Weekly Lagout

Well it’s that time of week again to bid farewell.

WoW -

Speaking of farewells, I bid Farewell to my old Guild today. Though Kyr, an officer said it was cool to keep an alt there, and I just might. I’ll probably be back when Cataclysm comes out, or maybe real life will release me from it’s vicious hold and I can get back to raiding. Got a little nostalgic this week, and maybe just got homesick for some good ole Horde luvin.


Got into Open Beta, A big patch came down haven’t gotten a chance to play it since, so it’s unfair to say anything at this point, but I hear Klingons got some love.

High Latency Link Love -

First I’m gonna give Koala at Dot’s and Hots some love, She’ s funny, and she brings mad writing skills. Her pictures are ok, she needs to be more…what’s the word…oh Naked!

Also gonna give this website, some love his Star Wars Post was cracking me up….Pointless Side Quest

Something Funny -

Ok I got to tell you this, I was bored Yesterday so I decided to work on my Pally, There is this Pally Evillone on Azgalor that was terrorizing Honor Hold. So I decided screw this guy, I’ll go get my main.  Yep Mage vs Ret Pally….Not good, Not Impossible. So I got him halfway, then I fell off the tower, boom lost a bunch of health, easy work for pally. Luckily fellow mage got him. Well after that he disappeared. I was bored. So I started flying around on my Awesome ProtoDrake. I flew to Netherstorm, I look behind me. Son of a Biotch. It’s the same Pally. How the hell????  Well I landed, and tried to kill him, but he got me good.  I popped onto Horde side, he turned out to be a nice guy. I asked him did he follow me somehow, or we just randomly run into each other again…his reply, “Just not your day, you just ran into me again.”

It was an awesome WoW moment, and it was just like that music video.

Well with that,


3 Responses to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. Cool! I’ll have to go back to Gorona alliance side and kill you over and over again like in my dreams… Ummm did I say that out loud?

  2. awww thanks for the link love!

    I will do my best to get some naked pictures up for you ;-)

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