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Masterdebation with Rivs, and Bee

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Topic: In World of Warcraft,  Whats more difficult in terms of skill, gear, talent, etc… PvE, or PvP?

Riv says
Anything in WoW is dependent on two things, Gear, and Skill. I always believed skill is worth more then gear, but as you get better and better gear things do get easier no matter what your doing PvPing, or PvEing. Mind you this is an observation, but I feel PvE is harder in terms of it’s end game raiding. I tell you why.
1. Good PvE gear is harder to get, I can get 1k resilience, and doable PvP gear in a matter of weeks, not months like good, decent PvE gear.
2. More coordination is involved, and you need to follow the strat, I’m working with 9 to 24 other people, and we need to be on point to make things happen.
3. If PvE was so simple, everyone would be walking around with Kingslayer titles.
4. When I PvP, it usually boils down to solo act, or zerg action, and zerging as we all know takes no skill.
5. Resilience has made PvP easier, Once you have it, you live longer, thus you take more chances.
6. PvP is more forgiving, I can still PvP with crappy gear, While you won’t be able to raid if you can’t pull your weight.
7. There’s no skill in Arena, it’s all about gear, and class combos. Like a giant game of rock, paper, scissors.
8. It takes more planning, and preperation to be involved in raiding, in terms of making sure you have stuff for buffs, and right class combos.
9. In PvE, you fail, your team fails, your locked out. In PvP your failure only lasts as long as the BG, or Arena your in.
10. In PvP everyone is a winner, regardless if you lose or win, you get honor to buy better gear. In PvE you don’t kill anything, you get shite.
For these reasons I believe PvE is for lack of a better term… is more difficult. Now lets hear what  Bee has to say on this, if she can stop shopping for shoes online for a second, or whatever girls do with there spare time.

Bee Says….

I can think of 2 main reasons that PVP is harder than PVE.


  1. An ever-changing landscape of play. PVE is predictable. You have the ability to study the mechanics of a boss fight in order to get better and eventually achieve success. Although the basic structure of a BG or Arena will always be the same – the forces against you will always be different. There is no way to plan.
  2. No choice of teammates. When forming a PVE raid you have the ability to carefully pick and choose each raid member based upon their spec/abilities/gear/non-combat pet/sexy-vent-voice. In a BG, you could queue as a party with up to 5 people – however, not everyone has such luxuries. Even if you do, you will still have at least half of your team that could be complete morons. It only takes one of these morons to cap snowfall graveyard.

Basically, you can think of PVP as a raid where you have no choice in who is on your raid team and no idea who you will be fighting against. To be fair… You do find out where you will be playing and who you will be playing with and against a whole two minutes before the round begins.  Don’t worry, that’s plenty of time  properly buff each player and determine a strategy for success – all without knowing the abilities of your enemy.  Also, there is no vent in most BG’s. Better learn to type and run at the same time.

Now, Arenas are a different beast all together. I will just simply state, that arenas have no real predictability. Yes you can setup winning teams – and some work better than others. But, I know when I’m raiding ICC that Professor Putricide isn’t going to surprise me. I know his abilities. I have infinite time to prepare to fight against him. I know if the tank in the group is doing his job that I will never have to worry about getting Putricide aggro. In Arena play, you can prepare and study… but you never really can know what the other team might throw your way. Riv says it’s all about gear and class combos. Well I could say the same of raiding. Do you know what classes the most recent team to win Blizzard’s 5-man arena tournament consisted of? Four rogues and a frost mage. Yes, I realize that 5v5 was played for bragging-rights only. I just point this out to show that Arenas are not always so cut and paste. If you had told me a 5v5 team with no healer was gonna take the top spot, I probably would have laughed in your face.

