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I’m balls deep in my first week of WoW sobriety. I’m sleeping more restfully, breathing easier and I’m tasting flavors in foods that I haven’t enjoyed in years.

Wait. Nevermind. That’s what happened when I quit smoking cigarettes.

Actually, my WoW sobriety has been fairly uneventful. I managed to join a fail pug group on my last night of play with a tank and raid leader that sounded like Justin Bieber. It was just the kind of playtime I needed to usher me out with no regrets.  

But yeah… I’ll admit it, I’ve found myself wanting to play. I even tried to login once to see if I could. Like the WoW gods were going to raindown some free prepaid game time… riiiiight.  


I want some crack!

WoW is addictive. We’ve all heard of it referred to as World of Warcrack. I decided to do a little research to see just how true this is. I’ll be taking some direct quotes that I’ve gathered from Crack Addiction helpsites and we’ll see how much it sounds like WoW Addiction. (I’m assuming I may be getting a phone call later from my work’s Advice and Counsel department regarding “any drug addiction problems myself or a family member might be facing.” – Well worth it.)

Crack addiction can be either social or solitary. Although it is not a party drug like ecstasy or crystal meth, people often gather to smoke it in crack houses. Conversely, people who are using crack in an attempt to escape depression or other mental illnesses will often smoke it alone.

 WoW addiction can be either social or solitary.  Although it has party chat, it is not something that is typically played during a house party – however, people do gather to play it  in the case of the LAN party.  Conversly, people who are awkward in social situations or have severe mental issues are allowed full anonymity in WoW and are able to embrace their true douchebaggery using the fabled “Trade Chat.”

Usually, a great deal of time is spent in activities necessary to get the substance. The user may begin to take time off work regularly, disappear frequently on mysterious errands, or make excuses for going to the bank, the pawn shop or particularly low-end neighborhoods. In the house, they may “secrete” themselves in the bathroom or the basement, claiming to have ailments or to be working on projects.     

Usually, a great deal of time is spent raiding in order to get the appropriate gear.  The player may begin to take time off work regularly, disappear frequently into his gaming den or make excuses for going to Target to obtain more prepaid playtime.  He may even risk going to the Target on the northside.  In the house, they may “jizz” themselves into a gaming room covered in powerbar wrappers, empty 5-hour energy bottles, doritos bags and mountain dew cans – claiming to be so close to downing the Lich King, if only they could find a disc priest worth a damn at dispelling ailments.

When a user is on crack, one will notice an increase in talkativeness and energy. The user will discuss grandiose plans or embark on often unachievable projects. When the high wears off, they will become irritable, easily angered and sleep excessively. They usually have no appetite and lose weight quickly. Personal grooming declines.

When a user is playing WoW, one will notice an increase in leet speak and hand speed.  The user will discuss grandiose plans like hitting the gold cap or embark on often unachievable projects like The Insane title.  After feeling the high of pwning noobs in one BG, if the next one is not as successful they will become irritable, easily angered and litter battleground chat with blame and curse.  They usually have no appetite (aside from the aformentioned gamer grub) but suprisingly do not lose weight quickly.  Personal grooming declines.


I think it’s fair to say the similarities are a bit scary.

A Look Back at Wrath

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As we wind down Wrath, and start to head into Cataclysm, I want to share my favorite parts of Wrath of the Lich King, and I hope Blizzard builds on that.

1. Phasing Technology – Man when I first looked at this it was truly innovative. You made a difference in the world you were playing. I liked it alot.

2. Some Better Quests – Say what you want about the Deathknights starting area, but when you were confronted with a person you knew from the past, and you had to kill them, that was some bold storytelling there. More of the same please..

3. The Fall and Rise of the Raid - When they introduced the ToC it felt like Raiding was no more, then they restored my faith with ICC. It was a great comeback, and some really different encounters. A mark of a good raid is the amount of times you hear people mimick bosses in your guild vent, and when I hear, “Good news everybody, the slime pipes are working again”…I just smile.

4. Vehicle Combat/Jousting – Though not a huge fan of it, I thought it was pretty neat in a MMO to have it, and I thought with a few tweaks it really could be awesome. I think they are on to something, and for what it’s worth it was something I never saw in an MMO.

