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Time is Money Friend

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on January 31, 2011 by theerivs

Any Goblin Knows this, that time is money friend, and it’s time for JMTC’s Blogging Carnival once again. The Topic is “How would you make gold if you have limited play time?”  Well I do, I probably put in about 5-10 minutes a day on average managing my gold making empire, My empire is quite small compared to most people, but maybe I can give you a new tip or two.

Lets take a look how I do it.

Flipping- You can use the add-on Auctioneer to help you with this, and JMTC is great with that sort of help. Basically it’s the simplest thing to do, is fine something cheap buy it, and sell it for more. I use to flip these blue rings, that were way under priced, I doubled my gold in 5 minutes of work.

Converting items - Now you need the right professions here to do this, but sometimes you don’t need any at all. Ok for example, My Cobalt adventure. I noticed Cobalt Bars were selling for like 200g a stack, and Cobalt Ore was only 35-40g a stack. Now I almost got burned by this, but I bought a ton of ore dirt cheap, and sold the bars. I made my money back on the ore for the most part, but then the price of bars dropped ALOT, and so here I’m stuck with an asston of bars. Someone said make some tanking gear, and sell that. I took it further, I made tanking stuff, Disenchanted it, and use the infinite dust to fund my other venture, and the rest of the DE mats I sell for quite the profit. Now here’s another thing, might be way easier if you have a mage, or just park an alt in Dalaran. Which by the way is a ghost town I love it.  Frozen Orbs on my server go for 5-10g right now. Eternal Fires go for 30-40g. You can buy an Eternal Fire, for One Frost Orb in Dalaran off the vendor, I think  you can do the math.

Bags - I know, I know Bags, everyone does them, it’s the staple of any money making Goblin, but what bags are you making, just Netherweave? Netherweave will make you a kings ransom, as for me…I shouldn’t tell you this, but I make Abyssal Bags. It’s a 22 slot bag, it sell on average for 350-400 gold. With the above methods the mats, such as infinite dust, and eternals are cheap to get. Right now there’s no competition for me…so it’s easy money.

Pets - The easiest market to turn gold around especially Dalaran Pets, have your alt get them, mail them to your main/alt in org, plopp them on the auction house. 2 minutes of work…pure profit. 

Portals - As a mage, when I got 10-30 minutes I port people for 20g per portal. That’s usually a 100g-160g in no time at all.

So with limited time it’s way possible to make good gold, just make sure you think out of the box, and don’t be afraid to take some risks.

Weekly Lagout

Posted in MMORPG with tags on January 28, 2011 by theerivs

WoW - Just plugging along, leveling, making gold, and just enjoying my time no pressure. The Lowlifes is practically a ghost town of a guild, which I really expected in the long run with all the other games coming out. It was nice while it lasted, but I’m going to leave it open cause it’s nice little place to level my toons, and why I’m leveling I just don’t know maybe a friend will pop in and say hi. 

RIFT - I am closer to falling over the fence, and preordering this game, the game does have potential, and it’s still beta for crying out loud. Right now I’m just having a blast with old friends. Going Paladin, and working on some sort of build that would be awesome in the first dungeon.

High Latency Love –

First off much love to my boy Chris Medina, good luck on American Idol.

Secondly, Markco from JMTC is retiring, and am sad myself to see him go. He’s been a supporter and friend of High Latency Life, and how can I not show him some love, now please show him some, and say goodbye to him. I hope though he doesn’t stay long gone, and keeps me abreast of his new projects, like some sort of coaching thing he’s got going on.

Lastly, Keredia from Tree of Life is back to writing, I meant to give her some love earlier but it slipped through the cracks, but stop by and show her some love.

Something Funny.. 

Meanings of Dude….

With that…


Sometimes it’s the people that make a good MMO

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on January 28, 2011 by theerivs

As I am playing RIFT last night, I’m not taken aback, I’m not impressed. I’m just playing, and yet still having fun. Why? Cause in Vent I hear voices I have not heard in some time. I’ve been playing RIFT with guys I played MMO’s with on and off for the last 8 years, names like Whynot, Munk, Ghost, Otega, Shaddough, Romeia, Jonte, BadSanta, and the list goes on, and on.  It’s just great to step into vent, and hear the guys/gals call me “Douchebag”, or “Goat Blower”. It’s like Cheers for Videogaming, where everybody knows your name.  Not just that, but these guys know their MMO’s, veteran players who know the in’s and out’s of MMO’s, so they know the role they play and play it well, by the way the picture is for Shaddough, I think he likes sheep. Thanks Jonte

I started playing MMO’s in 2002 with Dark Ages of Camelot, and I came to know these stand up guys calling themselves the Knights of the Red Dragon, and through out the years the named changed from Phoenix Ascension, Oppress, and now in it’s current form Einherjar where we picked up a few more great people since 2002, but it’s exciting to see so many people on board for this game, even if the game isn’t all that.

