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The Art of War – Beat the Grass to Scare the Snakes/Know the Enemy.

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on March 19, 2010 by theerivs

Beat the Grass to Scare the Snakes

First I voluntarily left Single Abstract Noun, and the Brotherhood of Oblivion. I did not want to drag them down in what I now call War against the RP’ers who take it so seriously they would gang up on someone who didn’t know RP that well. Yep this is why we make fun of you, not because of the RP, because your sad. I’m not saying all RP’ers are bad, or indecent people far from the truth. Pretty much just Anna and her misbegotten wretch disciples.  Yesterday was beating the grass day, where I shook things up, see what lies where. See if Anna would take down the post, or offer a post of its own to apologize, to see if anyone from SAN leadership stepped forward to say hey Anna was wrong…fuck her.

Those that agree with me, or understand at the very least the why I am doing this. Thank you. If you do not approve of my methods, I understand. I am a man of action, not just words.

The Snakes showed themselves.

Know thy Enemy win the battle, Know thyself win 1000 battles

I don’t quite understand RP. So how do you fight that which you don’t understand you read.

This is from Blizzards website.

If you choose to play on a Role-Playing realm, you should act and speak as your character would in the World of Warcraft setting.

Also some gems from the Blizzard rules governing RP servers.

  • The General Chat Channel should only be used for finding Storylines (SLs), finding Party Groups, and various other discussions pertaining to the Base Storyline (BSL), game-related topics, and continuity.
  • The General Chat Channel should NOT be used for any “Off-topic,” Non-Storyline, or non game-related discussions.
  • Absolutely no out of character (OOC) or non-fantasy related dialogue should take place in the /Say, /Yell, or Party chat channels.
  • These are rules above and beyond the normal rules found here…

    These are the rules of the server…the rules of my engagement if you will. I will not harass or grief. I will uphold the laws of the server.

    You may ask, how is this going to mess up Anna and her crew who are die hard RP’ers. Easy read what the rules say. The Base Storyline. Thats the storyline of WoW. Do these people Storylines, affects and thus break the Base Storyline. If they do I will hunt them down and report them.

    Today I stood in Goldshire, and reported 54 different toons. 20 of them standing near a member of the Horde Faction, which breaks base storyline. The Horde, and Alliance are not friends, thats why Alliance guards attack Horde when they are near our towns. 11 were talking OOC in general /say chat, The others were using offensive, and vulgar language in general chat…Hey a rule is a rule, and by all means I will enforce them. Warnings, I hope so, Bannings please god yes. I will show these RP’ers that from their stubborn idiocy, that they may be next.

    I will walk among them – Now I won’t post anything much more on this, except an update once in a while of how it goes. I will give a weekly War Report. Like I said until that post is removed, and a public apology is written by Anna in a post by itself. I will be reporting RP’ers that break the rules, and if you slip up it might be you thats reported.

    The Art of War

    Posted in MMORPG with tags on March 18, 2010 by theerivs

    I have a saying,  One must do right, because it is right, not because it is popular.

    Today a friend of mine, Cranky closed the doors to her blog. Why? Because of Internet Bullies, Trolls, and RP Losers. Cranky showed me love, thus I will show her  love. Cranky would of went to war for me, so I go to war for her.

    Too Many Anna’s is a bully, and a self righteous RP nutbag.  She, if it is even a she, probably a fat dude pretending to be a chick to get a few extra hits. Uses her status to beat up on a blogger who doesn’t have the weight she does. Here I thought my guild Single Abstract Noun would stick up for one of ours,No we toss her to the wolves. We cower like curs fearing a backslap of the RP’ers.  Not I. Not me. I don’t really know who Anna is, and I don’t care.

    Do I think Anna is a hypocrite, no I think she is self-righteous, taking things to damn seriously. It’s a game for fucks sake people, I don’t RP, a shoe in monopoly. Sure I Role Play when I play an RPG, but if people screw around I don’t get bent out of shape. I ask them to lets please get on track if they don’t I ask them to leave.

    Anna didn’t like what Cranky had to say I’m fine with that. I don’t like her methods. You want to toss people under the bus, fine your gonna deal with what comes from it.

    So I DECLARE WAR! On Anna until a public apology is made to Cranky for such a shitty post, that calls Cranky out, and SAN. I want a full post, not some disclaimer, or comment.

    Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War.  I started as a Warhammer blogger playing the side of Chaos, and sewing it is what I do best.  Blizzard has rules in place to protect the rights of RP’ers.  But what Role are you playing?   I expect everyone to play their roles to a tee, because we live in a construct of Blizzards design not you. So my war is based on this if I see you playing a “Role” not with in the constructs of Blizzards world, and Lore. Am I taking the rules to strictly, am I not reading in-between the lines. I know I’m not, but thats what you want. 

    So here’s how my war will work. I will walk the realms as a Paladin of the Church of Light. I will seek those who are not playing their Roles Correctly, talking about things not in Blizzard Lore, and Story. I will ask them, “By the light, have you gone insane, please speak no more about this. ” If they do not, I will report them as harrasment, and spam depending on the case. So are your RP story lines within the confines of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft. Wait who’s game is this? Is it your’s Anna, no it’s Blizzard’s world, they created it, and the lore for you to play within. Not to make up your own bullshit stories that destroy Blizzards Lore.  I want to RP a Paladin fighting the Lich King….any other RP is harrassing to me.  

    I am your worst nightmare, a person who knows all the rules, and regulations and will fight you until your very last breath.

    To My Guild Single Abstract Noun, you too need to apologize to Cranky, you bowed down to a bully, some of you I call friends. As I read some of your comments I felt sadness. Sadness you didn’t stick up for a fellow SAN. Right or Wrong, it should have been an internal thing, we should have put Anna in her place. If any person would have done the same to any of you, I would be right there with you.   If you want me to leave the guild I will, but I will be staying on Argent Dawn, Walking it looking for people not RP’ing correctly, and within the confines of Blizzards game.

    My actions, and my declaration will make some enemies of friends, if they don’t see Anna for the bully she is…then I don’t need them as friends. Will I have some Trolls, some flamers, some people who will write stupid crap on my blog, please feel free. I love it, I crave it. For I am an attention whore, and it feeds my need.  As for RP losers, There are some RP’ers that play it for fun, and enjoyment. I love you people.Keep going on with your bad self. There are those that take it, and themselves way to seriously, those are the losers that give RP it’s bad name, and bring it down to a level of a joke.

    Cranky if I have one thing to say you, never quit, never give up what you love because someone says you should stop. If Anna, and 1000 other people hate your stuff. You got one fan, me…and I’m sure there’s alot of others too.

    One final word to Anna, I’ll be on you like white on rice,on your server reporting your RP if it doesn’t fit the lore. I am not going away, cause like Sun Tzu says, “You wait by the River long enough, the corpse of your enemy will float by.”   Hey my nickname is River…what do you know.

    So the balls in your court, Apologize for being a bully, or not. Hopefully I hope you don’t cause I can’t wait to report some dumb RP’ers.

    Peas Out!

    Point’em Out

    Posted in MMORPG with tags , on March 16, 2010 by theerivs

    This is such a great post by Euripedes, I have to point it out and share…such hate, it was most tasty.

    I also have to give kudos to Kyr, for turning the mirror on himself, and really saying that if your an officer you should be a leader of men, not take something away. Thanks Kyr.

    I’m just seeing alot of unrest, and unhappy bloggers out there lately. I feel I am part of the problem, and not the solution….

    Maybe I should take a long hard look at myself, perhaps tone it down. Not be so abrasive in my mannerism. Perhaps try to be a helpful person through constructive criticism, instead of negative reinforcement. I should learn to get along with my fellow man and woman, and treat them as I would want to be treated………


    Here’s the finger I point with.

    I don’t buy Gold, then again I don’t hate them.

    Posted in MMORPG with tags on March 15, 2010 by theerivs

    Gold Buyers Need a Spanking!

    There is a lot of talk lately, alot of accounts getting hacked. A revelation by Suzina sparked a Blogosphere bloodbath, about buying gold.

    First let me say this I was hacked a while back, when the hackers removed my profession, got disenchanting, and disenchanted everything I had. Then deleted some toons.

    At first I was sour really sour. Then I came to a healthier way of looking at it. They are just pixels. Sure pixels I invested alot of time in, but in the end it’s just a game. Blizzard restored everything in a day or two, and I hear their getting faster at it. They couldn’t restore my professions.

