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The Riv’s Mage Guide to Life and Leveling

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on February 18, 2010 by theerivs

So you want to be a mage. Raiding? Yea I’ve done that from ICC, to Molten Core, and everything in between. PvP: Been there done that, I use to PvP when all we had was Tarren Mill, and Crossroads. I’ve maged on the Horde, and Alliance side. Now the thing with guides is they tell you what to do. This isn’t really a guide, more like a bunch of collected tips gathered from years of experience. Some of these tips will be well duh? but others might not played a mage or cloth class before, and may need a little help.

Mage Philosophy:

So Welcome to Mage School, I’m your instructor. I am not infallible so please if I make a mistake please pipe in, and correct me. First thing you have to understand it takes a certain type to be a mage. Why? We are the red haired step children of WoW. Sure we DPS, and DPS well, but we won’t have the survivability some classes have, or the utility other have. What we do have is power….that and unlimited water.

As a mage you will get a bad rap for being a complainer, and get beat by a low life Warlock, or get beat on the meters by a blue geared DK…you to will start complaining…you will. The minute you decline someone for a portal, they’ll call you an asshole too.

If we are so hated, and our class sucks so much…why play?

Cause essentially we are all lazy as mages. We like to sit back, and shoot lasers. Take a boat or a Zeppelin? When I started my mage, I didn’t know Alliance had boats. Seriously though as a Mage DPS, I had some of the most fun I had in the game, that’s why it’s my main, and I continue to play to this day. If you are just starting to play a mage, stick with it. It gets better….way better. Just got to get over the hump of leveling.  

Leveling Tips……

There is much debate over how to level, to me it’s about playstyle. On my very first mage I leveled AoE, frost spec. Let me tell you pulling Gnolls in Redridge with no Ice Barrier, man you got to have balls, and some skill. I don’t recommend it to everyone.  Arcane is even doable, but you need alot of stamina, again this is more of a single target spec. I did level one mage as arcane, I grabbed the non pushback talent, and just Arcane Missiled everything, and went “pew pew pew” the whole time. I don’t recommend it.

- Level as Fire, then switch to Frost after your able to get Frost Barrier.

- Look for “of the Eagle” gear, or STA cloth to begin with. It helps in keeping you alive.

- Stats while leveling ….Spellpower>Int>Sta

-Get some Rested Xp, and do alot of quests. Quests don’t burn your rested xp.

- If your comfortable with AoEing try it, and hammer on those kill X many type mob quests.

- Load up on potions, they saved my ass many times.

- Sometimes the water I enchant isn’t quite quick enough for my level in those awkward in between levels, and sometimes the Vendor has a little better water at my level, so I spend the money for the faster mana regen…don’t be cheap.  

- Look around for Auction House quest items you can buy, and turn in. It’s faster than hunting for the crap all the time. I’m looking at you douchebag hunter dorf guy in STV!

- With the LFG tool, it might be easier to find groups, Oh wait your DPS…don’t worry only take you forever to find a group. Since it drops you back where you were ok, to queue up, but plan your quests out, do them, and don’t wait in a city thinking you’ll get insta-queue.

- Fire spec look for single type mobs, I like to take on little higher levels, Frost spec/AoE find mobs clumped together with no more than one caster…like gnolls, or murlocs. Usually you want to go a level or up to 2 levels below you. Cause if things do fudge up, you want to get out of that mess.  Watch out for stunning mobs.

-Even though we might be the opposite spec, don’t forget we have the other schools tools to use. Frost Nova, Chill effect of a Frost Bolt. Use them. Now I don’t know if they fixed this, but back in the day when I was leveling Fire. I would still start with a frost bolt to slow the mob. For instance my rotation would be Frostbolt +Fireball+Fireball- Fireblast, Frost Nova, Fireball until dead if needed.  Usually I found out if I led with a Fireball the mob would come in quick, and still only be able to get off 2 Fireballs.  So learn all the tools at your disposal as well, like when Molten Armor would be better, then Mage Armor, and so on.

- Same or higher Elites suck as a mage unless your Frost, and you got all the skills at you tips..otherwise don’t  bother soloing…You think you’re a pally or something?

- Head to Outland at 58/Northrend 68 – better xp for mobs, and quests.

Any other mages have some tips for the youngbloods, please post them.

Class Dismissed.

Blizzard needs to add this!

Posted in MMORPG with tags on February 17, 2010 by theerivs

So I took a little impromptu survey using Formspring the latest craze in the blogosphere…Mine is here…go ahead ask me anything.

