Federation Cowards!

Well I made it to Klingon, and got my Bird of Prey. Two words…Pure Awesome. The first time I confronted a Federation vessel, and blasted him into cold space. I screamed Qap’la so loud, I think I woke the neighbors.

For all it’s faults as an MMO, STO really is fun, the dog fights in space have a feel of a dog fight, I’m wheeling my craft around, slowing up, and speeding up trying to outmaneuver my enemy.

My favorite tactic is to cloak, try to slip behind the target, decloak, unload in the enemies rear shield, and then hit my high yield torpedoes, and let slip the dogs of war.

Then I recloak and find a new enemy.

This game isn’t for everyone, but if you like space fights, star trek, and some pvp thrown in. This game I think you enjoy.

3 Responses to “Federation Cowards!”

  1. Still enjoying it so far ;) Got our WAR guild’s STO fleet set up and its pew pew phasers all the way :D

    Bird of Prey is a bucket load of fun. Just a shame the Klingon content is so lacking, but the Federation stuff is cool as you get further in.

  2. In true role playing fashion, we’ve made a federation fleet with the same name as our WAR guild… Kill Frenzy :P

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