Mage Blogs – Now With 100% more Pew Pew

Well Bossy Pally put together a list of Pally Blogs, I though I would do the same for us mages. Yeah I add myself…cause I can. All these people I list, our HIGHLY reccommended by me, cause they know their stuff, and they are nice people as well.

Mage Blogs

High Latency Life

Author: River aka Frostscourge

Spec: Arcane /PvE  Arcane Shatter/PvP

Spicy Tuna

Author: Tuna

Interesting note: Tuna helped me out with making me a better frost raiding mage, I sent him an email about gemming, and making my frost mage better, and he answered me back. One of thee best Frost Mages out there.  


Author: Arioch

Interesting note:  She’s a girl, that plays guy toons, and has interesting insights into Gender roles, and MMO’s. Also is under the delusion we wear robes, we all know their dresses.

Critical QQ


Interesting Note: Introduced me to Arcane-Shatter PvP spec, and knows his mage shit.

Empowered Fire

Authors: Aislininna, Metaneira

Interesting Note: They bring Feminism to the Mage world, after seeing how awesome AQ 40 dresses were, we may need it.

Pink Pigtail Inn

Author: Larisa

Interesting Note : Not really a Gnome in real life. Great writer, and good insights into the philosophy of the game.

I Sheep Things

Author Unknown

Interesting Note: I can’t access him from work, but I hear good things.

Sheep Blink Invis

Author: Eury

Interesting Note:  Another Girl, who plays a mage, and blogs. Maybe there is something to the dresses that chick dig. Great writer, and sense of humor. Knows her way around a mage.

Pew Pew Lazers

Author: Calli

Interesting Note:  Just some great posts, one the comes to mind is the little look back at WoW..yeah what happened to our Detect Magic Spell. LOL!

Armaggedon’s Coming.

Author: Gnomaggedon

Interesting Note: If you look back through his posts, you’ll see my mage humping a gnome….pure win right there.

Frost is the New Black

Author: Krizzlybear

Interesting Note: Another spreader of the Joys of Frost, I feel I betrayed him when I went to Arcane. Great writer, and I’m jealous he went to Asia, I so want to go. Bottomline though he Knows his Frost Mages.

Man in a Dress

Author: Mandrus

Interesting Note: Funny, a man after my own heart, and it proves we wear dresses, not robes 

Sprink’s Notes

Author: Sprink

Interesting Note:  I forgot this from the list, cause I must of drowned esssential braincells in whiskey,  and forgot Sprink played a Mage. Stoopid Whiskey!


Interesting Note: Good Mage Resource, sort of like the unofficial forums.

If you have a mage-centric blog, let me know I’ll add you to my blogroll, and to this list. If I forgot you on my lise, I humbly apologize, send me a quick note I will fix it toot sweet.

5 Responses to “Mage Blogs – Now With 100% more Pew Pew”

  1. I’m actually subscribed to most of these blogs! I guess I need to read them closer to find advice for my poor magey!

  2. With all of these resources available to me, I think I know what class my next alt will be.

  3. Can this mage get some lovings? ^_^

    I feel so dirty asking for lovings, so I’m going to add that I read almost all of these blogs here, too. Yay mages! ~_^

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