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Weekly Lagout – Memorial Day Edition

Posted in MMORPG with tags on May 28, 2010 by theerivs

Yeah I take the weekend off, and since Monday’s a Holiday…that too. NEH!

WoW - I raided ICC last night. I nice pair of shoulder drop, can’t really remember the name it was level 264, had haste, and hit, and would be upgrade too. Wait a minute I got the bloodmage shoulders, and I’ll lose my 2 piece bonus if I put that on. WASTE of dkp Grrr. Though I’m collecting badges for next pieces…I really have to download RAWR on my new computer, and figure out what the hell I’m doing. On the PvP side I am getting quite a collection of gear, got helm, bracers, pants…working on chest, and shoulders. Honor Chest, with WG shoulders. I changed my frost spec to be more PvP oriented. Having a blast in PvP….Oh fuck Cockulous.

WAR – I went Pink for Tink, I really want to get into more City Sieges, and hope they go better then last one.

High Latency Love….

Bee wrote her first post, I am really pleased with it, and look forward to her writing much more, maybe I can one day get her to play another MMO like Star Wars. We’ll see.

Well I’m giving her some love….

Also Tinkerhell’s story really touched me too, here’s her personal story….Much Love to her, and Mort, hope things work out.

Something Funny….


With that….


I love Boobies so I went Pink for Tink

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As a man born of a woman, and a father who has a mother (my grandmother). I joke and kid, and tongue and cheek say I love Boobies. Breast Cancer is a serious problem, and if it’s detected early it can be stopped. I love women, and you try to protect, safeguard, and help the ones you love.  

Shadow tells the story better then I do. Here’s the original post.. More of Tinks Story in their own words….

 I applaud Mythic for joining in to help the gaming community help spread the word, and show support for one of their own. The community really stepped up too, where everyone is spreading the news.

So with such a touching story, so for Mort, for Tink, and For Boobs. I went Pink.

Have to say this though…Pink Chosen is fierce… I work this shit.

Now gather round, I’m the new fool in town…

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , , on May 27, 2010 by Bee

 Hiya! *waves*

For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Bee. I’m very excited to be doing weekly posts for High Latency Life. I want to give a little background information on myself so you’ll know where these opinions and ramblings are coming from.  So here you go. Sort of a FAQ of Bee. In no particular order…

  • I’ve played WOW since April of 2009. It’s typically the only gaming I do.  Well, unless you count Chuzzle.
  • My main is a Discipline Priest.
  • She’s been 80 for about 6 months.  
  • Horde FTW.
  • The first character I ever leveled was a hunter who now, at 76, idles in the Sunreaver Sanctuary.
  • The moment I began playing Battlegrounds with my priest (around level 17) I knew she’d be my main. 
  • PVP is what I love, battlegrounds most specifically.  I’ve been working on gearing up and attempting to get better at arena play.  I just can’t figure out how to pillar hump and mana burn at the same time.  I end up not doing either one very efficiently.
  • After hitting 80 I joined an amazing guild that has made the game much more fun to me.  I’ve actually gotten involved with raiding, which is not something I saw happening for this PVP-oriented player. 
  • The third time I ever healed an instance it was heroic Forge of Souls.  In blue PVP gear.  It did not go so well.
  • My guild and I have successfully cleared 10/12 normal ICC 10 and 6/12 normal ICC 25. 
  • I’m a girl in real life. With boobs and everything.
  • I’m 29 years old.
  • My dad and younger brother have always been a big video game/comic book/action figure fans/gamers so I believe that is where my interest in gaming has sprung from.  The first RPG I ever played was Ultima Underworld. I’ve also played quite a few of the Heroes of Might and Magic series. 
  • I graduated from college in 2003 with a B.S. in Business Administration/Human Resource Management.  While there I served as president of my sorority. 
  • I am currently employed as a banker for a national bank in the US.

Any other things you wanna know?  Just ask!

And because it just happened and I want to bring it up…

Earlier this week, myself and a few guildies decided it to PUG a 25 man ICC.  The elusive “last-minute Monday night run”.  Needless to say, it was not the crème de la crème of WOW elite. We wiped on trash TWICE because some hunter had his pet on aggressive. I can see that happening once, we all make mistakes – but twice?? Seriously???