    It’s like drugs, sure drug users are funding the drug sellers, but I don’t hate people that use drugs….I pity them.

    If you buy Gold to me the worst thing you are guilty of in my eyes is laziness. To me I don’t mind it. Go spend your money on virtual pixels. Me I’d rather use that money to spend on a round of drinks. There is so many ways to make gold now in WoW it’s sickening.

    -First you got Dailies- 10-13 gold per. Do even ten quick ones, like the Shadow Vault, the Hodir ones, that’s 100-130 gold for 30 minutes of work.

    -Do some research there are an asston of blogs out there dedicated to make you gold, like Gevlon, or Just My Two Copper

    - Beg for gold. You heard me. Beg. If you’re morally depleted and not above buying gold, why not beg. There is studies that show beggers make actually a decent amount of gold. I believe, I’ve been experimenting and RP’ing a paladin asking for donations for the church, I made about 30 gold so far. Not bad for total invesntment of 5 minutes of my time, and casting a blessing.

    - Farm something – Look at what sells good, like say eternal fire, Farm the crap out of it.

    - Think outside the box – There are always different ways to make gold you just got to do something no one thought about. When we were still in Vanilla WoW, I use to sell Opposite side faction pets and made pretty profits. Of course thats old news, but I was one of the first people to do it on our server.

    Bottomline Gold is so easily got today it’s rather stupid to buy it. Funny thing is I don’t mind stupid people. These people that are buying gold, might be the same people buying my Calico Cats for 100 gold, when they just need to go to Dalaran and spend 40 gold. So keeping these stupid, lazy people around is keeping me well stocked…

    Weekly Lagout

    Posted in MMORPG with tags on March 12, 2010 by theerivs

    Rough week personally, but I got a bonus from work today, so I’m pleased as punch…Though lets be honest, it’s going to the whiskey fund.  

    WoW - Some guild drama, some baron mount running, Joined an RP server Argent Dawn with a blogging guild Single Abstract Noun.

    WAR -  Seriously considering reupping on Warhammer online. I’m pleased there’s an upsurge of blogger, and since STO is fail. I miss the big lug Chosen. May even bring back the WAY OF THE CHOSEN…..who knows.

    Other Games….in MMO land nothing really striking my fancy, except Star Wars: TOR.  Regular games Aliens vs Predator still trying to dabble in, but it just missing the feel of the other ones, I think it’s the pacing of the game is slower, and not as frentic which lends to the atmosphere to the game, and the shadows are a bit much.

    High Latency Love …..

    Gotta give up some love for the Cranky Healer, she’s always showing me some love even though my hate for Warlocks runs deep.

    Scarybooster is my man-whore, and I love his he-poosay, so I gotta give him love, but if he gets out of line, I will he-bitch slap him.

    Also some extra love to Miss Medicina, and Tam of Righteous Orbs for getting Single Abstract Noun up and running, on Argent Dawn, US/EU.

    Some love to Felfire too, for taking my tweeting  jibes in good fun, even though I call them Whorelocks, I love my fellow clothies…sorta. Ok I lie…alot.

    Something Funny-

    This guy cracks me up….If I didn’t have you!

    With that…..


    I’m not passive aggressive…I’m an asshole

    Posted in MMORPG with tags , on March 12, 2010 by theerivs

    So I read this,  and I did get a little rankled. It also made me think. As a Blogger do we have a responsibilty to the reader to keep to the moral highroad. I don’t think it’s passive aggressive to take ownership of what is yours, nor do I think it’s aggressive to write about something that is bothering you.

    Personally I view my readers as buddies, and I would talk to you as I would a buddy sitting next to me at a bar. I would tell you, “Hey this jerk did this.” Then maybe you come back, “Yeah I know that jerk too”  I have no doors on my life. I write, or try to write with openess, and genuine thoughts running through my brain.

    First and foremost I write for me. I wrote the same way when I had 3 readers, or 1000 readers. I have the same feel as my personal blog as I do here. Now that being said, I’m very grateful to the people who take their time to check me out, and comment. If I make a mistake, if I screw up, I’m willing to own up. I have in the past, and I’m sure I’m not done making mistakes.

