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Weekly Lagout

Posted in MMORPG with tags on February 26, 2010 by theerivs

A fun filled week of gaming, and fun.

Aliens versus Predator – It’s a cool game, still the multiplayer is missing something. I can not put my finger on it just yet, as I’m still fleshing this game out.

Star Trek Online – People are leaving in droves, Complaints are a plenty. I myself have my doubts. Will I stick with the game, because I love the IP so much. I paid 80 bucks for the Collectors Edition though, I’m fricking max leveling my Klingon come hell or high water.

WoW - Back to raiding for now, so I’m pleased. I was able to stay out of the fire. Hit some growing pains with the guild, but that is natural. I look forward to trying to get into some tier 10 stuff.

High Latency Love -

Portraits of War has been around for a year, and we’re happy they are around. To show their appreciation their giving away some art. Show them some High Latency Love.

Also Jong of Forbearance has said goodbye, I hope he’s just taking a break, a witty, funny writer who always showed High Latency the love, He will be missed. I’m going to make a BE and run naked around Silvermoon in his honor. Lets show him some love back, and tell him we will miss him.

Something Funny….

Well I don’t know if this is funny….or just plain sad.

With that….


I iz in ur Raidz.

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on February 26, 2010 by theerivs

So I am now able to Raid on Thursdays. Alot of new faces about, so we didn’t do ICC :( We did go to TOC though since we’re such high caliber peeps I thought I would stay with my beloved Frost spec. Meh yeah I still pulling 4k+ DPS but I was like only number 9 on dps in a 25 man….That is not acceptable to me.

I do like going frost for the Champions because I feel control is more important in that fight, than straight dps.

After Champions it was back to the Arcane. I gotta say I blasted crab out of the water, and that flying chick fight in TOC. RAWR. INCANTERS ABSORBTION!!! Number 2 for the raid, a fricking hunter beat me barely. How I don’t know, but that is an awesome mage fight.

I had a great time, and it’s good to be back raiding again.

Last night something else happened that angered me slightly. I held myself in check, cause when I get angry I turn into a bigger asshole then I usually am. So we do a 5 man, the Pit of Saron. The Tank a DK was really good. I have to give him props. 2 druids, and a fellow mage. The fellow mages gear was crap, but I noticed that when they popped mirror image they had 4 images. Please tell me the mage wasn’t using glyph of mirror images, which I believe is a major glyph…../facepalm. Bad gear is ok, I love getting people new gear. No excuse for not reading the internet, and seeing how to properly glyph.

That wasn’t the problem,  I was going to give this mage a few pointers. So we were on the mobs that give you an outrageous debuff, and could kill you if your too close. One of our druids who is superabsorbant went about rezzing the other druid, and mage. Well he had a DOT on him, and died while rezzing our fallen comrade. I laughed. Druid Fail.

So I said in guild, “Tip for druids, low on health, may want to heal yourself”

Well the other druid, pipes in and says something why he didn’t heal himself.

I told the other druid I wasn’t talking about them, but since they volunteered they were full of fail as well.

Then some new guy in the guild starts jumping down my throat, like it wasn’t constructive criticism and stuff. I don’t remember quite what I said, cause I was ready to give him a Bitch Slap. But I realized maybe I was tired, to let it go, and to cause no drama.

For the record, I am about the tough love. You fuck up, I’m going to give you shit, but I’ll be the first person to get your back if you need it. I firmly believe in my motto “Guild, Realm, Self”  Meaning what is good for the guild is good for me, many times I passed up a purple to make sure a guildie who has worst gear then me gets it. Heck I did it last night.  Countless nights I stepped aside so someone who needs something can go on a 10 man.  Bye all means I can take it too, hell my guild calls me Failmage, and laugh at me all the time. I live in the Searing Totem rank which is a punitive rank…supposedly. Hell at one time the healers had a Frostscourgemustdie channel.  For the love of all that is holy don’t get all serious, and righteous trying to defend people who got me killed and making me pay a repair bill, and I just want to poke some fun at.  Cause ya know what, I’ll let it slip for a bit, then I’ll make you cry like a little gnome girl, who’s candy I took.

Oh yea my Eye of Kilrog, now knows that Orithea goes commando during raids.

Dear Warrior Bastard in Tyr’s Hand

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on February 25, 2010 by theerivs

Dear Sir,

I kindly respect that we are on opposite factions, and that you saw red, and wanted me dead. I admired how you just charged me with my back was turned, thus causing me to scramble like a madman. We were probably both farming for the Enchant Weapon – Crusader. I also respect that you probably had some good gear because your first swipe you took of half my hitpoints. Your mad skillz are duly noted as you broke out of my frost nova, probably with will of the forsaken maybe, and you just kept on coming. As I got your health to a sliver, and as mine was down to barely nothing. I launched your deathknell with a frostbolt of goodness, only to see said bolt of frosty delightful death returned to me.

So please kind sir, take your reflect and shove it up your bony undead warrior arse. Thank you.





P.S. I see you there again, you won’t get the jump on me again thats for sure, and I’m gonna FUCK you up.

No more Tank Shortage…

Posted in MMORPG with tags on February 25, 2010 by theerivs

In the World of Tanks

I don’t know STO with Tanks, or could it be more robust…more fun. I mean I like Tanks like any other red blooded American, but do I love them enough.  I still will check it out probably, cause I like blowing shit up.!

Cryptic Means Good in a Mirror Universe

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on February 25, 2010 by theerivs

Who the hell is designing MMO’s these days, and who allows them to release MMO’s in a broken, crappy, unfinished way?

When things go bad in MMO’s they shall now refer to the badness as Cryptastic. Star Trek Online, don’t get me wrong is fun in terms Space Combat, but the same maps, over…and over…and over again is really crappy. Especially as a Klingon, I mean that’s all I do is one of two maps, and one of the maps is broke.