The gear system for PVP, due to the recent increases in honor earned per battleground (and also the advent of random battlegrounds), has become a lot easier. I’ll admit that. However, it still takes an extreme amount of dedication and skill (2200+ Arena rating) to obtain all of the very best Wrathful gear items. So yes, you grind time in BG’s and farm arena points to get a nice relentless/wrathful gear set. But that’s all you’re gonna be able to do without having some major dedication and skill. PVE gear grind could be as simple as farming daily heroics. Two frost badges a day + a long ass time = a four-set bonus T10 gear set. (add in a weekly 10man/25 man pug of ICC and the weekly raid for even faster frost badge accumlation). I’m comfortable saying  a decent PVE set is just as easy to farm for as a decent PVP set. It doesn’t take a huge amount of skill or class knowledge.  You can be carried through daily heroics just as easily as your team in a BG can carry you. 

In closing, PVP is a greater test of a player’s skill because it is unpredictable. I think some loveable retard once said something about a box of chocolates… wish I could remember, wait was that you who said that Rivs? I bet it would be appropriate here.

Sindragosa is a Feminist or a Role Player

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Cause she hates my guts with a passion that rivals these two groups, I think anyone that reads me knows that I’m not on the favorites list of Role Players, and most recently Feminists.  So I firmly believe Sindragosa is in league with them.

My guild and I mop through ICC 10, like we were hot knifes through butter, but when we hit Sindragosa, we seriously hit a wall. The wall is Phase 2, where she starts Ice Tombing individuals it just starts to go haywire at that phase.  We can’t get her lower then 10%. I mean were not all that stupid.  We reviewed strat videos, and strat techniques, tried to do different things like when someone is ice tombed, we would have one go to front leg, other to back leg stuff like that.

Tip:  As a mage DPS something that really helped me in this fight. Is making a macro to /target ice tomb

After 2 hours of working on her last night….someone messed up, and destroyed an ice tomb too soon, and a frost orb just wiped a raid, we all busted out laughing over vent. That’s why I like this guild, I don’t hear many negative nellies…oh and that was some -50dkp for that person.

So any good tips?

Warhammer Woes

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Let’s get back to the business of talking games. Lately there has been a malaise feeling in WAR, I feel it within the guild, the faction, even myself when I log in it feels  like blah!.

The problem is I can’t put my finger on it. I love the game. Perhaps it’s the fact  I have a massive grind to go in renown, or it’s just the malaise of everyone else effecting me, or the fact that they got rid of someone I respect within the gaming community immensely, perhaps it’s summer blues hitting Warhammer as well. (World of Warcraft is getting hit my pre-expansion/summertime blues).

I think Mythic needs to hit us with something big, and mind blowing to get the world to sit up, and take notice again. Alas the more and more I think about it, it seems they are in maintenance mode.

Shove your “ism” where the sun don’t shine.

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Recently I was called out,  it vexed me because to me they were saying this guy is an example of why we are pushing our agenda. I hate all “isms” whether it is Feminism, or Elitism. They all have the fundamental same crap going on. They think the world owes them something, when really it doesn’t. The world isn’t fair, I faced my challenges, you have yours. Does it make it right that people are looked down upon, or treated poorly because of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc, etc… No it doesn’t make it right.

This is the main reason I hate “ism’s” they are quick to point out the wrong or ills of society, but when you come to them with positive stuff, and solutions they try to excuse you summarily, or try to say your derailing the conversation. Society has many ill’s most based out of Fear, Fear of Change, Fear of the Unknown, Fear of being that which you hate.  I read a quote, I don’t know the author but it said, “We hate that which we see a little part of ourselves”  Like the Homophobe who hates homosexuals because they fear, and hide the fact that they indeed might be a homosexual.

“Isms” don’t belong in games,  I think some people need to pick their forums better, most game players usually don’t give a rats ass whether how they treat the opposite sex, heck go to the Barren’s Chat, and you will really know.  It’s like every time you go past GO in monopoly you get to hear the vagina monologues. How fun is that? Not very unless you do have a vagina.

I just want to touch on privilege, I would be naive if I said it doesn’t exist at all, but I think there is two sides to every coin. For example, it says in 38, about women doing the most repetitive, unrewarding  jobs of the house…Oh really cutting the grass, is fun…really? I love lifting heavy shit because the couch doesn’t look right there….and really do you need to scream bloody murder for me across the house when you see a spider, and have me kill it.  Personally as for privilege, I’m just another ugly fat white guy, and I never got things my way…ever. I’m sure if I was Brad Pitt the story might be different, but it’s not. 