    Now I know I have to pull back sometimes, cause I don’t want anyone to cry, or go to Mom, and give her anymore drama or stress. Though to give you a warning you shoot your mouth off, if you mess with the bull your getting the horns.  I’m coming out all guns blazing.

    So you may feel the need to hold back to your passive aggressive stance, not me I’m a full blown asshole.

    The Zen of the Grind

    Posted in MMORPG with tags , on March 12, 2010 by theerivs

    As I mentioned before, I’ve made another Pally on Argent Dawn to hang out with the SAN people. I’m just having a good time, the guild chat is alway going. 

    The thing I realized is that I just really enjoy the grinding. It’s very Zen like, and if you have done it enough times…like I have it’s quite mindless. I slap on the tunes, and get to work. I do some quests, kill some mobs, farm some nodes.  After a hard day of stressing out, just a great way to relax, and chill out.

    I also enjoy starting from scratch. With no help from anyone, I already got some Netherweave Bags, and a few gold pieces lining my pockets. It’s alot easier now then when I first started playing WoW, but it’s still feels good starting dirt poor, and ending up with some jingle, ling a ling in your pocket.

    Right now my Pally is a low level 11, but I look forward to getting him to 80, laying the smack down on some fools.

    Raid Love Naga!

    Posted in MMORPG with tags , on March 11, 2010 by theerivs

    That’s an old line from an old WoW rapsong, Rapwing Lair. It’s pretty cool song.

    Anywho This is my official call, or plea to get Naga to become playable. I think the lore of the Naga is awesome, they were once Night Elves, but corrupted, and turned into the creatures they are.

    Why I think they would be awesome.

    1. New and Different Zones - I always found being underwater in WoW pretty cool, and a whole zone dedicated to it, and a cool underwater starting zone would be cool.

    2. No legs – The slithering around would be cool,  I am so sick of two legged animations.

    3.Evil – I just want to be pure evil. Being a Chosen in Warhammer was awesome, you could be evil, but you weren’t really cause you were just following a different point of view. Playing the Horde, your not evil. Your just an outcast.  Plus this would give me a better excuse to be a jerk.

    4. New Mounts – Some cool new sea mounts. a shark, a killer whale….something cool like that. NO SEA HORSES OR DOLPHINS! 

    5.  Better choice then Goblins – Hell I think it would of been better the Space Goats.  Goblins, really? Not happy about that choice, way to annoying.  I think I would rather play a bristleback, then a goblin…seriously pig guys might not be a bad idea.

    6. Alot of Class structure is there – You have your warrior types, paladin types, and casters.

    I don’t know maybe I’m just looking beyond the Cataclysm, and think a radical change would breath new life into the World of Warcraft. Like a 3rd faction, or a really cool player race like the Naga.

    Until then much love to my Nagas!

    BattleStar Galactica

    Posted in Uncategorized with tags on March 10, 2010 by theerivs

    I’m a huge fan of the old Battlestar, never watched the new one…seemed too drama related. All the side little stories and such.It was like a soap opera in space. Give me just action, and Cylons going, “By your command”

    Thanks to Syp, I hear  they are developing a new Battlestar Galactica MMO , and I don’t think I’ll be playing unless we got old school stuff thrown in, Like an old school Cylon Raider, and maybe a dash of Lorne Greene.

    My First RP moment

    Posted in MMORPG with tags , on March 10, 2010 by theerivs

    Not that I don’t like RP, or that I look down on RP’ers. I just don’t see the point to waste my time talking or acting about events when I should be grinding my arse off.

    I rolled a toon on Argent Dawn-US, and joined the bloggers guild Single Abstract Noun. I thought it would be fun to muck around with some different bloggers. I rolled a Human Pally, called Riverion. A good RP type name I think. I made him look a bit older, grey hair, and beard.

    I was in Goldshire. Looked like a lot of people were RPing. A Night Elf was asking everyone if they needed something. At first being the distrustful sot that I am was going to ignore her, but then she asked me directly, and I said “Nay woman I need nothing” …

    Then she kept asking people, I thought what the the hell. I told her. “I am taking donations for Church of Light to help are cause in Northrend, would you care to give? ” She did. I got 50 silver, I gave her a blessing, and said, “Walk in the light daughter of the moon”  It was enough to get my trades, and some bags.

    This RP ain’t bad…especially if I can get free money from these suckers.


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