Anyways, we eventually were able to clear through Saurfang.  It was by no means smooth sailing. But I am a total whore for my priest marks.  I need these babies like I need way more answers then the LOST series finale provided.

The only other reason I put myself through a painful 25 man PUG is because I want my own personal Frozen Bonespike.  That way I can bonespike myself whenever I want. Oh, and it’s also my best in slot.

Dildo jokes aside.  For the second time in my history of running 25man The Bonespike dropped.  And for the second time in my history of running 25man I was out-rolled by a mage – This time, a mage without a single gem in his equipped gear. Empty gem slots just sitting there, waiting to be filled with juicy haste and spell power…. *guh*

Yeah, I really need to get bonespiked.

A New Voice…

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on May 26, 2010 by theerivs

A Tip…

Before I get into what’s going to be happening around here…I feel for the plight of my Tailors who now thanks to Blizzard, and the cloth changes,  are hard pressed to make some money these days. What I found are still selling good are Sapphire SpellThreads. Even when I have to buy the mats 4 Eternal fire at 80 gold, 1 Frozen Orb for 20 gold, and 4 IceWeb Webbing which goes for 5 gold per on my server, so for 120 gold, and I sell for 200gold, I make 80 gold profit per. Tuesdays, and Thursdays are real good day to post them too cause those are raid days. Of course look around for prices if you can get Frozen Orbs for cheaper than eternal fire’s then buy the orbs and exchange them in Dalaran.

A New Voice….

Well I was thinking alot lately, and I want a little break now and then so I invited someone to write some stuff. She calls herself  Bee, she is a faithful reader, and commenter on my blogs for a while. I was thinking, it’s time to get a fresh voice here at High Latency Life. I talk about my penis, and swing my balls around like I was demolishing a building around here. I thought it would be nice to have someone to maybe clean this blog up a little, a lighter touch to subjects,  a ying to my yang so to speak.  Thursdays is going to be her day,I gave her free reign on that day…. but I plan to put her to work, test her, and bring out the animal with in. I plan to corrupt her to become a vessel of hate like myself then send her out into the virtual world…..Oh wait I said too much.

Well tomorrow she is going to introduce herself to you, and I for one welcome her to the High Latency Family, and hope you do as well.  Good Luck Bee.

My Ass is on Fire!

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on May 26, 2010 by theerivs

Ok I took part in my first City Siege last night. First off on my way a Witch Hunter tried to take me on. I just wear him down, and crush him.

I enter the instance, and there’s like only 10 of us. I thought it cool there was the leader of Chaos, T’char’nzek (sp?) and some other imposing Chaos folks there waiting.  The gate opens, I do one objective, destroy siege, sapper runs out destroys the place. Then I continue forward to the Emperor’s circle.

Roughly about 50 order standing there….oh Poop!.  I’m dead. The next 15 minutes I run around trying to avoid the en masse of Order. One time I see a lone Bright Wizard…a squishy caster, I should be able to take him. He 2 shotted me. 2 Bullshit Shotted me, something ain’t right with that. Really 2 shots to take down a 10k health tank. Thanks Mythic.

So after Phase one I got my crests, I got out of the instance, and wanted to join another instance where I had a chance. Nope got the 15 minute lockout. What the hell? I logged.

I’m not saying it was bad, just my experience was bad. I do have to say one thing Performance was pretty good, no real lag to speak of. I can’t wait to get back in there with more of my Destro brethren and really give Order something to cry about….though one thing next time bring a fire extinguisher.

What a long strange trip it’s been…

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on May 25, 2010 by theerivs

I think I may be part gypsy, virtually as well as in  reality. I’ve moved like 7 times in my life, and in the virtual world I am quickly catching up.  Spinks posted something asking “How I found my guild”, I thought I would tell you my guild history….

