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Chicks Dig My Huge Staff

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on May 20, 2010 by theerivs

So last night I hop on to do my usual farming of Righteous Orbs, and boom I get a Ninja Invite. *sigh* Ok what we doing? ICC10. Meh ok, Oh we got to PUG too. /facepalm

We get to work, and things are going way to smooth. Making great time, downing boss after boss. A staff drops, something with an M off Lady Deathwhisper. A PUG Shammie rolls for it, wins.  Now to be honest I’m not a huge loot whore, sure I’m an attention whore, but loot…meh. We keep going we hit Festergut  in no time. We like within an hour almost. Festie drop this Abracadaver.  Shammie rolls for it beats me, but raid leader unbeknownst to me gave it to me, cause the Shaman won something already. So Shammie asks to trade the staff, I thought he won the Abracadaver, and just wanted to give the inferior staff away, so i said sure. Oh wait, hold on Abracadaver is in my bag. Then I looked att he Stats…I said heck no. That Staff is a mages wet dream. Hit, Haste, Summons a corpse dude. Oh it’s mine now Shammie boy. Sure he offered gold too, pfft 350 gold. Ah no.

Then he says, no hard feelings on not trading with him well that’s real nice of him. I guess you roll the dice when you actually roll on loot. You gamble on something now, and you might not get what you want later. I hope that Shaman learned a lesson to be more selective. This morning I woke up, gemmed, and enchanted the weapon. My stats are sick over 1000 haste, now at 2.7 k Spellpower bonus.

I just sat in Org, admiring my staff this morning. It’s quite exquisite.

One more thing Worgen Chicks, I’m not too happy about them, they look alot like Dranei chicks. Lazy Blizz is Lazy! Though I’m sure they’ll love my staff when they see it.

New Patch Smell

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I love new patches, new things to explore, to do, to fail.

So Warhammer came out with new Patch 1.3.5. Werit does an awesome job in detailing this patch, so check him out if you want the nitty gritty.  Here’s a list of 1.3.5 posts…

I really have to hand it to Mythic the Patching system is quite painless. Though it’s still a patch and takes some time to download. When I get in, all my points are refunded for what? Stupid Teir 3, Gromril plating clone thing.

So I go to the trainers to respec..wait? what? where the hell is the renown trainer? They moved them to inside the Monolith. Son of a…did they say they were going to do that. They most likely did but I must of skipped over it….ok unless it says Chosen on it, I don’t read it usually.

Well with all the goings on I had only time for a couple scenarios, and at least one thing doesn’t change.


Holy Free Stuff!

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Actual comic pic

Holy Free Stuff, Batman.

I’m going to be giving away some swag from the Anime Convention. One lucky winner will win.

1-  Manga Book called Claymore #10.

1- Batman Strikes #46 signed by the writer himself, Russell Lissau.

What you need to do is Answer My Questions 3, and make sure you have a valid email address. From the Comments if more than one person gets all 3 right, or no one gets all 3 right. I will pick the winner randomly. If no one comments…then I’m selling the shite on Ebay.

Upon winning I will contact you via email, and mail you the stuff via the cheapest way possible, all expenses paid.

My Riddles…

1. Who played the Joker in the original Batman series starring Adam West?

2. Who, or what is a Naruto?

3. In World of Warcraft, I play a mage as my main, what is his name?

There are my questions, good luck. *Edit: This contest will run until Friday 5pm CST, thank you

Comic Book Heroes

Posted in General, Other Nerdy Pursuits, Writing on May 20, 2010 by theerivs

Even at a Anime Convention, WoW represents. Glory to the Sin'dorei

I have a bunch more Comic Book Writers I need to go through, but first I want to read their work. So I’ll post about them next week, what I want to tell you about is the next writer I met that really had an impact on me. 

The other Comic Book Writer I met was Russell Lissau, when I first came up to his convention table  he was talking to an aspiring comic book writer. Russell knows his craft, and I was immediately impressed by him. What he said the young man, I think I had a revelation. He said, “You want to become a writer, learn to write. Pick up Stephen Kings, “On Writing”. There are so many rules to grammar, especially the comma. That if you turn in work that doesn’t have good grammar it looks amateurish, and won’t get a second look”  Though I don’t consider myself a writer, I am to a writer what Guitar Hero is to a real Musician. I aspire to be something of a writer one day, as well as to play a real guitar. I picked up the book, and will start reading it….after I finish the comic books I picked up.

