cataclysm not as easy these days, so it’s rougher on the tank.

3. Being a Tank, no matter the game is a rough job. I think there will always be shortages.

I do love to Tank, I returned to my Tanking roots in Warhammer Online. as a Chosen. I ran so much Bilerot I was sick of it. I’m itching in Rift to abandon the Mage, and start a warrior, but my guild is a PvP focused guild, so mage is where I am staying I think.  Heck even now I’m thinking of Reupping WoW, and return to my Prot Pally.  It’s a very rewarding job, but with great rewards, come great responsibilities, and risks.

Here’s a few tips from the River.

1. Learn the dungeon as best you can - I use to run the dungeon on my mage first, get the feel, and watch the tank Then tank it. If you don’t have that luxury, read the strats, and videos as much as you can. Know Kill Orders, and have an idea what everyone else is supposed to be doing.

2. Gear up -  Make sure you’re gear is the best you can afford, make sure your gems and enchants are good too. Don’t be cheap. Check websites, and blogs to get the best you can in each slot.

3.  Know your Skills - Sometimes as a Tank you need to know your “Oh Shit” buttons.

4. Healers are your friends - Treat them right.

5. Patience – Sometimes people make mistakes, even you. If you wipe shrug it off.

6. Leadership - You set the pace, and tone of the dungeon. Lead, don’t be a bully.

7. Have fun - Being a Tank doesn’t mean you have to be a sour puss. Crack jokes, if you see someone doing something wrong don’t berate them, but poke fun at them. “Is that fire you’re standing in make your cock feel hot?”

Bottomline I don’t think there will ever be enough tanks or healers, but if we show some people on the fence how fun it can be, we can lighten the load so to speak.

Weekly Lagout

Posted in MMORPG with tags on April 8, 2011 by theerivs

RIFT – Well still rocking the Mage, Necro/Warlock build for PvE, and Pyro for PvP. I have a Chloro build I should really try that, also I need to do some more dungeons…My gear is lacking.

SWTOR - Well not really the game, but related to it. I’m reading the book, Decieved. It’s about Darth Malgus the guy in the Trailer which is AWESOME!  So far I am really liking the book, and I hope I run into some of these characters in the game.

High Latency Love -

Over at Killing’em Slowly they have a lovely post on botting which I inspired.  Go check them out, and give them some High Latency Love.

Something Funny…

I just want those claws around my…

With that….


Bribing Tanks

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on April 7, 2011 by theerivs

So it’s come down to this…bribery.  I tanked for years without so much as a extra copper, sometimes not even a thank you. Now you have to bribe people to tank.

I don’t know people are really liking this idea it seems, to me it sounds…well kind of stupid. Here’s an idea, make your dungeons better. Most of these Cataclysm dungeons are really horse shit, hell even as DPS I fricking hate them.

But hey what the fuck do I know, I only stood eye to crotch with most of the bosses in Vanilla, and Burning Crusade. I think WoW needs to take a step back to that era and remember that even though we tried to change the future, we shouldn’t forget the past.

So is it safe to say Cataclysm is the Trial of Atlantis of World of Warcraft yet?

I, Robot

Posted in MMORPG with tags on April 6, 2011 by theerivs

So a member of my guild was booted because he was using an AFK bot to stay in WF’s in RIFT. Now I wholeheartedly agree with the guild decision. It’s unfair to people in the WF that your taking up space instead of doing your job. I think PvP bots should go to hell really.

But here’s my philosophy though Farming Bots, Chinese Farmers, Gold Buying/Selling. Really I don’t have a problem with. Why?  

My Opinion.

I believe that these people actually keep prices down on the AH. For example when a popular botting program called Glider was taken off the market, the prices for farmed stuff went up. Why? Supply and Demand. With the Farmers there was alot of Supply, that out met the demand, thus better prices. Take that away, no supply more demand.

But it’s cheating?

Well yes and no. If you have someone or bot grinding out mobs for 8 hours a time, it’s doing the same thing you can do….if you had 8 hours to spare, and could stand grinding that long with out poking your own eyes out.