5. Some cool plot twists – When the Forsaken bomb everyone to hell at Wrathgate, I was like Keanu in the Matrix – Whoa!

Sure there’s alot more cool things, and there is probably ALOT of sucky things, overall WotLK brought some new things to the table, and I really look forward to what Blizzard puts on the plate for Cataclysm.

Life ain’t nothing but Bitches, and Money.

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“Life ain’t nothing but Bitches, and Money” from the song Gangsta, Gangsta by NWA.

I was thinking about this today as I was eating lunch at the local strip joint tossing singles at women, whilst I dine on a carb/fat laden greasy hamburger, and drink a frosty Bud.  That some women are up in arms, about this video.  I don’t really know why, it’s not something new about our way of life.

Some of them say that this video is from the devil, and this video is ok, because it’s satirical or a parody.  Don’t get me wrong isn’t it a parody of a song… That’s the whole point to be a parody, to try to take things to an outrageous point where it pokes fun at things. That reminds me the original isn’t that fricking empowering to women…California girls flouncing around in their bikini tops…Seriously? We are having issues with the parody of this song, I think someone needs to start with the original.

The problem doesn’t lie with these girls, or gamers. It’s our society, Girls whore themeselves out for money, because our society allows it. Tell you the truth I would too if I could. If I could slap on a sexy outfit for a few minutes show some cleavage, and get paid copious amounts of money for little work. Sign me the hell up. If I was a girl I would single-handedly move the feminist movement back 20 years. 

I’m going to say something radical….I think the fault lies with Mothers of the world. A mans first view of womenhood is their mother, everything they first learn about women is from their Mother, maybe they are failing somewhere to instill the right attitude about women into their Sons, perhaps it is women themeselves who are perpetrating these denegrations on women by allowing them to happen, and promoting them by saying it’s ok to their son’s.

But I digress… Is it wrong, or right, bad, or good? That is for every individual to decide, but it fits in the frame and context of  what our society is about, and I am a social creature. 

Oh snap, the stripper just dropped from the pole and did the splits, gotta run!

R.I.P. R.P.

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So I think everyone who even casually knows me, knows I hate RP.  I think it has no place in WoW, and you know what I think secretly Blizzard is on my side.

Is RP dead?

No not really, but I think it’s dyeing.  People are keeping it on life support, and I think as we head into Catalysm alot more of the number will drop, then an influx of noobs might go along way to kill it.

What is killing RP….

1.Creation of LFG tool – that hampers getting to know people. The LFG tool has eliminated the fact that you use to have to talk to people to find groups. The less social interaction the better.  Less social interaction means less chance for the RP’ers to open their trap.

2. The Pornshire Police – When Blizzard starts policing those damn ERP’ers it will scare alot of them away I would hope. ERP’er make a majority of the RP’ers up. Their like the Cockroaches of the RP world, toss a light on, they go running for under the fridge.

3. The Elitists RP’ers. – Alot of infighting with the RP elite, hurt their cause. I don’t like to mention names, but It’s there. The Elitists themeselves are destroying RP with their holier than though Elitist attitude, and I love that.

Things in Cataclysm, that I hope help destroy RP….

Worgen- I think the type of player that this race will attract isn’t going to be the one’s that like to RP. I think they will rip a hole into RP literally, more so than Deathknights.

Crappier Lore – As the thread of Lore gets more stretched,and twisted… this will sour the old guard. Old maxim of severing the head, the rest will die I think is ever so true here.

People being too busy to RP – You got to level, farm, and new raids. People won’t have time to sit around an Inn, and talk about good the fake food is.

Will Cataclysm be the death knell for RP, I don’t know….but here’s to hoping.

Going back to where I started…well sorta

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Jong just asked me about being a Prot Pally. It’s true I reached 80 on my Prot Pally I started way back when, and I am gearing her up. (Yes she is a female toon, because if you remember I started her for my little gender experiment )

A little brief history of this game, I took up tanking in Vanilla cause my guild needed a tank. I played a Prot Warrior, though I always had a Mage toon, and played him as well. The Tank was always my main, until near the end of BC, when I got burned out on Tanking.  Tanking was sometimes stressful because everyone was looking to you for leadership. I grew weary of that. I just wanted to stand in the back, and make sure my aggro didn’t go through the roof.

