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My 3.3 Experience…..

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on December 9, 2009 by theerivs

Sucked ass to put it mildly. That is to be expected though. You would think after 5 years Blizzard would get it down.

First orde of business. I got my Glyph of Eternal Water. For 50 gold. Yeah Expensive but at least not 9000g. I also changed my glyphs to more of a raiding spec. Frostbolt, and Molten Armor Glyph as well. I really want to see what Frost Spec can do now.

So alot of my guildies were doing their own thing, so I thought I would try the new LFG. Well the concept is awesome. I found a group within 3 minutes. The problem was execution. I couldn’t get into the dungeon. This happened several times.  I feel once they hammered things out it’s going to be pretty awesome.

I liked some of the new features, like the Questhelper like feature they added. That’s one more Addon I don’t need.

With the Ice Cream Cone (Thanks Krizz) being so borked….I thought I would go and try for my Barons Mount AGAIN….and I was laughing to myself when people were getting disconnected multiple times. Then I headed to Outland to ding Project Genderbender to 62. It seems Cuteness doesn’t count when you get ganked by a female blood elf rogue. 

Overall some good things, just Blizz needs to do the usual fixing. It’ll get there, and I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time to get the phat lootzors.

3.3 is upon us.

Posted in MMORPG with tags on December 8, 2009 by theerivs

So many goodies, it’s pure awesome. 

Frost specs get some loving, and I’m so gonna test it out on the next raid..or two. I love Frost Spec so this is a long time coming. I am so gonna rock out, with my Water Elemental out.

I wonder how hard will it, and how much a Glyph of Eternal Water will be. Though I can hear the cries of Warlock Wanna-Be being yelled from my Warlock “friends”

Anywho something I am not happy about is the AOE damage cap. That’s just not cool at all.

Looking forward to  some Icecrown action. If I read correctly only the 5 mans will be open at first. Then gradually the Raids will open up, or maybe some sort of Attunement maybe.

I am really looking forward to some new content, and hopefully the server won’t be all crap tonight.

Alliance Love!

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on December 7, 2009 by theerivs

Ok I liked playing Horde, there’s a certain amount of pride in being horde. To be honest though ever since those woosy Blood Elves came along the Horde lost some of the awesomeness it once was.  Larisa had a post about Alliance Pride, and a Battlecry for the Alliance. It got me thinking. There is no Alliance Pride really. I was thinking why is that.  Well lets clear something up first.The Alliance is not “good” – If you look at the Lore, Alliance did some pretty nasty stuff. Orc Concentration Camps? Hello! Evil as it comes! When Arthas was still Alliance, him and his men killed everyone in Stratholme.  Both sides, The Horde, and Alliance both have their dark chapters. I find that pretty cool.

As an ex hordie, I feel the problem lies in this.

1. Maturity – Alot of younger people play alliance because they like the cute, or prettiness of Alliance, and or identify with being human. Lack of maturity means more problems amongst our own.

2. Greed- It seems the Alliance is chock full with Greedie mofos. The Horde seem to help each other out more, thus creating a bond amongst each other.

3. Not the underdog – When Horde was outnumbered alot, it created an us vs them attitude, and created a strong bond amongst hordlings as well.

4. No cohesion – First sign of trouble seems like Alliance turn on each other quickly.

Those are the problems, but some promising things I like about the Alliance that give me hope.

1. Wrynn’s Hatred for the Horde – In the past Alliance really didn’t Hate the Horde enough, and it showed through are leadership. Wrynn though hates the horde, and it’s starting to show in the rank and file.

2. Better Equipped - Like Swarms of Insects we have the numbers to keep prices down on AH, and also to get things done. Thus making our troops more well equipped. Though as we all know Skill > Gear. But Gear doesn’t hurt.

3. Less Apathy these days – Though the Alliance are mostly a bunch of smartass, and apathetic mofo’s. I’ve seen things get better in terms of defending Stormwind, and winning BG’s more and more

Do I have Alliance Pride? Not exactly. I am a vessal of hate, whether I play Horde, or Alliance. I like to kill stuff.  There are times you can see my mage alone standing in front of Tarren Mill, waiting to take on all comers.  Not for any silly notion of Pride, for the simple fact of destruction for destructions sake.  It’s more of an arrogance thing with me as well. If I see a fellow alliance getting attacked, I think to myself  “How dare this scum attack a member of the Alliance”  Like it’s a personal insult. Also I’m insane, so it matters what kind of mood I am in. There’s Horde I let live…just for giggles, or I was pressed for time. Then there’s the horde I kill just because were out in the middle of nowhere, and I derive pleasure thinking their cursing my name that they have to walk now.