Not just RIFT, or Einherjar. It’s all the people I met along the way and played with my fellow bloggers in the Brother of Oblivion, and now the Latency Lowlifes, I think I would of quit my goblin after the starting area, but they made the game so much more fun, doing quests, and running dungeons together.

It’s not the games that make these good memories it’s the people I have had the honor to play with, and it’s because of you people I continue to play, because if it wasn’t for you I might as well just play a single player game.  

If your looking for a home in RIFT, and want to play as a Guardian, check Einherjar, and tell them I sent you.

World of Warcraft and the Single Girl

Posted in General, MMORPG with tags , , , , on January 27, 2011 by Bee

I’m gonna make this post a little personal today.  I have several inspirations. One,  I am currently one month shy of my 30th birthday — single and never married with no kids.  Valentine’s day is right around the corner – it always manages to make you feel relationship-retarded in one way or another (whether attached or single).  And Beru had a wonderful and heartfelt post that she made last week.

My last boyfriend (the controlling, self-absorbed prick) and I were together for 4 years.  After I left him, I moved in with my old roommate from college.  She introduced me to WoW and the rest, they say, is history. 

When I think back, most of the boyfriends/relationships that I’ve had in my life I’ve met while participating in hobbies that I was into at the time.  My highschool boyfriend and I met during a retreat for the church youth group I was involved in at the time.  As most highschool romances go, things fizzled as we went off to college to start new lives/identities. 

In college I was highly involved in my sorority.  At one point I was living “the dream.”  I was president of my house, dating the tall and handsome president of one of the best fraternities on campus.  I was the envy of other girls.  We went to date functions together, I was there to root him on during his intramural games, he took me on vacations during spring break/winter break.  Really, it’s was how I always dreamed it was going to be.  Then, in the summer before my senior year, he dumped me.  I’ve never been more devastated.  I think it was mainly because it was the first time I had really felt love/been in love with someone.  It’s hard to ever see yourself happy with anyone else when you truly believed you had already found that one person that was right for you.  But sometimes, things just don’t work out as you have them planned to. 

Fast forward a year or so, and my next boyfriend I met out at a karaoke bar that I frequented.  (I got really into karaoke for a while there, and seriously, it draws quite a unique group of “regulars”).  As my love for karaoke fizzled, so did my relationship.  Shortly there after, I started playing poker very regularly, where I met the controlling, self-absorbed prick, we know how that goes… and here I am today.  Single, and with a new hobby. 

I have a point here with all this background, I promise.  So I got to thinking the other day about why it is that in the last two years I haven’t met somebody.  I have had dates, even sexual relations (gasp!) but no real long-lasting connections. 

For the last two years my hobby has been World of Warcraft.  I enjoy the play style, the challenge, the atmosphere and the people I have met because of it.  It takes up a lot of my free time, which in the past has been any of a number of things.  Yes, at times it was TV, at times it was sorority life, at times it was karaoke and at times it was poker. 

Is my interest in playing World of Warcraft restricting my romantic possibilities?

I sorta think it is.

Yes, ok, I know where you are at now… “How about you just meet someone in WoW?”  So let’s talk about meeting someone in World of Warcraft. 

I would not shy away from this possibility.  I feel like, look… I’m normal, well-socialized own my own house/car/have a good career, I’m disease free and mentally stable AND I play World of Warcraft.  I’m sure there are plenty of guys I interact with online that are in the same boat as I. 

And interact I do. Being a single girl, in a guild filled with mostly single men does have its perks.  There is always flirtation going on.  All people love to flirt.  When someone shows interest in you it’s flattering.  I have always been a big flirt, and as we all know that flirting can be quite the ego boost, it makes you feel wanted, it just feels good, period. 

So here I am, getting these good feelings by interactions I’m having with guild members. Some of my romantic/relationship needs are being met. Is this causing me to not go else where to seek out flirtation and in turn the reason I’m not meeting someone?  

This type of activity is pretty par for my course.  In every hobby I’ve had, there’s been flirtation, romance, fun, etc.  What makes my WoW hobby different is that these flirtations have very little chance to develop into something more.  Although we are close by one another in Azeroth, in real life the distance is far.