Russell’s work includes Batman Strikes comic from DC, and “The 29″, an homage to men who died on the Edmund Fitzgerald. The comic The 29 is really cool, but what real upped the cool factor was the script at the back of it. It really gave a behind the scenes look at how comics are written.

I really look forward to hearing, and hopefully seeing Russell again, I would like to thank him for not only giving me something to think about, but also entertaining me for a while.

People like Russell, Trevor, and others are the true comic book heroes.  The entertain us, and hit the pavement plying their wares everyday. Thanks.

What an @$$hole!

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Another Convention Chick

So I am ending my convention, and I notice a bunch of normal comic writers. I use that term in the loosest sense of course. So I walk up to one guy, and go, “What do we have here?” He replies very self assuredly. “Only the funniest comic at this convention”  I look him in the eye, and say, “That my friend, is a very bold statement.”   First thing I notice is the comic is named, “@$$hole” . I am intrigued now, “So what’s it about”  He says, “It’s about a Slacker who plays Video Games, who’s roomate is the girl from the Well in the Ring”

Video Games? Girl from Well?  Sir you got me in your grasp. I find out his name is Trevor Mueller, and he does his own blog, and has a  Webcomic too on that site go check out his work. After reading his stuff he really does have a new fan. I thought it was funny and entertaining, and as a gamer, and slacker….*cough* reformed *cough*, I felt the humor was right on. He was a nice easy going guy, and I look forward seeing more of his work, and hopefully meeting him again. He signed my comic book, “To Chris, Thanks for buying my @$$hole”  I think I cried tears of joy.

I added him to my section of blogroll in the humor section, check his stuff out.

Battletech: Adrenaline Made Fresh Daily.

Posted in Gaming with tags , , on May 18, 2010 by theerivs

I can’t begin to tell you of my love for video games without mentioning Battletech. There have been a few Battletech video games throughout the history of the computers. The games though I fell in love with was the Mechwarrior series where you get to pilot your own Mech. A Mech is a futuristic tank, where a human hops in and pilots it. My love for this game started when I went to the Chicago Battletech Center, at this center you would hop into a pod, and battle it out with other people in their Mechs. In the 1990′s these centers closed.

Could you imagine my excitement when I heard that Battletech will be at the Anime Convention, I was so there. When I got to the Convention, I made a beeline toward the Battletech first. So I signed up, my call sign River,  and I had my personal Photographer with me sign up too, her name was  Geekgirl. She had no clue what was going on. We got the crash course of piloting from a member of the team, who was totally cool. The minute I stepped in a pod, what they call the Tesla II incarnation of the Pod.  First thing you notice is the airplane-type joystick on the right, and a throttle on the left. I sat down, and being a big guy I was worried. Plenty of room, and the pilot chair was actually comfortable. The Game started and you had several screens giving you  feedback.  The main viewing screens the graphics were WAY better than the first time I went. More 3-d, and when I blew up my first Mech it was pure awesome. Each Mission last 7 minutes, and it was a free for all. I believe by the way the screens looked I could communicate with Geekgirl but I really didn’t know how. They have packages for more missions, and you get deals. Heck buy 10 missions and you get a pilot’s manual.

After I blew up some Mechs, I had to talk to someone about all this coolness. One of the team members which I believe are called “Mercs” told me I needed to talk to “Propwash”, I was like Oookay. There was this guy deep into a pod with a headlamp, examining a part of the pod. I shook his hand, and first thing he said to me, “Lets see if I can make up some answers to your questions”

We went somewhere quiet, and first thing I asked Propwash,  was what has been happening with Battletech since the Chicago Centers.  He gave me a brief history Virtual World who owned the centers, merged with FASA interactive. Then Microsoft bought them out, and didn’t want the live arcade business and sold it to Propwash.  I was talking to the owner of Virtual World Entertainment, LLC., Nick Smith aka Propwash.  