Battlecry -

Yes the Alliance needs a Battlecry. Here are some Suggestions-

1. Unleash Hell! -From Gladiator Fame, “On my mark, Unleash Hell”

2. Uncouth Scum!   -I like the idea that Alliance are arrogant bastards, and this warcry denotes that.

3. Alliance Above All! – Again more arrogance.

4.All for One! One for All! - Yeah stolen from the Musketeers, but I like the sound of it.

5. The Alliance Protects! – I don’t know about this one, it seems cool, but also a little too goody, goody.

Weekly Lagout

Posted in MMORPG with tags on December 4, 2009 by theerivs

Already December, Almost Christmas time….almost the end of 2009….Where doth the time go?


I swear everyone on Azgalor Alliance side must have a Baron’s Mount. I am in Ironforge this morning another person just sitting there on their lovely mount. We had a little guild drama with a certain Huntard. I got some new gear, like Merlin’s robe, and Tier 9 pants. I’m gonna get ready for some 3.3 Patch which supposedly will hit next week. I need some Gold.


Some more server merges incoming. Once in awhile I miss it. Maybe I’ll get a bug up my butt and head back for some more Chosen Fun.


I am really looking forward to this game, I hope it doesn’t fail.


Some bloggers up in arms over the companion system. I don’t know what to think about it just yet…a tosh too soon to throw up my arms just yet.

Other MMO’s

Everyone I use to know who played Aion have, or are jumping ship. Number one reason sited are BOTS. Are bots destroying that game? Is it a failure? Got me wondering.

Fallen Earth, everyone I know is praising it. I am on the verge of checking it out. But I HATE post apoclyptic games….but I like Mad Max movies. I don’t get it.

WAR 40K - Whispers from the Warp that this game might be made…it would be the hotness.

High Latency Love-

Gonna give some love to my Mage Homies.

Arioch from Clearcasting – She likes to be a dude, and that intriques the hell out of me, and scares me a bit as well. LOL!. I been following her for awhile, she had some awesome posts including her own gender series. I don’t care whats in between her legs, she is an awesome writer, and knows her magecraft. She’s not just about the mages, she has some lovely insights on guilds, and the World of Warcraft in general. Though I think Ninjas are cooler then Pirates, she’s pretty cool.

Euripedes on Critical QQ is pretty much my Mage Guru, I follow him like a disciple. When he whips out a new spec, I try it out as well. Funny, Witty, and One Awesome Mage. But he’s not just for the Mages.  He knows this game, and it shows through

Gnomegeddon was the first to show me some love when I threw my hat into the WoW blogging ring, even though I blog about other crap. Gnomey is just an awesome all around good guy, must be all the Austalian Bear. Check him out at here, cause I’m too tired to spell his blogs name. LOL!

Frost Mages HO!.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention two real awesome bloggers The big Tuna, at Spicy Tunas, and Krizzly at Frost is the New Black they have so much to say about the game, and man they play the greatest class in the game, with the greatest spec…FROST!

Much love to  these people, and I urge you to check these sites out, and show them some High Latency Love.

Something funny…

Keredria at Tree of Life posted this, and I enjoyed hit. Here is a link to the video.  Awesome find.

With that.


Guilty Pleasure: I love to gank.

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on December 4, 2009 by theerivs

Ok this morning I was riding through plaguelands, and I saw a lowbie 57 rogue. I could of let him go, but nope. I killed him with insta death. Why? Cause I take pleasure from it.

I leveled  my first alliance mage on a PvP server many moons ago. Back when I was a mageling, the Horde would gank me endlessly in STV. Let’s just say hiding in the bushes is a good skill to learn. I vowed I would get my revenge.

Since then, I would go on killing sprees, Tarren Mill, and Stonetalon my two favorite targets, but on occasion I would return to STV to give the Horde what for. Then the response team would come, sometimes they would get a jump on me, and I would take my lickings. Being a mage usually though I high tail it out of there. Cause lets face being a mage you can’t deal with more then one person very well, unless both our naked holy priests.

Bottomline, Yeah I’m that jerk that is riding by, and for no reason blasts the crap out of you, but I thank you for making me feel a tosh better, and I hope you enjoy your walk back.

I need me a Golden Ticket

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on December 3, 2009 by theerivs

MMO-Champion predicts 3.3 next week usually their pretty right about that…if it doesn’t come out next week I’m pretty sure it will be soon. What will I need to do to get ready? Farm Enchanting Mats? Get Cloth? Stock up on stuff? I have no clue really. Maybe just Farm some Gold like Gevlon on Crack.  

So little to do….So much time…..Wait…Strike that….Reverse it.

The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few…or One.

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on December 2, 2009 by theerivs

My man Spock said that in Wrath of Khan one of the greatest movies evah. My fellow bloggers elude to incident last night.  This is the great part of playing with a bunch of bloggers, they give nice insights to a problem. I just go in there a blow it all up..Only like a Mage can do it.