Ok, so I don’t have a good way of ending this.  Maybe I just haven’t met someone, maybe it’s just not my time yet.  WoW may have nothing at all to do with it.  I may be scapegoating here. 

Chin up.

Shaking my Money Maker!

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on January 26, 2011 by theerivs

Thanks to Oakstout for his suggestion to me regarding the quality of Carolina Cheerleaders.

Anywho well I do like to make a copper or two, and World of Warcraft has the best meta game in any MMO, and that’s making gold, lots of it. So my little foray into the Cobalt Ore/Bar business pretty much a flop. I’m going to hold onto my left over stock until it dies down.

The thing I’m making a killing in now…BAGS!…damn right. Netherweave bags on my server are going for 20-25g a bag, Frostweave for 200-250 a bag. I’m cashing in on this cashcow cause I don’t know how long it will last. It really is Ridonkulous. So check out bags on your server, see where they are at.

Plus being a mage, farming for cloth is easy….peasy.

One other thing I noticed people selling their Haunted Mementos for 5-6k. Yea that waste of bank space is up for sale, hope some sucker buys it. I hated that douchebag ghost following me around.

Rift: Butter…Butter…No..Parkay.

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on January 26, 2011 by theerivs

There was a series of commercials when I was a kid where this tub of Parkay would tell this person it was butter, then last-minute would confess its parkay margerine.

When playing Rift..that’s how I felt. It was like it was trying to tell me it was like every other MMO, then it would do something and go…”AHA we’re Rift”

I’m still in the starter zone, so I don’t want to nit pick it apart. but I want to give you some honest opinions.

Things I like….

1. Graphics – They are pretty sharp, and I even dumbed them down to look at the lower spectrum of things.

2. Hardly any bugs – For a beta that’s the least amount of bugs I ever encountered. I was impressed.

3.Familarity- Using alot of MMO conventions it wasn’t a difficult game to understand, or get into. It’s taking some of the best things of MMO’s and making them theirs.

4. Character Creation - Pretty cool for an MMO. Impressed they added some darker tones, and just alot of choices to make.

5. Class System – There is a whole lot to this, and I just scratched the surface.

Now it’s time to nit pick a bit….Things I don’t quite like.

1. Lag - Yeah it’s beta, yeah a lot of people are playing but it was pretty bad at times.

2. Storyline/Lore - Uninteresting, and Really Blah. I was just rushing through the quests, and not reading them at all.

3. Races-Again uninspiring, and generic. Do something different a bit, World of Warcraft has undead, and werewolves.

4. Class System – Wait? What? Thought I said I liked it. I did for the most part, but there’s something that doesn’t sit right with me. Maybe cause I pick a Paladin, I pick another soul supposed to go with it, like a Void Knight.  Defensive, plus Defensive?  I think I may try to think outside the box, and try something different, like Paladin/Champion or something like that.

5. Life Bar – Over my  head when combat starts, how do you turn that shite off?

6. Ambient Sounds – Annoying Sim like talk in a city is annoying.


I kinda like the game, it’s not a WoW killer I think, nor the greatest thing since sliced bread, but it has a lot of positives. I’ll keep testing it, and running it through its paces. Who knows I might even pre-order it, but I’m still not totally convinced.

Rifts: Just the Tip!

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on January 25, 2011 by theerivs

It’s like when a stripper is giving me a lapdance, and I feel a little movement down there. I was watching the Warrior Rift Video. I got to admit I got a little excited. Like I told Stillwater, I just want to stick the tip in, see how it feels.

Thanks to Scary, I got a Beta Key. I’m actually looking forward to trying out the warrior. I’m not hyped about this game, just a little curious about it.

Things I am concerned about.

Complexity - That Soul System looks daunting.

Itemization - So many ways to go in terms of your class how does Itemization work, Will my armor have everything I need if I want to Tank, and PvP?

Effective - How effective of a tank will I be if I do spec some PvP, or vice versa.

Some things that excite me –

Warrior Pet Class? - In the video looked like there was a pet with the Warrior, I could be wrong.

Void Knight - Just the name sounds cool.

Dual Wielding - The guy jumping wielding 2 weapons was cool as hell.

Tanking - Tanking that big guy brought good ole memories of Gruul to me.

Polished - The game does look polished as hell.

So we’ll see what the future holds. I can’t promise anything but I will give it a shot.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even like it enough to shell out some dough.

I am not a Moral Philosopher, as you know.

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on January 24, 2011 by theerivs

There was a short-lived sitcom in the nineties called “Men behaving Badly” in the US which was derived from an English Sitcom which ran longer. I believe it was ahead of its time. There was one segment where Rob Schneider is posed a dilemma, and he replies, “Well I’m not a Moral Philosopher as you know.”

