Rough Decision

Well I just posted on my guild’s website. I am quitting Brotherhood of Oblivion. Ever since real life whacked me and I can no longer raid, I am just meandering around the server, listless.  I feel lost.

I came to Azgalor because someone talked me into it, and I thought it was a novel idea a guild filled with bloggers. I wanted to be a part of that. I felt like I added something to the mix. Now I don’t feel like I’m adding to it. I hope none of them think less of me for doing this, or I make any enemies. There are some real quality players in BoO.  I want to take some time to thank

 Amber, your doing a great job as GM, never second guess yourself.

  Kyr, you always made me laugh, and made sure I felt a part of BoO thank you.

 Cel, you crack me up. One of the best healers in the game. Take care. 

Eviscerate - Your one of the better rogues I knew, sorry best was Zhu on Thunderlord, he was a monster. :P But your up there. I really hope your balls get better. 

Mach - A great GM, and an even greater player, you had me rolling with your sense of humor. I’ll miss you.

Phaseroll – My brother mage in arms, you kept me challenged to try to catch up to you. Your a class act, and a great mage.

Atropus, Huntres, Zoja, Miss BB, Wolv, and any others I fail to mention I’ll miss you to, except Adres…you I won’t miss so much. You gotta work on your mage skills…alot.

Last but never least, I can never forget Kotex the absorbant druid, I’ll miss your freshness it’s almost like a Summers Eve.

I’ll make sure to keep in touch through the blogosphere.

Why am I leaving them if I like them so much. Maybe my real life problems are affecting me more then I know, maybe I just miss some of my old friends on Garona. Maybe I miss the Horde mentality, maybe I miss Hot Blood Elf chicks.

Whatever the case is I decided at the end of the month I am switching my mage back to Horde on Garona.  Am I gone from Azgalor for good, No,  I still want a Worgen, and I am leaving a toon well equipped to help my little werewolf out when it comes time for that.

Why the end of the month, cause it’s payday, and it’s fricking expensive to do it.

4 Responses to “Rough Decision”

  1. Kotakh a.k.a Kotex Says:


    Well, good luck on your old server. Twas great playing with you and goofing around.

  2. I’m going to miss you. :( Have fun going back to the Horde, and give Thrall a hug for me. I miss that orc.

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