I’m really sick of these companies screwing the pooch on these games, but Cryptic didn’t only screwed the pooch, they screwed it so hard they killed it, and ate it. Not even a month in people throwing in the towels cause they rushed to end game, and there is not anything to do.

I am still leveling, and grinding. There is still a little fun left in it for me, but I haven’t seen a game fail this big since….it even beat  Age of Conan, and that’s saying something.

Blacksmithing sucks!

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on February 24, 2010 by theerivs

Not only it’s costing me an arm, and a leg…it just sucks. We really need to update the professions, and give us an easier route when were lower levels. Sure when we were level 69 and had fel iron laying around the auction house it was easy. It’s out of control now. 2 stacks of Fel Iron for 40g each. Thats it on the Auction House..two stacks.

I’m half a mind to hope some chinese farmers come back, and send them to get me some metal. 

Whats the deal with weaponsmith, or armorsmith. What? Which do I pick? Do I have to pick any. Nice tanking sword for 70-75, and a few weapons for 78, which would be nice to finish off to 80 with. Armorsmith who knows what they got.  Oh to become a weaponsmith I need 4 moonsteel broadswords, 2 Big Black Maces, and a bunch  of other crap I’ll have to hunt the realms for….What they think I’m a mage or something.

It’s just a big steaming pile of crap, but if I want to be able to make myself some sweet stuff, guess what I’m gonna be doing…yeah farming my ample, sexy paladin arse off.

Stay Frosty!

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on February 23, 2010 by theerivs

Well I’m back to Frost Spec for my Non-Raiding Spec. Though I enjoyed the Arcane-Shatter Spec that Euripedes showed me. I felt like I missed my elemental friend. Arcane Shatter is awesome for mobility, and is a cool spec. But my mages name is Frostscourge for crying out loud, he should be frost.

I still love it, I love just Blizzarding the crap out of things in heroic. The frostbolts, my perma-elemental, and the Ice Barrier Shield goodness. It feels….right. 

Just in time some good news for us frosties coming in patch 3.3.3

“Brain Freeze: This talent now allows your next Fireball or Frostfire Bolt to be instant and cost no mana. There is a small internal cooldown to keep the Frostfire Bolt from immediately triggering Brain Freeze again.”

Though I don’t use the talent, I just might pick it up now.

Also this….

“Frostbolt: Spell power scaling on this spell has been increased by approximately 5%.”

How Scrumptious!!!

So it’s good to be Frost again, and until next time Stay Frosty!

Tales of a Healing Bitch.

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on February 22, 2010 by theerivs

Ok so as you may, or may not know I’m working on the little Pally, I am dual spec, Prot, and Holy. I been liking Holy, I wanted to get the knack of Prot. I want to start tanking again. So any tips from ProtPallyland feel free to add your two cents, or Holy for that matter.

Well I’m level 68, and I thought I would once more go in to the Breach with my Holy Skills. A Holy Pally in the guild told me, don’t bother with the late 60′s dungeon. They are a pain in the asses.  Do I listen…nope.

So I queue up, and get a group in 5 seconds. I love being a healer. It’s Sethekk Halls….This should be ok if I remember correctly, not to hard…right? Wrong. The Tank is a Death Knight, specced Unholy…Which is doable. Wait …wtf He’s not using  frost aura. Oh..Oh…Strike 1.

Next I run out of mana, so before the next pull….I say “Mana”…He pulls again.

I snap, and turn into an angry woman who just had her last piece of chocolate stolen from her. I told him sternly,  “Listen Buddy, I don’t know what you’re doing here, but it ain’t tanking. See that little blue bar under my health, that’s what I need to heal you. You better sharpen up buster, or you’ll be taking a nice ghost walk back to this dungeon.” 

To his credit he apologized…

Next pull the guy pulls an entire room. Everyone bails, and I leave with, “Enjoy your walk, go eat a dick”

Weekly Lagout

Posted in MMORPG with tags on February 19, 2010 by theerivs

Well had a great week in gaming.

WoW – Working on my Pally, Decided to stick with the Brotherhood of Oblivion for a bit longer. They are going through an exciting time of expansion. Though we are going to a DKP system now for loot, I just feel trepidation about it. Having done my time with a DKP loot system for most of my WoW carreer maybe I don’t want to go under the lash anymore. When you use to raid 6 out of 7 days a week, you get a tad tired of it. But I’m very pleased, I don’t disconnected in a major city anymore. Life is good.

STO - Killing everything in sight. Still enjoying PvP there. How long will it last, I dunno.

Aliens Versus Predator – Did Multiplayer for the first time yesterday. Man I’m fricking rusty as hell, but I got some good kills in.

High Latency Love -

The Bossy Pally with a Giant Spoon gets some Love, a great writer humourous, and how can I not give some love to a person who wields a giant spoon.

Something Funny

Like some other people I know, their stacking Fail

With that…


There are some things that just don’t click.

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on February 19, 2010 by theerivs

Something about being a Warlock just doesn’t click for me. I don’t know what it is. It’s not the difficulty, it just doesn’t feel right to me. I don’t know if it’s the fact I played a mage for so long, that I have a mage type attitude, or if I just get bored with it, and don’t want to learn the nuances of the class.

I have tried making Warlocks, but my interest fades by level 15 or 20.

Now with my Pally, I love Ret, and I dig being Holy. I tried a Prot spec, and it just didn’t feel right.  I don’t know what it is maybe my rotation is all wrong, or I am so used to being a Prot Warrior from back in the day, my mentality has to change. Though I’m sure nowadays Warrior Tanks don’t have to wait the 3 sunders.

When I hit level 70, and Northrend. I’m going to give Paly Tanking another shot. I hope this time it sticks.


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