I’m not saying your problems or arguments are moot, they are quite valid. The problem is it’s a society issues, and the only way to change that is the majority of the society has to change their way of thinking. This doesn’t happen overnight, many things are getting better for those who are not White Anglo Saxon Male, and the media confirms this.

The only person I can control is me. So I live by a couple of rules when dealing with people, I don’t care if your male, female, transgender, homosexual, bisexual, white, black, yellow, red, or purple.

1. Civility - If I come up to a stranger, I will say please and thank you. Treat them with a cordial attitude. If they are rude, and mean to me. I will cut them down to size with every weapon at my disposal, if that just so happens that you’re a woman, yea I might say something mean in that regard.

2. Respect is earned, not given - I don’t bow to anyone, and it’s usually my way or the highway, but if you earned my respect through your actions, then I will stand up with you at the Gates of Hell themselves. I don’t even have to like you to respect you, it helps though.

3. We are all different – Celebrate that fact, because it adds to the fun of it all. If I played with 20 River’s I’d be bored to tears.

4. Do the right thing, simply because it is the right thing to do - Unless you’re a sociopath, you know the difference between right and wrong.

5. Words have consequences A fellow blogger, and friend said this to me, she is right. I may say something like, “bitch” doesn’t mean I hate women, and want to oppress them. I should remember though, that words to carry their own weight, and people judge me on what I say, as well as what I do.

5. Don’t be a sheep – even I am caught up sometimes when in a group of people, sometimes I let things go too far. One must have the strength to stand by their convictions.

A final word to all those “Ism’s” out there pointing out how bad I am, you just make me get defensive, and close my eyes, and ears to what you are saying.  I don’t think your agenda has a place in video games, but because we our a society albeit a virtual one it mirrors our real society to some extent. Bottomline to be a better society, we need to start being better people.

As for me, I hate everyone equally.

Weekly Lagout

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I was put on blast, by a bunch of feminazis. I will get to them later. I’m in too good of a mood today, to point out they are wrong. All “~ism’s” are a wrong way to think, because you speak in generalizations. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to be lumped in one group or another. The only person you can control is yourself, and the first thing you have to change is your way of thinking. As for me I treat everyone equally, I hate everyone equally, but I don’t need to like you, to respect you.

WoW  – The Enchanter Wars are heating up on my server. My Crusader Enchants which I use to sell for 200-250g, I’m letting go for 50-75g, just to piss people off. I’m still making profits, and that’s all that counts. Been PvPing alot, there are still a few items I need to get, a pvp trinket or too, I need some more resilience to hit that 1k mark.

WAR - Been kinda meh lately, I do go in time from time and try to get some renown.

High Latency Love -

Their back and on the Horde side…so I got to give them some love. Altaholics Anonymous.

I want to give you two quotes for all those people who whine, and QQ over things that are basically beyond their control.

“I complained about having no shoes, until I saw a man with no feet” ~  Author Unknown.

As a angst ridden teen, I though my life was so bad, I thought there was so many problems, until I played Uno with a homeless guy one day. My problems seemed pretty small and infantile.

“Don’t tell your problems to people: eighty percent don’t care; and the other twenty percent are glad you have them. ” ~ Lou Holtz

And this if you complain, people rarely give a shit, unless it’s their problem too.

Nothing Funny….

Why am I in a good mood today, Lynard Skynard is in town…and this is how I live my life.

Be a Simple Man.

With That….


WoW Battleground Tips and Tricks

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I've been known to bark orders in a bg or two. :)

I’m using my weekly post this week to share some of the tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way.  BG’s are where I spend the majority of my WoW time.  I love them so.  Keep in mind that I assume most of the readers of this are well-versed in the basic mechanic of WoW Battlegrounds.  These aren’t elaborate strategies to win.  They are just helpful suggestions to improve your play.       