The question I asked was “If you could change one thing about WoW, What would it be?”

Time and again I heard the cry, “Allow your alts start at 55″   I have to agree with this sentiment. I played through the levels enough. Even though it is easier, I think it’s a colossol waste of time these days. Though I think there should be a button, like back in the DAOC had a command to level you, so the choice can be yours.

Aliens Versus Predator

Posted in Gaming with tags on February 17, 2010 by theerivs

Ok I picked this game up last night, so far I like it. I started the game off as a Predator. A few complaints the textures, and graphics are good, but it’s hard to see the aliens. Back in the day in AvP2 you had a vision mode you can see aliens easier, you still have a mode to see humans.   Little choppy here and there, but it might be I have my graphics turned up too high.

I lived, and breathed Aliens Versus Predator 2 back in the day, it was a real fun game, and it was the Starcraft of FPS. I was in a clan called Hell’s Elite Legion, and one of their top Predators. The greatest thrill was hiding cloaked, a marine would walk up and past you then you would swipe their head clean off. The Net was real fun too, watching someone squirm. Can’t say how this game stacks up to the previous ones cause I just touched the surface.

Right now, I’m playing single player mode to get use to the controls, and the movement. A couple things I like in single player is the distract mode, and the Jumping. You can actually jump from tree to tree now. Which is pretty cool.  The cutscenes and stories are pretty cool too.

Man my FPS skills are rusty as hell,So I haven’t dived into Multiplayer yet, but rest assured when I do people are going to die.

Back in Black!

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on February 16, 2010 by theerivs

So everytime I logged onto WoW, I would get not only disconnected alot I would have to reboot my modem, and machine, this happened alot and  especially near cities. I came to learn it was a problem with my Speedstream 4100 modem through AT&T. There is like a 175 page+ thread about it on the Tech Support Forums. I changed to Comcast, had them for years, and I was always very happy with their service.  With the new computer, and the Comcast costing a bit more. I decided to stay put on Azgalor for a bit more. I just don’t feel like spending the 50 bucks to move a toon…. just yet. 

Though it is exciting we got an influx of people. There was a little drama I guess, Our fearless GM made our tabard icon into the muffin. Some feathers were ruffled. To be honest I don’t care if there was a big flaming cock on our tabard, I really don’t have to wear it. I always liked the Scryers tabard better anyway.  Though as a GM though she should know if you want to be taken seriously, sometimes you have to be serious. Then on the other people take themeselves too serious in these games. 

In other news…

I joined the Blood of Kahless Fleet in STO, These guys seem really dedicated to the cause, and I have to admire that. I’m looking forward to blasting people out of the sky. I’m thinking of sticking with the Bird of Prey, or taking the K’tinga battlecruiser when that comes available. We’ll see.

Also one of the reasons I don’t have 50 bucks to spare. Aliens vs Predator comes out today. I can’t wait to rip someones head off.

Weekly Lagout

Posted in MMORPG with tags on February 12, 2010 by theerivs

Well fun, but somewhat frustrating week.

WoW- AT&T DSL sucks big monkey dick. I keep getting disconnected again, I had enough I ordered Comcast. Though I was able to log on long enough to make some cloth…..exciting

STO- Like I said in an earlier post, I’m have some fun here. How long will it last? I don’t know. Will good space combat be good enough to make it last, or will it get stale. Want to play join me and the Klingon Empire, my name is Rivok

Movies- I’m gonna add movies here, cause I’m a movie buff. Check out Hurt Locker. Action, and real deep story.

 High Latency Love -

A new blogger on the block…oh oh oh oh…the right stuff. Stop by and visit Trixyheleva, and give her some tender HLL.

Also stop by and give any of these mage’s some love from my Mage Blog List.

Something Funny-

How about some Iphone Warcraft Apps.

With that….


Federation Cowards!

Posted in MMORPG with tags on February 12, 2010 by theerivs

Well I made it to Klingon, and got my Bird of Prey. Two words…Pure Awesome. The first time I confronted a Federation vessel, and blasted him into cold space. I screamed Qap’la so loud, I think I woke the neighbors.

For all it’s faults as an MMO, STO really is fun, the dog fights in space have a feel of a dog fight, I’m wheeling my craft around, slowing up, and speeding up trying to outmaneuver my enemy.

My favorite tactic is to cloak, try to slip behind the target, decloak, unload in the enemies rear shield, and then hit my high yield torpedoes, and let slip the dogs of war.

Then I recloak and find a new enemy.