Where I draw the line?

PvP bots I do draw the line at. We are there to compete. Say we are playing football, if a member of my football team just stood there AFK I would be pissed.

What about Hacking?

Hacking is the insidious by-product of all this. Now I got hacked years ago, and it took a week and a half to be restored. Now WoW got it down to days.  There are steps to improve this now with authenticator.

The Truth of the Matter -

I’m fascinated a little bit about bots, and how they work as a computer scientist, I have a curiosity about them.

What are your Thoughts on Botting?

What I Miss…

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on April 5, 2011 by theerivs

I played alot of MMO’s, and RIFT is my current one, but recently I’ve been thinking back of the days of yesteryear to the MMO’s I played…alot.

DAOC- First MMO I played.

1. 3 faction system RvR - Always were able to pick a fight when you wanted.

2. Hopping off horses – You’d buy a ticket, and were able to hop off before you got there. Never seen an MMO do that again.

3. Climbing Walls – Nothing like my Infiltrator climbing a wall, ganking a sitting Lurikeen caster, and run the hell away.

4. Cloaks off – Back in the days to improve lag, we would take our cloaks off, and turn off spell effects. It was just funny.

Something I won’t miss - Rez tells. As a cleric I got asked for a rez CONSTANTLY.

WoW - Second MMO I played, and the MMO I played the longest.

1. Vanilla - Having everything so new and fresh.

2. World PvP-  Whether it was at Crossroads, or the STV Warzone – Man it was bloody hell sometimes, but at times it was awesome.

3.  The Thrill – Of seeing Ragnaros popping out of the Lava, the most epic raid boss I have gone up against.

4. 40 man raids – This is when Raids were truly epic, and sometimes a logistical nightmare.

Something I won’t miss -  Stupid Instanced Zones, I hate having to do the same fricking thing over and over again on my alts.

Warhammer Online - The Third MMO I played

1. Chosen – The best looking, and awesomest feeling class I have had the pleasure to play.

2. PvP – Had some of the best PvP I played in modern history.

3. Mythic - They made us bloggers feel welcome, and we’re dedicated to community.

4. Community – One of the best Communities I had the pleasure to be a part of.

Something I won’t miss- Bright Wizards – Fuck those mother fuckers. Fuck’em right in the cornhole.

STO – Minor MMO I played.

1. Klingons – I love flying around my Bird of Prey and blasting shit in space.

Something I won’t miss - Lack of Klingon Support – can you say second class citizen?

RIFT - My Latest MMO, will there be something I miss of it in the future, I don’t really know.

If you’re wondering about the pic, I also miss the Soprano’s so piss off, ya wanker.

Religious War

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on April 4, 2011 by theerivs

So I was thinking while I was contemplating the fate of the universe (read that as on the shitter) about the lore of RIFT. I was thinking hey we are fighting a religious war, and no one really said too much about that.

One side you have the Guardians, the chosen of the Gods, and on the other side the Defiants, the ones who broke faith with the Gods, and put their faith in techno-magic. They are at war fighting over their religious views, in this time of major upheaval over religion, Muslim versus Christian type of stuff. I don’t know, it kind of well, leaves a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.

Oh by no means am I a saint, or a holy roller, sure there’s alot of hate in MMO’s over political views, race, territory, ideological, but really not religon as RIFT puts it, even the word Defiant screams heretic to me. Does it bother me? No. I just find it interesting that the reason I hate these defient scum is they betrayed my Gods…..seems good enough to me.

Any thoughts on RIFT’s religious war, is there a message here Trion is trying to get across, or am I just overanalyzing something?

Weekly Lagout

Posted in MMORPG with tags on April 1, 2011 by theerivs

RIFT - I decided to quit RIFT, it just wasn’t for me. I find it petantic, and also the armor sets are very degrading to women. There also isn’t as much RP as I like.

WoW- Decided to go back and work on a Warlock.

High Latency Love –

Too many Annas - She has the best website evah. She’s not self serving, or stuck up in the least.

Something Funny –

Just an Everyday Normal Guy 

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