Weekly Lagout

Well fun, but somewhat frustrating week.

WoW- AT&T DSL sucks big monkey dick. I keep getting disconnected again, I had enough I ordered Comcast. Though I was able to log on long enough to make some cloth…..exciting

STO- Like I said in an earlier post, I’m have some fun here. How long will it last? I don’t know. Will good space combat be good enough to make it last, or will it get stale. Want to play join me and the Klingon Empire, my name is Rivok

Movies- I’m gonna add movies here, cause I’m a movie buff. Check out Hurt Locker. Action, and real deep story.

 High Latency Love -

A new blogger on the block…oh oh oh oh…the right stuff. Stop by and visit Trixyheleva, and give her some tender HLL.

Also stop by and give any of these mage’s some love from my Mage Blog List.

Something Funny-

How about some Iphone Warcraft Apps.

With that….


One Response to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. Hey! Nice to hear that you want to play STO @Klingons. I want it too, but i just want to test it before :D

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