This game isn’t for everyone, but if you like space fights, star trek, and some pvp thrown in. This game I think you enjoy.

Mage Blogs – Now With 100% more Pew Pew

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on February 11, 2010 by theerivs

Well Bossy Pally put together a list of Pally Blogs, I though I would do the same for us mages. Yeah I add myself…cause I can. All these people I list, our HIGHLY reccommended by me, cause they know their stuff, and they are nice people as well.

Mage Blogs

High Latency Life

Author: River aka Frostscourge

Spec: Arcane /PvE  Arcane Shatter/PvP

Spicy Tuna

Author: Tuna

Interesting note: Tuna helped me out with making me a better frost raiding mage, I sent him an email about gemming, and making my frost mage better, and he answered me back. One of thee best Frost Mages out there.  


Author: Arioch

Interesting note:  She’s a girl, that plays guy toons, and has interesting insights into Gender roles, and MMO’s. Also is under the delusion we wear robes, we all know their dresses.

Critical QQ


Interesting Note: Introduced me to Arcane-Shatter PvP spec, and knows his mage shit.

Empowered Fire

Authors: Aislininna, Metaneira

Interesting Note: They bring Feminism to the Mage world, after seeing how awesome AQ 40 dresses were, we may need it.

Pink Pigtail Inn

Author: Larisa

Interesting Note : Not really a Gnome in real life. Great writer, and good insights into the philosophy of the game.

I Sheep Things

Author Unknown

Interesting Note: I can’t access him from work, but I hear good things.

Sheep Blink Invis

Author: Eury

Interesting Note:  Another Girl, who plays a mage, and blogs. Maybe there is something to the dresses that chick dig. Great writer, and sense of humor. Knows her way around a mage.

Pew Pew Lazers

Author: Calli

Interesting Note:  Just some great posts, one the comes to mind is the little look back at WoW..yeah what happened to our Detect Magic Spell. LOL!

Armaggedon’s Coming.

Author: Gnomaggedon

Interesting Note: If you look back through his posts, you’ll see my mage humping a gnome….pure win right there.

Frost is the New Black

Author: Krizzlybear

Interesting Note: Another spreader of the Joys of Frost, I feel I betrayed him when I went to Arcane. Great writer, and I’m jealous he went to Asia, I so want to go. Bottomline though he Knows his Frost Mages.

Man in a Dress

Author: Mandrus

Interesting Note: Funny, a man after my own heart, and it proves we wear dresses, not robes 

Sprink’s Notes

Author: Sprink

Interesting Note:  I forgot this from the list, cause I must of drowned esssential braincells in whiskey,  and forgot Sprink played a Mage. Stoopid Whiskey!


Interesting Note: Good Mage Resource, sort of like the unofficial forums.

If you have a mage-centric blog, let me know I’ll add you to my blogroll, and to this list. If I forgot you on my lise, I humbly apologize, send me a quick note I will fix it toot sweet.

Ask Me Anything – Go Ahead

Posted in MMORPG with tags on February 10, 2010 by theerivs

Go Ahead and Ask me anything you want. It’s Anonymous so no worries about it.

So I dare you to ask.

My First STO Asshats

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on February 10, 2010 by theerivs

Well I’m proud to say I met my first Star Trek Online Asshats last night. So when you do a mission, and enter a planetary system, you might be tossed in together with other people. Which is cool. You meet other people that way, and reinforce the MMO concept, which by the way STO needs as much help in that area. STO right now feels more like a single player game, with co-op…but Space Combat is the bomb…Gee.

Anywho back to the tale at hand. I’m suppose to patrol and kill 5 patrols of Klingons. Now the more players in your group, the tougher the enemies, and more of them too. So I need these guys to help me. First patrol we mop up. Second patrol and afterwards they are flying all around. One ends up so far away I was like….how the heck he even get that far from me. Several times I had to tell them the enemy was by me, and one time I took on a patrol by myself, and got destroyed…literally.

So it looks like it doesn’t matter if your fighting dragons, or fighting bloodthirsty aliens…stupidity has no boundaries.

STO Giveaway

Posted in MMORPG with tags on February 10, 2010 by theerivs

Thanks for everyone who left a comment. A winner has been chosen. I built a machine, entered you all in on several criteria, and the machine generated a name best suited for the Key.

Ok I took a bunch of slips of paper and a hat…but it was a World of Warcraft hat. So it was MMO related.

The winner will be contacted by email with the Key shortly. Thank you again.

** Scarybooster was disqualified…Capt. Winky turns out…Not a Real Star Trek Capt…who knew?


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