I have to say I was stunned. I think I froze up a bit. As we talked, He was cracking jokes, and put me at ease real quick. I had to ask him, was he a gamer. He told me he wasn’t so much a gamer, he considered himself more of a collector, and a tech geek. He gave me an example. He said, “If some sold me a cool model, I wouldn’t want the model, I would want the machine that made the model”  Even though he’s not a gamer, I could tell he loved what he did, a passion for his business, and making sure the customer had a great experience.  That’s what it was for me, an awesome experience I will remember for a long time, thanks to Propwash and his team.

We talked about the Pods themselves, there are still some retail centers out there, and some private owners. He said there are roughly 113 pods in existence, and sometimes your able to purchase them, for a set of they run 25k to 35k as is, but if you want them refurbished and good working order, anywhere from 45k to about 80k. He told me at home he has a Whiteboard with the owners names of the Pods, and he eluded that some famous people have private Pods. This got my imagination running. I informed him as soon as I hit the Lottery, put me down for 8 pods.

I wanted to get some feed back on what else is going on for Virtual World, he mentioned bring back Red Planet, basically he said it was a hover craft race, I think I remember it. He mentioned he will be at Origins this year June 22-27th, and at Gencon in Indy August 5th-8th.  I urge you go visit Propwash, and his crew and Frag someone for me. You will not be disappointed.

Propwash also told me that they released MechWarrior 4 for free to the public, I was giddy like a little schoolgirl. Go get it at It is getting tons, and tons of hits. People still love the Battletech/Mechwarrior Universe. As for me, I didn’t want to take to much of Mr. Smith’s time, he was a busy guy. My inexperience as an interviewer had me banging my head later of questions I should have asked him, such as why is his call sign Propwash?  Does he know of any tips he could pass along to players?  Any interesting stories about the players, or his team? Oh well I might have to visit him at Origins, or Gencon.

The whole experience could only be summed up in one way very, very cool. So check it out. Learn more at

I want to thank  Nick Smith aka Propwash to taking time to talk to me, and I hope to see him, and his crew again real soon.

Get my Geek on!

Posted in Other Nerdy Pursuits on May 17, 2010 by theerivs

Here at High Latency Life, I just didn’t want to cover one game, or just gaming in general. Sure I’m an Video Game, and MMO site, but the reason I called it High Latency Life is I wanted to cover things non virtual as well. I want to talk about other things that concern this life of ours. The things that binds us as nerds, or geeks.

Ok I like Anime, I have some Anime movies, but I am not a devote worshipper of all things Anime. So this past Saturday I went to Anime Central Convention, Though I felt like a fish out of water sometimes, I surely had a cool time…Really cool. Over the next couple days I will be going more in depth with my adventures there. From my interview with the owner of Virtual world, the company that owns the Battletech pods, my talks with some comic book creators, also I will be sharing some pics with you folks. Finally like always I love to share my ill gotten good. I’ll be giving away some juicy swag for those who stick around.

I will give you this some of the people dressed up in costumes were awesome. They put alot of work into the costumes, and I have to say I was quite impressed.  I was a little upset with myself, I wasn’t able to land an interview with the voice of Master Chief, but it was a good time none the less.

Weekly Lagout

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WoW - Well starting to Raid again, and getting into the swing of things. Looks like my Thursdays, Mondays going to be filled up for the rest…of my life. I refuse to do Sundays. That’s prime drinking day. Well I started the Horde with about 500 Gold  . I now amassed over 10k+ and climbing my goal is to bust 20k by Cataclysm. That should be a nice cushion. Though I might even forgo my Worgen, and just keep Maging it up. We’ll see. My hatred of Gearscore grows, and you might say well cause your gear sucks. It really doesn’t I’m between 5.2 and 5.3k. So my hatred doesn’t stem from jealousy, I hate it cause its stupid. I always said Skill > Gear any day of the week.

WAR - BW nerf incoming, I can’t wait. I hate those red haired bastages. Other then that just grinding the renown, my goal is to get to 60+ so I can wear some gosh dang Invader stuff.

Other News….

I am going to an Anime Convention tomorrow. I got a Press Pass too. I am excited. Got some questions written out, and their’s gonna be hot japanese chicks there too. OMG. Remember Riv do not whip out your penis…DO NOT!

