The Good Old Days

First off let me give some credit, I hear through the blogosphere of all the asshats that we find on LFG. What about those that do there job. Last night I was in a pug so fantastic, I never wanted them to go. If I screw up with spelling, and I forgot one person, cause I’m doing this off the top of my head. It was Iconiq, and his friend Pally on Manneroth, Poppilee a Hunter from Medivh, and Negal a Tree Druid from Durotan.  We went into UK, and got the job done fast, real fast and professional. First boss the Prince dude, we downed in 24 seconds.  I just like giving credit where credit is due.

Ok lets get to the meat of my discussion. The WoW of 5 years ago, is not the WoW it is today. Inspired by this post by Mach.  Tanking isn’t the same, but then I thought. Nothing is the same as it was.  This MMO has evolved so much, it’s almost not the same game. I think Blizzard has watered down this game so much, it’s starting to get to the point where I feel it’s like a Free 2 Play game.

Maybe I’m just getting old, and having played this game for so long I am resisstant to change, but I’m not sure making thing easier is the best course of action. The reason I play WoW so much is I am invested into this toon. This little guy of mine, I spent time on him, trying to make him better. I spent hours upon hours of farming, and raiding trying to get the gear I need to make myself better. Know how many times I’ve been to MC, and BWL back in the day. On my tank do you know how many crotches I had to look at, more then a cheap hooker giving BJ’s  that’s for sure.

I don’t want to get all nostalgic, but I do want to point out that this game is evolving into something different, I haven’t quite made up my mind if I like or dislike the changes as of yet, but it IS changing.  Where we end up, I don’t know. I do look forward though to see where things go.  I was starting to lose hope with Trials of the Champion, but then ICC hit, and my faith restored somewhat, then I saw Neutral Defias Thugs in Northshire, and my faith knocked dow a peg.

Bottomline I just worry WoW will be flooded with Morons that don’t know how to play becuase things were too easy.

In other Magely news Euripedes has posted a great post on fire mage pvp, I urge you to check it out if you do or ever wanted to do some fire pvp.

6 Responses to “The Good Old Days”

  1. I feel kind of the same. My time in WoW is close to an end. I feel if Cataclysm wasn’t on the horizen, I would have quit already. I’m seriously looking at Allods but none of my online friends are.

  2. You ran a raid-geared toon likely with 4 other raid-geared toon through the easiest heroic and face-rolled it. This should really not come as a surprise. ;)

    It amuses me that people complain about a lack of challenge when so few guilds have taken down the hardest encounters WoW has to offer.

    On the whole, yes, the game is easier than when it began, but it’s not like all the content is.

    Ask yourself this, too; do you really want to wipe over and over for weeks on content again back like in the “good old days”, or is it the nostalgia talknig from the friends you worked with through those challenges?

  3. My viewpoint is this; yes the general game play is far easier. We have boa gear that gives way better stats for levelling as well as additional xp, we can hit 80 and within 24 hours be full epic (ok not top gear but still epic) which cant be a bad thing as the top end raids are ‘apparetly getting tougher’…jeez I remember having to work weeks just to get an epic item.

    As a mage with my 1.96 cast, I go around Nexus, COS etc with low dps etc as melee just cream everything and its something I have to accept but when we get to a boss thats different, I blow the other dps away.

    I think blizz know they are falling behind in certain areas so they are making it easier for new players to level, for existing players to level alts, I feel they are moving away from pvp and want it entirely based around pve and what are the ‘old timers’ really left with? New raids and thats it.

    Let’s hope Cataclysm does have that extra something, I wont leave the game as I do enjoy it, boring sometimes but I wont leave but I think they need to get it right for the people who have been playing a while.

  4. I think the fact that you are so vested and feel so attached to your character is a sign of how good the game is. In my opinion, it’s one of the hardest parts for games to do well, creating real, genuine attachment to characters.

    But I completely agree that it seems watered down. You can see it in every system from PvE to PvP.

  5. It is always nice when you have a great PUG group. I can remember many times where my arena team flaked out, and it actually felt like the replacements were better than my regular team.

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