Tobold’s recent thoughts about MoralityFreedom of Choice,  and Blogging Standards have me thinking. Let’s start at the beginning with Morality.

I am not a Moral Philosopher, but I play games for the most selfish reasons, I derive pleasure from it. I get some fix to my cerebral cortex that I get when I interact with those little pixels. Hell if I was really a moral person shouldn’t I be building homes for the homeless, I am not saying we as gamers are immoral people, but to say that we should bring morals into play while gaming is kind of well absurd to me. We are playing a game where the point is to kill other things, is this not immoral in itself? When I PvP my objective is to crush my enemy, see them driven before me, and hear the lamentation of the women…not to play paddy-cake with them.

Do I tank because I have some moral obligation, no I tank because I enjoy it. If there is a shortage of tanks in a game, then the game developer must look at the why isn’t tanking fun. I got burned out of it because I was thrust in a leadership role all to often, and I was tired of being the “go-to” guy. So I made my mage, did that make me less of a team player, no I did my part as a team. I went back to tanking because I enjoy the challenge of it, and I am an attention whore.

I think viewing DPS as immoral because they are more fun to play, in a game where we are supposed to have fun playing is like saying it’s wrong to eat chocolate chip cookies, because they taste good.  

Now with that said, Morality is not why we succeed, It’s greed and ambition. I want to get to the next level, the next gear, I want to destroy my objective, I want to crush the enemy. I can not do this alone, so I must form a team. For the sake of success, I must play a part of this team. I must grow this team to be killers. Thus we must have rules, or laws if you will. 

We do not have freedom of choice if we want to succeed at something, If I want to be a bum, and waste my time under a street begging for change, I sure can do that, I have that freedom….but I like driving my new car with the tunes bumping, and a chick next to me hopefully rubbing something on me. In the most basic of games, Monopoly, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders there is no Freedom of Choice, you do prescribed action, you get prescribed result. Same with life, you do something, you have consequences. Freedom of choice is an illusion in games, as well as in life it doesn’t exist, and if you think it does then you are a diluted fool who views the world in rose-colored glasses. Your Freedom of choice goes as far as are you willing to pay the consequence for your action, if so…then have at it.

Blogging Standards, I have none. this is all my opinion, not fact, there is no source but my own twisted Lawful Evil mind.  A standard is an agreed upon way of doing things. Well this is my domain, and in my domain I make the laws. Thus the only standards I have to conform to are mine.

Weekly Lagout

Posted in MMORPG with tags on January 21, 2011 by theerivs

WoW - It looks like the Lowlife/Cataclysm honeymoon is over, damn Rift. Oh well. I will be keeping the home fires burning. Just leveling my toons, and keep on…keeping on.

Rift – I’m looking at the Races, nothing is striking my fancy. Though Deviant does sound up my alley.

DC Online - After I heard all the shitty reviews, fuck that.

Faxion Online- Actually has me intrigued, thanks Scary… I might just research it a bit.

High Latency Love –

Gonna give some love to my girl Ch0bie, she was a goblin shaman who I met in Warhammer Online. One of the best players I met, even if she does have a Vagina…so she says…This is her personal blog, but show her some High Latency Love.

Bootae is a great Warhammer player, and great blogger. Always a big supporter of mine, plus he plays the best class ever the Chosen. It looks like he may be looking at Rift. I hope to one day chew some dirt with him on a game or two. Stop by his blog, and show some love.

Something Funny.

Blizzards new MMO based on Molten Core… AWESOME!

With that….


A Little Nostalgia

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on January 21, 2011 by theerivs

Being an ancient in the MMO world that I am,  there are some things that I miss about the days of yore, which just don’t happen these days that much or at all.

1. Climbing Walls - In Dark Ages of Camelot, your stealther class, in this case my Inflitrator was able to climb walls, gank some sap inside a castle, and get the hell out. I miss that. I miss climbing walls.

2. Milegates - In Dark Ages we also had Milegates in these PvP zones, where it would be an awesome standoff place. These gates were like fortress walls, where one can hang out, and defend. Some epic battles at these mile gates

3. 40 Man Raiding - It was just awesome feat to get these up and running smooth. This is when a Raid Leader was truly a leader. Also it was like a mini party. :)

4. True World PvP - Before there were BG’s there was Crossroad battles, and Southshore/Tarren Mill wars. I miss those. Now PvP is always in zones, or battlegrounds.

5. Pride - Faction Pride/Guild Pride/ Class Pride seem nonexistent these days.


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