I started playing MMO’s back in 2002 with Dark Age’s of Camelot. I was part of an FPS clan for Aliens versus Predators 2 called Hell’s Elite Legions. A fellow Predator  started a chapter for DAOC, and told me I should check it out. I did. We needed a cleric, so I volunteered, thus Riverian the Cleric was born on the Iseult server. I leveled up with HEL, and met some cool people like Geeno. One person I spent alot of time in the Battlegrounds was a pally called Celyn, she had a pension for dyeing herself teal, and me I liked purple. So we made quite a pair.

Well Hell’s Elites Legion broke up in DAOC after a few months, and I found myself guildless. I saw Celyn she said they could use a talented cleric in her guild Knights of the Red Dragon. I said sure. I joined them. After many adventures the guild imploded due to someone resting control of the guild who had no right to it. So I followed one of the best guild leaders I had Bitaken as well as most of the KotRD crew to a guild called Phoenix Ascension. Where we played happily for a while, where I met alot of great people Byll, Ash, Lestat, SirPerro, Sans, Whynot, Iben, Kain, and many more….. Alot of PA in 2003 went to Midgard, I didn’t feel like leveling another toon, so I stayed and told them I would be leaving PA, and went to Final Revelation for a bit, with my former guildmate Geeno, there I met Sloth, Kev, Jokerz, and many more there.

In 2004, I got into Beta for this game called World of Warcraft, since I loved the Warcraft series, I used to play Warcraft I when I was working in the computer lab in college so much it almost got me in trouble. So this is a dream come true. So I left DAOC, and went to WoW, then when the servers opened I created two toons, Riverian the Priest on Arthas, and Riverien the Paladin on Garona, both Alliance. On Arthas, some Final Rev people played and joined in a guild  called Black Dragon Clan which was a guild on Iseult as well, on Garona played some Phoenix Ascension people, where I leveled the Pallie. PA was fully formed, and Bitaken took the helm. I said good bye to Arthas and stuck to Garona exclusively. World PvP was the thing back then, and PA was one of the best. We rocked the Horde so much they hated us with a passion.

Then Battleground came out, and it changed the face of WoW PvP for good. Queue times for Alliance BG’s were Ridonkulous. So as a guild we decided to move to the Horde. Those were great times, I rolled an Orc Warrior named Rivgorian on Garona, Phoenix Ascension helping each other level, then when we were 60, we rolled the Alliance in AV’s, and then crushed Molten Core beneath our heels.  Then it all came to a halt. Alot of the core PA members got bored with WoW, and went back to DAOC. So PA dwindled. I made a decision to leave.

In late 2005, I rolled a mage called HeatScourge on Thunderlord, a Arcane/Fire mage. The new job I started had a few people play there. I joined there guild called Lords of Lager. As we hit 60, we wanted to raid, so we merged with another smaller guild called Kindred Spirits. A great raiding guild we burned through Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, AQ when that came out. Such great people like Legger, Gort, Sleepin, Preventer, HolySchnikes, and many many more.

Then Burning Crusades came, and with it’s smaller raids really put pressure on Kindred Spirits, we dissolved from the pressures and went our seperate ways…

Alot of the Phoenix Ascension crew were back on Garona, so I went back to the Warrior and Tanking full time. We didn’t have the numbers we once did so we merged with a guild called Oppress. The leader of Oppress was a tyrannical despot, so Bitaken left MMO’s for good, most of us left Oppress and went back to Phoenix Ascension, later reforming as a guild called Blight which is still doing pretty good from what I hear. Now as I was tanking, I leveled a Horde Mage. By the time Wrath came I was so sick of Tanking, and everything that went along with it. I left Blight, and made my mage a loner..

In the meantime I started playing Warhammer Online. a bunch of old Phoenix Ascension people went to a Guild called Einherjar, and we had some great times in WAR. Until things started to get bad in WAR, alot left to play Lord of the Rings, while some mergered with an old alliance guild Jaded Souls, whom ironically I ran with alot. I was the only Einherjar toon in a Lost Vale group for Jaded Souls.   

I decided to play WoW again, and a fellow Blogger talked me into joining the Alliance with the New Faction Changes, and I did. I moved my Mage there a dubbed him Frostscourge. I joined a guild of other bloggers called Brotherhood of Oblivion. It was great, and I met some great friends, well we merged with another guild which caused some growing pains, as well as my War on Role Playing goddess Too Many Anna’s I decided to go back to my beloved Horde. 