Lets give you a little history, this Huntard in our guild thinks he knows better then…almost everyone in the guild.  A few times while we were raiding he would interject, over Vent,  his thoughts on the situation. Ah but that in itself is not the crime. It’s HOW he said it that sucked. I think this post explains it better then I would.

Last night he got into argument with our tanks…not one of them pretty much all of them. Saying that their doing their jobs wrong because their not stacking their stats correctly. As a mage I kind of glossed over the whole thing. I’m retired from tanking, and the whole Damage Mitigation, Hit/Sta/Dodge/Parry arguments are in my past…until I hit 80 with the pally…UGH.

Our GM got mad at an Officer for snapping and kind of telling this Huntard off.  Now I understand Officers should be held to a little higher standard, but were all human. If a bug is flying around my ear long enough, I’m swatting the little pissant.

This whole situation reminds me of one time when I was bouncing at a bar.  That’s right I was the Cooler ala Swayze. Anywho, there was this drunk who was being obnoxious, squeezing girls butts, and acting a jerk in general. About 20 people came up to me to complain about this guy, and I came up to him he was almost going to get into a fight. I asked the jerk to leave, the guy who he was aggravated yelled something at the guy. Should I kick that guy out too, or maybe yell at the other 20 people. No, Once I removed the irritant drunk, that customer went back to normal and having a good time, and buying some shots for everyone. Everything went back to normal.

In my eyes there is only one person to blame the Huntard, and I would gkick the mofo so hard, he’d land on another server. Sometimes a guild is not the right fit for the person, or the person isn’t the right fit for the guild. Maybe thats why I’m not a GM. I would be draconian about it no doubt.

Here’s the bottomline….Don’t be a Douchebag, and it’s better to keep your mouth shut, and appear to be an idiot, then to open your mouth, and remove all doubt.

How to RolePlay being Dirt Poor?

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on December 1, 2009 by theerivs

Oh boy Gevlon would be sour at me indeed, good thing I was never his pupil ..Well I said I was near broke before I’m sure. I really mean it now…my main has 26 gold. and my alts under 100 a piece. I broke the bank. I got Merlin’s Robe Pattern, and I made it.  Sorry I can’t link it now…I’m somewhere that blocks such things.  It cost me nearly 5k all together, and I haven’t even gemmed it, and enchanted it yet. Sure I could of saved money and found someone with the pattern, but I’m kinda nutty like that. I WANTED the pattern too. It’s like Pokemon, I must collect’em all. Luckily I have an asston of Moonshroud in my bank, that I’m hoping will be sold when I get home.

In other news I wrote about Roleplay, I thought since I’m a big fan of walking in someone else’s shoe’s or someone else’s 80 levels, such as my Project Genderbender. I figured I would role a toon on Feathermoon. I named him Rivs, my actual nickname is River, and most of my toons are named something to that fact, except my mage Frostscourge. Anywho I figured a Rogue would be easy for me to Roleplay, cause I am one in real life.  I made one back story….

Rivs story condensed version….

Rivs was born in the slums of Stormwind, all his life he worked oddjobs like bouncing at local taverns, or shaking down deadbeats who didn’t pay the bookies, and he occupied his time with gambling, and drinking. Until one day he saw the girl of his dreams, Rossalyn. She was from Westfall, and she came to Stormwind to sell some goods. She had to go to Darkshire next, so he promised to go with her and help guard her. On the trip he fell more and more in love with Rossalyn, and thought he would mend his ways, and even take up farming.  Almost near Darkshire, They were jumped by Scourge undead, there were too many of them. As he was fighting them off, they got to Rossalyn they ripped her to shreds. In his pure rage, and abandonment he was able to kill the rest off. Barely alive himself he crawled to Rossalyn, and on her dying breath she said, “I love you for not who you are, but who you can be”  With that she died. He picked her up, and carried her to Darkshire for a proper burial. Even though she wanted more from him his hate grew. The only good thing in his life was stolen from him. Now he will steal back. Revenge, and Hate is the only thing Rivs now, to steal from those who stolen from him, the Scourge, and to stick his sword or dagger into King Arthas back.  Rivs will either learn to be a better man, or the Hate will consume him until he is a monster himself.

I have another version I like. I’ll tell that later, it’s more grittier though. When I get him to level 10 I’ll make a desicion.

In other news my guild finally downed Anub in TOC 25. It was good on the first attempt I could really see come together at the end, but we weren’t fast enough, and wiped it due to becoming to close to Enrage. The second attempt near perfect. It felt really good when that Achievement popped. Congratulation Brotherhood of Oblivion of Azgalor it was a long time coming, but we did it together.


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