Weekly Lagout

Already December, Almost Christmas time….almost the end of 2009….Where doth the time go?


I swear everyone on Azgalor Alliance side must have a Baron’s Mount. I am in Ironforge this morning another person just sitting there on their lovely mount. We had a little guild drama with a certain Huntard. I got some new gear, like Merlin’s robe, and Tier 9 pants. I’m gonna get ready for some 3.3 Patch which supposedly will hit next week. I need some Gold.


Some more server merges incoming. Once in awhile I miss it. Maybe I’ll get a bug up my butt and head back for some more Chosen Fun.


I am really looking forward to this game, I hope it doesn’t fail.


Some bloggers up in arms over the companion system. I don’t know what to think about it just yet…a tosh too soon to throw up my arms just yet.

Other MMO’s

Everyone I use to know who played Aion have, or are jumping ship. Number one reason sited are BOTS. Are bots destroying that game? Is it a failure? Got me wondering.

Fallen Earth, everyone I know is praising it. I am on the verge of checking it out. But I HATE post apoclyptic games….but I like Mad Max movies. I don’t get it.

WAR 40K - Whispers from the Warp that this game might be made…it would be the hotness.

High Latency Love-

Gonna give some love to my Mage Homies.

Arioch from Clearcasting – She likes to be a dude, and that intriques the hell out of me, and scares me a bit as well. LOL!. I been following her for awhile, she had some awesome posts including her own gender series. I don’t care whats in between her legs, she is an awesome writer, and knows her magecraft. She’s not just about the mages, she has some lovely insights on guilds, and the World of Warcraft in general. Though I think Ninjas are cooler then Pirates, she’s pretty cool.

Euripedes on Critical QQ is pretty much my Mage Guru, I follow him like a disciple. When he whips out a new spec, I try it out as well. Funny, Witty, and One Awesome Mage. But he’s not just for the Mages.  He knows this game, and it shows through

Gnomegeddon was the first to show me some love when I threw my hat into the WoW blogging ring, even though I blog about other crap. Gnomey is just an awesome all around good guy, must be all the Austalian Bear. Check him out at here, cause I’m too tired to spell his blogs name. LOL!

Frost Mages HO!.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention two real awesome bloggers The big Tuna, at Spicy Tunas, and Krizzly at Frost is the New Black they have so much to say about the game, and man they play the greatest class in the game, with the greatest spec…FROST!

Much love to  these people, and I urge you to check these sites out, and show them some High Latency Love.

Something funny…

Keredria at Tree of Life posted this, and I enjoyed hit. Here is a link to the video.  Awesome find.

With that.


2 Responses to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. if you dont mind a ton of crafting and not knowing what the hell your doing for 5+ levels (but loving it at the same time) then I’d check out fallen earth. It eats up your game time however so be warned :)

    As for Aion being a failure? Im on the fence, I say yes because it failed to live up to its hype and it failed to make it ‘westerised’, sure it worked for 18 levels but after that the poorly hidden korean grindfest resurfaced like a phoenix rising from the ashes with a taste for revenge on us questaholics ;) . On the other hand subscriber numbers are still fairly solid. Lets give it another couple of months and see if they retain anyone at endgame

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