I also ask that the readers please share any tips they may have in the comments section.  I love to learn new things!        

Without further ado —      

Specific BG tips/tricks:

Warsong Gulch:
  • Don’t be afraid to defend your faction’s flag from the roof (depending on your class of course). – if you like to play D, it is a great place to “hide” and attack.  Very rarely will the opposing team choose to enter the flag room from the roof.  It gives you a bird’s eye view of who is incoming, and an element of surprise when you attack.
  • On the ramp side for both factions there is a hole in the fence that allows you to stay line of site of the enemy, but still be heading in the right direction.  Use it when necessary.



Arathi Basin:
  • When you slow fall or levitate or parachute from the LM to the BS always go toward the right side.  The terrain on the left side of the BS hill will not allow for you to walk up.
  • Use abilities like mind vision and eagle eye to observe situations at other nodes.  Are teammates at the stables needing help? Is D at the mine weak? You can find out without having to leave your post defending the BS.
  • Use the terrain to your advantage.  Mind-controlling (or whatever spell your character may have) the enemy off the cliff at LM is so satisfying.
Alterac Valley:
  • Make sure to buff the NPC’s for your side.  The faction general (et crew) can receive Kings, MOTW and Shadow Protection. The defenders of the graveyards/tower archers can receive all buffs.
  • If you play defense, get the opposing faction’s members to come inside (death grip works wonders) and let your faction general’s help with the slaying.  If you are on offense and having issues with defenders inside – mind-control them (and let their general take care of business).
Eye of the Storm:
  • Fight inside of the Mage Tower. It is always epic in there, always.
  • This is another instance where you should be using the terrain to your advantage.  Blow guys off at the flag bridge as often as possible. *snickers*
  • You can walk up the side of the bridges to stay out of range of melee classes but still be able to cast heals/damaging spells on the enemy.

I assume this works on the other bridge as well.



Strand of the Ancients:
  • When you have breached the titan portal make sure to click on the big yellow orb.  I swear I didn’t know this for the longest time.  Everyone else may know this, and I may look like an idiot for even saying it, but I don’t care. If it helps one person – then my embarrassment is worth it.
  • When you are placing bombs to blow down the gates – be sneaky about it.  A wrecked demolisher makes for wonderful camouflage.
  • You have the ability to cast spells while in the passenger seat of a demolisher.  You can also dispel the demolishers. Do this often.
Isle of Conquest:
  • Like in AV, take the time to buff your faction’s boss. Same buffs apply.
  • If you use the glaives for attack make sure to keep them out of range of the enemy’s cannon’s.
  • If you use the gunship to attack, when jumping down you can make it on top of the enemy gate.  This is a great place for healers and ranged dps to place themselves out of melee dps range.
  • While in the enemy keep you can pick up bombs for the gate while still mounted.  The only time you would have to dismount is to place the bomb.  Faster the better, amirite?


  • You do not have to start the battle inside the keep if you are on defense.  Spread out, start at/near a workshop.
  • If you stand on or near a place where a spirit healer is, you receive a buff that makes you immune to all damage. (This is a wonderful way to fish unharmed in WG as well).
  • You can kill the opposing faction NPCs (located near bridges and workshops) to gain rank for siege vehicle purchase and weekly quest completion.

Battleground tips (in general):

  • Show enemy name plates/health bars.  Makes life SO much easier. You’ll be able to spot the enemy much faster and see who is closest to death.
  • In any BG where bombs are available always make sure you have one on you and that it is ready for use on an action bar – especially in Wintergrasp.  There is nothing more satisfying then taking down a siege engine single-handedly.  Trust me.
  • Use honor points to buy a Battleground Standard.  Use it frequently! When you use it, hide it in a bush or inside a building so as not to be spotted by the enemy.
  • Use polymorph to your advantage.  Let it do some regeneration to its target (especially if you are low on mana) before cleansing or dispelling.  Obviously, this is very situational, but good to keep in mind.
  • Use an add-on like Power Aura so you know if and when you are missing your buffs.  Derevka, at Tales of a Priest,  does a wonderful explanation of how to set up these features.
  • Be vocal.  Did you see which way the enemy flag carrier went?  Call it out. Are tanks heading toward the gate of the red sun. Call that out, and how many.
  • For the love of God… if you play Horde – NEVER EVER take Snowfall Graveyard.  EVER.

