Weekly Lagout

A fun filled week of gaming, and fun.

Aliens versus Predator – It’s a cool game, still the multiplayer is missing something. I can not put my finger on it just yet, as I’m still fleshing this game out.

Star Trek Online – People are leaving in droves, Complaints are a plenty. I myself have my doubts. Will I stick with the game, because I love the IP so much. I paid 80 bucks for the Collectors Edition though, I’m fricking max leveling my Klingon come hell or high water.

WoW - Back to raiding for now, so I’m pleased. I was able to stay out of the fire. Hit some growing pains with the guild, but that is natural. I look forward to trying to get into some tier 10 stuff.

High Latency Love -

Portraits of War has been around for a year, and we’re happy they are around. To show their appreciation their giving away some art. Show them some High Latency Love.

Also Jong of Forbearance has said goodbye, I hope he’s just taking a break, a witty, funny writer who always showed High Latency the love, He will be missed. I’m going to make a BE and run naked around Silvermoon in his honor. Lets show him some love back, and tell him we will miss him.

Something Funny….

Well I don’t know if this is funny….or just plain sad.

With that….


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