Well I’ve been missing tanking, and looking at crotches. I started the Pally because of their versatility. I have to tell you the truth, I do love tanking on them. It’s alot easier than being a Vanilla Prot Warrior, and it’s not a pain to grind mobs solo. When I had to farm on the Prot Warrior, I just got sour.  

Some Random Thoughts…

1. Gearing up is costing me a asston of gold. Though it’s well worth it,  I’m sitting at 4.4k on fail gearscore, so I’m getting there.

2. It’s great I can actually do alot of the BC dungeons solo now, not like the mage where ramparts was pretty much the limit.

3. I wish there were more shields in the game, or at least cooler graphic ones…where’s my old Flaming Skullshield.

4. I bought some honor commendations with my stonekeeper shards, when I turn them in the my blood elf female does this little shimmy dance, I thought it was funny.

5.  The LFG tool is really cool as a tank, fast queues are awesome…as dps not as cool. 30 minute queues….not so good.

6. People love hot blood elf tanks more than ugly undead mages….so it seems.

7. No portal spam for the win. You just don’t know how sick I am to walk into Org, and get 3 whispers, “Can Iz gets a port to Dal?”

8. 5k for epic flying, don’t think I’ll be getting that just yet.

9. Pally Tanking even though there are some differences, it’s really cosmetic. Alot of the same principles with the rotations and such.

10. I enjoy the nervous feeling I get when I encounter a new boss again, since I know alot of what I’m doing as a mage, it’s kind of nice to get those butterflies again.

Overall I really am enjoying my pally alot, but the mage isn’t hung up for good. Brought him out for a little raiding Saturday. I blew some shit up….way up.

Weekly Lagout

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WoW - A week of ups and down, and depleting my gold supply. My new Pally really cost me a pretty penny. I got a lot of decent gear of the AH, and through crafting it myself.  I’m at 4248 gearscore so getting there slowly. I’ll be cranking out the heroics like none other, the great thing about being a tank…insta-mother-fricking-queue.  In terms of gold wise, I ain’t totally busted but going from 20k+ to about 7k…really broke my heart.  Welp back to the economic grindstone.

Other Games – I am seriously on the fence about coming back to WAR.  Alot of cool things are coming up…Skaven…hello?  The chance to play with some Euro friends would be cool too.

High Latency Love -

Syp at Bio Break, had an awesome post on why MMO’s spoiled single player games for him…he took the word’s right out of my mouth, so I gotta give him mad props.

Firespirit of at Light’s Fury has a wonderful post on Blogging, go Fire some HLL.

High Latency Smacktalk

Jong talking smack on Prot Pallies, since I’m fricking now an Awesome Prot Pally now, go ahead give him some shit.  I think we ALL know Prot Pallies, way cooler than Ret Pallies, or Prot Warriors for that matter.

Still Mages are cooler than everyone…I’m just saying.

Something Funny….

Yeah I can totally see me doing this…

With that…


Better late than never.

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Yeah, so here is my Thursday post… coming at you with 2 hours to spare.

We had the auditors at the Bank this week.  It is always the absolute worst.  I feel totally drained and I’m so happy that it’s over.  It’s not an excuse for my tardiness, but an explanation of sorts.

Anywho, onto video game related matters:

My WoW prepaid time ends on September 12, and I am going out with a bang.  Pretty much every “project” I have been working on in-game has come to completion in the last few days.  Allow me a few pixels here to brag:

Last week I finally finished my Netherwing rep and got my mount. I went with green cause it matches my Blood Elf eyes. I am sad that the booterang is no more.

This Saturday, after many failing attempts throughout my WoW career, I finally found a group that was able to complete "For The Horde." As an avid PVPer this is one achievement I had been wanting for some time and I'm happy to have under my belt now. Really all it took was an excellent tank, 2 excellent healers and 3-4 excellent DPS. The rest were a bunch of scrubs that got carried, but hey... isn't that what WoW is all about?

Yeah yeah yeah... this isn't really all that special. Anyone with half a brain and an hours time can complete the Echo Isle questline. But this just tickled me. FOLLOW ME TROLL PATROL!!!