Alright… now enlighten me… Any tips or tricks you have please comment below.

(EDIT: I swear I had more pictures to help this stuff make sense, but as I began adding them to the post the fonts and structure of the post began messing up… I may try to work on this more later, but I wanted to get it out there for now.)

I didn’t come here to socialize.

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Back in the day when I played poker with a close friend of mine, (may he rest in peace), he use to say to the group, “I didn’t come here to socialize”, meaning he’s there to take our money, and that made me laugh.

There’s been quite an uproar over Real ID, I don’t know why, two things come to mind…

1. You don’t have to use it – No one is forcing anything down your throat, don’t like it, don’t use it…quit your bitching.

2. It’s a social MMO, people are there sometimes to socialize, and Blizz is helping them. Good for them..

This brings me to the next point….

Blizzard is trying to do things to keep their game fresh, and I got to give it to them, they are trying. New content, new toys, new way to access WoW through mobile phones, new ways to protect us - Authenticators over mobile phones.  For all the bitching and moaning Blizz may be the 800lb gorilla, but they still keep moving.

A couple things irked me yesterday though -

1. Maintence? Really? 5 years, billions of dollars you can’t get this shit straight.

2. Ruby Sanctum not open yesterday….though will we be seeing the “Instance not available” bullshit, when it does open.

3. New Chat Box look – Full of meh!

Odds and Ends..

1. I bought the Wrathful Gladiator bracers with the haste on them,  sad to say an upgrade in both PvP set, and PvE set.  Gold making has slowed down.

2. I’m in some sort of Enchanter war for scrolls of Crusader Enchant. I’m willing to go balls out and undercut it so much, those other bastages get out of it.

3. Bee is here tomorrow, maybe she will bring the sanity.

4. I am really feeling listless today…I needed more lists.

5. I had a noob moment, I always thought that those quests like “Fuel the Demolishers” you had to kill alliance members in that area to get those quests. Well I had the quest, thought I would take a look for an alliance member, none there. So I farmed elementals, I got what I needed of the elementals….OMG!!!! I’m such a noob!

Ok I’m out, As for me and Real ID…. I didn’t come here to socialize with the likes of you people…

Prayers to the Raven God.

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Ok WAR has hit a little bit of a stagnation. The City Siege Ping Pong is getting tiresome, and the grind for Renown is killing my soul. We need a little livening up of the game me thinks. So I am trying to evoke Divine help from the Ruinous Powers.

My Suggestions…

2x – 3x Renown – Through a Special Event,  or through Special Gear, like BOA gear like WoW. I think if you up the reward for fighting you will get more people fighting. I don’t care just make it happen..

Special Influx of Cool Loot – Some New Weapons will bring the boys to the Yard.

A New Special Event – Maybe Gortek and Felix found a dragon and need your help, or Sorcerors of the Raven God, Have found a powerful Demon of Slannesh, and need your help in culling it. Like just a One Boss. I love to Hit it and Quit it.

Some more News – Ever since they laid of Josh, things have been quiet…too quiet.

May the Blessings of the Raven God be upon us.

Just a quick note.

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Sometimes I notice I get a hit from a blog I never heard of before. I go there, and notice I’m on their blogroll. First of thanks for the Link Love, next I want to make sure your on mine. So if you have a blog, and I’m on your blogroll, and you are not on mine. Please let me know I will rectify the situation.

Also I will be purging some older blogs off my blogroll, if the blog doesn’t see a post in over a month I will remove, unless I loved your blog so much it stays on there in honor of that love.

Oh and the toilet is out of order.


The Management.

Happy Birthday Bruce Campbell

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Give me some sugar baby!


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