I was back on Horde side, and before I payed 25 bucks to go back to Garona, I thought why don’t I make a go of it here. I do enjoy a PvP server, from my glory days of magedom on Thunderlord. So I went to the forums, and found a guild that was recruiting. I seen them around, and I wondered if they had any connections to the Black Dragon Clan. They didn’t it was just a coincidence. I joined as a social member, I had no plans to get back to raiding. Well I saw they were hurting for numbers cause of summer blues, and expansion duldrums, so I stepped up and started signing up for raids.  They are some great players, really know their stuff. Have a great sense of guild and faction pride which was what I was looking for.  I am enjoying myself so much that my ideas of going Worgen when expansion comes out are dissipating.

I also picked up WAR again and am playing with Jaded Souls, and having a good time with some old friends again.

Well I guess I could of saved you some time, and told you  the short answer is I always got my guilds through friends online or real life, and once through the forums, and I got lucky with that….but that would be no fun for me. :)

Hate the Playa!

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Alot of hate going around about WoW lately, and it’s all over the blogosphere. I have played MMO’s since 2002, starting with Dark Ages of Camelot, then WoW. I’ve played Warhammer Online since day 1, and played Pirates of the Burning Sea, Age of Conan, Star Trek Online, Lord of the Rings Online, I went to Juliard, and I seen the Exorcist 163 FRICKING times, and it keeps getting funnier every time I seen it… I like to think I know a little bit about MMO’s. First of all I’m going to tell you the reasons I play the MMO’s I do, and why I give them my Money. Let’s start with the 800lb Gorilla.

World of Warcraft -

Community - I seen the WoW community evolve, and change. When you have a city of 11 million people, you’re going to have different groups of people. There are going to be people with the same morales, and mindsets as you, and your going to have people with radically different mindsets. Your going to have those punks that skateboard on the sidewalks, and your gonna have the crotchety old men who wish things were back when they were use to. Sure when WoW was young, and the community was smaller it was easier to find those people of like mind, now you might have to search harder, and put in some work. I remember my Mother being called a trannie whore in Barren Chat back in 2005, that any different then the Anal joke stupidity of today…No it isn’t

Has the Looking for Group Tool Destroyed WoW?  No I believe it has changed WoW, it allows people to be more solo, but how is this different then the queuing up for scenarios in WAR, or STO. It isn’t any different. I still group up with my guild, and maybe get a puggers, still have great fun. It makes life easier for the player, and he doesn’t have to do the leg work to find a group anymore, and how can that be a bad thing? How as a player who pays money, that wants to get into the action faster, instead of standing in Dalaran all day looking for a group, say that this tool is bad. Some of us have lives, and want to kill stuff while I have time.

Acheivements? I hate them with a passion, but it does add something more to the game. I hear people go let’s try for this achievement. After doing a dungeon a hundred times it is something different.

Gearscore? That’s not entirely Blizzards fault. An MMO is a dynamic creature because of the people involved. If you want to blame someone blame the people. Gearscore will not last though with the changes in Cataclysm I think it will break the hold of GS.

Arenas? Weak PvP?  Yea both something I’m not too happy about, but I still get a thrill killing a Warlock. So how bad can it be?  No one has to PvP, or do Arena.

Daily Quests? Well anyway to get more gold in game is good, or otherwise I would have to call a little chinese man to deliver gold to me.

Listen WoW is many things, I think Tobold had it right with his analogy to WoW being like McDonald’s. Sure it’s not the best, or the most different, but you know what sometimes I feel like a Big Mac.

Warhammer Online -

Community - This game is like my Greasy Spoon Restaurant, a local diner I like to sit in and order some soup, and chat with the boys, and girls at the counter. I don’t eat dinner at the same place every night, so neither could I draw from my gaming well at the same place.  I think this MMO is different but alot of things are the same. The community is more tight-knit in this MMO, but also it doesn’t leave much room for outsiders. We have all been through the fires, and it feels when a newcomer does come up through the ranks, they have to prove more to those that have stood the test of time.  On the other hand standing next to people you know have stood with you before, against a common just pure awesome.