I'm sad to see my time in Nagrand ending. I really loved the PVP opportunities that consistently popped up while farming rep here.

No Aged Yolk this time!! Finally... my most desired mount, hatched in my bag. I have done /mountspecial atleast 30 times.

So what’s left?  Hmmm… nothing really.  I have no rep that I am currently farming, no mounts I’m trying to get…. I think it is an appropriate time for me to say goodbye to WoW for a while.

Why am I adamant about unsubscribing?  I am addicted to WoW.  I need to know I can go without it.  Plain and simple.  I will be back for Cataclysm, I assure you.  But for now, we are gonna see what it is like going without.

“If you love something, let it go. If it comes back, it’s yours forever.



Wow, It’s Thursday isn’t it?

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And yeah, I’m not prepared at all. I have some stuff I want to talk about but all the pictures and stuff are on my home computer.

So yeah, I’ll be updating today, but it won’t be til later.


Until then…. enjoy this:

There is talk that Zul'Gurub may be going away in Cataclysm. Make sure to get your tiger mounts while you still can!


Echo Isles Liberation

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Well we must be drawing near to Cataclysm, cause the devs are ramping up the live events.

So I got an in-game mail from a troll. Ya mon, the trolls need your help taking back the Echo Isles…. So here is what it entails, and then give you my thoughts.

What you need to do…

1. Go to Senjin Village.

2. Talk to someone and fetch frogs. (Good Luck with this one since, everyone and their mother are here)

3. Ride a bat and toss frogs.

4. Become a Were-tiger, and fight a tiger.

5. Talk to someone, and watch a dance.

6. Join a huge battle against the evil of Echo Isles.

What you get…

An Achievement, some gold about 60, which is good for the time invested, and an item that turns you into a troll.

My Thoughts…

I don’t know I thought of something a little more epic. Catching frogs really?  The battle was a little cool, but the dialogue was pure stupidity, and when these mask “spirits”  joined the fight, I was like, “GTFO” from the sheer moronic of it.

I think they could have done a better job, and this little bit has me a tad frightened as to what Cataclysm will bring to the table.

Rape isn’t a good thing.

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I think we can all agree I am no Feminist, heck I am probably one chromosome away from being a Neanderthal. There are words though in the english language that in it’s meaning and intent are spoken to drive a dagger home so to speak.

There was an article that was in EGM this month that got me thinking about it, and I came across these posts, that really led me to move on this topic.  This is not a man, or a woman issue. 1 in 33 men are raped, or sexually molested. So I know alot of guys scream it’s the feminists whining about our male dominated game culture. It isn’t.

This is an issue with our society, and it’s a bigger issue with the gaming community in general.  I hear my little teenage nephew scream through his Xbox live, “I just raped you!”, or “BAM, you just got raped son”. To him it’s just a word. It means he just totally destroyed someone.  To me it’s more than that. Having been through the prison system where the danger of being raped is constant, or when I walked the halls of a battered womans shelter where alot of women were not just beaten, but raped.

Gaming in itself is filled with violence, so I understand there will be violent words attached to it. Words, like murder, own, kill, destroy, etc…etc.  Which is odd I don’t take issues with that. Rape on the other hand is not only a violent word, it’s an act used since the dawn of time, not only as a violent act, but to denigrate that person.

Personally I don’t use the word in my normal rhetoric, like I don’t use alot of other words, not because I’m some uptight person, it’s because even though it’s just a word, there are bad and terrible acts associated to that word. It brings up horrible images in my head, ones that not only I seen but lived through.

Forgive them…for they know not what they do.

I think it’s just alot of Gamers aren’t bad , evil or maleific. I think it’s just what is normal, or expected of them. Sometimes the “normal” thing isn’t the right thing. I think Germany learned that lesson the hard way.

Young gamers  don’t understand the real history, concepts, or the damage of rape.  I think it’s up to us the older gamers to step forward and not put up with ignorance, and that is all this is, it’s pure ignorance.  

There is a part of a quote that I love, that I read long..long ago, so long I forgot the author.

“There are those that know not, and do not know they know not…they are ignorant – teach them.  There are those that know not, and know they know not…they are fools – shun them”  ` Author Unknown

So next time you scream over vent that you raped that boss, think about what your actually saying, and promoting.


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