It’s not the size of the wand.

I’ve been sporting this blue wand for longer I can remember. The Wand of San’layn.  Why? Well I have been wholly unlucky in wand drops, even the spider heroic place.  I think the handful of times a decent wand dropped from somewhere I would get beat out. To tell you the truth it wasn’t a bad wand. It had haste and it served me well.

Last night The Rod of Imprisoned Souls dropped from Icehowl in ToC 10.  Which tell you the truth is the only thing I really truly wanted, besides the Merlins Robe pattern, and a decent pair of pants.  Well I rolled my roll. Shitty roll of course. Lysandre aka Amber beat me on the roll fair and square. But I was sour, as many times I did ToC and this is the first time I even seen it drop. I don’t remember but someone linked their wand in raid chat I think to say what a poor wand. I was like oh yea, check my whopping blue wand. Though if anyone knows me, especially from my Warhammer days, they know my awesome luck where it comes to gear, 100+ runs of the Bilerot dungeon, and I still never got my shoulders from that place.

So I was prepared to just swallow my anger, and move on. It’s just purple pixels, and I’m use to it. But the odd thing happened, Amber said she would give me the wand. I was like…What? Really?  I was touched….and this time not in a dirty way. It’s acts like that earn my loyalty, and respect.  I want to personally thank Amber, it was a nice thing to do, and it will not go underappreciated.

As for the rest of the Raids last night as a whole still had a problem with Anub. Those little adds adding too much poison to us, and killing us.  Personally I think I did rather well. I was right under DPS wise with the other Mage in our guild, but he has some better gear then me.  The only thing I did screw up, are a couple orbs landed on me wrong. I missjudged the direction they were floating because they were behind me, and they intersected right on me almost. Other then that everything went good, and we killed the Ony 10 loot pinata last night too.

Oh yea Strat run 1123 Still no Barons Mount…….I hate that guy…I really do.

2 Responses to “It’s not the size of the wand.”

  1. I thought you were going to say that you just got the Baron’s mount, therefor I was going to tell you how much I hated you. But, since it looks like we’re pretty well on the same page on everything here, I guess it just sucks to be either one of us.

    It’s hard times being a mage these days.

  2. I think that’s the wand my priest has too. :)

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