Mythic - Some things not very innovative, at the same time alot of things they did bring to the table, like Scenarios the LFG tool of WAR, Titles/Tome are like Achievements. These are things WoW stole from WAR.  For all it’s faults Mythic is one of the better companies in regards of opening lines of communications up with the customers, and trying to give them what they need. Mythic is a company that has it’s customers best interest in heart, and is still trying.

PvP - WAR does it more right then anyone. I could feel the Hate seething from me when I play. 

WAR like the greasy spoon doesn’t do everything perfect, but what it does it does right, and that’s why I keep coming back for more.  

I can go down the list of the other MMO’s why I think they failed, but wouldn’t that be subjective. Alot of people are having fun playing AoC,  and STO once more. I won’t begrudge them that. Alot of people are having fun playing Call of Duty too. Let’s put it this way, there may be movies or books you like, that I may not like. Does that make the book or movie suck, yes…for me it does. It sucks for me. Why bitch? why moan?  just don’t play and sure you can make your beef, but don’t hate. Cause as a pimp, you learn..”You can hate the playa, but don’t hate the game” 

Fo’ sheezy!

These people have huge balls.

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I drank so much this weekend, yeah I was pretty much on the same level as the guy in the picture.

So I log in yesterday, and I got a in game mail….Subject was Blizzard, from Blizzrep3429…says I was chosen to be a part of the Cataclysm beta, it wanted me to go to a website which had World of Warcraft in it. Really??  They mailed the wrong guy. These are times being cynical, jaded, and untrusting really pay off.

But I have to say they got huge balls using Blizzards in game system to spread their brand of misery. I doff my cap. Oh that COD I sent back of a wrapped twill belt for 10,000 gold feel free to open it.

Speaking of making some coin….I noticed Frozen Orbs sometimes sell for 15-20 gold on my server. Crusaders sell for 200-250 each, only costs 6 Frozen Orbs to get a Crusader Orb…you do the math.


Weekly Lagout

Posted in MMORPG with tags on May 21, 2010 by theerivs

WoW - Well I got some new gear, and had some fun raiding. I confessed about my hatred of Vehicles, and I’m looking forward to going upward and onward with my prep for Cataclysm.

WAR- New Patch, New Possibilties…Same Bright Wizards.

Convention - Had some fun with the Anime Convention, looking forward to another convention Cyphan, a more Scifi/Fantasy based Con, with w WoW roundtable…interesting huh?

High Latency Love -

Dreambound has an interesting take on Locks vs Druids, It made me chuckle, and reminded me that it’s all in good fun and none of this should be taken to serious.

Something Funny…

I recently dropped Facebook for security, and personal reasons…I thought this funny as hell..

Facebook Break Ups…


With that….


Suck my Cockulus!

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on May 21, 2010 by theerivs

So I got into a heated debate of Occulus today with Rilgon,  He called me a hypocrite and pretty much a liar.

When Occulus comes up in random, I bail. Why? I always hated Vehicle combat in WoW.  I just don’t like it. You drive around have 2 or 3 buttons, and it’s just seems slow. As for Occulus  flying around on your little dragons seems..meh to me. Now I am not begrudging anyone, or Blizzard for trying something different. There are people who like it, and more power to them. I just don’t plain and simple.

Now what about Ulduar. I don’t like it either. Heck the only reason I did Ulduar is for the guild. I am, and always a team player. So whether I like something or not, I will do it for the betterment of the guild. Heck when Ulduar is the weekly I avoid it like the plague. Badges be damned.

As for Wintergrasp, you don’t HAVE to hop in a vehicle to enjoy yourself, I love standing on a wall and raining cold death on my enemies via the spell Blizzard. Occulus, and Ulduar you can’t avoid vehicle combat.

I think Etni put it best, “If you bail, it takes 20 seconds to find someone else”, and “It’s all about doing what’s fun for you, no one is forcing you to come along”

If doing what I like, makes me a jerk….then by all means I am a jerk, and you must not know me too well… Welcome to High Latency Life, They Call me River.


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