High Latency Love…

Goes to Jessika at Pretty in Plate, she is actually a he….and blew my mother loving mind.  I didn’t go there to see bewbs though, I liked how he wrote. Though I always hoped for some lesbian pics with Jess and Keredria, Guess that ain’t happening. But I still have much love for them.

Something Funny…

The Grapist…

With that…


I survived Barren’s Chat

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In my 10 man ICC last night I forgot to loot Stinky. I screamed in Vent. “I’m the one who didn’t loot the dog…now what?”  It elicited great comments and memories of the Molten Core days where you would hear someone scream “Loot the Dogs” at least once.

There are things in Vanilla WoW that really bind us Old School WoW people together. One of them is Barren’s Chat. I think anyone who even logged into World of Warcraft, and maybe some of those who haven’t heard about how juvenile, and immature Barren’s Chat use to be. To me though it is one of those things of a bygone era of WoW that have disappeared replaced by Trade chat and it’s Anal jokes.

As bad as it was there were some good times too. One story involves me putzing through the Barrens. I see one idiot spouting off at the mouth. His name Irongiant. I don’t know why, maybe boredom or maybe I drank a little that night. I got in a verbal duel with him over barrens chat. I think mother’s were brought up, some sort of power tool, and an assortment of other choice words.

Well a few weeks later I go on vacation, I come back. Log into WoW, I look at the Guild roster. HOLY SHIT!  Irongiant is in the guild. I go to the Guild Leader. “Hey this guy is a moron, he’s gonna be all sorts of bad.”  The Guild Leader who is one of the greatest I know, said lets just give him a chance. I was “Fine, Whatev”

Sure as shit this guy caused more wipes then Charmin Toilet Paper. He was booted out of the guild as soon as he was found out for the moron he was. His stupidity was so legendary that he became the lowest rank in our guild. To aggravate me, cause I pretty much told the Guild Leader “I told you so” so many times, they dubbed me Irongiant 2.0

Needless to say I do miss Barren’s Chat, and sometimes I just ride out there and scream, “Your Mother is a Tranny Hooker!”

…alas there are no replies these days. Maybe just maybe Cataclysm will bring good ole Barrens Chat back!.

I am a cheap whore!

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This is like an open letter, or a disclaimer if you will. Tobold, and Larisa wrote about making money with blogging, and such. Also with Tankspot being sold. It gots me to thinking.

Lets start at the beginning, I started blogging because I like to write, maybe even love to write. I’m going to go even a little deeper, I started writing because I am an attention whore. I don’t know maybe I wasn’t breast-fed, or maybe I hoped one day a chick will tell me she loves my writing so much, she’ll give me a blowjob (Actually that did happen,but I digress). So even though I would continue writing, because I do like writing, a part of me enjoys the views, and comments on my blog.

Now as in terms of making money, I never in my wildest dreams thought I could make a dime off any of my blogging efforts, it’s a hobby like comic book collecting. You know what though sometimes comic book collectors make money off their hobby..*GASP* As it is with me, a poker site contacted me in the past said they would pay me if I put a link to their website for a couple bucks, I said no unless I was able to look at the website, and if I LIKED it I would. Let me explain something. I LOVE poker, so much so I went to GA for a bit to cure me of my love. So I looked at the site, briefly lest I get suckered in, and liked what I saw. So I agreed to it. Does that make me bias, or ruin my integrity. No this site is about video games, and MMO’s so I don’t feel it has any bearing on my opinions on such. It’s like me doing an ad for diet Pepsi. I love diet Pepsi, and even if I shouted “I love diet Pepsi!” on a mountain, it doesn’t affect my thoughts on whether Cryptic can suck a dick, or Funcom is really screwing the pooch…again.

Now I don’t want to make it sound like my email inbox is filled with offers, it’s not, but once in a while offers are tossed my way, and I do refuse. Usually because the product is crap, and I don’t want to be a part of it, like certain WebGames that rhyme with Crapony, or I’m going to be really honest the money just isn’t right. I’m not going to get behind something I loathe, and if I do it isn’t going to be for 20 bucks.

I’m not going to lie to you though, if enough money is put on that table,  I’ll sell my blog, my blood, my integrity, and my soul. All offers will be entertained. I think Wu-tang put it best. “Cash Rules Everything Around Me, Dolla Dolla Bill Y’all”, and Papa got Bills to pay, Dog!


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